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No Need For A 'Mainlander' Representing Rockaway

Dear Editor,

With all the issues in Rockaway, I am very surprised that The Wave has given a column to a mainland political "wannabe," Eric Ulrich, who is being touted for City Council by Beverly Baxter. I understand this mainlander has filed under the New York City Campaign Law for matching funds to run for City Council to represent us.

As we all know, the mainlanders have controlled the west end of Rockaway for decades and what do we in Rockaway get to show for this? Nothing. Read your own editorial on August 4, "Time To Take Back Our Beaches." Mainlanders don't do anything for us. Our problems about overdevelopment, transportation, parking problems, the beach rules, no new schools, etc., have not been addressed by our mainland representatives.

What are this mainlander's credentials to be a columnist for Rockaway's newspaper? He doesn't live with our problems. Can't the Rockaway Republicans find a Rockaway person to represent themselves? What about Tom Lynch- who has written many articles about the phony cause for the plane to go down in Rockaway? There are more important problems to Rockaway's "Quality of Life" then a column about stem cell research- and this man Eric Ulrich wants to represent us. Eric, do you know anything about Rockaway or our problems?

For Rockaway's future, we need a Rockawayite, not a mainlander to speak for us.


The Beach Belongs

To The People

Dear Editor,

We need flexible hours for lifeguards in Rockaway so that hardworking residents can enjoy a swim in the ocean after work hours. From an eight to ten block stretch, lifeguards have been on duty until 8 p.m. during the recent heat wave when Mayor Bloomberg extended pool hours, why wasn't this done in Rockaway?

It has come to my attention that the Lifeguard Union refused to cooperate. My husband Jim and I are union people, TWV and UFT, but we totally disagree that Lifeguard Union president Peter Stein can dictate to a community (re: Lifeguard Hours in Rockaway Beach). I have called Councilman Joe Addabbo's office and received the above information so I'm requesting home and civic associations to write to Peter Stein and encourage him to be more sensitive to the needs of Rockaway residents.

Now to a recent informal survey that I took in Rockaway as a community activist. The consensus of opinion is that PEP (Park Enforcement Patrol) is a waste of taxpayers' money. The people in the green quads are driving back and forth on our beaches all day long, sometimes eating and driving recklessly. With the price of gasoline, this is uncalled for. At 6 p.m., they ride along in twos, telling swimmers to get out of the water. When PEP departs, everybody is back in the ocean.

I have been informed that people on Beach 109 Street complained to Councilman Addabbo that one PEP officer was harassing residents at the edge of the water. Put up signs on the back of lifeguard chairs, "After 6 p.m., swim at your own risk." The beach is God's creation for all His people to enjoy.

My informal survey also included the community's reaction to the police officers on quads or foot patrol, sneaking up on people as they drink a beer or a glass of wine. It doesn't make sense that my husband and I can share a glass of wine at a concert in Central Park but not in Rockaway Beach. I truly believe that the police officers on this patrol can be used more effectively in our Rockaway community. I'm requesting that our elected officials address the above matters to the appropriate NYC departments so that Rockaway residents can enjoy our beautiful beach without the pettiness that we're experiencing. Stop the nonsense-Now!


Not All Democrats

Are Liberals

Nesoff, a former Rockaway resident, is the publisher of a New Jersey Weekly and serves as a town selectman where he lives.

Dear Editor,

Just received a copy of your editorial from Jack Herbst, another former Rockawayite who now lives upstate New York. Bravo. Couldn't have said it better myself.

As a career journalist I do not hold the New York Times in the same reverence as virtually all liberals and many others. I've covered stories in conjunction with Times reporters and have seen firsthand how they have distorted the news to reflect their own opinions; even to the extent of making some things up out of whole cloth.

How can anyone deal with an entity that has in its charter, and refuses to delete it, the goal of your total destruction? How can you deal with any entity that agrees to a cease fire and then, in violation of the terms, begins a military build-up? How can you deal with an entity that beheads innocents and then cries foul when your terrorist brethren are photographed in nude pyramids?

How can you deal with an entity that targets innocent air travelers; and an entity that places its own people at risk by positioning missile launchers in civilian neighborhoods?

I've heard that Islam is a religion of peace. Anyone who has read to Quran and seen the passages on how Muslims are directed to deal with "non-believers" will have an epiphany. It is violent, it is intolerant and it is a catalyst for the feeding frenzy of radical terrorism.

Lest I be accused of being a right-wing Republican, I am a former New Jersey Democratic State Committee member and a past Democratic City Council President. Not all Democrats are left wing and not all Republicans are right wing. There are those of us who pick and choose the best of both sides.

But when it comes to terrorism, there is only one side... those who oppose the indiscriminate killings by radical Muslims.

Keep up the good work.



Remembers Local

Scout Leaders

Dear Editor,

Your August 4 story on St Francis de Sales Boy Scouts going to Ten Mile River (TMR) brought back fond memories of my own TMR experience with Troop 81, 35 years ago. Needless to say, we had a great two weeks there. My real purpose in writing though is say thank you to the men who made Troop 81 what it was. I'm sure that we all said "thanks' to them at that time, but looking back I can better understand the time, energy and commitment that these men put into making that Troop as good as it was and ensuring the Scouts had as much fun as we did.

