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In last week’s edition, in a story on nursing homes, The Wave misidentified the administrator of the Park Nursing Home as Patrick Clark. He is, in fact, Patrick Russell. We apologize for our error and for any misunderstandings it may have caused.

An Outstanding Teacher Retires From PS 114

Dear Editor,

Nancy Meritt has broadened the intellectual horizons of countless school children. I thank her on their behalf.

She was valedictorian of her high school class, and later graduated cum laude from college, and brought diverse talents to the students of PS 114. An aficionado of the arts, she shared her passion with the students. Her classroom was a magical one, rife with aspiring Einsteins, Frosts, and Monets.

There are certain intangibles that teachers like Nancy Merritt bring into the classroom that cannot be taught in college. It is the ability to instill in the children a genuine love of learning. It is the ability to make children believe they are the best, and soon they actually do become the best. It is the ability to give so much of yourself, that your students desire only to please you, and if learning to read, paint pictures, and write poems pleases you, these things are accomplished. Nancy Meritt has garnered results that cannot be measured by standardized tests (although these results were always outstanding). Rather, these are the kind of results that can be measured only in the heart and soul of a child. You guided your students a long and intellectual pathway that led straight to the stars; you are an educator in the true etymological sense of the word.

Nancy Meritt, on behalf of your students and friends at PS 114, I thank you for a career of distinction and dedication.


Rockaway Stamp Should Be Chosen By Residents

Dear Editor,

As they say in Italian: Like ooh-fa with this “jetty” already.

If the post office is really thinking of issuing a commemorative stamp for the Rockaways, then the post office holds an open competition. Robert Sarnoff is not the only “artiste” on the Rockaway peninsula.

I’m circulating different petitions.


Irish Parade Troubles

Dear Editor,

We were saddened this week to hear the CEO of the St. Patrick’s Day Committee had decided, of his own volition, without the consent of the 50 committee members, to eliminate the female grand marshal. We had been delighted to hear that someone had nominated a community activist, a great lady who would have added some class to the parade. This woman serves on the hospital board, has donated generously to the hospital, is a member of the Rockaway Music and Arts Council, and a patron of the Rockaway Theater Company to which she donated expensive electrical equipment for the benefit of the audience.

We understand that his female grand marshal last year, an Irishwoman, reneged on her payments for the dinner at Antuns. Why throw out the baby with the bath water?

We also heard that he questioned this year’s nominee’s Irish heritage and told her that she would have to purchase twenty tables of 10 at $75 a person. We know that a local political family had the senior member of the family as female grand marshal twice and we were informed that they never purchased more than one table. She (the former female grand marshal) said she forgot she had served as marshal only a few years before.

We have always understood that the parade committee nominated community activists. The only place reserved for an Irishman or Irishwoman is Gael of the Year, which honor was given last year to a Ukranian. Appointment of this position is exclusively the chairman’s prerogative.

The name of the group was changed from the “Rockaway St Patrick’s Day Parade Committee” to the “Queens County St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee,“ by the present chairman. Since then, instead of Rockaway activists for the grand marshals, male and female, we have had union leaders and county leaders from outside Queens. The committee has thirty reserved spaces that pay a $100 level, and solicitations to the business community. The selection of the unionists as marshals has enriched the chairman, his family, and his friends. The 50-member committee has been stuffed with “yes men” from his peer groups.

Since the Rockaway community sponsors, attends, and advertises the parade, we think the chairman should rethink his position

We think the chairman should consult his committee members more. He expects them only to raise funds and obey his autocratic decisions.

Dorothy Hayden, a member of the AOH for more than fifty years, after being bypassed by the AOH men, was finally elected grand marshal of the Manhattan parade, because she had been female grand marshal in Rockaway the year before. She proudly walked up Fifth Avenue wearing the same Donegal tweed that she had worn the year before in Rockaway.

We have two suggestions for a female grand marshal: Susan Locke, Publisher of The Wave, or Assemblywoman Audrey Pheffer.

We understand that the female members of community organizations are livid that the Rockaway female grand marshal has been eliminated in such an undemocratic manner.


Peta Ads A New Low

Dear Editor,

The Wave has hit a new low by taking advertising from a terrorist outfit like PETA.

In the name of caring for the welfare of animals their tactics are nothing short of terrorism.

Attacking people for wearing their fur coats in public places with paint tramples on their rights as Americans to have the freedom of choice guaranteed by our constitution. They constantly illegally disrupt fashion shows that feature fur garments.

One of their cells was caught disposing the bodies of dead animals in dumpsters behind the back of a shopping center.  Those animals were in their care and that they were supposed to be saving them. Their supporters in media and  Hollywood have the mental capacity of a flea. 

 The Wave is going down a pathetic road.  Can I next expect to see an ad for Al Qaeda, Shining Path, The Crips or the Bloods?  How about the Osama bin Laden defense fund?  My guess is that the Wave must be so desperate you will sell your souls for a few pieces of silver.   


