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Initiative Needed From City Council Members Dear Editor,

Where has David Hooks been over the last 25-year period? The last 25 years, where the decline and deprivation of the Black Rockaway community was at its peak? When drugs, poverty, crime and self-imposed immoral behavior began to consume so many of the people we know and love- can anyone document Hooks’ activities that would demonstrate his involvement to combat or thwart those ugly monsters that helped destroy our beloved Rockaway?

What concrete projects or initiatives has he been involved in that contributed to the positive transformation or upliftment of the entire Rockaway community over the last 15 years? What organization did he establish, or even significantly work with, that actually realized any accomplishments were self-empowerment or economic development for Black people?

I’m sorry but the former VFW where he was involved was not, and is not, the type of institution that serves as the “shining example” of what the types of institutions the community needs nor does it serve as the prime example of the kind of management skills necessary for Hooks to be able to effectively serve in the Council. The VFW, for the most part, as run down as it was, was a place for “good parties,” much like the Elks Lodge in Far Rockaway. It did not serve as a center of social progress, educational initiative or economic development.

As for helping certain individuals with GED’s and jobs-well, I can name a lot of people in Rockaway who did that and continue to do that. Does that mean they are qualified to service effectively in City Hall? Methinks not. It clearly indicates one or two things about any individual who does good things for people: a good heart or ulterior motives. Based on these two qualifiers, everybody in Rockaway should now throw their hats into the ring for City Council.

A vote for David Hooks, whom I love and respect as a person, is a vote for the same political establishment that has either helped to contribute to the overall depressive conditions prevalent in Rockaway due to their inactions and lack of innovative progressive programs and initiative. Do your research and see that most, if not all, of your elected officials who served from 1980 until now, were supported and helped in some way by David Hooks.

See, there would be no real need for jobs, economic development, etc. had those elected officials serving BEFORE James Sanders had done what they were supposed to do. And right done besides them, behind them and in the dark crevices of their smallest closets, were David Hooks and the “leaders” of the Thurgood Marshall Democratic Club. Change, you say? James Sanders is the change from the historical status quo. A vote against Sanders would be yet another self-inflicted wound and self-destructive act whose negative impact would reach 20 years into our collective future.


Residents Left Out Of

On-Line Offers

Dear Editor,

I would like to speak out to those companies and businesses that only offer free giveaways, contests, opportunities and merchandise on-line.

Not everyone can afford a computer. It’s expensive equipment, and it’s more than some people’s rent. The libraries only have a limited amount within a limited time, and a lot of people waiting to use it. We all can’t get to the library by the time we get off work, because the library is closed by then. This is unfair to people who would like to order products or participate in contests offered. Are these people computer profiling? Do they only seek out computer owners, with the thought in mind that if one can afford a computer they are above low-income status? What is with available on-line only?

We may not be able to afford the computer, but we can afford some of the products they offer and can benefit from promotions and contests. Discrimination sure carries in many ways.


Go For The Super A Train

The following letter was sent to Congressman Anthony Weiner.

Dear Congressman Weiner,

I recently moved to Rockaways so you are my rep, and I knew you from when I lived in Forest Hills for 15 years prior to the move.

For me to vote for you for mayor, please consider scrapping the ferry idea for the Rockaways, but instead run the Super-A express, open up the

old Rockaway LIRR line and call it the K line, extend the AirTrain from Howard Beach all the way to Manhattan, and extend the E from lower Manhattan to Jamaica. That would help so many areas of Queens!

The Ferry won’t work because it will stop in areas that no one from Rockaway will travel to! What a bus that takes 20 minutes to catch will bring you to the Riis parking lot and get on another shuttle to take you to the Ferry. Then the Ferry will come once an hour and then the passenger will have to take a bus or subway when getting off in Manhattan.  How is that either fast or convenient?

Please re-consider. The Ferry is a joke and please don’t be the joker.

There is money for the JFK Lower Manhattan project as well as the $15million for the Rockaway Ferry and I hope when you become mayor you help create better transportation in the Rockaways and Queens and we can then call you “Weiner, the new Robert Moses,” who put Rockaway back on the map.

Please consider the Super-A Express train as an option for immediate service from Manhattan to Lower Manhattan to Downtown Brooklyn and straight to JFK in 26 minutes and further onto to the Rockaways.


The travelers need more trains coming regularly. If the Super-A comes in between the 15 minute wait for the Far Rockaway A at the Howard Beach JFK stop, that would increase the amount of service from JFK to Lower Manhattan by 200%. Currently travelers can wait up to 25 minutes during non-rush hours.

