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Parking Backlash At Blockbuster Dear Editor,

Thursday night on the way home from volunteering at the Community Theater, I stopped off at Blockbuster at about 8:15 in the evening. I was going to pick up a couple of movies since the weather that weekend was going to be rainy. When I got out of the car I realized that I needed milk, so I went across the street first to pick it up. Then I would be able to leisurely look around for the movies for the weekend. When I got back to my car, which was less than five minutes, a tow truck had already had my car hooked up and was in the process of removing my car from the parking lot. I ran over to the driver and said, "What are you doing." He told me that Blockbuster has had problems with the summer tourists on the weekends parking in their lot for the day and going to the beach and that they were enforcing their towing policy. That is all well and good, but Thursday night and being a loyal customer, who instead of going into Blockbuster first and picking up an item needed for home, is not being abusive to their parking lot.

I am a firm believer in supporting local businesses and was very happy to see Blockbuster come to the community. I have found through the years that a gift card is always a nice gift to give someone.

But this present policy of towing loyal customer's cars is abusing Rockaway residents who have supported their business through the years. There was no warning to locals. They just tow your car.

Times have become tough lately with high gas prices, rent increasing all the time, and with all the other evil in the world. You stop to pick up a couple of movies and a quart of milk and it costs you $110.23 "Cash Now" or they tow your car, and that will cost you more. Needless to say I did not rent any movies and it will take me awhile to recoup my losses, not only monetarily but being a loyal Blockbuster customer


Global Warming Warning

Dear Editor,

Now that global warming has been gored out by the Michael Moore of Earth weather prognosticators, perhaps some "out of the box" science is now in order. But of course it will not be accepted by the scientific men who get a lot of mileage out of "global warming" ...and profit!!!

Did you know that the planet Pluto is warming up, and it is the farthest from the Sun? Strange lightning bolts are scattered among the rings of the planet Saturn? And that the planet Jupiter has developed another whirling giant 'red' spot? Will Jupiter ignite to become our second Sun and cleanse the Earth of all living things? Maybe old Nostradamus knew what he was seeing after all in his quatrains.

And speaking of trains, I am afraid that a lot of us have missed the most important train of our life times... in the promotion of balderdash!!!

More and more reports are becoming evident as loud echoes of those who say that the entire universe is warming up... not just our planet?

The Kiss Principle will do well in saying that Mother Earth is now, and for how long no one knows, into its

fourth interglacial period... where all ice on earth will melt... just as a chart in Fuller's geology of Long Island shows.

Of course no one was around when the last three happened, but Fuller has presented his evidence very well-in his book of 1914!!! I have heard that many local geologists consider Fuller's work as a bible, which they have added their individual work to!

So I recommend purchasing the high ground now, and hiring an army to keep trespassers out when the water rises to anticipated heights!

As for myself, I have purchased shoreline property on Canada's Hudson Bay as an investment, and have secured floor space on the fortieth floor of the Empire State Building in order to rent boats for recreation and fishing. Featured will be a submarine ride through Central Park, with a stop at Tavern on the Seaweed Green Glass Domed Sponge Bob Squarepants Eatery.

For many years now the public has been duped into fright by warnings, the last being asbestos. These are created to get the public's mind off something else going on. Infamous regulations were created for some to make a ton of money... But you have probably not heard any more claims... due to many houses having rock wool insulation and asbestos sodding, floor tile, etc. Shhh! Is this spoken of at closings???

The latest is the new ethanol fuel for our cars and trucks and whatnot! I heard a one-time news report that when water gets into contact with ethanol a chemical called formaldehyde is produced... Aye! What happens to the fumes of this new fuel when it comes into contact with our delicate atmosphere and sunlight???

How about our science man Steve Yaegar getting on this report... that was killed! ...Oops! ...I mean discarded in file thirteen!

Perhaps we should start emitting nitrous oxide from vehicle exhausts once again, so we all could laugh again!!!

It seems that our government and politicians never run out of the old proverbial wool to look for votes. On merit, they ain't worth the waste of the world's oxygen supply!!!

