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Questions For ABTS
The following letter was sent to the Arverne By The Sea developers. Dear Sir or Madame,

The following letter was sent to the Arverne By The Sea developers.
Dear Sir or Madame,

I live in Dayton Towers, which is located next to the development you are now building in Arverne.

I am curious as to when exactly it is you will be breaking ground on the "YMCA" and the "Big Name" supermarket you keep talking about?

Rumor has it that the supermarket is a Stop n Shop. Is this true?

After a letter I wrote to The Wave some time ago, you had stated in a reply in The Wave that they would be the "very next phase."

However, while walking home from the Beach 67 Street subway station a couple of weeks ago I asked one the workers when the work on these projects would begin and he told me that the next phase would be the houses across the boulevard from said supermarket.

Another question I have is why you would tear down the only stores in the area weeks before tearing down the dilapidated eyesore called "The Claddagh Inn"? Those stores may not have been much but they were SOMETHING. Now the elderly and disabled in this area have to travel at least ten blocks to find a store.

I am also still mind boggled by your decision to build "luxury" condo apartments directly across the street from public housing. Who was the brainiac that came up with THAT idea? Have you noticed that a whole lot of the windows have been broken out?

As to another situation, someone had once written to The Wave about your "gated community" and I believe it was The Wave who had corrected him in stating that this was NOT a gated community, that there will be no gate around it. However, I notice that some of these little side streets you are building, although they seen to have street names, do seem more like driveways. Are these "streets" actual public streets or are they private property?

In other words can I park on these little side streets, and can I walk on them with my dog?

Is Arverne by the Sea just simply a gated community without the gate?

Your prompt attention to these concerns would be greatly appreciated.


Consider Yourself Lucky

Dear Editor,

In the April 14 edition of The Wave, David Doblack wonders how the families of the victims of the attack on the World Trade Center feel about the Tribute Park Cupola and what he thinks represents Muslim stars and half a moon.

I can only speak for the Heffernan's the family of firefighter and Rockaway resident John Heffernan, when I say that the Tribute Park as well as the Cupola is the most beautiful display of tribute to the victims of September 11 th that I have seen so far and expect to see.

Not only is it a comfort to have such a beautiful place but to have it right in your own neighborhood is an absolute delight. I was amazed at what was done with such a small piece of land, the perfect location overlooking the site and the breathtaking artwork.

I would personally like to thank Patrick Clark and all those who made the park possible for their time and devotion as well as for putting up with the negativity surrounding the building process. Patrick Clark has indicated that he got his inspiration from the Psalm 147 in the Bible. I doubt that anyone who has devoted so much blood, sweat and tears as well as an enormous amount of time and energy into this project has another motive much less try to betray the people he is honoring. On the other hand, Doblack has announced to the community that he donated $100. If it upsets you that much , see me and I will refund your hundred dollars.

Consider yourself lucky if money is the only thing you lost.


Weiner Is Wrong On Verizon

Dear Editor,

This letter is in response to Congressman Weiner's recent "Report to Rockaway, Broad Channel, and Breezy Point" which included an article entitled, "Weiner Calls for Rebates for Phone Snafu". In this article Congressman Weiner wrote, "thousands of residents lost their service in February thanks to the bumbling of Keyspan and Verizon. ... A phone line was cut and it took more than a week to get many back in service."

What Congressman Weiner refers to as a "cut phone line" was really two 2,700 pair cables and six air pressure pipes that were cut by an excavator, not Verizon. Air pressure keeps water out of the cable and without it copper cables are prone to failure. Verizon worked round the clock to repair the cable and pressure pipes and ultimately restore phone service. Verizon also extended rebates to customers affected by the service outage.

Verizon is constantly working to upgrade its network and is presently bringing fiber optic cable to homes in Rockaway. This new suite of Fiber-optic services is called FiOS (FYE-ose). FiOS delivers superior broadband speeds and enables a nearly limitless potential of products and services to meet tomorrow's technological demands and growing needs.

Congressman Weiner's newsletter which was prepared, published and mailed at the tax payer's expense made an unfair attack against Verizon.


Pretty Cool

Dear Editor,

After some initial surprise, I think it's pretty cool that wedding parties are gathering at theDome in Tribute Parkfor pictures.

It's probably a very good way to start a marriage by going and being blessedin the light of Rockaway's own 57 angels and saintsin the heavens above.



'Thank You' For Helping Find Grandchild

Dear Editor,

I wish to thank everybody for the caring and kindness that they showed when my five-year-old grandson vanished into thin air at the Beach 108 Street playground on April 17. I went into total panic and became useless. Thank God my grandson was found safe and sound. The two patrol cars that responded to my call were just excellent. The wonderful "moms" in the playground pitched right in for the search, they were all so caring, kind and thoughtful. A very special thanks to Tara McGuinness who found my grandson on Beach 118 Street and hand delivered him back to me. All of you are very special people and I cannot thank you enough!


Trying To Find Family

Dear Editor,

I was born during the war and my father was in the Rockaway Beach area. My mom lived there for a while and then we moved. I didn't really ever know him. But his family was all from Rockaway Beach.

There were three siblings: Donald, William and Eileen.

The parentswere Ethel and Bill Burke.

I know that I had several Brothers later on in years. Two of them were named Donny and Billy Burke.

Many times, my mom would say that nosy man over there is your father. We never met or got together as I remember, but she always pointed him out to me.

I never tried to find my brothers because I never wanted to start trouble. I guess that being 62 years old now it does not matter that I might make trouble.

I would like to find my brothers,if they would like to see me.

My mom always told me that I favor that side of the family and more like the grandparents.

