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Art & Healing
By Dr. Nancy Gahles

DR. Nancy gahlesDR. Nancy gahles Art is inherent in the performance of any individual act. It is the way in which a person interprets information. It is the style in which you practice your profession as in "the ART and science of homeopathy" or the way in which you live your life as in "the art of living".

Art is healing when it is a true reflection of what is inside of your heart. That reflection will resonate with someone who sees, feels or touches the "spirit" of your work.

Art is your healing gift to the world. Art is healing because it takes courage to reveal your inner state. It takes courage to feel the sensation of the emotion, thought or feeling and then to labor through the process of creation. It takes courage to give birth to an idea.

Art is healing because through that process of bringing the inner landscape out into a form that represents that state, you are transformed along the way. You are an active participant in the developmental process from idea to creation.

Healing is a transformative process. It is a process that reclaims, reconnects and re-members the disconnected parts of our selves. It is through art that one is able to make sense of their inner visions, dreams and voices by giving it form and substance.

Art inspires. When someone else sees, touches and feels the sensation that you represented, they become inspired. Inspiration implies an element of spiritual connection. A quickening within that one feels when they stand in awe of being touched on a deep level. Often, this feeling moves one to perform their own personal best. Art is motivational.

Artists are motivators. Artists create change. Artists are revolutionaries. And change is healing. Whenever we "see" things from a different perspective and represent that to the world- old, outdated, "stuck" normatives move into another sphere. Consciousness is changed.

Change comes from within. It starts with one person's vision. One person who dares to change the style of painting, to move out of the box. Revolution occurs and a new paradigm emerges.

The concept of healing a person from within, body, mind, emotion, spirit is not a new one, however, it is not the paradigm within which conventional, dare I say, modern, medicine operates. Whole person healing and the individualization of treatment is presently the practice of chiropractic and energetic systems like homeopathy. Both systems of healing treat the vitality or innate life force and its unique particular derangements, the ones that make them sick.

The way in which a practitioner of homeopathy, for example, would view the artist's disconnect or delusion would be through the work they create. Inner /outer you. What is imbalanced inside is represented by a constellation of symptoms on the outside. This "angst" is usually what we "kvetch" about and what we kvetch about is usually what we write about or draw or paint or sculpt or photograph. We use the vehicle of art to get "it" out.

Pathways for receiving, integrating and processing information are placed strategically along our spines in the human body. These are neurological pathways that are conduits for information from our internal and external environment. There are "processing centers" like transformers called nerve plexuses where the information is stepped down or up to accommodate transmission. These are also located at specific junctures along the spine.

Correspondingly, there are energetic pathways of conductivity located along the spine a little above the nerve plexuses. They are like wheels or vortexes and are called chakras. The charkas likewise process information from the outer and inner being through energetics and through the glands/hormones just above the place where they are located in the body. Chakras operate through vibrational frequencies associated with colors and sound.

Through guided mediation, you will be able to envision these centers in color; see how your energy is flowing and make adjustments through breath and awareness. You will be able to bring yourself into alignment so that you are able to freely access all of your creative abilities. You will be able to use your intuition more effectively to sense minute changes in your health, that is, in your energy state, before an overt disease process brings it to your attention.

You will be able to become a co-creator of the masterpiece of your Life. A living work of art. This is my wish for you. Empowerment. Active participation in the process of creating and bringing to fruition YOU, your best work ever!

It was my distinct pleasure to give this lecture on Monday night to the Rockaway Artist Alliance. I was overwhelmed by the gracious reception of the members and heartened by their active participation in the meditation.

I have the greatest respect and admiration for the work that Geoff Rawling has accomplished as President of the RAA. Rockaway is actually an artist's community with ongoing events, exhibitions and programs involving the whole community.

I was deeply honored that Marina Callahan and her daughter Kalin came to the presentation given the late hour. Marina is one of those "everyday saints" that labors in the vineyard of humanity. She works long and hard bringing art that heals to the children of Rockaway through the kidsmART program. There is a radiant poignancy to this mother-daughter artist team that bears mentioning..and modeling. So humble, so generous, so sustaining.

Please take the time to recognize the works of all the artists at their next event "Bodyscapes". We are truly blessed to have them contribute their talents and we are all called to become a part of the living work of art that is Rockaway.

May The Blessings Be!

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