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Hospitals Need Better Security Dear Editor,

Why are these Politicians so concerned about security in the big businesses and big buildings that they neglect the small but just as important places of business?

I'm speaking on behalf of our local hospitals, where the weak and vulnerable lie, where children and elderly are trying to get better, where our doctors, nurses, and hospital staff work! Public Schools have more security! Just like the teachers, students, principals, and faculties in schools, these doctors, nurses and patients lives are also precious.

Schools have metal detectors and search students before they enter, plus you must show I.D. and if you are a visitor, you must show your I.D. and sign in and state your destination.

Last week my husband and I went to visit our friend who just gave birth to twins at St. John's Hospital. Although there was a guard at the door, all he said was "Can I help you?" I said, "We want the maternity floor." He said "Ok it's on the 7th floor."

1)-He didn't ask for I.D.

2)- He didn't ask to check our bags.

3)- He didn't ask us to sign anything.

How does he know we were going where we said we were going? How does he know what was in our bags? We could have been carrying a bag full of explosives. And importantly, if a crime were to take place and the police showed up and they asked to see a copy of all visitors and their destinations and times signed in, they would have nothing to show and someone may have gotten away with "murder." Peninsula Hospital was even worse. No one was around. My husband and his pals went straight to the men's room without any hassles. I think the hospitals need to voice their opinions and see how their lives are endangered every day from lack of security. Okay, maybe they do have security in the emergency room, but the emergency room is not the only room where emergencies happen.

I just hate to think of a doctor saving a life, just for it to be taken due to lack of security, or he/she comes to work to save lives only to have their life taken away by an intruder.

So, May 30, I put on my old nurses aide uniform and my expired I.D. around my neck. I went back to St. John's Hospital and walked in with no problem, roamed all through the hospital on every floor with no problem, and I even got into the doctor's cafeteria.

Isn't that something? I could have been a deranged lunatic and shot at the whole cafeteria. Why schools have metal detectors and hospitals do not is beyond me. Don't they know that some people are in there because it was an attempt on their life and someone may come to finish the job? Some patients are too drugged out to notice what is real and what is not. I also think that the Police Department should work with the hospitals and give them a list of all order of protections and the hospitals should properly scan people and make sure they are not on the list. They can deny their visit and notify police that he or she violated an order. Also, a list of pedophiles should be included so they can be banned from the Pediatric and Maternity floors. Danger lurks everywhere, not just some places. To me, there is nothing worse than being sick and vulnerable and on top of that, worrying about safety when we should only be worrying about getting better and going home.


Save It For A Sunny Day

Dear Editor,

Is this nuts?

It's Wednesday, and it's beenPOURING out for hours, the beach is lined with lifeguards huddling under orange umbrellas against the wind and rain. There isn't even a seagull on the beach.

In the middle of July, when it's sunny and sweltering out at 7:00 p.m.they will tell us to stay out of the water because they can't afford to keep lifeguards on duty at that hour. HUH? Just asking.


Pleased With Baxter's Letter

Dear Editor,

I was very pleased to read Beverly Baxter's Dear Editor Letter of June 2,2006. Beverly thanks for your prompt response and welcoming me as a member of the Waves columnist family. We have never met, perhaps that can be remedied in the future.

I was surprised that you interpreted my two-part column as lambasting you.

My intent was first to defend Lew Simon in relation to him not being despicable and vile.

Secondly, my intent was to question the legitimacy of the R.P.H.R.A Civic. As I stated in part 2 (quote)" It is somewhat surprising that a Civic organization is operated by individuals who were never elected to represent anyone". I questioned this civic's endeavors and claims of success.

Bev, since you are an experienced columnist and prolific writer, it is understandable the Rockaway Homeowners and Residence Association would call upon you to submit articles in their Newsletter. However it is the organization I question, hopefully to initiate interest, awareness and intelligent debate.

