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oetry... The Poverty Hotline

The Poverty Hotline

Can someone please help me by dialing 911?

Ask for The Poverty Hotline

If not in existence there really should be one

The contact numbers I was given, I can’t get through

When I apply in person, I’m told there’s nothing they can do

Maybe if someone else tries, our system will be more kind to you

On the Poverty Hotline

My problem is that I seek and need affordable housing

I’m looking diligently without any lousing

With every unit to which I inquire

The price immensely gets higher and higher

A clean, well-lit, habitable living space is my greatest desire

Can you help Poverty Hotline?

I’ve worked all my life for social and personal gratification

Now disabled, unable to work, left with vague moments of sophistication

Never thought if I became ill I would have a problem with reclassification

Please help me regain my dignity without further humiliation

If you’re around

Please assist me Poverty Hotline


An Ode Of Life And Love Made

A king and queen bow before God

Kneeling side by side together as one

Vowing to each other for richer or poorer

Making their castle a home begun.

A husband and wife were broken apart

Separated because of wrong said and done

But unconditional love fulfilled sacred promises

Which they had made to always keep

Thus their unity lost happily returned

With no reason for either to weep.

A man and woman embraced each other

Through rough turbulences that came to pass

And life rewarded them for their obedience

During its trial and tribulation class

A boy and girl played beautiful games

Pretending they were two adults in love

Yet tonight one cries while praying alone

For the reality of today has confirmed

All of yesterday now forever gone.


Unspoken Words

Glances exchanged across a crowded room

No questions left unanswered

No more sighs laden thick

And full of you

There’s a loft in my soul

Where you used to breathe

And the thought of you still lives

I have you in scraps

Unfinished dreams…unspoken words

And I know I will never piece them whole

I read again between the lines upon the page

Words full of love you sent me

I can hear your whispers in this empty room

And I lay smothered in the silence

I know that if you were here

You’d take my hand lightly in yours

And run your thumb along my knuckles

Kiss each one soft and quiet

‘Til a sweet gentle smile breaks.


Sabrina Fair

Valentine’s Day had come and gone

But here’s a later Valentine

All retroactive joy to you, Sabrina fair!

And may ‘the little god,’

He of the barbs and arrows,

Swear on his own altars

To spare you all his sorrows!


The Clock

A clock in a lonely room

Dark, quiet and dam

Only the tick-tock of the clock can be heard

Time is running out


Found Love

Cool is the summer night

Dark skies caressed by the stars

Soft breezes embracing the trees

Ripples of a calm sea

I’ve found my love tonight


We March With You

RIP Andre Anderson

2/18/91- 9/25/05

For the newest star of our universe

Now living blessed and free

We march with you Andre Anderson

In heartfelt loving memory

As we march with you in your mission to fulfill your supreme purpose in life

To abolish unlawful infringement on others, by paying the ultimate sacrifice

With You In Spirit

We march in solidarity

We march for truth

We march for the injustices that kill our youth

We march in hope

We march in pain

We march for a new ordinance so this doesn’t happen again

As we march for this desperate and much-needed cause

Immediate action and answers

In a society with so many flaws

We pray to the Lord and ask Him for resolve and guidance

For Andre and our kids that lawmakers come in compliance

It’s really a problem with people driving insane

We must make this happen, so that Andre’s life wasn’t taken in vain.


Hotel Inn The City

A husband checks in on the bottom floor

Sleeping with the wife of another man

They inhale and swallow each other’s pollution

Full blown from all hell deep within

Sending up smoke signals of illness and death

To fall down from their rain clouds of sin.

An innocent child was violently raped

While being endangered and left far alone

In the hands of a stranger hardly known

Neglected by a mother performing sexual tricks

With the beast behind door marked “666.”

A girl was forced to ride up and down

The hotel’s elevator with numerous men

Who got on and off at every floor

Where she laid for the money they paid

So that her eyes wouldn’t bear the rings

Which identified a pimp’s maid.

Mr. ‘John Doe’ overdosed in the lobby’s bathroom

Around the corner from the preacher man

Who used lies ordained to steal as much away

From all the souls he possibly can.

Another life jumped off the balcony of misery eight million stories below high

Instead of backing out at the front desk

Where many signed for their room to die.


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