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What's Going On?

Dear Editor,

I am a 15-year-old Channel View school student and I have a question maybe you can answer because no one else seems to be able to. Are we the only country in the world that lets foreign countries control our shipping ports? If the answer is yes, I want to know why!!

Handing the ports over to a nation that we are at war with is an invite to more terrorist attacks. ISN'T IT! Or is it because big mister Bush and his father are good friends with the United Arab Emirates. Or maybe he is doing it because this is his last term in office and he really doesn't care about the consequences that the American people will face if they take over our ports. Mr. Bush better wake up and listen to this nation before it's too late.

Most of us kids are not stupid. We know very well of what is going on. But we are too young to take a stand and get our point across. But I do know for a fact that most of us 15-year-olds want to see our 21st Birthdays.

PS: What's the deal with the sale of LIPA to the British?



Need Flea Market

Dear Editor,

I have personally created and witnessedthe dramatic positive impact that a weekly Open-Air Marketplace can have on a community. Palm Springs, Beverly Hills, Monticello, The Hamptonsand many other communities have found themselves 'discovered' because theyembraced the concept of andestablishedOpen-Air Marketplaces.

I firmly believe that our marketplace can be a significant factor increating and enhancing the samerecognition and excitement for Rockaway.

Of course, we have the uniqueenvironmental attractions like our ocean, beaches, and boardwalk, which are a natural settingfordetermining a destination point.

However, this apparently has not happened here on a grass roots level.I have found thatmany people in the general region outside the Rockaways are not aware of the wonderful changes that are occurringhere.

As we field responses from our web site,direct mail and door-to-door campaigns, weare fighting a dailybattle againsta negativestigma about what the Rockaways are currently about, which we believe is the result ofa lack of awareness.

My organization isworkingwith Rockaway'sdiverse, multi-culturalcommunities to generate positive awareness throughout the five Boroughs and Long Island. We have the active support of Rockaway Development Revitalization, Councilman James Sanders Jr., the Rockaway Artists Alliance, Community Board 14, JCCRP, Beth Abraham Medical Center, Police Department 101 Precinct, NYC Parks Department, Far Rockaway Library,The Wave, Rockaway Chamber of Commerce,and many other local community service organizations.

There is no reason for potential vendors or shoppersfrom the surroundingareas to balk at participating, other than their awareness is obsolete and inaccurate.

Seaside Market is a bridge that can help to obliterate this negativity.

We have established a healthyadvertising budget, which will extol the virtues of both our Market and the Rockaways.

Is there a merchant, service provider, developer, or resident who would not be thrilled at the prospect of affluent individuals and groups coming to the Rockaways Presold on the turnaround that is occurring.

Real estate values increase, commercial vacancies decline, and a general communal sense of self-worth is enhanced when their homes and businesses are thought well of.

I was born and raised in Rockaway and graduated from Far Rockaway High School. For the past 20+ years I've been an integral part of the open-air marketplace industry.

My personal mission is to do whatever I can to repay this wonderful community for the magical childhood it gave me.

As in other communities throughout the country, the success of the Seaside Flea Market "At The Rock" could be the catalyst for businesses to grow, artists to be recognized, and for diverse cultures to work and thrive together.




Baxter's Column A Service To Rockaway

Dear Editor,

Thanks to Beverly Baxter for writing an excellent column on alcoholism in the January 27 edition of The Wave. Alcoholism is in our community and almost every community across the country and many places all over the world. There are Twelve Step programs for those who want recovery. There are Alcoholics Anonymous meetings at churches right here in Rockaway. Al-anon is also available to families of the alcoholic. Sometimes it is the family member who seeks help first, and for some reason the alcoholic often seeks help for themselves.

We need to work at understanding this insidious disease. There is unfortunately a lot of prejudice out there, even in medical communities who treat these people. They are suffering and need to be treated with dignity and respect.

There is no cure; there is also no cure for diabetes, but patients are treated with respect. I am probably repeating some of what Beverly said in her column, but we can't repeat this message enough. Education on the subject is a good way to start.

The 24-hour Hotline for Queens is (718) 520-5021; they can give information where AA meetings are held in your area. There is also a website, www.queensaa.org; the Al-anon website is www.alanon.org. The co-founder of AA, Dr. R.H. Smith, wrote the prescription for recovery, which says "Trust God, clean house (fourth step) and help others." I just want to say there is no cure but there is recovery. I cannot sign my name because I have a family member in recovery. Thanks again to Beverly for a great column and a great service to the community.

Al-anon Member

Essence Of Democracy

Lost On Bush

Dear Editor,

George W. Bush has been telling us lately that although expensive, in lives and treasure, he is trying to bring "democracy" to Iraq.

Democracy is rule by will of the people. The people of Iraq will us, the invader-destroyers, to get the hell out of their country. Bush refuses to get out. Bush lies.

The followers of Bush are either cretins or fellow oil thieves.


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