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Who Profits From This? Dear Editor,

Though this is my first campaign to seek public office, and though so much has happened to test my faith, I owe it to the voters in this district to continue my mission of becoming the next State Senator in the 10th Senatorial District. Though the path may be lumpy and laid with rocks, we will endure, and we will prevail. We will prevail because this is the "people's campaign for change." This campaign, like no other will open the eyes and hearts of those who want an opportunity to "elect" their own representatives.

Many of you are aware that the "Board of Elections" opted to "invalidate my petitions" for the seat of NY State Senate. What you don't know is that there was a conspiracy to keep me off the ballot. Over 200 pages were "lost" after they were turned in on July 13th. What you don't know is that over 2,000 signatures disappeared "after" the petitions were turned in. Needless to say, it's my word against theirs and that makes them "politically correct."

The voters in this district, this state and this country deserve to participate in elections that are honest and fair. Sadly, the voters are being deceived, intimidated, and manipulated by those whose interest is self-serving. It is truly a sad day when some, who will, by any means necessary (through conspiracy, violence and corruption) seek to prevent law-abiding citizens the right to elect their representatives. Democracy in the county of Queens, NY (and America) has a new meaning, and so does "politics." Democracy in Queens means county governance of the people by the county party officials, including the district leaders.

Queens county politics (like others nationally) must change if there is ever to be a real "democracy" in these great United States. Most of those "elected" to represent us were not "chosen" by the people . They were "selected" by a group of backroom henchmen and henchwomen who made the choice for us. We, the voters are not a part of those backroom and secret dealings, but of course we should be ever so grateful to the "machine " because they do give us the opportunity to "elect" one or more of their puppets on Election Day. Simply my friends, they "select" and you "elect." I think that's called dictatorship, but I prefer to call it "plantation politics."

We, the people must wake up and reclaim our God given right to choose and participate in a fair and democratic electoral process. Our voices can make a difference if is loud enough. We can no longer sit back and talk about it, we must do something about it. The problem with so many of us is that we talk, talk and talk about what is wrong, but do nothing to make it right . It's time to stop going along to just get along . What message are we sending to our children, our grandchildren when we can't stand up and do the right thing? You tell them to do what is right, well now is the time for you to step up to the plate and practice what you preach.

During my campaign for NYS Senate, I speak to thousands of people throughout Queens County and beyond. I am amazed at the stories of humiliation, embarrassment, threats, verbal and physical abuse they encounter from some of our " selected" politicians. Some of our politicians are a disgrace to our community, yet because of fear and retaliation they are continuously "elected" to office. When will you take a stand against this ruthless and unworthy piece of horse manure who has the nerve to ask for your vote? Isn't it time for a change?

Let's get real. Most of you have no idea who your representatives are. During my campaign, I asked if the individual was a registered voter and if they resided in the district. Some asked what was a district, and others asked who was the representative. Sadly, many "registered voters" go to the polls on Election Day without a clue as to who the incumbent is, or who the candidates are (good or bad) and continue to vote for those whose name they recall from massive mailings. The Board of Elections is doing a great disservice to the many registered voters in this country by not educating the public of their rights as a voter and summarizing the history of "selected" officials in their county, city, and state. Sad but true.

Again my friends, this is the "people's campaign for change ." Gun violence is an unnecessary and preventable evil in our society and common sense federal laws must be put in place. One common sense law that I proposed became a law ( Intro 144-A ) in New York City last year. It places restrictions on the purchase of ammunition. A firearm is useless without the ammo. Our government must stop the flow of drugs in our communities. They know where they are coming from but what are they really doing about it? It's simple: guns and drugs are needed to keep our jails and prisons full and operating. Most of those incarcerated today are there because of gun or drug related offenses. Who really profits from this? Need I say more!

My friends, we have many issues that are not being addressed, and it's past time that you call your "selected" officials, the media and others to make your voice heard. Our senior citizens paved the way for all of us, and should be enjoying the best years of their lives, not the worst. They are entitled to quality medical care, lower taxes and all that ensures aging gracefully - nothing less. Our government should be so ashamed. Our youth are entitled to a quality education with smaller class sizes in a safe and comfortable environment - nothing less.

This has truly been a rude awakening for me, as I now see "politics" in a new light. It is because of these cruel and unethical acts committed by many of our " selected " politicians that I will continue to speak out about the injustices against us all. Regardless of the outcome of my campaign, you have a choice, and never let anyone take it away from you.


Birthday Wishes

Dear Editor,

Happy 6th Birthday, Isabella.

We're all in this together

Once we know that we are,

We are stars and we see them.

We're all in this together

And it shows when we stand hand and hand

Our dreams come true.


Do Something With

Traffic Enforcement Agents

Dear Editor,

After reading last week's story about Bernard Richman, the 89 year old man who received a parking ticket on the way to getting his muni-meter receipt, I decided something has to be done about the NYPD Traffic Enforcement in this neighborhood. In a neighborhood where parking is so tough, especially in the summer, it's time these "bullies" lighten up!

This comes after receiving not one but TWO $115 dollar tickets of my own. And get this, for my car sitting in my own driveway! And both tickets were written by the same traffic enforcement agent J. Adison who wrote up poor Mr. Richman.

I am a resident of Beach 127 Street, renting the upstairs of a two family home. My family has one half of a sloped driveway and two cars. During the week and the entire winter parking is never an issue. We always park one of the cars on the street. During the weekends in the summer we don't have this option so we have to park both cars in the driveway one behind the other. We pull them both up as far as they can go to keep a path on the sidewalk behind them.

