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A Wake Up Call

Dear Editor,

Do you see what happened down South? Can’t you see where we are headed? We better start helping those people because we as black people have no one to help us.

All these church folks should get together and help those people out. See how long it took our government to come to the aid of all those people. What do you think would happen if that had happened here in Far Rockaway? Who would be there to help us? Don’t look for the government to lend a hand. So if we reach out and try to help them now, maybe there will be a ray of hope when our turn comes.

We better stop all this killing and hating and start to pull together before it’s too late.

There’s a saying, “Don’t ask what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” Well, where was our country when the people in Mississippi and Louisiana needed them? Wake up!


Oh, No!

Dear Editor,


I ask the re-elected Councilman to help your and my community as a whole.

PLEASE start vocational training for those who choose not to go on to College. PLEASE start to truly make the “affordable housing” affordable for all.

PLEASE make the developers accountable and responsible for never hiring all of our local talent and utilizing all of our local MBE/MWBE companies.

PLEASE share the wealth that you have the power to bring home.

I beg of you to please keep every promise you made while you campaigned in the very least PLEASE, PLEASE, TRY!

I pray that my Councilman James Sanders, Jr. proves me wrong in my initial feelings of OH NO another four years of non-representation in City Hall for the 31st Councilmanic District of Queens.

To my fellow citizens let us all hold all of our elected officials responsible and liable for every day that passes while they are in office and we watch our children go to jail or graduate from high school with no ability to read or write at grade level.  For every failed or low attendance job/GED preparation course.  For every large commercial contract (from building housing, buying office supplies or hiring cleaning crews) that comes into our community and hires no one from within the community.  Make them accountable or at the next election make them UNEMPLOYED!

The election is now over and it is time for accountability and action.

We owe it to our children, grandchildren and ourselves to make this life and world better for all.  If things do not get better soon hold on because this is guaranteed to be the bumpiest ride of our lives.


Credit Where Credit Is Due

Dear Editor,

I would like to make a correction on the “Republican State Committee Members; O’Hare Should Be There” letter. In the third paragraph of the letter, he states that he is proud to say that he initiated and organized a major flag program. I am proud to say it was my son, Patrick, and husband, Eugene, who initiated that program.

My husband and only my husband sat for hours and days putting the flags together. Patrick arranged the sails of the flags and everything was mailed to my house. When the flags were ready to start being hung, Eddie then got involved. I will give credit when earned, but not to someone who puts stars on themselves, and forget the other people that were more involved and did the work.


Letter To Red Cross President

This letter was sent to Marsha Johnson Evans, President and CEO of the American Red Cross.

Dear President Evans,

As all Americans turn to your most noble and well-respected organization, in the literal wake of Hurricane Katrina, I write to you in the expedient hope that you will be able to address some significant queries relative to relief efforts currently proceeding in New York City.

I am currently in the process of assisting a group of evacuees who were sent to the Radisson Hotel, presumably by the Red Cross. They are especially confused about what assistance and benefits they are entitled to at this moment. I am making it my crusade to make sure that they are thoroughly taken care of to the fullest extent possible and allowable.

To that end, I am respectfully requesting a most proficient response to the following questions-What is the Red Cross committed to in providing for these victims? How can these victims access the fruits of such provisions in an efficient manner? Can you please share with me the specific microdata concerning your relief operation as it pertains to these victims? More generally, can you please provide an accounting report regarding the revenue and distribution of funds that the Red Cross is managing for this effort, and the overall relief apparatus?

I thank you in advance for your diligent consideration and thorough response in this most important matter.


Get Your Head

Out Of The Sand

Dear Editor;

Here we go again!  Another dyed-in-the-wool “Rockaway-ite” refusing to accept improvement on Beach 116th street and the immediate vicinity.

I must say, Mr. V., I vehemently disagree with your viewpoint about the “beautiful” Baxter Hotel. In your opinion, it does more to upgrade and improve the street than the “monstrosity” called the Ocean Grande. Have you taken a close look at The Baxter lately? And have you seen the artists’ renderings of the completed Ocean Grande? I think the fact that The Baxter been there a long time does little to justify its contribution to the street. Mr. Baxter’s Palm Garden as well — with its recent brawl and bloody stabbing — hardly qualitifes as a Rockaway landmark.

And, exactly what “Russians” are planning to re-build the street with condominiums or co-ops? That would truly be a terrible thing, no? If you are going to speak disparagingly of Russians, how about letting us in on who they are.

And your pier idea is another stroke of brilliance; nothing like a pier out into the Atlantic Ocean. That’s truly a viable suggestion...sure to add to the culture of the Rockaways. Where exactly would you put it and of what hurricane-resistant materials would it be made?

As for me, I’ll take the Starbucks idea.

Take your head out of the Rockaway sand, Mr V.; you can’t stop progress — especially when that progress represents a real improvement — in spite of yourself and others who share your philosophy.


Correction To

‘Family Day’ Letter

Dear Editor,

On page four in the September 16 edition of letters, there is an appreciation article written by Ms. Renee Brown titled, “Thanks For Support On Hooks Family Day.” The article gives the perception that my presence at the event was an endorsement of the Family Day and/or an organizer of the event, but more importantly, that I was publicly supporting a candidate for political office.