So please let me say, "Many, many thanks" to: Messrs. John Howley and John Kimball, who were there all the time. In the spirit of helping out, there were many others who stood up and lent a hand when needed. One I remember is Marty Keating; when Howley had to stay in Rockaway the summer of '71, Marty and another guy (I'd really like to remember his name, but cannot) went with Troop 81 to TMR to look after us... and wound up getting sun burnt as we canoed down the Delaware. Included in our TMR group was an Australian exchange student visiting Rockaway through the Rotary.



'What Do You Call

Someone?' Rebuttal

Dear Editor,

This letter is in response to Stew Fruner LCSW who sent in a leftist, condescending letter concerning President Bush. What do you call someone who bombs an aspiring factory in Iraq killing only a custodian? What do you call someone who does not respond to the attack on the World Trade Center in 1993? What do you call someone who had the change to kill Osama bin Laden numerous times between 1996 and 2000, yet didn't because the polls and al-Jazeera would not like it? What do you call someone who handed out no bid contracts to Halliburton between 1992 and 2000 but was never questioned about it? What do you call someone who was more concerned about being politically correct, diverse and having good sound bites on the six o'clock news than avenging the U.S.S. Cole massacre, among other attacks? In today's society we call him former President Bill Clinton.


Abadi Doesn't Speak

For Orthodox

Jewish Community

Dear Editor,

This letter is in response to the recently published, horrible and most incorrect words of Daniel Abadi. I believe that the time has come for Mr. Abadi to step forward and identify himself since he is once again claiming to speak on behalf of myself and my local Orthodox Jewish neighbors and we do not have a clue to who he is. His words could not be more wrong.

My family and I have lived here for the last three years. We were the first Orthodox Jews to move to the Mott Creek area and many have followed, both homeowners and tenants. None of us have ever experienced any negativity on the part of our non-Jewish neighbors as long as we have lived here. They have been warm and friendly. When we moved in we were welcomed into the block association and just this past Sunday we had a block party where we all had a great time together, Jew and non-Jew alike.

As far as the Department of Buildings is concerned, there are many violations that Mr. Abadi must be misinformed about since he seems to believe that everyone's paperwork is in order. As far as we can tell, something "shady" is most definitely going on in the Building Department that requires serious investigating. Missing documents, wrong addresses and double use of addresses is only the beginning.

We do very well, understand, and truly believe in the purpose of the builders to cater to the needs of our quickly growing community. What they intended to build prior to the change in zoning may have given space for the numbers of families that need the space, but the Mott Creek area would have become a place where no medium or large family could stay. There would have been a revolving door. What the new zoning does is allow families to establish themselves and stay in a beautiful and warm community with space for children to play and room to park two cars per family.

Anyone who doubts this information should feel free to drive through our neighborhood of Seagirt Avenue and the lower beach number streets any day after school or day camp. You will see for yourselves children and adults of all races and ethnicities playing and mingling as any neighbors do.


The following Mott Creek residents also signed to attest to this letter.










And Hateful Rant

Dear Editor,

Mr. Abadi's greed-inspired and hate-filled rant (not his first) should not be dignified with a response. Nonetheless, we feel compelled to respond for the benefit of those who, out of ignorance, might grant credence to his slander.

The truth is that the residents of Mott Creek are of one mind when it comes to the question of development. We are not opposed to development per se; we are opposed to the sort of unchecked development that leads to overcrowding and congestion, and inures solely to the benefit of the developers themselves.

We are once again deeply and personally offended, as Orthodox Jews, by the self-serving and completely unfounded accusations of anti-Semitism, racism and bigotry being leveled against our neighbors and friends. We are confident, though, that the Wave's readership will see through Abadi's thinly veiled self-righteous pose. Abadi's childish display of name-calling reveals more about his own character than that of his targets. In the end, Abadi falls on the sword of his own hate-infused rhetoric, which displays the very intolerance he attributes to others.


'Buyer Beware'

At Garage Sales

Dear Editor,

Now that garage sales are in full swing, "Buyer Beware."

Last season on the beach block of Beach 143 Street at a garage sale, I came across a beautiful chandelier full of crystals. I noticed the eight crystals around each candelabrum. The price was $250 with no bargaining! I left a deposit of $50 and returned the next day with the balance of $200. I was told so many people wanted to buy it that he [the owner] had to put it away in a box. He quickly opened the box and put it in my car even faster.

The handyman was away, and three weeks later when he took it out of the box, he noticed when he went to hang it the plate, wires and 30 crystals were missing. They were removed. I went to a light store with a crystal and was told they were eight dollars each, $240 to replace the stolen ones.

I went back to the house several times. I even left a letter, but never got an answer. I did see him months later at a red light, smoking a big cigar, when he recognized me. He bolted, like the Big Man that he is.


Bush Should Be 'On Point'

On All Points

Dear Editor,

I would like to address this to President Bush:

Tell me Mr. President, why is it that you focus on one section at a time, according to each terrorist threat?

Example 1

Threat on a subway tunnel. You boost security on subways and subject people to searches (which only lasted like three days at my station). Meanwhile, other methods of transportation were wide open.

Example 2

Recently- a liquid bomb threat. Airports boosted up security and made people discard anything which was liquid. Meanwhile, I rode the bus and train with water and coffee and so did many other travelers. Our bags weren't checked and we weren't asked to discard any liquids.

These terrorists are not stupid. Soon they will notice how you focus on one thing. They say "airport" and you run to the airport, and then "boom," we're reading about a Circle Line that just got blown up, or God forbid, a school bus. Terrorist threats are to be taken very seriously, Mr. Bush. You can't be on point on one point. You have to be on point on ALL points.


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