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Thanks To Addabbo’s Office

Dear Editor,

I wish to thank Michael Karpinos of Joseph Addabbo’s office for all the help he has given me in the Health First goof up.

Since 1981, I have lived at 1 Beach 105 Street, where I still reside as stated in the Daily News article of October 24, 2005.

To date, this issue has not been resolved. However, Michael has reassured me that it will be rectified and all medical bills will be paid before long.

Thanks again Michael and Joe Addabbo for all your help.


Can You Trust Sanders?

Dear Editor,

Can you trust James Sanders, your so-called Councilman?

This guy, who sends you public relations letters telling you how great a guy he is, is in reality stealing from you the taxpayer. This clown, and I call him a clown because he is fooling all of you at the expense of your taxpayer pocketbook. He employs his wife as a chief of staff, a bogus title at $70,000 for a no-show job. A no-show job is for doing nothing and getting paid for it. Can the fools in Rockaway tolerate this fraud, which should truly be headlined as thievery? He was put on notice by the city council to dump his wife who is pulling down a NO SHOW JOB.

This defiant clown insists on keeping her on the city payroll at your expense. Politicians have been screwing the people: it is known to all of us. But when it comes so close to home it rings the bell, why do they seek office? $70,000 no-show free money is the reason for this guy, which has hit the headlines. BUT what about the stuff we know nothing about. Dump this clown from office or arrest him for fraud.


Nurses At Peninsula Hospital Were ‘Angels’

Dear Editor,

I was in Peninsula Hospital about a month and a half ago, very scared of the unknown. I heard stories about how bad the hospital was. Well I want to thank all the nurses on 3 North for being like angels. They couldn’t be nicer; especially the lady who took my blood and a couple of other special nurses.


Appeal For New Boardwalk Ramp At Beach 102

Dear Editor,

During the past year, I have been working with Rockaway residents to get a ramp at Beach 102 Street from the boardwalk to the beach. I urge our elected officials and Rockaway neighbors to send letters of support to: Dorothy Lewandowski, Queens Borough Commissioner, City of New York Parks and Recreation, Overlook Forest Park, Kew Gardens, New York 11415. Or call (718) 520-5900.


The following letter was sent to Edward D. Re, Rockaway Park Homeowners/Resident Inc., from Adrian Benepe, City of New York Parks and Recreation.

Dear Mr. Re,

Thank you for your letter concerning a ramp at Beach 102 Street in Rockaway Beach.

Parks believes that a ramp located at Beach 102 Street from the boardwalk to the sand would be an asset for the physically challenged as well as all beach goers at Rockaway Beach. We suggest that the Rockaway Park Homeowners/Residents continue their efforts in contacting local elected officials and other members of the community for support and funding of this project.

Thank you for your valuable input for improving our beaches. If you have any further concerns or questions, please call Dorothy Lewandowksi, our Queens Borough Commissioner at (718) 520-5900.

The Constitution And Comic Books

Dear Editor,

Holy Smithereens, Batman! Wave Editor Howard Schwach suspects a cabal of Catholic jurists collaborating and consorting to consume Gotham in constitutional conservatism.

Hang on there, Robin! Our secular city’s safety remains secure…papists before and after have shed their selves and their futures for Gotham’s freedom to chose. Remember, Robin, those days when you were so svelte and adoringly insincere, these taunts were tossed on another papists’ path.

Holy Stare Deices, Batman! The ABA just gave this Deist its highest and greatest (unqualified excellent) rating.

Elsewhere, Robin, collaborators threaten and bombs torch freedom’s sacred glow, but not here, Robin, not here.


Column Is Right On

Dear Editor,

Your “Editor’s Desk” piece on test scores in our schools is right on. About two years ago I was invited to attend a “workshop” of sorts for parents of students in, I think, fifth grade. The workshop was being conducted by two nice young ladies from the Kaplan organization. About ten minutes into the session I realized that what they were doing was teaching parents how to help their children take tests. Mind you, they were not instructing parents how to help their kids learn the subject, but how to take a test in the subject. What I found even more mind-bending was that the DOE was paying the Kaplan organization for this because they had the expertise in test taking — test taking mind you— not in subject learning.

There’s an old story that a kid was taught how to swim by practicing arm and leg movements near a pool. The instructor was proud that his student was learning to swim so well. When he thought that the kid was ready, he had him go into the pool and take the swimming test. The kid swam about five feet out and back again. He was given a certificate proving that he could swim. Not long after, this kid, thinking that he could swim, dove into a pool and drowned. You see, he never really learned how to swim, only to move his arms and legs a short distance in the water. The students today will be able to take tests, but they’ll never be able to learn.


An Animal Rescue Story

Dear Editor,

I’m writing to tell an animal rescue story that shows once again what a special, caring neighborhood we live in.

  Two weeks ago, my son, who lives in New Jersey, brought in his dog, A.J., to Rockaway to be taken care of while he went away on vacation. The dog, which had only been rescued from a shelter one-month prior, and was therefore a bit skittish, ran away, probably, I guess, to somehow find my son again, who I guess he thought had abandoned him.

Well, the whole family, friends, and then the whole neighborhood started searching for the dog.  We got several calls about where he had been spotted, several leads, but we couldn’t find him. Everywhere I went neighbors, friends, and even strangers who I didn’t know, but who had heard about the missing dog, were asking me about him, offering to hand out fliers and to search the neighborhood.