It has been estimated that about four hundred feet of new water will be added to the earth. That is not much when it was stated that the greatest amount of water will be concentrated on both sides of the equator or zero degrees latitude. How much will accumulate at forty degrees north latitude, where we are located???


Leave Dog Owners Alone

Dear Editor,

I can't help but wonder about the priorities of law enforcement in the Rockaways.

I read of the horrible mugging and attacks on Beach 120 Street by wandering young men of the St. John's School for Boys, who have emotional problems but are free to roam our streets.

I have no objection to having such a group home in the Rockaways, but it is incumbent on the authorities running this facility, to see that their residents are not out on the streets, weapons in hand, threatening innocent pedestrians out for a summer walk. Somebody, somewhere is not doing his or her job. Curfews are either too late and supervision is obviously, non-existent. Has anyone examined carefully what is going on inside the St. John's home. I have read that the residents are neglected or abused boys from 8 to 21 years of age. Obviously, judging by the recent incident, they are not being monitored carefully. I, indeed, feel threatened now...more by this facility than any other on our peninsula.

Where are the police? Probably on the boardwalk threatening the dog owners with huge tickets for "breaking the law."

A young woman outside the Surfside housing told me a policeman threatened her with a $165 dollar fine for holding her tiny puppy snuggled to her chest on the boardwalk.

Wouldn't the officer's time be better spent observing the young men hanging out on Rockaway Beach Boulevard and Beach 110 Street....spillover from the St. John's home?

Also.... apparently the police have decided not to punish the bike riders who speed on the boardwalk all day long, despite the posted rule which gives them designated hours to ride. No one gives them warnings or tickets.

It appears that dog-owners are the targeted victims of this police harassment. They are all over....watching, warning and ticketing.

No tickets are given to the lifeguards who speed up the streets and park their vehicles illegally with an orange T-shirt on the windshield. No tickets are given to the homeowners who throw their garbage, bread, pizza crusts, etc. on to the beach, attracting pigeons and possibly opossums and rats.

No one tickets to the homeless woman who curses violently at passersby with her cart full of cans and garbage.

No one tickets the cursing wild women in Waldbaum's who screamed on Tuesday night, cursing for 10 solid minutes.

There's something rotten in the state of Rockaway....and it's not the dogs or dog owners. The police should be sniffing out where the true problems are festering and leave us law-abiding dog lovers alone.


'Pushing Off' Responsibilities At Roy Reuther Houses

The following letter was sent to Maureen Murphy, Deputy General Counsel, The Department for the Aging.

Dear Deputy General Counsel Murphy,

With regard to my letter of February 17 to Mayor Bloomberg, which he has pushed off onto you for response. This truly shows how much concern he personally has for Senior Citizens and the Handicapped of this city.

This letter was in response to the "Indian Giving" situation by Government Agencies and Politicians, regarding the Roy Reuther Houses at 711 Seagirt Avenue in Far Rockaway. These houses are four interconnecting buildings, containing 900 apartments, on oceanfront property, with a private beach. They were built in the 1970's as a Mitchell Lama Project, built with Government loans. The buildings were to be rented only to Senior Citizens and the Handicapped. It seems as part of the double-dealing by those involved, that after 20-25 years passing, and the mortgage being paid, the owners no longer had to rent exclusively to Seniors and the Handicapped, but would be going "Private," thus eliminating the Roy Reuther Houses as Senior and Handicapped housing.

I would bet my life savings that if Mayor Bloomberg's mother was living here at Roy Reuther, he would be shouting at the top of his lungs to stop this complex from being taken away from the Seniors and the Handicapped. As this doesn't concern his mother, but someone else's mother, it's not his problem. Excuse me, isn't he Mayor of all the City's people?

I wonder at the time of these agreements, if the General Public was made aware of the golden goose to be hatched in 20-25 years?

As apartments become available, they will no longer be rented exclusively to Senior Citizens and the Handicapped, but to anyone who can pay the new doubled market value rent.

