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Need The ‘Super A Train’

Dear Editor;

The number one priority for all of Rockaway is the Super A train express - from the Rockaways to JFK directly to Manhattan. This can be done with very little money using existing tracks and can be started tomorrow.

Every elected official and Community Board 14 member should drop everything and make this a priority. They should enlist the help of all the developers and builders who have a stake in Rockaway:  Ocean Grande, Arverne by the Sea, Ocean Crest, Belle Shores Condominiums, Edgemere by the Sea, and every other developer to make this a reality.

Access to jobs, and limited parking make this an issue that our entire community can get behind whether they live in a mansion or a project. With all of the development this is more urgent than ever - the Wave should do an article on what we as community can do to get this done NOW.


Night Swimming

In The Rockaways

Dear Editor,

When we were in our teens in the 1940’s, at night we used to make fires on the beach and roast mickeys (potatoes), and hang out without interference from Gestapo park employees.

My swim buddy, Frank Liguori, and I would do night swims, especially on fireworks nights, which were every Wednesday. We swam out from Beach 82 Street, which was the big local hangout. Once or twice we would run into schools of small jellyfish, which would glow as we swam through them. We would take turns: both of us would go underwater at the same time and watch the other swim in the dark. We would actually see each other’s outline in the dark as the disturbed jellys would glow and form an outline of a swimmer. It was spooky looking. On the shoreline you could pick them up and shake them lightly. They would glow blue-green, spider-like veins. They were about two inches in diameter and clear through except for the glowing veins. The disturbance of wave action would also cause them to glow. Those were really great old Rockaway days.


Concerns About Sensationalism

Dear Editor,

I would like to express my displeasure and concern with your decision to put the article, “SI Man Caught ‘Winging It’” on the front page of this newspaper.

If you wish to be so blunt in your description (which I feel was totally unnecessary) and wish to announce and describe to your readers the perpetrator’s lewd act of applying baby oil to his “private parts,” it should not be on the front page.

I am concerned if your goal is to stray from the neighborhood local newspaper concept and succumb to somewhat sensationalism seen on the newsstands.

I trust you will take my displeasure under advisement.


Wake Up And Smell

The Coffee

Dear Editor,

I read Ms. Grossman’s article in The Wave, and she’s quite right about the housing problem in the Rockaways.

I also live in the Arverne area, and right around the corner and down the street from me is Section 8 housing, and they all live in the new houses. I feel sorry for the people who bought houses, not knowing that Section 8 was going to live right next door to them.

Some people just don’t care what they do to the property they live on. They not only bring in distractions, but also bring in rats, mice and cockroaches, because they don’t pick up their own garbage.

We don’t need Section 8. We were just coming around and putting things together so people would notice and remember how great it would be to live here. But if things keep going the way they are, I’m not so sure whether they would call it Rockaway Beach or the ghetto.

Ms. Richards: I read your article and I think you need a reality check. Take a look around and you’ll see some of the new houses are up for sale already, because the people that bought those houses thought they got away from a bad neighborhood. I love Rockaway Beach, and my children and grandchildren are still here, and I don’t want to see it go to pot.

Maybe the people who are concerned about this problem and their properties can give each other ideas by writing through The Wave. By the way: I watch the news, but I also watch my neighborhood.


Wants To Gag

Dear Editor;

This is in response to Jim McHugh’s letter on 10/21.

We as residents near the plant do have a right to complain of the odors that come from there. I take it you do not live near the water treatment plant. It’s not your fault. But imagine you’re having company and all the windows in your home are open, the wind shifts and you have your company asking if the toilet overflowed!!!! It’s true. Or you have a day off and you’re sleeping in, the bedroom window is open and again, the wind shifts and the “ROSY” smell from the plant blows into your bedroom. Makes one want to gag.



Why You Have A Mind

Dear Editor-

I have heard many people say that God speaks to them personally and tells them what to do. Go to war, march for peace, protect the rich, fend for the poor, save their own soul, kill their children, help their neighbors, generously help themselves- they all say it was a divine voice pouring words and thoughts into their ears.

But this is exactly why we were created with a keen intelligence, inquiring minds and a fierce will of our own, so that we could sort for ourselves whether it is indeed the voice of God we act on, or whether we are hearing the convenient and devastating lies of the Devil instead. 

  Think for yourself. It’s why God gave you a mind.


Thanks To All Who Helped

Dear Editor;

The First Congregational Church had its Halloween Party on October 29th.  We would like to thank all the people who helped make it a success: The Wave, The Beach Club, Red Castle Bakeries, Balloonatics, Elegante, Assemblywoman Audrey Pheffer, JoAnne Shapiro, Rockaway Beach Bagels, Councilman Joseph Addabbo, Sandy and Jate, St. John’s Home, Greybeards, Dana’s, Rockaway Rotary Club, Bay Gull Store.  We also thank Choco our fabulous DJ and all those who help set up, secure donations, supervise, drive, and the good ladies in the kitchen.

Because of all these people, we had a “Booteaful” happy and safe party with many surprises and treats.

Thank you all very much.




