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Wild Prince In The Wind


How much of your spirit howled

Like sea laughs whipping your hair

Wild prince in the wind

Biking into the surf, water

Windmilling through the spokes.

I had to run to keep up

With your bursting vigor,

Until I came full stop

In your intense blue eyes

And in your kiss…

While seaweed swirled around your feet

At dawn and our bodies became

Interchangeable with the ocean.

At home, after your visit,

The soft lump of sand

I dumped from my shoe

Made me wonder

Had you really been there?

Had I ever touched you?

As the last grains of sand

Slipped through my fingers,

Like the barest whisper of a dream.


Your cobra jet from a different land,

Crashed into the sober solitude

Of my life.

And so began a love without hope,

Which slipped through the cracks


Against the crushing judgment

Of black/white reckoning.

Holding hands on the boulevard,

Trekking past gated shops on a

Secret sidewalk

You have shattered the glass

Of my Juliet tower

By your strange and revolutionary teachings on how to be free.

All that was expected to be rough,

Instead I found the smooth, natural

Path within the winter’s mist,

Engulfed by the ocean’s roar.

But hasn’t that always been

Your verve, wild prince?

Faraway, you are dancing in a lighted window.


Then there was the day,

You took me to a soaring terrace

Between the sea and a sliver

Of an early moon,

With the edges of sunset

Ripped from broiling red paper.

We sat for a long time

In pure white shirts

Through the deepening night,

And spoke of complex spiritual

Destinies, as a plane

Like a luminous white arc flew overhead, making me ponder

How our skies will look one day

When ships fly to the nearest stars,

If our world remains free.

Then how can you be contained in the never-ending box of this black/white domain, with the will to roam

And the grace to be free,

Wild prince in the wind?



The angels have taken

Nixzmary away

They could not watch her

Suffer another day

Society blinded

Has caused her demise

For she slowly died

Right in front of our eyes

Placed in her mom’s womb

With the utmost of care

Then born to a life

Of abuse and despair

She cried out alone

On deaf ears her cries fell

Now her mom and dad

Will face the wrath of hell

I fasted and prayed

For Nixzmary the lamb

Asked Jesus to tell her

How sorry I am

Although I don’t know her

She’s mine just the same

Cried myself to sleep

For humanity’s shame

How many more children

Are we going to fail?

How many abusers

Must end up in jail?

Oh Lord God above

Hear the cries of the weak

And grant them a voice

So out loud they may speak

Then erase abuse from this suffering world

As sure as you’ve taken this sweet little girl.


Sacred Questions

God may I ask Thee a sacred question in search of truth only Thou knows;

For Your Celsius turns water into ice, and the degrees of Thy Fahrenheit is what melts away fallen snow.

How can I manifest a likeness of Thee, which established heaven here on earth?

How can I provide my angel a kingdom for the cherub she labors to birth?

Why do men make mockery of Your image by branding and cursing themselves as dogs?

Why are women defiling their sacredness with apparel for the appetite of hogs?

Where can I go to find unconditional love beyond this great era of sin?

Where can I meet Thy mercy and grace

Sufficient for the souls of lost men?

When shall Thou smile down upon me and lift my life above sorrow’s rain?

When shall I be one chosen of few from the many called to answer Thy name?



Of The Night

Shadows of the night

Stalking around like panthers in search of prey

Ever watchful and alert

Soundless creatures surrounded under a cloak of darkness

Cold, mysterious, evil

Follows me into the night

Ever haunting and tormenting my brain

For they are the shadows of my soul


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