The Super-A would be the fastest connection (26 minutes from Hoyt Street to JFK Howard Beach A Station).

No new infrastructure would be needed.

When can this be done? As soon as the schedule is agreed on, trains are dispatched, and conductors are hired.

Who would this be good for? All New Yorkers coming from any area of the 5 boroughs that is going on a trip via JFK airport as well as all JFK workers that live in any area of the 5 boroughs of New York City. In addition, all travelers visiting New York City can take this Super-A or Regular-A every 10 minutes going to Manhattan

This would also promote the JFK, Aqueduct, and Beaches of the Rockaway as the trains will get there more often and faster.

Why not reopen the line?

I have heard that the MTA testing of the Super-A says that only 9 minutes is reduced and feel not worth the project. If you think about it the trip was 35 minutes. That is not a long trip but it seems like it because the long wait for the train and the amount of frequent stops. The Super-A will change the perception as then the A trains will come twice as often as the Super-A will make limited stops.

Is there a budget?

Lets use some of the money for the Lower Manhattan-JFK project. Whatever is being build, it will take almost a decade and the time to get to JFK from Lower Manhattan will be close to 26 minutes or longer than the Super-A idea.

So, lets do it!

Get the SUPER-A NOW! And have the other projects start right away.

There is a better chance now than when Mark Green ran for mayor (he was the worst of all!) I like you and would vote if you make a better decision on the Rockaway transportation issue.


Outrage Over The Iraq War

Dear Editor,

I’ve anticipated writing this letter for quite awhile. I’m not affiliated with any political party, not do I endorse any religious sect or radical groups I’m a Vietnam Vet who feels compelled to speak out about the injustice going on in our country. It’s hard to determine where the truth lies, with the constant barrage of deception, manipulation, propaganda and spin put forth by our own government.

The press conferences the President infrequently gives are by handpicked reporters, the questions are prearranged, and even the order in which he chooses the reporters is scripted. Then there’s the scripted news reports. An actor comes on reporting a news story with a script advocating a view the administration wants the public to perceive. The town hall meetings around the country are attended by people whose views have got to be with the current policies, or you cannot attend. I guess the lines, “either you’re with us or against us” include most Americans too.

The alternative tax, which has been postponed the last two years, will be in effect this year. People making over $75,000 will be hit hard, while people making millions will continue to benefit. This will definitely bring the deficit down. That’s when we’ll see the push to make the tax cuts permanent, because the middle class will be footing the bill. The gap between the very rich and everyone else has never been greater. The inequality is the largest it’s ever been in our history.

The price of gas has hit record levels. The big oil companies are recording the biggest profits since their existence. So in the energy bill that just passed, there are big tax deductions that will give them billions more. Holy Halliburton, what is going on here?

After 9/11 we had the sympathy and support of the whole world. We squandered it away with arrogance and aggression. The despicable acts of 9/11 caused the loss of loved ones and broke our hearts. All indications pointed to Afghanistan, where these low-life cowards were hiding. So we limit our troop strength there and invade Iraq. Why is there still doubt the intelligence used to justify this war was twisted and manipulated? The biological babble, the mushroom cloud, the WMDs were a smokescreen for another agenda. We walked into Baghdad virtually unopposed. We found they couldn’t grow mushrooms in their own backyards, never mind creating mushroom clouds.

Our President lands on an aircraft carrier three miles offshore and declares, “Mission accomplished.” I’m surprised he didn’t wear pearl-handled six guns and taunted our enemies with his infamous line, “Bring it on.” President Bush defends the Iraq War, but the reality is evident that his bravado has made the world more perilous. How much further will our country sink? The prison torture, the deficit, Karl Rove’s treachery, recruiting shortages, Pat Robertson…it goes on and on.

Cindy Sheehan, who lost her son Casey in Iraq, is asking a very relevant question: “What is the noble cause my son died for?” With other parents who have lost children joining her, the protest against the war will start to escalate. The similarity to Vietnam is remarkable.

When I returned from Vietnam in 1970, there was an anti-war protest going on at the airport. As I walked by this group, some gave me the finger while others screamed insults. My biggest fear is that our returning troops will be subjected to the same misplaced outrage. The courageous, patriotic and brave men and women returning home don’t deserve that. Welcome them, pat them on the back, embrace them and make them feel appreciated. Don’t add resentment into the horror that is sure to invade their dreams.