Time Is Ripe

Dear Editor;

I wonder if, aside from the French, anyone is surprised by the riots in France. I always knew that when the time would be ripe, France would get her own due. Supporting terrorism does not assure immunity from attacks by fanatics bent on bring civilization to its knees.

After all, a Frenchman, in the eyes of an Islamic terrorist, is no less an infidel than a Jew or American. I personally have little sympathy for a nation of snobs that has nothing to brag about except their cuisine, their love of themselves and their own self-importance.

France as a nation is now on a slippery slope caused by Mr. Chirac and his politics. It may be too late already, but I still suggest that Mr. Chirac reverses the course of duplicity toward The United States of America and other freedom-loving nations.

The riots now in progress are only the beginning, and I foresee a bleak future for France, especially when they will have to look for help, from of all nations, to Germany, their recent ally. If this would not be so tragic it could make me laugh.

It is time for the French President to remove the smirk from his face before he has to fish for the Eiffel Tower in the Seine River.



Tribute Park Dedication ‘Just Perfect’

Dear Editor,

The dedication ceremony for Tribute Park was an absolutely perfect example of “Americana” at its best. The kind that brings that “I’m proud to be an American” tear to your eye.

It was an unseasonably warm and beautiful day, with a gentle breeze. The sun glistening on Jamaica Bay served as the perfect backdrop. Neighbors greeted neighbors, with kids running all over. The fireboat in the bay was spewing red, white and blue water streams. The American flag, which was tied to a fire truck ladder, proudly waved over Beach Channel Drive. Just perfect.

Everyone’s remarks were heartfelt and appropriate-amusing at times, mindful at others. Mayor Bloomberg’s remarks were expertly well crafted and uplifting. It was an uplifting event…right up to the moment when Patrick Clark, the artiste, endorsed the Mayor for reelection. That’s when the tacky buzzer went off. That’s when I walked away.

I don’t know Mr. Clark, and I don’t especially have an eye for public sculpture. It either fits or it doesn’t. Anyway, I hate to be the bearer of bad news to Mr. Clark, but the dedication of Tribute Park was not about him. Nor was it about politics. Although the scheduling of the dedication was “advantageous,” even the Mayor seemed embarrassed.

I’m sure Mr. Clark’s piece will be quite spectacular when it is completed. Then we can all go pay tribute to it.


What’s Going On With Rockaway Gas Prices?

Dear Editor,

Is there a conspiracy going on with the gas prices in Rockaway? On Crossbay Boulevard at the Hess station, regular gas is $2.55, while in Rockaway at the stations between Beach 112 Street and Beach 116 Street, the gas sells for $2.76-$2.85 a gallon. What gives?!


Not Peanuts

Dear Editor;

Please publish this public letter to the attention of all the owners of the gas stations on Beach Channel Drive between Beach 108 Street and Beach 116 Street.

Yesterday, I bought gas at one of your stations at $2.83 a gallon for regular.  As my rounds of the day took me to Hewlett (on Broadway), and Lynbrook (on Sunrise Highway) I could see your peers selling the SAME gas for $2.43, $2.45, $2.47, and $2.53 a gallon!!

This peninsula is not the end of the earth, and we are not customers you should be taking for granted.  Guess what?  We can actually do the math.  Our car has a 30-gallon tank.  At a savings of 40 cents a gallon for the fill-up, by driving a VERY short distance I can save $12.00 on my fill up. That’s not peanuts, fellas.  That’s real money.  I for one am taking my real money elsewhere until you people bring the prices down to where they are elsewhere, and demonstrate that you aren’t the thieves you currently appear to be. It wouldn’t hurt you to show some respect to the people who keep you in business. I also want to point out, that you all do car maintenance and repair as well. That’s something that few of us know much about.  We have to trust you in order to drive our vehicles into your garages.  If I can’t trust you at the pump, I sure as hell can’t trust you inside your garage. 



Letter Made Me Sick

Dear Editor,

I was sick to my stomach when I read Ms. Grossman’s letter “Concern Over Housing In The Rockaways.” I have lived in Rockaway my entire life and it is sad to know that Ms. Grossman seems to live to keep the racism alive in Rockaway. Ms. Grossman, do you really think the Rockaway community Hispanic, Black or White who read your letter didn’t see exactly what you meant, that your words were mean and insulting.

I agree with the article written about this subject last week. What makes this even more disgusting is that Ms. Grossman is a teacher in the heart of Far Rockaway, teaching the same human beings she referred to as “what’s.”  I wonder if the Department of Education and the parents of her students know what an ignorant narrow-minded racist they are entrusting their children to. Your problems with your neighbors who happen to have Section 8 is just your problem. It does not give you the right to insult the entire Hispanic and Black community. Remember Ms. Grossman, the reason you have a house and a fat paycheck is because of our children who sit in your classroom.

You should be ashamed of yourself and your Principal should be embarrassed to have someone like you working in their school. In a perfect world justice for your hurtful words should be that your neighbors sue you for slander and are awarded your house as compensation, parents protest and boycott by pulling their children out of your class, you lose your cushy job, and then we will see who will be shopping in Waldbaum’s with food stamps.




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