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Addabbo Helped

Dear Editor,

On July 31, my on-street disabled parking permit expired.

DOT never sent me any notice of renewal. I would like to personally thank Councilman Addabbo's office, especially Mary Anne for helping me to obtain a temporary permit until DOT gets its act together.

The people in his office treated me with respect and care. Thank you Again!


Give Blood For Graybeards

Dear Editor,

Every year about this time, Rockaway gets another chance to demonstrate its community spirit at the Graybeard's "Pints for Life" Blood Drive.

This year (our fifth!) it will be held on Sunday, September 17 at the St. Francis de Sales gym on Beach 129 Street. Rockaway, perhaps more than other communities, realizes how precious and how fragile life is. It may not seem like much, but your donation of a pint of blood will help save lives.

Thanks to everyone who showed up last year and help us reach a record 288 pints. This year we'd like to break 300! Please help us make this the biggest and best drive yet. At the drive you will find some entertainment, gifts, refreshments and best of all, the great feeling that you get when you give more than you receive. The LI Blood Center is sending two crews so you should be in and out in less than an hour. Call Mary Ellen at the Graybeards office at 718-474-6812 to make your appointment, or just show up. Doors open at 7:30 AM with the last donation scheduled for 1:30 PM. Mark your calendars. We hope to see you there!



Rockaway Pumps Have Some Explaining To Do

Dear Editor,

I just returned from shopping this afternoon at Home Depot on Rockaway Boulevard. I paid $2.97 a gallon as opposed to $3.25 in Rockaway. For more than two years now I have often glanced at different prices in different gas stations wherever I was and just remember to myself, "They have a lot of gall in Rockaway."

Today I am taking the time with deep concern to ask if there is a logical answer.

So Exxon Mobil, as Desi said to Lucy, "Splain."


Rebuttal To Dayton Beach Park Privatization

Dear Editor,

The article "It's My Turn" written in the Wave by James Gilmartin, JoAnn Catanese, Maralyn Kaufman and Ella Van Zanten is definitely Board of Directors inspired; since two of the aforementioned people are currently serving on the board.

Do not mislead the shareholders of Dayton Beach Park any longer. There would be no more Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption (SCRIE) or any other benefits.

On an application for SCRIE you must state income, such as Social Security, pension, wages, interest, etc. It's just not about income.

The only deductions shareholders receive are for taxes. I should know, I have applied for SCRIE and have been turned down four times.


My Turn On

Privatization Of DBP

To The Wave,

It's my Turn to respond to last week's "My Turn" column. This letter is from the Committee to save affordable housing in Dayton Beach and from its Chairman, Bruce Jacobs.

To hear that I'm wrongly defending affordable housing in Dayton Beach Park is totally wrong. Privatization is not the proper thing for Dayton Beach Park or anywhere in the city. A program that lets working people live good lives without being millionaires is a wonderful program. To hear this pro-privatization group blatantly tell mistruths to pass their ideas is totally absurd and misleading.

My organization doesn't have the money and contacts and special help that they have. However we do have people, we have seniors, working poor people, disabled people and all different people from different places fighting to keep this program for working people that couldn't afford a mortgage who would have to move. Maintenance, which is already too high would at least double rent stabilized is anything under the $2,000 dollars. Inventory control, which is not in place, would cost shareholders much more. There are people that live here all their life and would like to stay here but would not be able to afford to live here.

Not everyone wants to move; people from other affordable houses, particularly Dayton Towers, The Hammels projects and Bay Towers and other affordable housing must unite together to stop this terrible idea. The committee to save affordable housing in Dayton Beach Park and all Mitchell Lama Programs in the city are asking for volunteers to help fight this move and we need politicians and private organizations to help us in this fight. The contact number is (917) 445 4866, or you could e-mail me at Brucej4@aol.com.

Remember people of Dayton Beach Park, please come and fight to save a program that we all moved in to keep going for working people, for seniors, for people of all nationalities to live as regular hard working people without being millionaires.


Democracy Hypocrites

Dear Editor,

In his Saturday radio talk of September 2, 2006, George W. Bush claimed to know and to be trying to implement what the Iraqi people want, namely an end to violence and unity of their country.

The violence that was introduced to Iraq when Bush began dropping bombs on people's heads and kicking in the doors of their homes is no doubt on the minds of Iraqis. But if there is a unifying thought in Iraq that expresses the democratic will it is this: a huge majority of Iraqis want Bush and all his foreign forces to leave immediately, as quickly as they arrived, within three months- easily determinable through a vote of all adult Iraq citizens that is counted by any party other than Bush flunkies. Would that majority be less than 90 percent? Bush would not thwart the will of the people, would he?

Yes there is now a civil war in Iraq, and there has been since March 2003, between the resistance to aggression and enlistees to the aggression. Like the Quislings in Norway and the Ustashe in Yugoslavia and the Vichy Government in France that assisted the fascism of another era, the collaborators who have served bully America's invasion, destruction, occupation and plunder of Iraq are fully deserving of every evil that befalls them when America goes home.


Where Is Their

Common Sense?

Dear Editor,

Most homes in Rockaway received the glossy color-coded evacuation map issued by the Office of Emergency Management.

Does anyone in that office have any common sense? Take a good look and you'll see that they consider parts of Maspeth, Queens to be at a higher risk from flooding than the majority of the Rockaway Peninsula.

The map suggests that parts of the Upper East Side and the Upper Harlem River are also at greater risk than we are. Didn't any of the people at OEM take Basic Earth Science in High School?


Bring Them Home Now!

Dear Editor:

The Wave has taken a courageous position on the war in Iraq when announcing in the editorial comments, "Enough is Enough."

We in the Rockaway community have done our duty. We have supported our Commander in Chief, our Military Generals and the men and women who wear the uniforms of the United States of America in their many sacrifices, in this horrific war.

We have proudly displayed the flag; we have shown off our colors, both red, white and blue with yellow ribbons to support our troops; but when one of our own in this small community, so young and brave, gives up his education to fight terrorism and the President cannot give us a timetable or a roadmap when all the troops are coming home, "Enough is Enough."

We should, with dignity, temporarily place our colors aside and place purple ribbons and bows all over our community, as the Glover family has done outside their home, so we can feel the pain of a family that lost a loved one.

There are no more justifiable reasons or excuses for the continuation of this tragedy.

As President Lincoln said, "With malice toward none, with charity for all, let us strive on to finish the work we are in; to bind up the nations' wounds; to care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow and orphan."

The best way to support our troops is to bring them home now.


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