I have not had the opportunity to attend conferences of the ACC (American Coastal Commission) it is wonderful that you have. I am sure your knowledge of Dunes is more extensive than mine. As you stated we are on the same page. I also applaud your view that the recommendation to preserve our beaches be made by the Army Corps of Engineers and the Parks Dept, not a civic association. (precisely my point)

As I get closer to the Big 60 years of age, I do not have the time or inclination to be a "sore loser." My philosophy is work hard for what you believe, if the outcome does not go "my way" I will accept what is and "Move On." I have experienced a long enough life to realize people will always differ in their opinions, beliefs and passions, that is what makes life interesting. If I owned a home between Beach 138th St. and Beach 142nd St. I would not wish to lose access to the beach. Hopefully the up coming meeting with theDEC and the Parks Dept. can reach a compromise, to figure the balance necessary for beach usage and ecology.

In conclusion, I again thank you for applauding my passion and activism. I also truly appreciate all my neighbors for their own activism. All residents giving their time for what they believe is to be admired.


Vietnam Veterans Left Out

Dear Editor,

The extensive coverage given to the Memorial Day Parade must have been great appreciated by those who participated. How is it that no photos were printed of the group which led the march? The members of the Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 32, participated in the parade in memory of the brothers and sisters lost in battle, and as a show of strength and solidarity for those military personnel now in harm's way. Like other veteran's groups, Vietnam Veterans of America is a last man standing organization and would have appreciated being included with the other groups in the parade.






Yaeger Is Wrong

On Global Warming

Dear Editor,

Can it now be "My Turn"?

I'm quite capable of taking cheap shots like the best of 'em, so I must be imminently qualified to guest author The Wave's new column 'It's My Turn".

In response to Stephen Yaeger's "Bush & Global Warming", may I say...Beverly, heartiest congratulations, you're now in great company. As Wave readers well know, "It's My turn" columnists took unprecedented & ignominiously cheap shots for two weeks running on a dedicated, earnest and enormously-talented Rockaway booster, Beverly Baxter, and now the poison pen is directed far higher...to the Executive Branch of the United States Government. Global warming & nasty '04 & '05 Gulf weather - you know - caused by the cruel, mean-spirited and pernicious policies of Bush '43'. Just last weekend a Texas cow was diagnosed with mad-cow disease, so can I safely assume next week's columnist will discuss & document the Bush strategy - you guessed it - for poisoning America's food chain? 

Well, you know, for whom does the fault toll?...not for thee, but for him.

America, has never been greener or cleaner. Teddy Roosevelt - one hundred years ago - went to rural Missouri to hunt black bear, today he'd need travel no further than NYC's leafy suburbs. Coyote watchers of the world, come to Central Park's Bramble, just be careful for the 'consenting adults'. Here at home on our beautiful Peninsula we've got bottle-nose dolphins cruising regularly along Rockaway's surf, harbor seals harboring in Jamaica Bay and an illustrative foto in last week's Wave of a proud Broad Channel boy landing from his back-yard a stripper his own size!!! Wake up, Mr. Yaeger, and smell Mother Nature returning to the North-East quadrant of America...with a vengeance.

Our last two Presidents found great and obvious fault with the Kyoto Protocol, a document that Yaeger speaks so glowingly of. America courageously ignored the chest-thumping and self-serving depredations of our OECD partners and pointed out that the true future polluters were non-signatories to the document, therefore rendering this bold, inspiring protocol a ridiculously useless undertaking.

Now, even The New York Times is forced to report on the environmentally obvious. 'With their coal-fired plants fitted with outmoded technology' the June 11th Times reports, 'China and India are gargantuan global polluters'...

Unless China finds a way to clean up its coal plants and the thousands of factories that burn coal, pollution will soar both at home and abroad. The increase in global-warming gases from China's coal use will probably exceed that for all industrialized countries combined over the next 25 years, surpassing by five times the reduction in such emissions that the Kyoto Protocol seeks.

Double that prognostication if you add India to the mix.

So please , Mr. Yaeger, send your friend Paul Ehrlich west across the blue Pacific and have him cry for their beloved countries.


