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Maximum Sentence For Vehicular Homicide

The following letter was sent to District Attorney Richard Brown.

Dear Richard Brown,

I am writing to implore your intervention and recommendation to the judge at the trial of Edward T. Bain that he receive the maximum sentence allowed by law for his crime of manslaughter and vehicular homicide in the death of Donna Murtagh Bain.

On September 23, 2005, Edward T. Bain, while under the influence of drugs and alcohol, recklessly drove his car at a high rate of speed on Cross Bay Boulevard, smashing into several trees and wrapping around a pole, causing the senseless death of his wife, Donna Murtagh Bain.

Due to his irresponsible actions, her family and the community have suffered a great loss. Under the circumstances, I feel he should be prosecuted and given the maximum number of years in prison for his crime.

I ask that you continue to vigorously pursue this case so that justice can be served and the family of Donna Murtagh Bain can finally find some closure for her tragic and unnecessary death.

Thank you for your attention in this matter.


Help For A NY State Project

Dear Editor,

Each member in my class is working on a projected called "Parade of States." We are responsible for gathering materials about your state. The state project is due in the beginning of June. I chose your state for my presentation. If any of your readers would help me out by sending me pictures or postcards or even used license plates, facts, etc. from your state it would be greatly appreciated.

Please send them to:

Kyle M. Kruiger

C/o Foothills Elementary

1061 123 4th Avenue. E

Buckly, Washington



A Comment To The Thief

The following letter was sent in regards to a recent robbery.

A Comment To The Thief,

On Thursday, May 4, you took my pocketbook containing my personal information and needed essentials. The money you stole was about to be used as a down payment on my daughter's headstone. After I finished the chore I was doing, I was going to the cemetery. So you lucked out didn't you? Normally, I wouldn't have that amount of money in my bag.

You now made me spend eight hours on the phone canceling and re-establishing my credit. I had to pay to replace some cards and driver's license. I was hoping you would drop the bag into a mailbox after you scored financially. My first thoughts were to wish you bad luck, but perhaps you needed to feed your family. The pictures, cards and eyeglasses were of no value to you. If you choose to continue this way of life, please drop the bag in a mailbox once you have the money.


Thanks For Dr. Nelson's Perseverance

Dear Editor,

As many of you already know, the Joseph P. Addabbo Medical and Mental Health Facility has relocated to a brand new facility on Beach 62 Street and Beach Channel Drive. What many of you don't know is that though it took a team and community effort to make this a reality, it would never have become a reality without the vision and persistence of Dr. Nelson, Chief Officer of Addabbo Health Center.

Day in and day out this man works, often behind the scenes, to provide quality health care to Rockaway residents and beyond, and it was his dream to continue this service in a brand new facility. It goes without saying, a project of this magnitude met with its share of stumbling blocks, and if not for the perseverance of Dr. Nelson, would have easily given way to others priorities that Rockaway presently faces.

I'm writing as an employee of "Team Addabbo," and hopefully a friend of Dr. Nelson, and would like to just bring to the forefront what I see on a daily basis. Rockaway and this facility are lucky and blessed to have a man and a physician like Dr. Nelson in their corner. And I hope my community uses and appreciates this new health center, that he was an integral part in improving.

I remain a loyal employee and a Rockaway resident.


Doubts About Letter

Dear Editor,

It was just brought to my attention to read The Wave and look at a letter that was allegedly written by Teresa Quinn McCloskey on March 17, 2006.

I am Teresa's eldest granddaughter and I find it very hard to believe that my grandmother wrote that letter.

My grandmother is 92 years old and in very poor health. She is physically unable to write. When we get the opportunity to visit her, which is not very often, she does not even remember our names let alone the day of the week.

She does not possess the mental faculties to even compose or dictate such a letter. I am very offended that someone would use her name to trash someone in your paper. I think that whoever wrote this letter should follow their own advice and look to themselves to respect their elders.

They certainly did not in this instance disrespecting a 92-year-old Great Grandmother and hiding behind her name to carry out their venomous thoughts!



'Backroom Conspiracies' About Oil

The following letter was written to Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Mr. Mayor,

Heard you on John Gambling WABC this morning insulating the oil company conspiracy to gouge the taxpayers. It is quite evident to me that you or your family is knee-deep in oil stock, which converts you to your self-serving insulation of the oil companies in my country. Your remarks make me nauseous. You very conveniently heave the blame on OPEC as a cop-out for you. Contrary to your opinion, what we have here is an oil cartel conspiracy to fix prices. You, Mayor, unknown to the average six pack Joe is part of the conspiracy in that your heavy holdings in oil stock is the tacit compelling agreement to the conspiracy. Of course, your self-serving remark to Joe Six Pack is to blame OPEC. Why, because it is impossible to bring them before the Federal Bench; you know it and I know it.

In reality, what we have here is existing oil companies' conspiracy fixing prices constituting an oil company cartel monopoly. A conspiracy for these purposes need not be shown by proof of an explicit agreement, but can be shown or established showing that the parties "oil companies" have a tacit understanding to carry out the prohibited conduct. These oil companies' prices at the pump and home heating oil and home gas prices is basically the same showing the participants are in conspiracy and share the general competitive objective to fix prices constituting the oil company cartel monopoly. The 1907 monopoly consisting of many corporations and partnerships controlled by the Rockefellers resulting in the Standard Oil breakup is replaced by tacit conspiracy oil company cartel handshake.