According to the tickets and agent Adison, we are "blocking the sidewalk", "ruining the quality of life" in the neighborhood implying that people would need to walk into the street to get around our car, which simply isn't the case. There is plenty of sidewalk for pedestrians to walk by the car. It is safe and not getting in anyone's way at all.

So why do I keep getting tickets? Are there not enough people out there really breaking traffic laws? Are the NYPD running a competition to fill their "quota" of tickets? (If so, we know agent Adison will certainly take first place.)

It is disgraceful. I am a law abiding New York City schoolteacher and do a lot for my community. We should certainly be allowed to park two cars in my own driveway on the weekend during the summer. Especially since it's technically for 16 weekend days! What's the excitement of living in a beautiful beach community if you have to pay $115 dollars to park in your own driveway every weekend!

Please NYPD Traffic Enforcement...lay off the good citizens of this community...including the elderly. Shame on you!


Twain Said It Best

Dear Editor,

Read this piece by Mark Twain and tell me that the similarities with today are not amazing.

Never has the process by which a nation may be seduced into supporting an unjust war been more brilliantly described than in the following passage by Mark Twain found in "Mark Twain Social Critic" by Philip S. Foner:

"The loud little handful - as usual - will shout for the war. The pulpit will - warily and cautiously - object - at first; the great, big dull bulk of the nation will rub its sleepy eyes and try to make out why there should be a war, and will say, earnestly and indignantly, It is unjust and dishonorable, and there is no necessity for it.

"Then the handful will shout louder. A few fair men on the other side will argue and reason against the war with speech and pen, and at first will have a hearing and be applauded; but it will not last long; those others will outshout them, and presently the antiwar audience will thin out and lose popularity.

"Before long you will see this curious thing: the speakers stoned from the platform, and free speech strangled by hordes of furious men who in their secret hearts are still at one with those stoned speakers - as earlier - but do not dare to say so. And now the whole nation - pulpit and all - will take up the war-cry, and shout itself hoarse, and mob any honest man who ventures to open his mouth; and presently such mouths will cease to open.

"Next, the statesmen will invent cheap lies, putting the blame upon the nation that is attacked, and every man will be glad those conscience-soothing falsities, and will diligently study them, and refuse to examine any refutations of them; and thus he will by and by convince himself that the war is just, and will thank God for the better sleep he enjoys after this process of grotesque self deception."

It is indeed ironical that this passage should have been published first in Harper's Monthly of November, 1916. Soon Americans who opposed their country's entrance into the First World War and spoke out against it were to be stoned and imprisoned.

It was in the same spirit that in 1904-05 Twain wrote "The War Prayer," a terrible indictment of war.

It opens with a description of the wartime atmosphere. In every breast "burned the holy fire of patriotism ... in churches the pastors preached devotion to flag and country, and invoked the God of Battles, beseeching

His aid to pour good cause in outpourings of fervid eloquence, which moved every listener." There was no room for doubt, no room for disapproval of the proceedings: "and the half dozen rash spirits that ventured to disapprove of the war and cast a doubt upon its righteousness straightway got such a stern and angry warning that for their personal safety's sake they quickly shrank out of sight and offended no more in that way."


Parking Problem Is

All Over Area

Dear Editor,

There is an inherent flaw in the new parking ticket scheme, you can get a ticket, even after placing money in meter. It not only happens here.

Last Monday, I went to my Cardiologist in Lawrence and as his parking is in a dark dungeon under building I chose to pay and park in lot adjacent to Rockaway Turnpike and walk to his office.

At 11:01 a.m., I placed money in meter for space #5 giving me till 1:01 p.m., a full two hours to complete my visit. The meter issued me a receipt that says plainly "NOT necessary to place in car."

I returned to car at 12:15 p.m. to find a $20 ticket for parking in space 5 which was expired. The ticket was written at 11:05 and space 5 is only about 20 feet from meter cash box.

The ticket is only $20 far less than it would be here. I will be in court at 7:15 PM on my court date with my paperwork!

How do you overcome this situation? It seems you can't. The fly in the ointment is they pull a tape from cashbox and start writing tickets. If you parked there and paid after tape was pulled you are not on the tape as being paid and get a ticket.


Show The Banner Proudly

Dear Editor,

I have a neighbor and friend whose son was recently deployed to Iraq. His 21st birthday was August 14.... unfortunately this milestone passed without celebration because he was traveling between time zones and actually missed his birthday. Most 21-year-olds would be out celebrating this momentous occasion with family and friends. He was on an airplane heading towards war.

Obviously, his family is very proud of him, so proud that his father surprised his mother with a beautiful "82nd Airborne All American" banner that he proudly displayed right under their American flag on their deck. What comes next is probably one of the saddest things I've ever heard. As his mother was admiring her banner, a man who was leaving the beach approached her. He commented on her "82nd Airborne All American" banner.

Of course, she thought that some complimentary comment was imminent. Instead, he proceeded to question whether or not it was wise to display this symbol of patriotism at "a time like this, with everything going on, like the war and everything else.....?" I find this comment hard to believe. Are we only allowed to be patriotic when it suits others? Have we forgotten that at least 18 of our Breezy Point neighbors have sons and daughters fighting in foreign lands for our freedom?

We cannot forget these heroes. They are someone's first born, youngest child or middle son. They are someone's brother, sister, aunt, uncle or parent. We should be displaying hundreds of banners and flags as a "thank you" for their heroism. Breezy Pointers care about their neighbors. Let's band together and remember the sacrifice that others are giving so that we can be proud Americans. WE WILL NEVER FORGET!


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