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Rockaway Problems: Letters From PS 114

The following letters were written by students in Mrs. Fleming’s second grade class at PS 114.

Cleaning the Earth

Can you imagine no people going outside because of stinky litter? Well, this could happen! I think people should not litter.

It’s not right that people dump sick people’s germs into the water that we swim in. If the sea animals get sick and we eat them, we get sick.

People also throw fruits, plastic, cans, wrappers, and other things out their car windows.

This is starting to kill animals or make them sick. It looks yucky. Are you going to litter?


Firefighters Deserve More

Can you imagine being trapped in a burning building and having to wait for help from firefighters? I feel my topic is important and serious to all firefighters.

The FDNY are not getting paid what they are supposed to. Because of this we will not have many left. The FDNY needs more money for new trucks. The FDNY needs more money for new gear. The FDNY needs more money for doing their job.

I have many ways to reach this serious goal. We can raise taxes by one percent. We can look for people who want to help the city. You can write the mayor a letter.

Firefighters put their lives on the line everyday to help our city and get paid so little. My opinion affects everybody because less money for firefighters means less firefighters. I believe that they are heroes. What do you think?


More Parks in Belle Harbor

Can you imagine three whole classes at one park? Well this could happen. My strong opinion has super great reasons and ways to reach serious goals. I feel happy playing in a park!

To start with I know a lot about parks because I got to Beach 106 Street every day. I see my friends go on the swing and so do I. Me and my friend go down the slide. I go high on the pole and it scares me when I go down.

Another example is my reasons are strong reasons. I think people who live in buildings can’t ride their bikes on the sidewalks. So, we could ride our bikes in the park!

I’ll reach my goal by asking people to help. We can have a fundraiser to help raise money. I would try to get a lot of people involved. I would save my allowance to help.

My neighborhood doesn’t have a lot of parks, like Breezy Point. Would you like more parks?


Firefighters Get Rich

Can you imagine if there were no firefighters because their salary is way too low? Well, this could happen! I think baseball players should lower down their contracts. A-Rod gets up every day at bat and gets paid more than a firefighter does every year. Jeter has the lowest salary and still gets paid more every time at bat than a firefighter.

I think firefighters should get paid as much as baseball players because they are saving peoples’ lives. Sincerely,


A New Schoolyard

I think it would be more interesting to have a park in our schoolyard. It would make all the kids happy and also look very nice with all the things in it for the kids.

The park could have a see-saw, swings, and a big monkey bar. Other things could be a balancing bar and a maze. But we need money to make the park.

We could have a fundraiser. We could have a school fair or we could make a bake sale to raise money. Even a book sale would be a good thing.

Kids could use the park after school and in the summer. They would have a lot of fun and so would their parents.


The Homeless

Imagine there were no homeless people. Well, this could happen! I think the homeless people shouldn’t get fired. They should have money when they are poor.

In my opinion homeless people should all be treated the exact same way. They should have the same rights as other people. I think we should all help the homeless.

Another example of reasons that we should help the homeless is because they made mistakes. They should get help to survive. They also need jobs.

Mayors can offer the homeless jobs. People can deliver food and clothes to them. Mayors can get them apartments they can afford.

Homeless people need jobs so they can have money. I feel sad because they don’t have food, toys, or beds. Do you think it’s good to be homeless?


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