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Let Nature Work It's Magic
By Dr. Nancy Gahles

DR. Nancy gahles
DR. Nancy gahles The magic of nature is never more evident than in the summertime. The verdant greens, the lush tropical flowers, the clear blue skies all give us a sense of the magic of growth and development as plants mature and yield flowers and fruit.

The part of summer that I find so magical is the ever-present sense of change. Winter can be very static. No change in plants or trees. In summer, one can see different plants blooming at different times. The weather changes from hot and sunny to big black clouds and thunderstorms in an instant. We come to see that change is indeed what nature is all about. We come to understand that everything in nature has a ripe and ready time. We notice that after you plant a seed, you must wait for it to germinate, grow and then produce.

The lessons that nature teaches us through observation are the very lessons that we need to understand ourselves. We, as humans, are an integral part of the whole system. We are as much a part of nature as the plants and animals around us. In fact, our inner landscape contains the same ecosystem that we see in the outer landscape.

The idea is to take time to sit in nature and reflect. Look at what is represented on the outer plane and take time to experience the sensation. While sitting on the beach, watch the ocean. There is a constancy to its cycle of flow. Sometimes the waves are larger and have more force as during a storm. Sometimes they are small and calm. This is how life is. The waves do not, however, stop rolling into shore. Ever. They continue with their flow according to the elements that nature presents at the In a sense, they go with the flow. For sure, there are tides and even riptides that are powerful and dangerous. The ocean does not respond to these undercurrents by pulling away from shore entirely. The ocean responds in kind by introducing like currents to balance the flow.

This sense of timing and responsiveness to the cycles of nature is seen in the flowers and fruits as well. No matter how much you want to taste those luscious summer tomatoes, they will not be ripe until August. One must wait, watch, tend and nurture this plant until it is ready to produce the flower and then the fruit. Often, certain insects will appear and pose a threat to the growth of your plant. One must know the character of your plant, the environment, the potential hazards and be vigilant along the way. Just like life! Tune in to see how you do that for yourself.

`More than ever, of late, I hear people saying that they are way too busy. They bemoan the fact that there is not enough time in the day to get everything done that they need to. How does this look in nature? Such a thought does not exist. All manner of things manifest in their own time. Take a look at the garden that you have planted within. Notice what needs to be pruned, what can grow on its own, which plant needs to be harvested now and so on until you understand the timing, the flow of your own personal life. All things are not meant to manifest in one day. Life is meant to be lived as a harmonious ecosystem with different goals, virtues, expectations and challenges coming to fruition at the time when they are ripe. Watching your garden grow is the magic of life. Being an active participant and tending vigilantly to your garden will ensure that it doesn't go haywire and grow out of control, nor will everything die off from neglect. The balance is what we find and rest in on a daily basis. The cultivation is our magic.

"The dawn dares when it breaks. To attempt, to brave, persist and persevere, to be faithful to one's self, to wrestle with destiny, to astound the catastrophe by the slight fear which it causes us...to hold firm and withstand-such is the example which people need and which electrifies them" Victor Hugo, Les Miserables.

May The Blessings Be!

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