Garbage Problem

Really Stinks

Dear Editor,

The Department of Sanitation should ban those big plastic bags forever, because they are disgusting. People set them out at the curb, and cats and dogs strew their mess all over the place. Cans, bottles, garbage, baby diapers, you name it, it’s all out there and it lands in the gutter.

I thought that there was supposed to be a recycling system…what happened? And why can’t these lazy people put the stuff where it belongs?

I can understand with schools and public places, but I keep my place clean and put everything where it belongs. So why can’t everyone do the same?


Brooke Works For Kids

Dear Editor;

It is not often these days that one hears of good things happening in our public school system.

However, I have witnessed an extraordinary demonstration of dedication, generosity, and kindness from one of our local businesswomen, Kelley Brooke, of Riis Park Golf Course and The Brooklyn Golf Center. This summer for the second year in a row, Kelley has sponsored the District 75 Golf Program for 15 schools serving students with severe disabilities.

During July and August, 150 students participated from Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan. Kelley arranged for her staff, including golf pro Anthony Esposito, to teach the basics of golf at the Brooklyn Golf range twice a week for 2 hours during the 6 weeks of summer school. The students were provided with the equipment and lessons completely free of charge. District 75 staffs were also trained so they could practice with the students individually. The schools were given a DVD and Golf Instructional Manual to be used in the classroom. The culminating activity was a golf tournament held on the Riis Park Golf Course on August 10th from 8:00 am to noon. Kelley closed the golf course during this time so the students had the course to themselves. Kelley organized the entire event and assisted on the course. Some students participated in a Golf Challenge of putting, chipping and driving.

All schools received plaques and tee shirts to commemorate the summer games. Superintendent of District 75, Dr. Susan Erber, attended the tournament and provided Kelley with a plaque of appreciation. Barbara Joseph, Assistant Principal of PS 138 M, and a Rockaway resident, contributed to the program’s success by organizing the summer schedule for the schools: registering the participants and assisting at each event. As principal of one of the schools participating, PS 811Q, I want to thank Kelley and her enthusiastic team for the enormous amount of energy, patience and dignity they have shown toward our students with special needs. As one of my students, Andre, remarked, “I will never forget this summer, I had no idea I could golf!”


Outrage Over New York Times Article

The following letter was sent to the New York Times.

With great sadness, my twin sister, Sr. Peggy Tully, O.P., and I read Corey Kilgannon’s article, “Be It Ever So Humble: OK, It’s Shabby,” in the Thursday, August 25 Metro section of the New York Times.

A call was made to Mr. Kilgannon in response to the above article. He was invited to return to Rockaway on a guided tour to observe the new apartment houses, private homes and condos being built in this community. The message was left on Mr. Kilgannon’s voicemail on August 25, and as of August 29 there has been no response to this call.

For Rockaway community activists who have spent hundreds of hours working to improve the quality of life, we are shocked that Mr. Kilgannon ignored the Rockaway Renaissance that is taking place at the present time.

We are encouraging New York Times readers, Rockaway neighbors and home, resident and civic associations to call journalist Corey Kilgannon at (718) 268-3818 and Public Editor Byron Calame at (212) 556-7652 to express their views concerning the article. Let the New York Times return to our beloved shorefront community and write about the Rockaway Renaissance that’s the reality!



Offensive Symbol In Rockaway Neighborhood

Dear Editor,

I am responding to Mr. Abadi’s statement last week regarding the swastika on Beach 4 Street. I first reported seeing the swastika, painted in full view to the neighborhood, on a Thursday morning last summer.

The 101 Precinct responded to my complaint, filed a report and also spoke to the homeowner. The homeowner refused to have it painted over. A police vehicle was then stationed on Beach 4 Street for several days to watch over the homeowner and the neighborhood in an effort to avoid any future occurrences.

Articles were printed about the incident in the local papers, as well as the Daily News and Newsday.

I personally called Jonathan Gaska, Community Board 14, and the NYPD Community Affairs at the 101 Precinct several times regarding our options. I was told it is private property and we as a neighborhood could do nothing to rectify the situation. Do not think for a moment that I or any of my neighbors in the Mott Creek area are okay with the situation. We are a very diverse community and are highly offended by the symbol of hate we are exposed to on a daily basis.

Obviously, Mr. Daniel Abadi is not a representative of our close-knit community and has no right to speak for or against us. We are NOT against development. What we are against is over-development that is out of character with our beautiful neighborhood.

