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Respect For Your Elders

Dear Editor,

I am a 92-year-old widow living on social security. For years I have donated a youth group trophy to the parade reception. I asked Lew Simon to give it because I am ill. A young man calls each year and asks me if I want it again- no one called this year.

My neighbors told me that the foreman of the parade announced publicly last Saturday that I owe him money. Let me announce publicly- I owe him nothing.

I read letters to The Wave from semi-literates defaming my family. The writers couldn't even spell our name. I will donate my trophy to another Rockaway organization.

I come from a very proud lace curtain Irish family- my daughter is too democratic, mixing at meetings with a number of very shanty Irish types. Her grandfather and father must be turning in their graves.

My friends said the leader even spoiled the mass with a lengthy history of Limerick- they couldn't understand the heavy brogues in the middle of the church.

Doesn't the man know the altar is for the gospel, speeches for later. He needs to learn boundaries and respect for worship and the house of God.

Let me repeat, I owe you nothing, Mr. Benn, not now nor ever. Have some respect for your elders if nothing else.


Essence Of Democracy

Lost On Bush

Dear Editor,

George W. Bush has been telling us lately that although expensive, in lives and treasure, he is trying to bring "democracy" to Iraq.

Democracy is rule by will of the people. The people of Iraq will us, the invader-destroyers, to get the hell out of their country. Bush refuses to get out. Bush lies.

The followers of Bush are either cretins or fellow oil thieves.


St. Virgilius Is

A Wonderful School

Dear Editor,

There is a wonderful school in Broad Channel called St. Virgilius, a school where a child can flourish in a supportive and caring environment. This is a school that my child looks forward to going to every day and at dismissal has a smile on his face.

St. Virgilius puts emphasis on traditional values that make for an excellent learning atmosphere for a growing mind. It is a quiet and orderly school. The teachers are very dedicated and know their subject matter inside and out. A teacher is not simply "lecturing" on the subject; rather there is a lot of class collaboration. Students go to the blackboard to demonstrate math problems. This "hands-on" approach yields great success. Students truly master the topic.

St. Virgilius provides students with a solid foundation in humanities, history, science, and math as well as foreign language, art and technology. This combination of wisdom and warmth has produced successful students, many of which have been awarded high school scholarships. St. Virgilius has an excellent track record in this regard.

With so many schools putting way too much emphasis on achievement tests, to the point that some subjects simply disappear. It is a wonder to find a school that doesn't do this. The small class size guarantees that s student gets the attention that he needs and deserves.

I moved my son from a gifted public school program here in Rockaway to transfer him to St. Virgilius. Since attending St. Virgilius School, my son's confidence has soared and his grades have improved, particularly in math.

I encourage those who aren't satisfied with their present educational situation to attend an open house to call and request a personal tour of the school.

Don't overlook this very special place.


Hospitals And Doctors Have No Compassion

Dear Editor,

Don't you love when you call a doctor's office and the receptionist says, "He/She is with a patient"? Of course we know they are with patients. Do you have to be dying to speak with a doctor? Or end up in the ER of bad hospitals? These receptionists ought to be taught to screen these calls and be more literate with medical questions.

I tried to get an appointment with a local eye doctor who I've been going to for years. I was told by the receptionist/secretary that my Medicare was no good. There was a mistake made but the doctor doesn't care about anything but money and making you wait two hours even if you have an appointment. Deciding this situation, the doctor had no compassion (I have diabetes and could go blind as I need laser treatment). I am seeking a new eye doctor, among other specialists. The people who treat others like this will have to answer to God before too long and he will know how they lived. And he'll know lies. I have often written letters about Peninsula Hospital Center and this goes for the doctors there also, and much of the staff.

One more comment to all seniors. Investigate fully what you sign after a salesman assures you that you must sign with their company because of the changes in Medicaid, etc.

Bush has really confused, especially the elderly, everyone with Medicare and/or Medicaid. The salesmen for the plans are really devious and only looking for a sale. This administration has no shame.


Margert Taught Me

What To Do

Dear Editor,

My family and I would like to thank Angela Barrow and Margert Community Corporation for everything they have done for us. The Home Buyer's Education Course at Margert was excellent! I don't even think you could put a price on that course because most people would not be able to afford it. For a course that is free, I would have never expected it to be so good. My wife attended a separate home buyer's education course that she had to pay $100 to attend and it wasn't half as good as Margert's course.

Your class taught me so much in so little time. I told all my friends and family about the class because I think it is beneficial for first time home buyers and existing home owners. My mother was cheated out of thousands of dollars by a predatory lender and a bad inspector. If she was properly educated by a first time home buyer's course then she could have avoided such people. I was very vulnerable before I took your course, and as a young minority and a first time home buyer,

I am preyed upon by people looking to make fast money. As parents of two young children we always dreamed of owning a home in which we could raise our children, but we never imagined that we would own a home this soon! Margert took our dream and turned it into reality within one year. We are still in total shock! Without you all we would have never known about all the grants and subsidies available to us. Like someone once told me, "you can have all the tools in the world, but if you don't know how or where to use them, they're no good to you." I believe that saying, and I believe that Margert helped us find and utilize the tools to get our home. We have a brand new two bedroom condo by the beach, and our kids can grow up in this new developing community. Usually, you only see stories like this on television, but this is definitely reality. The best thing of all is that because of the staff at Margert, my family and I are able to use this house as a stepping stone for our new future and instead of paying rent; we are paying our own mortgage. Thank you all so much!


