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The Dog Days of Volleyball Summer Begin At Riis Park

By Rocky

The weather cooperated for a change and the RBVL enjoyed a lovely night filled with fine volleyball as the season heads into its stretch run. Afterwards a huge crowd crossed the bridge and spent a long night at the Bayview. The food was good (although a bit scarce) and the view was great. How much do we like being outdoors on a beautiful summer night! Why, oh why doesn't the Wharf sponsor a team? Last weeks rain out prompted thoughts on things that you will never see in the Rockaway Beach Volleyball League:

Carol Farrell (Tri-athlete nonpareil) begging to come out of the game because she is "winded."

Coach Bob Schwartz walking around the beach with his own cooler asking, "Who needs a cold one?"

Cubby stating, "It's ten o'clock. Why don't we go home and save those last twelve Coronas for next week."

Stevie Kearns stating at any hour, "No thanks, I'll just have a bottle of water."

Bernie O'Connell getting a red card (unless the match is held in Breezy).

Joe (Seal) Moore counseling a teammate on his "sarcastic attitude."

A cooler filled exclusively with diet coke.

Joe McGivney at a loss for words.

Marybeth Goldberg (Nee Flanagan) lamenting the fact that Bugsy doesn't get involved enough in community activities. Stevie G. with a dark tan and Simon Moule with a Brooklyn accent.

The Graybeards would like to thank the people of the Rockaway/Breezy community for their incredible support for the Wounded Warriors who were up here two weekends ago. There are very few, if any, communities that could have staged that event so successfully.

The response from all of the organizations involved, Disabled Sports USA, Wounded Warrior Project, Windham Adaptive Program is always the same; "What a community! It's amazing how many things get done."

Kirk Bauer, the head of the Wounded Warrior Project stated in his letter last year that, "In my thirty years of doing this, no community has come close to Rockaway." The key word is community. Just to share a moment: the wife of a soldier being hosted by Kevin Boyle (former real reporter for the Wave -not a cub like myself) said that this is the happiest she has seen her husband since he went to Iraq. So whether you catered a party, got in the water, bought a shirt, hosted a soldier/family or strolled down to the parade to yell, "Thank you to the brave warriors. The Graybeards thank you!

Patty would like to thank Mary from the bottom of her cell phone. I am looking for an inexpensive hot tub for my back deck. If anyone knows where I can get a reasonably priced 1-man / 7-women hot tub, call me pronto. I spotted a flummoxed Charlie Brady on Beach 116th street last Tuesday. When I inquired as to his consternation he stated, "There isn't one store in Rockaway to buy leather lederhosen." For those who are grammatically challenged remember: "It is I before E-- except in Budweiser." The Piranhas held their own but did not manage a win and everyone wants to know where did the Piranha Pride go? I guess the way of the hula-hoop. Every game was "close but no cigar" as they say in Coney Island. Hopefully they can pull themselves out of their rut before it is too late.

Abbracciamento's proved too seasoned and savvy (read old) for Sullivan and Galishaw. The 5-0 sweep pulled Abbracciamentos out of the cellar into 3rd place (due to the alphabetical tie-breaker). The cellar actually had some nice wines and really wasn't so bad at all. Joe nearly served an ace until Teddy returned it to the spot Joe should have been covering. Instead he was still at the service line posing. Tommy D. took the losses nobly, "We lost five straight to a bunch of old men." Bobby W. subbed out of the first game and made a beeline to the cooler. He pointed to a flimsy ankle brace and claimed to be incapacitated. Tommy thought he saw him playing doubles on another court but he was definitely seen bending hi elbow.

The answer to the name of the last unnamed team in the first year-The Ball Hogs starring Eileen Bledsoe, Coach Bob Schwartz, and Kenny Kandor. Who won that year and who were the stars? Message to Joe from Eileen - your no show at the Bay View cancels all bets. John Sica was redeeming cans he collected on the beach when he was hijacked by a band of Pirates, led by Captain Mark, Bobby and Richie Whelan, Jack, Jay, Bernie, Kevin O'Malley and Mouse. They took him in the Pirate ship to the shores of Broad Channel. His team, the Bayview Bashers won four, which was not good enough as his kids (Killer Hills) took all five to move four games ahead of them. Mary Smith played solid as usual, and Carol made a comeback, playing as the fourth man. One look at her though and you know she's all woman.