‘Fascist’ Dealings In The Rockaways

Dear Editor,

The make-work horror on Beach 116 Street came about because our mobster construction companies, concrete companies, potty-removal companies, real estate manipulation companies, and our currently local and previously local politicians who whore for them had a hand in it.

The same cabal is in process of stealing the precious, irreplaceable, unique environment of two miles of oceanfront, Beach 32 to Beach 74 Street, from this land’s 8.1 million owners, for the cabal’s private profit.

Welcome to fascism in action, not just in far away places stealing oil wells for Big Oil at costs of hundreds of thousands of human lives, but also right here in the Rockaways before our very eyes.


Thanks Green Bus Lines

Dear Editor,

I Just want to give a big THANK YOU to the GREEN BUS LINES for keeping the Peninsula and the other areas of Queens safe and Mobile during the transit strike.

The bus lines really outdid themselves by providing extra express bus service to and from Manhattan and having the supervisors on the street helping everyone.

Kudos to the drivers for handling the traffic madness!!!!


Community Helps Family Cope With Cancer

Dear Editor,

“It takes a village to help a family survive cancer.” Rockaway is a small community, but it is kind and strong. I was diagnosed with cancer for the second time a year ago. My family and I would have not survived without the help of our community.

Like clockwork, wonderful meals would arrive five nights a week for months on end. We truly appreciate all those delicious dinners. We would like to thank everyone that helped us in this past year, especially St. Francis de Sales School, the men who helped moved my furniture, and the mothers who drove my children to school and their activities. Special thanks to the special angels who helped me emotionally and physically. Our family was truly blessed when we moved to Belle Harbor. Your prayers and generous spirit have been truly appreciated.


The Editor “Doth Protest Too Much”

Dear Editor,

In reference to your editorial published in the December 9, 2005 edition of The Wave, “Should Be Ashamed Of His Actions In Tribute Park,” I would like to know what makes you think that you have the right and the audacity to speak for the families of anyone who was murdered on September 11, 2001?

You wrote, “Those who lost loved ones on September 11 have been permanently damaged by Clark’s failure to perform as promised. Clark should be ashamed of himself for failing to complete his project on time.” Let me assure you sir that nothing could permanently damage myself or my family more than the loss of our beloved son and brother, FF Michael Edwards, Engine 214, WTC! I am offended that you would make such a comparison. It seems to be that you have your own agenda against the artist, Patrick Clark. “The Man Doth Protest Too Much!”

I can unequivocally state that my family is most grateful to Mr. Clark for his vision, insight and sensitivity to the needs of my family in all aspects of Tribute Park. Patrick Clark also created and completed the magnificent 9/11 Memorial in Breezy Point. I sometimes wonder if it is the nature of the people he has worked with that determines, to some extent, whether or not a memorial is completed in a timely fashion. After all, the politics is such that a memorial for the victims of 9/11 has not even begun at Ground Zero!

Sir, you doth protest too much. Tribute Park has provided us with great comfort and when the cupola is completed, it will be the icing on the cake. We have waited this long, we can wait even longer for a masterpiece!



Thanks For Wreath

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank the caring individual or group of individuals who took the time during the busy holiday season to replace the wreath that was removed from the pole on Beach 114 Street.

My mother was thrilled to see it hanging there and also glad that it was not in arms reach. This gesture gave us a true feeling of Christmas. May God bless you and your loved ones.


Liberate Our Beaches

Dear Editor,

Another year has ended without resolving many of Rockaway’s problems. It seems sometimes that we will never be able to “liberate” our beaches from the elitist Manhattanites who have control of the Parks Department and look at Rockaway as a relic of the past, best shoved aside and kept under tight control.

Anybody who has gone to Coney Island on a weekend evening knows that there are no restrictive rules on that beach. People frolic in the sand and dance on the boardwalk until all hours of the night. Police are on hand to monitor the crowd’s behavior and they do arest anybody who breaks the law. They don’t, however, bother anybody simply because they are on the beach or boardwalk after “curfew” because there is no enforced curfew.

Go to a band concert or a fundraiser in Central Park in Manhattan or in Prospect Park in Brooklyn, at least a ny event attended by the black tie elite who are friends of the mayor and you will find people actually enjoying some wine and champagne.

They are not arrested for drinking on park property. They are not even ticketed. In fact, they might even make the front page of the New York Time’s Metro Section.

Have a beer on the Coney Island beach and the law will look the other way. After all, it’s only some residents enjoying a summer day in a prime entertainment venue.

Have a beer on the Rockaway beachfront, however, and you risk getting an expensive ticket or, if you don’t have your identification with you in your bathing suit, arrest,

I have read in your publication that Rockaway is considered a residential area while Coney Island is considered an entertianment zone. Look across the street from the boardwalk in Coney Island and you will see high-rise apartment buildings from Manhattan Beach all the way to Seagate. Coney Island is as much a residential area as Rockaway. The only difference is that the west end Rockaway residents have some polotocal clout and can dictate the actions of the city, while the Coney Island residents are mostly minority and poor.


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