Baxter's Column A Service To Rockaway

Dear Editor,

Thanks to Beverly Baxter for writing an excellent column on alcoholism in the January 27 edition of The Wave. Alcoholism is in our community and almost every community across the country and many places all over the world. There are Twelve Step programs for those who want recovery. There are Alcoholics Anonymous meetings at churches right here in Rockaway. Al-anon is also available to families of the alcoholic. Sometimes it is the family member who seeks help first, and for some reason the alcoholic often seeks help for themselves.

We need to work at understanding this insidious disease. There is unfortunately a lot of prejudice out there, even in medical communities who treat these people. They are suffering and need to be treated with dignity and respect.

There is no cure; there is also no cure for diabetes, but patients are treated with respect. I am probably repeating some of what Beverly said in her column, but we can't repeat this message enough. Education on the subject is a good way to start.

The 24-hour Hotline for Queens is (718) 520-5021; they can give information where AA meetings are held in your area. There is also a website, www.queensaa.org; the Al-anon website is www.alanon.org. The co-founder of AA, Dr. R.H. Smith, wrote the prescription for recovery, which says "Trust God, clean house (fourth step) and help others." I just want to say there is no cure but there is recovery. I cannot sign my name because I have a family member in recovery. Thanks again to Beverly for a great column and a great service to the community.

Al-anon Member

Need Part Time Lifeguards

Dear Editor,

The Neponsit Property Owners, Belle Harbor Property Owners, and the Rockaway Park Homeowners and Residents Associations are in favor of the Hiring of part time qualified lifeguards. This action should be taken now so that in the event of shortage of full time lifeguards for our city pools and beaches part times can be hired.

It is clearly understood that the responsibility for manning our city's pools and beaches rests solely with the Department of Parks and Recreation. The Associations are recommending that the Department of Parks reconsider their position on the mater. The Belle Harbor Property Association will be discussing this matter at our general membership meeting held at PS 114 on Tuesday, March 21 at 7 p.m.

We are Interested in compiling basic information on folks qualified and interested in working part time as a Lifeguard. This information will be shared with DP&R in hope we can move forward in screening individuals and selecting those who qualify to be put on a registry.


Eliminated Jobs At

New York Airports

The following letter was sent to the Honorable Marion Blakey, Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration.

Dear Administrator Blakey,

We write to express our strong concern regarding the Federal Aviation Administration's plan to eliminate 115 jobs in the Jamaica, Queens branch of the Air Traffic Organization (ATO) and to urge you to reconsider this decision. As a crossroads for domestic and international travel that served a record 100 million passengers last year, we strongly believe that New York's airports must have a fully staffed support system. While we appreciate all your efforts to keep our nation's skies the safest and most efficient in the world, we respectfully request that you reconsider this ill-advised shift in personnel.

The ATO provides invaluable resources to airport managers, personnel, and air traffic controllers across a region that passed over 8 million passengers through its gates in December of 2005 alone. The Eastern Regional Office of the ATO is responsible for effectively managing the ever-growing list of airliners that fly in and out of New York City airports every day. Losing almost 30% of our workforce would hamper efficiency across the board, and could increase already unacceptable delays.

This proposed jobs shift will also have counterproductive economic impacts. Our area airports are economic engines for the city, state and region, providing $57 billion in economic activity annually, including $20 billion in wages. Any loss of productivity means a potential loss of jobs and money for the airport and the region.

We look forward to your reply. In the meanwhile, please do not hesitate to contact Andrew Lederman on Senator Schumer's staff at 4-0232 or Mike McKay on Representative Meeks' staff at 5-3461.




Show Some Respect

This letter is in response to an earlier letter in The Wave.

Dear Mr. Einsman,

While I applaud your interest in what is going on in the world, I would like to point out a few things. No, we are not the only country in the world that allows other countries to Lease dock space from us. This is a standard practice around the world. Nobody seemed to raise this point when Communist China starting leasing a big part of the ports in California.

Second, Since your teachers have not yet gotten to it, please allow me to instruct you in some etiquette. The President of the United States is called President not Mister. That would be President Bush, this is to show respect to the office. You may not have respect for President Bush put you should SHOW respect for the office.

Third, That you insinuate that President Bush does not care for the safety of this country is just ludicrous. President Bush is going after terrorist and terrorist supporters so that we may take the fight to them as opposed to fighting them here. You may have noticed that there has not been another attack since 9/11. Please have your classmates, and your teacher research how many attacks occurred on U.S. targets the previous 8 years before President Bush took office.

I grew up hoping the Russians would not nuke us, so I understand your questions. See what happened to the Russians when President Reagan put up a strong front.


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