You run your agencies within the City, such as Sanitation and Health, carrying out and mirroring the same sort of conspiracy. To violate homeowners and property owners with backroom conspiracy to dish out violations under color of law unconstitutionally by programmed inspectors. You know and I know that average Joe Six Pack cannot fight this because of high attorney costs, so they pay. I am not the average Joe Six Pack. I did take these agencies before Federal Court and won. I will continue to fight your backroom conspiracies.


One Crash Had Nothing

To Do With Another

The following letter was sent to Congressman Anthony Weiner in response to his call for reopening the investigation into the crash of American 'Airlines Flight 587 into Belle Harbor on November 12, 2001.

Dear Congressman Weiner:

Thank you for your letter of April 18, 2006, requesting the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) reopen the investigation of American Airlines flight 587, an Airbus A300-600 aircraft accident. In that accident, the Safety Board determined that the vertical stabilizer failed as a result of multiple excessive pilot inputs to the rudder commanded by the first officer. Your letter suggests that a recent accident involving the rudder separation from an Air Transat A-300-600 aircraft that was departing Valdero, Cuba, and the recent finding during inspection of disbonded rudder skin panels on a Federal Express A300-600 aircraft may indicate that a structural flaw contributed to the flight 587 accident.

Safety Board staff has actively participated in the Canadian investigation of the Air Transat accident and are currently investigating the disbond of the rudder from the Federal Express (FedEx) aircraft that was discovered during maintenance. As such, we have been very diligent in looking for similarities between these two recent events and the flight 587 accident. However, the data provides that there are very distinct differences between the flight 587 accident and these two other events.

The FedEx rudder showed areas of significant, preexisting disbonding of a rudder skin panel due to hydraulic fluid contamination. In contrast, the flight 587 rudder, the majority of which was recovered from Flushing (sic) Bay, did not reveal any evidence of the delamination that was found in the FedEx rudder. All of the factures in the flight 587 rudder exhibited the characteristics of structural overload and no significant preexisting damage was found. Additionally, extensive analysis of the flight data recorder and design data, as well as comparative examination of the vertical stabilizer and rudder from flight 587, and the vertical stabilizer and rudder fragments from Air Transat show distinctly different events.

Please be assured that the Safety Board will thoroughly examine any issue or new information that might be pertinent to an investigation, even if the investigation has been completed. In this case, the Safety Board believes that the preponderance of evidence indicates there is no link between the accident involving the Air Transat A300 or the FedEx A300 and the accident involving American Airlines flight 587.




St. Virgilius School Closing

Dear Editor,

No words or letters on the subject of the St. Virgilius school closing will ease the pain of so many who are directly involved as parishioners, parents and children of the school.

And yet there is the need to balance the facts of the situation. There is a financial crisis across the diocese that has to be addressed as priorities are re-evaluated in light of changing demographics, parish reconfiguration and alternative cluster resources, among other factors.

For several generations, residents of Roxbury, Rockaway Point and Breezy Point have had their children bused, or driven, to the nearest Catholic school, St. Francis de Sales, if that was/is the family choice. It seems evident that St. Virgilius School cannot generate sufficient enrollment and the school building is a serious structural problem. There are, however, Catholic schools on the Rockaway peninsula where enrollment and standards are high, the buildings more structurally sound, and bus service could be arranged.

As an alternative to this approach, parochial schools such as St. Virgilius, faced with the prospect of this kind of choice, have the option to do what many Catholic high schools did in the early 1970s; they spun off from the diocese, established lay boards, and incorporated as independent teaching institutions solely responsible for their own viability. They have done very well since and include such names as Bishop Ford Central Catholic High School, Nazareth Regional, Bishop Kearney, Xaverian and Stella Maris- a total of 18 or 19 now independent, secondary institutions in Brooklyn and Queens. The model is there for schools at the parochial level to do likewise with the assistance of the Education Office of the Diocese of Brooklyn.

Lastly, but certain not meant to be the last word, for the matter is not that simple, we all need to reread the many words that have been written over the past two years, particularly on the matter of diocesan finances and the need for each parish to set in place a pastoral plan to address every facet of viability. Not only in charity, but also as a matter of righteousness, there should be no finger pointing at the clergy, who while their role should be a more pastoral focus, unfortunately must also be administrative.


When Will Rockaway Residents Speak Up?

Dear Editor,

I have been reading, with quite a bit of amusement, the articles in the past two issues of The Wave concerning Community Board 14 and the NYC Department of Transportation's (DOT) plans to reconstruct Shore Front Parkway.

Is anybody our here paying attention?

Isn't this the same Community Board 14 and NYC DOT who tore Beach 116 Street to shreds for no good reason whatsoever? Isn't this the same Community Board 14 and NYC DOT who tried to put all the Beach 116 Street merchants our of business? Isn't this the same Community Board 14 and NYC DOT who desecrated the memory and honor of those Rockawayites who were murdered on 9/11 by ripping out all the daffodils planted in their memory? Isn't this the same Community Board 14 and NYC DOT who are firmly in the pocket of the developers of the Ocean Grande?

When will the residents of the Rockaway peninsula learn that Mayor Bloomberg and his administration are simply not welcome here?

It all sounds and smells like another Edward Re fiasco to me!


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