Seeks Candidates

For Girls State

Dear Editor,

The Broad Channel American Legion Auxiliary is sponsoring a girl to attend our Girl State program. The 2006 Empire Girls State session will be held at SUNY Brockport, Brockport NY. The Empire Girls State is a weeklong hands-on workshop on government, the political process and leadership. It is not a camp or vacation. It is a non-partisan school of government through which the American Legion Auxiliary attempts to educate young women in the duties, rights and responsibilities of American citizenship.

It is hoped that each Girl State citizen will return home with a better understanding of how to participate in the functions of government at the local, county and state levels. Many girls from Queens and from the neighborhood of Broad Channel have attended this program year after year through Broad Channel American Legion Auxiliary sponsorship.

A girl must be between the ages of 15 and 18, academically in the upper third of her class, and a member of the junior class in her high school and planning to re-enter in her senior year. She must be recommended by her principal or superintendent. They will certify that the candidate possesses outstanding qualities of leadership, character, honesty, cooperation and maturity.

A candidate must also be physically fit and willing to participate in all phases of the program, including the flag ceremonies.

The Empire Girls State program has been certified through the New York State Board of Regents, and each Girl State citizen has the opportunity to earn up to 3 college credits.

If you have a daughter or know someone who meets these qualifications contact your local American Legion Post by early March 2007 so they can be considered as a Girl State citizen for next year.

We would love to see more interest from our local neighborhood girls.


Remove The Dunes ASAP

Dear Editor,

The Belle Harbor Association and the Neponsit Association make their point clear. They want the dunes removed immediately.

DEC experts out of Albany who are familiar with our peninsula openly admit four blocks of overgrown sand is not an effective beach erosion or flood protection plan for our peninsula.

An effective plan must include rock jetties, constant dredging and more. Experts agree that a continuous run of protection over our seven miles of beach would also help with beach erosion and storm prevention. Not four blocks of sand piles haphazardly constructed with no defined plan.

Public officials, Councilman Addabbo and Councilwoman Pheffer, want the dunes removed.

NYC Parks recognizes that these four blocks of sand piles limit beach access and have minimized usable beach space for recreational use on the four blocks. These sand piles have made these four blocks the shortest usable beach in all of Neponsit, Belle Harbor and Rockaway Park.

You can now define concerned citizen s differently as well. Concerned citizens are all beachgoers who use public beach, the Belle Harbor Association, Neponsit Association, NYC Parks, Queens public officials and more.

The Rockaway Park Association successfully had dunes removed in the Beach 120's in the past.

Pro-dune people- Martin Ain and beachfront homeowners, as well as a few non-beachgoers who do not utilize the beach, similar to Martin and his beachfront buddies.

Lastly, the newly defined concerned citizens want to implement a system that will help our entire peninsula. With DEC approval and permits, following the uniform land use review procedure, and full respect for all other NYC charter rules and regulations. We have only one goal- protect the Rockaways and our beaches, not privatize our beach for the good of seven non-beachgoing homeowners. Remove these sand piles ASAP and let's protect Rockaway with community input. I will initiate this project!!!


Head For Higher Ground

Dear Editor,

The other day, I made a quick tour of the area around the Far Rockaway Shopping Center. I copied down all of the signs and notices that I saw in and around that site.

In doing this, I noticed a repetitious sequence of letters and numbers that was similar to a code.

I fed it into the computer that is between my ears and came up with the following message that refers to the rebuilding of the old shopping center. That message said that, even when the project is completed, it will be like "rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic."

I then went from Far Rockaway to Breezy Point and copied down all the similar messages that I found. All they said, in code, was, "Grab a chair. They float."

That message is very strange, but not as strange as the hidden message that is in a sign at Starbuck's Coffee in Howard Beach.

You don't even want to know what that one says.

Then, there are the signs at Forest Park further up Cross Bay Boulevard. Those signs say, in code, "In about a month or so, be here or be nowhere." That was very odd, but it is higher ground, after all.


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