If you do this story and someone wants to contact me, they would have to call the newspaper first, right? I do know my father's middle name. So they would have to tell me that first and that would be a good way to find each other.

I also know what branch of service he was in and what he did. Very interested.


RLL Not Playing Fair

Dear Editor,

Once again, Rockaway Little League starts unlike any other Little League in the country. All other little leagues in Queens, the other boros, the state & the country, rate each player on tryout days. Then the players are distributed equally, according to ability, to each team to hopefully equalize and allow for honest competition.

What actually happens in RLL is the "coaches" with the best rolodexsequester their favorite players long before most of the kids actually sign up to play. The result is the same coaches bulldoze thru the season. It's unfortunate that last year, a team in the minor boys did not win one game. That's sad and should never happen. What are we teaching those kids? How is that building their self-esteem? Isn't that what LL sports is all about? Withintramural sports, you should win some & lose some, not lose all.

Kudos to all the coaches who are teaching the new kids how to catch, throw, hit, and play the game. Those are the real coaches. It's easy to coach a team when 90% of the players on a team are handpicked all-stars and any one of them can step to the mound.

RLL should havetraveling all-star teams at each older level. Teams that play year-round which players must try out for. This offers more competitive play for those who desire it. We need to represent. But those teams should be just that, travel teams that "travel" to play in tournaments throughout the city, state, orhopefully beyond. They should not be involved in intramuralplay.   

Hopefully soon, the chosen few will hand over theirstranglehold on this league and everyone, mostly the young players, will benefit.


Stepping Back In Time

Dear Editor,

I recently had the pleasure of spending the day at the Scholars' Academy.In a wonderful way, I felt as though I had stepped back in time.The day began with an exciting basketball game.During the game, Scholars' students watched and cheered for their team,the band performed a fantastic selection of songs, while the cheerleaders cheered for their team with enthusiasm and pride.

Thankfully, the Scholars' Academy Seawolves won the game by one point.This event was followed by a very special assembly.The students with perfect attendance were acknowledged by theScholars' Academy Principal, Mr. O'Connell and their peers.The members of the Econ Bowl Team were introduced and also applauded for their recent victoryby their fellow students.

The Scholars' of the month were also announced byMr. O'Connell, reading a personal introduction prepared by each homeroom teacher, explaining why each student was chosen. Two special events followed - the first was a ballroom dancing exhibition performed by two seventh grade classes, followed by the 6th grade's Magic Box production about the history of the Scholars' Academy.

As Co-President of the Scholars' Academy PTA, I have always been supportive of the Scholars' Academy. However, after spending the last eight months in and around the building, I feel that I cannot adequately express just how amazing the program is. I would bet that there are few, if any public or private schools in the city who have an administration and staff as dedicated and talented as ours.The students are always eager and excited to learn.More importantly, they have not only learned to understand and accept the diversity of their backgrounds, but they have become a unified school community, always ready to cheer a fellow student on to success.

The successful formula that has been created at the Scholars' Academy has forever changed education on the Rockaway peninsula and beyond. It is my hope that we can continue in this direction by the expansion of the Scholars' Academy.





With No Justice For Any

Don't try and find me at the address or telephone number that I provided to you with this letter. Do not look for my name. I can't give you my real name for fear of being arrested and deported.

I am just your typical invisible undocumented immigrant, invisible to most of the people in Rockaway who see me at work each day.

I am the one who cuts your lawn, does your fingernails, opens your door, makes your sandwich at lunch, digs the holes in your streets and puts up your new homes.

What I do and what the estimated 4,000,000 other undocumented aliens do each day keeps your quality of life high.

Face the facts. You can't just send us all home, because nobody else will do the jobs we do for the wage that we have to accept.Most of us work "off the books" for less than minimum wage. We work 50 hours a week for four dollars an hour. We have no health care, no social security, no unemployment insurance. Most of us have families. My wife is undocumented as well, but my two daughters were born in Queens and are American citizens. Send us home and what will you do with my daughters and the tens of thousands of other citizen children who would not go home with the parents you plan to make into criminals and to send away.

Despite the fact that I earn about $200 a week, my children have a warm place to live in northern Queens, clothes to wear and food to eat. That would not be true in my home country and I would never take them back to that kind of life. We want to be Americans.

Don't be sidetracked by the foolishness of some who want to sing the National Anthem in Spanish. That is a sideshow. We want to learn English, to bring our children up as Americans who have an understanding of where they came from as well.

Most of us understand that we cannot get amnesty and are willing to earn our citizenship by learning English, paying taxes, perhaps paying a fine. We are productive workers who make the nation stronger. Find a way to let us stay here legally.


Pole Needs Repainting

Dear Editor,

The Far Rockaway post office, located on Mott Avenue is a stately building dedicated in 1935 when Henry Morgenthau, Jr. was The Secretary Of The Treasury and James A Farley was Postmaster General .

In the front of the building on the left side as you enter is our flag flying atop a rusty flag pole that looks like it was last paintedwhen the aforementioned gentleman were in office. 


Praises PHC

Dear Editor,

I'm writing to express my opinion about Peninsula Hospital. Many readers write to complain about the care they received. I, on the other hand, am writing to compliment the care my husband has received. both recently as well as in years past. My husband was there on Monday, 5/1 for a procedure as an outpatient. He was seen in the Ambulatory Surgical Unit. The nurses there are so kind and caring. One of the nurses (Jackie) even called our home on Tuesday to see how he was feeling.

Also Dr. Jay Mehlman was wonderful. He called on Monday night to see how everything was.

My husband has been a patient at Peninsula before, but thankfully, not for quite a number of years, and the care he has received has always been the best.

I wanted to express my thanks to the wonderful staff there.


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