I have been a Rockaway resident for 40 years, the past 14 of which I have lived in the Mott Creek area. I am a mother of three and I am simply trying to preserve the quality of life for me and my family. I’m sure Mr. Abadi would feel the same if it were his neighborhood that was under siege.

As for the swastikas that showed up this past Wednesday; whoever put them there should be ashamed of themselves. Hopefully the owner of this property will be more responsible and remove them immediately. If not, we as a neighborhood will paint over the symbols at our own cost.



Mott Creek Resident

Speaks Out

Dear Editor,

My letter is in response to the letter from Daniel Abadi in the August 26 issue of The Wave. Firstly, I take offense to his attack on your reporter, Miriam Rosenberg. Obviously, he doesn’t know what her relationship is to the neighbors of Mott Creek, which incidentally consists of at least 40 families in the small but quaint area known as Mott Creek.

We first met Ms. Rosenberg when she was assigned to the problem of over development in our area. Since that time, about two years ago, she has closely followed the steps we have taken to protect our environmentally sensitive area. She does not socialize with us. She is a fair and unbiased reporter, and has given both sides the opportunity to be heard.

Secondly, his description of our community as “a neighborhood of ramshackled, decrepit bungalows” is even more offensive. Mr. Abadi can’t possibly understand why we are so passionate. We are not against development per se, but the proposed over development of our community and the destruction of the tidal wetlands.

Some of the land has been abandoned because previous and present owners are not willing to comply with the standards required under DEC jurisdiction. The new developers are attempting to bring in at least 200 new families into an area that only has access in and out of a two-lane road.

These developments have a direct impact on our quality of life, and threaten the safety of our own residents. With certain projects begun and abandoned, we are already feeling the strain.

Some families have been in this area for over 70 years, mine included. We are a very diverse community and will welcome new families to our beautiful streets. We are merely asking the new developers, some who we’ve already met with, to preserve the character of Mott Creek without destruction.

Lastly, Mr. Abadi seems only interested in potential profit. His attack on our community is shameful. Obviously he is not a resident of the area; otherwise he would NEVER protect the interests of the greedy, unethical developers that leave our neighborhood under siege.


Thanks From the Wounded Warriors Project

This letter was sent to Flip Mullen, who wanted to share it with the Graybeards and the community.

Dear Flip,

On behalf of Disabled Sports USA, I want to thank you for your generous work as a volunteer for the Wounded Warrior Watersports Festival, supporting those returning home from the war in Iraq with life changing injuries.

In my 35 years working with Disabled Sports USA, I have never witnessed an experience and reception like the one we and the soldiers and Marines encountered in New York City. The procession into the city with members of the Fire Department of New York saluting our brave warriors along the entire route to the Rockaway community was unbelievable.

Even more touching was the way that you and the other volunteers gave your time and expertise, as well as your support and encouragement to these fine young men and their families. What you did was just what they need right now, letting them know that you care, appreciate their sacrifice for our country and that you believe in them and their abilities . They will never forget what you did and never will we, we will always be grateful for your love and support.

I think the real testament to what you have done came in the comments made by the families. Dan Gade’s wife, Wendy, said, “This was the homecoming we never got, because Dan landed in the hospital.” Torrey Shannon, wife of Dan Shannon, wrote to us: “I cannot tell you what memories were made and what life events were created for us. Dan got to do something he never did before, right before his children, a dream come true. Thanks for making it all possible.”

Thank YOU, for making this a life changing experience for all of these brave warriors.


Thanks For Family Day Support

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank everyone who came out and supported the Family Day Festival on August 20, 2005. This was an exciting and memorable event. The performers were great, the audience enjoyed A.N.S. and King Street. The crowd was also electrified by the Sylfornia King and Brite performance.

Thanks to Edwin Salgado for doing a great job hosting the event, Councilman James Sanders Jr., Youth Congress, India, and all of the families who attended the event. Also, thanks to all who participated in making Family Day a success. See you next year!


Back To The Basics

Dear Editor,

I find myself in the rare position of agreeing with John Paul Culotta on his description of Wal-Mart. 

I have a concern however about the following statements. (1) “Society may not be served by the low prices that come at the expense of a just social order. All units of society (government, business, labor unions, press, and religious organizations) need to be concerned about the effects of their actions. And (2) “Can our country survive without a manufacturing sector? It may but the dislocation of American workers is a price we all must pay through higher taxes because of unemployment insurance benefits and welfare benefits that must be paid. It also does not address the social impact that massive unemployment causes. Broken marriages, suicides, depression, lower living standards, and homelessness can be the result of the dislocation of the manufacturing sector.”