I must correct that misunderstanding; let’s be clear the NAACP is a non-partisan Civil Rights Organization and, as such is prohibited from endorsing any candidate running for political office. I was invited just like the community was, and that was one of my appearances I was present at that day throughout communities in the Borough of Queens.

Finally, let me say that I have nothing but the highest regard for both candidates, and congratulate Councilman Sanders for his victory and Mr. Hooks for being a formidable candidate. I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge Ms. Renee Brown’s contribution to the community and residents in Ocean Bay Houses.



Thanks For Coverage

Dear Editor:

 Thank you so much for your wonderful coverage of the 106th birthday of my grandmother Helen Kamen. We feel privileged and blessed by her presence.

The entire celebration would not have occurred without the energy and enthusiasm of Jennifer Dunkley, who has been lovingly caring for Helen for the past few years. Our family is very grateful to Jennifer who in no small measure has been responsible for the good health my grandmother has enjoyed. 

Thank you again to Jennifer, your staff and all at Brookdale who made this occasion into a real celebration.



Responds To Letters

Dear Editor:

First, my response to Stephanie Wood’s letter: Stephanie, don’t leave the Democratic Party. Either join another Democratic club somewhere else—find one that’s more progressive, visionary and just plain chic—or fight to change the leadership in THAT club that continues to be stifled and misguided by those self-made dictators who have become drunk with power and driven by mediocrity and personal petty agendas. Or better yet, check with Councilman James Sanders and see if he might be open to the possibility of starting a new political club.

One of the major problems with many Black organizations such as political organizations, fraternities, churches, advocacy organizations, etc., is that the older “leaders” don’t want to retire and allow some young folks with age, vision, more education, more cultural exposure and professional credentials, to take hold of the organizational mantels.

You know what I think Stephanie? If it’s best for the organization and the community—fight like hell to get them out of the leadership positions of the Thurgood Marshall Democratic Club! The timing is perfect and if your cause is just, the positive forces of the universe will back you up.

Secondly, to Jessica Sheard: no, I am not a veteran of any United States war, military conflict or military occupation. However, I have several relatives who are. Now, I never said that the V.F.W, in general, was a great place for parties. What I implied—no, what I suggested— was that the primary reputation of the V.F.W Post which David Hooks was affiliated with was for having (great) parties. Does any one disagree with me on that? If so, present the facts and I will humbly, and publicly, surrender. As I walk this spiritual journey, I am always open for correction and guidance.

Furthermore, the V.F.W Post in St. Albans has nothing to do with my criticism of the post that, to my knowledge, no longer exists in Rockaway which was “managed” by David Hooks and Bernard Robinson.

Thirdly. Brother McKinley—it was not my intention to suggest that James Sanders was the ONLY person responsible for the creation and/or continued success of the Farmer’s Market. On the contrary, I know that you and your wife have been the backbone of the institution from its inception. I meant only to remind people that James Sanders was a key player in the establishment of a successful, worthwhile and beneficial institution in the Rockaways unlike his then political opponent.

And lastly, and least importantly, Norm Silverman’s comment: so where exactly did David Hooks receive financial support for unsuccessful bid for City Council against James Sanders, Jr? Surely he had more than a $100 campaign budget.


Who Was Invited?

Dear Editor,             

The front page of September 16 edition of the wave was very interesting. A special ceremony was going on and only a few selected were invited to join. I found it also amazing how The Wave was not notified early enough to publicize this special event. I do not know the criteria applied for those chosen to join this ceremony, or how they were informed. The Wave clearly stated they were not informed in advance; therefore, the paper was not able to share this information in time for others to join the ceremony. Am I suspicious that this ceremony was purposely not announced in advance? “Yes!”

Should we all be insulted to see a ceremony on September 11, which was not open to all of us?  Rockaway has waited 4 long years to have our own memorial for so many lost. Officially opening or not, for anyone to be a part of a ceremony on September 11 without it open to all is unacceptable. It was said, this ceremony was the raising of the flag, which the Fire Department wanted to do, and by all means had all the right to do so. The Fire Dept, I assume would have had to go to the Chamber of Commerce on this idea being the memorial was not ready. Now, as far as I am concerned or I can safely assume, this was not decided the day before, because the ones responsible would have had to notify those few selected to join the ceremony and that would have had to take time to find names and addresses.

That would indicate this event was planned in advance with enough time to notify the community. In my own opinion this was the responsibility of our Chamber of Commerce to notify the community it represents. Maybe the Chamber saw it as a little ceremony in their eyes, but for a lot of us who found out too late it was a stab in the heart. This community lost a lot of family and friends, even if we personally didn’t know people lost, they still were a part of our community. In my mind I feel we all had the right to be there.

I happened to go to Duane Reade about 8:30 p.m. that night. I saw people coming out of the memorial site, not yet knowing what was going on. Unfortunately as I was leaving Duane Reade, it looked as thought it was the ending of some sort of ceremony. I realized I was right when I spotted a very familiar face taking a lot, if not all the credit, our former Executive Director Liz Sulik. Now why didn’t that surprise me to see her there? As the former Executive Director of the Chamber you would think she would have had the decency to notify the new director to notify the community. Doesn’t she understand how many people worked very hard to raise money and put in a lot of hours not thinking of themselves but giving of themselves, to help the community? No, not Liz, that would have taken her out of the limelight. Well Liz, you can have the limelight, but we know who we are that did all the work so you can be in that light. Enjoy it, because lights tend to blow out.




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