Finally, miraculously, last Sunday we got a call from the Hayden family that they had rescued a dog and thought it might be ours. When we got there, the family was in the middle of celebrating their granddaughter’s one year birthday. But they had taken time from their celebration to catch A.J., search the neighborhood for a poster to get a telephone number to call us, since his collar with I.D. tags was  missing. When we got there, they graciously offered me a phone to call my son in New Jersey to come and get his dog, since in the excitement I misplaced my cell phone.

So, I’m writing to tell all those who I didn’t get a chance to tell that A.J. has been found, and he’s safe and happy back with his family in New Jersey.  I’d also like to thank all those who spent so much time and effort searching for him: Annie Graves and all her friends who helped to look for him; The Laundromat; bagel store; and Veterinarian on Beach 129th Street that kept his poster in the window; Dr. Rogoff and his staff, who showed such concern; Mrs. Rogoff, who kept her eyes open for him and told all her friends; Arthur Shatles who also passed around posters to his dog-owner friends; and most especially the wonderful Hayden family.

I’m sure A.J must be thinking now, “There’s no place like home.” And I feel that way as well, there’s no place like Rockaway!


Calling For The President To Be Impeached

Dear Editor,

I recently wrote to my representatives in Congress and the Senate calling for the impeachment of President Bush. This president is mentally ill. All he does is lie to the American people.

My family is Republican, yet they’ve all turned against him. Many of my friends all want him thrown out of office. It makes me sick when I think of all of our fine young troops being maimed and killed in that god-forsaken Iraq. This President has no conscience, and no shame. What did he say in the beginning of this madness: “Being ‘em on.” What arrogance.

Is he going to be sending his daughters over there? They’re too busy disgracing themselves and getting drunk. Does he really think the average American gives a damn about whether or not democracy breaks out in Iraq? People in this country are wondering if they will have a job tomorrow, if they are able to heat their homes and provide for their families.

I’m a veteran of the Vietnam era, and I was gung-ho in those days. Now I’m older and wiser.


Do You Know Where Your Children Are?

Dear Editor,

It is a wake up time for parents in our community. I know we all think we have perfect children and live in a perfect neighborhood, but we don’t. Take a walk up to Beach 129 Street on a Friday or Saturday night and check out all the young kids heading down to the beach with their choice of cocktail for the night. I’m not talking about 17 or 18 year olds either. Whether you are in Breezy or Rockaway we face all the same problem. The amount of teenage drinking is out of control.

How many times have you ever heard, “We all did the same things when we were kids”? Well you know what: I don’t remember terrorizing eight and nine year olds on Halloween when I was 16. I don’t remember disrespecting my elders and I definitely don’t remember being so cruel and nasty to other kids when I was younger. Why is it that kids can’t just get together and play without parents getting involved? How is it that kids can’t be friends unless one of them makes the basketball team?

Do you know where your children are? Are they hanging out at a friend’s house were there is no parent there? Whose car are they riding in? Do you realize now that heroin is the drug of choice with our peninsula youth? It’s time to sit down with our kids and ask some tough questions. Find out who their hanging with and where. Why does it always take a tragedy or accident to wake some of us up?

I’m no expert and not God’s gift to parenthood, but all we can do is try and hope that our parenting leads our children on the right road. Please don’t read this letter and say, “not my kid” or, “this parent is crazy.” We only get one chance as a parent. Let’s not blow it.


BCH Thanksgiving Dinner For Seniors A Success

Dear Editor,

On behalf of my fellow seniors, may I express our thanks to the students and faculty at Beach Channel High School for a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner.

This dinner was a great treat, especially for those of us whose children and family live far away and cannot share the day with them.

The students serving were very polite and eager to please, which they did!

The food was really good and plentiful. The faculty members and volunteers were friendly and helpful.

The students danced with us to the terrific Beach Channel High School band and an upbeat DJ.

So on behalf of my fellow seniors, thanks again for a wonderful day of food and dancing.


Card Counting On Iraq

Dear Editor,

The Rockaway Irregular suggests that Americans have to watch the cards on the table as Democratic politicians have taken it upon themselves to reshuffle the deck.

Well, they are card counting on the issue of bringing troops home from Iraq.

As reported last week in the Washington Post; the RT Strategies poll by Thomas Riehle, a Democrat, and Lance Tarrance, a GOP pollster, demonstrates the public’s skepticism of complaints about the war. Just three of 10 American adults polled accept that Democrats are leveling criticism because they believe this will help the war effort. Seventy percent believe their motive is really to “gain a partisan political advantage.” That’s a comforting thought.


Doctrine For Whom?

Dear Editor,

Michelle McCusker was fired b St. Rose for breaking the “...precepts

and doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church.”

Her termination letter states “...each teacher must accept Gospel values...Christian traditions, not simply as a concept but as reality to be lived. A teacher can not violate the tenets of Catholic morality....”


With the deluge of church scandals that we all have witnessed the last

few years, where molester priests were shuffled from parish to parish for decades, to the detriment of many children, it seems quite hypocritical for a parish with it’s own scandalous past to pass moral judgment on a dedicated teacher.


Overbuilding In The Rockaways

Dear Editor,

This is directed to any of those builders (from where I don’t know) who are ruining our community. I look out my patio (co-op) and see a bunch of housing that doesn’t belong here. It used to be a beach community and now it looks like a “ghetto.” It doesn’t have the facilities for all this housing. Wait until the first plumbing problem comes. Then when the newcomers realize there’s not enough schools, libraries, hospitals, doctors, etc. Or, God forbid, a hurricane hits, and believe me there’s little being done for evacuation. I went through one years ago and had to check into a hotel until it was all over. Is all this what you builders want, just to fatten your wallets?

Builders-think about this long and hard.


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