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Sore Throats of the Season
By Dr. Nancy Gahles

DR. Nancy gahlesDR. Nancy gahles We have entered into the next phase of Autumn.

The bellyaches and tears of the “beginnings” are now manifesting as sore throats.

Is this scratchy soreness an allergy or is it a cold?

These are the distinctions that we try to make so as to treat “it” appropriately.

That is to remove the symptom, the discomfort, immediately.

The “it” that really must be treated is actually “you”.

Some people become symptomatic at the change of seasons. Seasonal allergies is a common label.

Not all people react to change in this way.

If you are a person that reacts to changes in season and particularly to Autumn then you need to be treated with a remedy that is specific to your symptom and to who you are as a person. Indeed, the symptom of sore throat at the change of season from summer to autumn gives a homeopath a clue to a remedy that would fit a particular individual.

A remedy not only removes this symptom but also fulfills the susceptibility so that you do not repeat this pattern year after year.

That is the idea of cure.

To alleviate suffering.

To free the individual to pursue the highest purpose of their existence.

A lofty goal, to be sure.

Thankfully, the art and science of homeopathy is a time honored, well proven method.

The sore throat of the second phase of Autumn, as I call it, comes right on the heels of the children who began the school year with apprehension and fear of failure.

There are three top personalities that tend to get sore throats at this time of year with that causation.

NUX VOMICA is a remedy for a child who is ambitious, highly competitive and determined to succeed. He is conscious of power and can be very controlling. This child can be critical when things are not done in his way, which is, of course, the right way. He is very sensitive to criticism himself and to disrespect. He has a low tolerance for frustration and his temper may get the best of him. Because of his determination to succeed he has a great fear of failure.

As school gets into full swing, he must achieve.

The pressure often manifests itself in a sore throat. This sore throat will be dry to begin with and then have much hawking of mucous. They may complain of the sensation of a hair in the throat or of a lump. Their sleep may be disturbed and restless.

AURUM is a remedy for a child who is sad and melancholy around this time of year. She may feel that she has no friends. These children are always worse in winter and better in summer. They crave open air and sunlight. They have a strong sense of responsibility. The pressures of school come to bear on them if they feel that they have neglected their duty in some way. They also have a fear of failure because they feel they must perform tasks, which are impossible for him or way beyond his capability. At the beginning of school he may see the task ahead as insurmountable and being industrious and demanding a lot of himself, he may develop a sore throat. This type of sore throat has stinging pain on swallowing with swollen, ulcerated and infected tonsils. Sleep may be disturbed also due to the pain. Children who need Aurum also become very sleepy during reading and after eating.

SULPHUR is a remedy that is characterized by its warm-bloodedness. These children are uncomfortable in a warm room. They prefer the windows open. They struggle against wearing a coat and hat in the winter. They might kick their shoes off or the blankets off at night because their feet are burning. This heat is manifested internally as restlessness. These children are hard to keep quiet, always “on the go”, hates to be held down whether that be physically in order to dress them or in a classroom seated for too long. Likewise they can be “hot-headed” in their behavior. He is also an intellectual “live wire”, when and if he chooses to put his mind to it. They are very capable but may resist authority and devise endless ways to avoid their work. The fear of failure in this child is because they know that there are expectations for them to succeed and, if they do not, they will be criticized, scorned and embarrassed. The wounded ego, the loss of respect would be the worst thing for this child should he fail to do well. The sore throat of this child would be very red, dry and burning. It would have the peculiarity of pain AFTER swallowing. These homeopathic “sketches” of the different ways in which children display their weaknesses are meant to point you in the direction of choosing an individual approach to healing.

A sore throat, in autumn, with a fear of failure is a strong indication for a particular type of remedy for your unique way of reacting to a stressful time/situation in your life. If you typically respond in the same manner to the same type of stress and it makes you sick, then you need homeopathic treatment.

When we resolve our issues they will no longer be in the tissues but a conscious part of our lives that we can use as tools for real lasting achievement.

In this way, we can never fail.

May The Blessings Be!

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