Oh! By the way, the Seniors and the Handicapped who haven't kicked the bucket will be allowed to remain as residents. They wouldn't have to pay the additional rent, as rents have virtually doubled, but not to worry because with the new Section Eight vouchers given to them, the tax-paying public will pay the difference, almost $500 a month or more, per apartment.

I also wrote to U.S. Senator Charles Schumer about this, and he pushed it off to State Senator Malcolm A. Smith (who has done nothing). Senator Hillary Clinton's response to my letter was to push it off to City Council Member James Sanders, Jr. (who has done nothing). There seems to be a lot of pushing off going on.

It seems to me most strange that an official of the Department of the Aging seems to show no concern that housing specifically built for Seniors (the wall electrical sockets are three feet high off the floor, so a Senior doesn't have to bend down to plug in a lamp, and many other features to help them live a safer life) has been taken away. It seems you have joined the ranks of the Indian Givers.

We are becoming more like the Eskimos, who take their aged, put them on the ice-flow, and wave "Bye-Bye."



Two Realtors' Point Of View

Dear Editor,

As local realtors who have been in business for over 20 years, we have been asked to voice our opinions with reference to the proposed re-zoning of Belle Harbor.

We want to make it clear that we are not advocating continued construction of so-called "McMansions." We do believe, however, that the proposed R2A zoning would be far too restrictive, causing property values to diminish.

Buyers very often buy homes that have the potential to add living space. If you take that potential away because of a zoning change you will decrease the value of the property.

According to three local architects that we have consulted, R2A zoning (the most restrictive zoning in NYC) allows your house to occupy only 30% of your lot and restricts the height to 21 feet. Since the majority of homes, if not all, occupy a minimum of 30% of their lots, expansion of any kind would not be permitted. If your home is destroyed by fire or a natural disaster it could not be re-built to its original dimensions if R2A is in effect.

The beautiful homes that have been built recently, such as the two on Neponsit Avenue and Beach 144 Street, and the new homes at the site of the plane crash on Beach 131 Street, could not have been constructed under R2A zoning. These homes have increased property values in those locations.

We have been questioned by many homeowners who have found the guidelines pertaining to R2A zoning both confusing and contradictory. We urge all homeowners who need further information or clarification to contact William Gati, President of the Queens Architect Association, at (718) 805-2797, or email at wgati@architecturestudio.us.

We have been advised that there will be another meeting on this subject in September or October. We urge everyone to attend.

Again, we want to emphasize that we are not in favor of people who are abusing the building codes and finding loopholes in order to overbuild their houses.

Perhaps there could be some modification to the current building codes that would curb these abuses, yet still be acceptable to everyone.




DOT Turns Shore Front

Into Artwork

Dear Editor,

Well... Rockaway has been screwed once more, this time by the Department of Transportation. Have you seen the new modern art project that is now Shore Front Parkway? White lines, yellow lines, straight lines and slanted lines as well as a bike path, all to supposedly make the Parkway safer.

Before 7 a.m. on Saturday, the drawing began and by Sunday morning, the north side of Shore Front Parkway looked like a modern painting. I don't know who the geniuses were who approved this disaster, but I cannot believe that it would not have been less expensive to put two or three traffic lights between 91st Street and 73rd Street, and leave the roadway with two lanes for driving the way it was meant to be.

It is unfortunate that young children riding their bikes were killed because of drag racing. I can only guess how their families feel, but not all drivers are at fault. There is no way to know if making the parkway one way is going to stop children from darting out from between parked cars, whether running or bike riding, and we shouldn't all have to pay for the errors of a few drivers.

The problem could have been eliminated by the traffic lights. I don't think the new arrangement is going to help because as I drove west on the Parkway today, there were cars double parked, and people just crossing wherever and bike riders all over. You had to have your eyes in a million places, watching that you didn't go over the yellow lines and watching that the riders did not get too close to your car.

It is true that we must all co-exist, but I do believe that in this case the car drivers are getting the short end of the stick and it's not fair. Shore Front Parkway is the only good road in all of Rockaway and that has been taken away from us.

By the way, have you seen all the parking on the south side of Shore Front, directly under the No Parking signs, and not a ticket in sight!!!


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