The Beach Orphans have renamed their coach, Bobby Hogg, Bobby Hog since he played all five games, only taking one. One positive note though, Mary Ellen Smith was smoking, and she played well, too. Freedhands beat Marks Maintenance 4-1 despite Craig Carey ripping the net down and Baby Joe not calling his alleged net. Baby Joe also kicked the ball several courts away forcing Marie to play ball girl.

Its all Good lost 4-1 to Connolly's minus Tom Morgan. Cement Shoes was not there-he was at Quadrozzi getting fitted for new footwear. This is the first miss for Concrete Feet. Earth, Wind and Fire were a no show also. Queenie worked hard on serves as well as the Graybeard-Seal. Eddie was magnificent with his dancing feet and he personally saved game two. Its All Good has practice Sunday at the beach at two o'clock. Connolly's players were queried for this article and could only respond in one-syllable grunts. I guess minimum verbal skills are not a pre-requisite for the team.

The EZ Company women saved the day with some amazing strategic play. Men, watch and learn. Next week is a mandatory game so be there or we will make you do synchronized swimming in Jamaica Bay with the dead fish.

Last Call, did you know Gidget is on vacation? The bubble boy was in a rush, dropped off his cooler and went for his nail appointment. Not mentioning any names but which couple brought their A game and which brought their C game? Did anyone bring monopoly? Hey Frankie D, are those black socks throwing your game off? You should know that brown is in. Save the black socks for Boca. Game five was a hard fought battle between two all-female squads. Talk about a catfight! They showed us who has been carrying the team all year. Hey you sailors on the USS Eisenhower - RBVL salutes you. We hope you enjoyed your weekend in Virginia. Sands Point lost to the Beach House 3-2. Donna Ward and Rich Maloney stood out in a losing cause. Sands Point is available for hurt bodies as well as hurt pride. New update from Alison; We still s_ck! McMahons is 4 and 26. Has Bobby Mcginn's head exploded yet? His pressure reading is at 150 PSI.

Jameson's had a tough time with the Killer Hills but not as tough a time as (no arms) Buckley had finding ice and Twisted Tea. The ladies of Bayview were comparing war wounds and Kerri wins the battle. Her body looks like a topographical road map. Simon Says Sea bar continues to have intimate discussions too delicate for this article. Stay tuned for more following Gingers Passion Party. Commissioner Patty promises better desert location for the Beach Division next year. How about North of Nairobi? Those of you who left before 2 AM missed Mary Whalen's pole performance photo shoot. Stay later next week for an enhanced performance, (au-natural?) soon to be pay per view.

The Sharks crushed One More 4-1. Coach Louie made an odd move in game five by replacing Cubby in the middle of the fifth game. Ironically, Louiney aced eight straight serves for the victory. Louie "claims" he made the move because Cubby's shorts were a distraction to the team. This was confirmed after the game when TBG came by and said "I thought Woolworth's closed years ago." It's All Good lost again and may be moved down a division. Taking a page from his humble brother, Seal exclaimed that he would be the best player in that division! Isn't that like being the one-eyed man in the land of the blind?

Of course, TBG challenged him on that point. Time will tell. The Federation was without their fearful leader Tom but managed to play one of their best gamesof the season.And they had fun! Thanks to Tyrone et al for a great match.

Happy birthday Emma and Juliana! We remember when your Moms competed four years ago to see who would pop first. Emma's mom, Kelly, won. Kevin Nilsson made a surprise guest visit stating, "I work Wednesday, I can only make the bar." Dave Reilly and Pat Connelly asked that their names not be mentioned in this article-so I will respect their request. There has been a rumor around that Turtle's been gone, visiting his second and third families in Utah. Turtle claims he travels to Utah nine or ten times a year because he is fascinated by with Mormon culture. Remember Turtle, the punishment for multiple wives is multiple mothers-in-law. Be careful!

Who were the four people seen at the bagel store on 129th St. very late Wednesday night (actually very early Thursday morning?). I know Mary was one of them.

Next week's position night has been cancelled and the league will play the games from last week's rainout. As always, if you need assistance before Wednesday, please call Patty Moule at 917-566-2809. (Be sure to call between 10 AM and 9 PM.) Or just check our website at www.rbvl.com. You'll find the answers to most of your questions there, not to mention pretty pictures and funny stories. See you on the beach!

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