The government (politicians) has long been the major instrument used by “both sides of the aisle” in pursuing policies, which have placed our manufacturing industries at risk, and guarantee the necessity for them to raise prices, move offshore, outsource labor, defend frivolous lawsuits etc. The labor unions have long stood in the way of productivity by placing the concepts of “seniority and tenure” over competency and ability to do the job which would mitigate in favor of lower prices. Businesses have also contributed to this pain of higher prices by not looking past the “bottom line” to corporate social responsibility as well. They have also failed to embrace criticism of existing methods of doing business from their employees and for the most part feel it’s easier to fire those “naysayers” rather than honestly address the issues. The press has contributed to the cost of higher prices by almost always having a “political agenda” in its regular news pages rather than leaving the agenda to the editorial pages where it belongs. News today is no longer news; it is politically motivated speech being passed off as truthful, factual information. Religious organizations for their part can take credit for increasing costs by advocating disobedience to laws which have been properly passed rather than obeying them and looking to change them through political channels as is their right (i.e. hiding illegal aliens, providing comfort to those wishing to break our immigration laws under the guise of being humanitarian). Illegal immigration holds down our wages, takes up what used to be called “entry level” positions, sends profits back to corrupt governments for their use and does nothing to fix the problems in those countries, more responsibility and less Government regulation.

All of the above exacerbates the manufacturing sector’s viability that Mr. Culotta is so highly concerned will disappear leaving American workers dislocated. It is a matter of record that manufacturing has been disappearing steadily since the “information era” arrived on the scene in the very early 1960’s. The difficulties listed above not withstanding I find it odd that no government programs existed during the early 1900’s to give horse ranchers supplements to their income, railroads subsidies to their revenues, and subsidies to the local musicians for their lost revenues;  each of these industries of manufacturing was beset by new technology, automobiles, airplanes, and the record and record player.... oh the pain of it all! Yet FDR in the early 1900’s (a friend of “Joe”) found it necessary to bring socialism and the idea that the government owed the people both a means to make a living and a safety net provided by the government into our Republic; and he did that at the expense of millions of jobs (see “The Politically Incorrect Guide to U.S. History” by Thomas E. Woods Jr. Ph.D., Regnery Press).

Having seen the past I know the solution is not the government being more controlling of business or our lives. 

Educate the people properly, give the people facts not opinion on which they can base their decisions, have the individual states step up to the plate and remove the unfettered power of the Federal Government back closer to the people where the Constitution placed it before our Courts got amnesia, and stop the House and Senate from passing bills and treaties they have not read (some of which are over 10,000 pages in length).

The solution is to get back to basics.


What A Mom Might Say

The following letter was sent to The Wave for publication by Liz Bishop-Goldsmith, the president of Mothers Against Guns, a Rosedale organization responding to the rise in gun violence on the part of young black men.

My Dear Child:

A news reporter called me earlier today, and asked my thoughts about the violence that is happening in our communities. Though I’ve often thought about it and expressed my opinion to others, I felt it necessary to sit and write this letter to you because I don’t want to lose you.

Perhaps, I didn’t say, “I love you” enough when you were younger, but my heart always said it for me. The day you were born was a joyful day, yet there was sadness also. Joyful because a new life came into the world, and I became a proud parent - you were mine. Sadness, because I did not know if I was ready or knew how to be a good parent, and because I didn’t know what this world would offer you. I thank God everyday for the family, friends, co-workers, teachers and ministers that were there for us when I didn’t know what to do or where to turn.

My child, though I may not be here with you now, but if I am still in your life, I want you to know that life throws many curves at us and we must use all our strength to stay on the right course. There are many decisions that you will have to make in your life and since I have faith in you, I know you will make the right one. Your so-called buddies, friends and even family members may try and persuade you to do what is wrong, and that is the time when you must dig deep within yourself and find the strength to say no and walk away.

My dear Child, saying no doesn’t mean you are weak or a coward, it only makes you stronger and committed to your individuality. Sweetheart, only say yes when you know it is the right thing to do, not because others tell you it’s the right thing to do. This is your life, and no one can live it for you. We all make mistakes, but remember that mistakes are to be corrected, not repeated. I know it’s not easy when there is a lot of pressure to do wrong, but you must realize that when you make bad decisions, they can follow you the rest of your life.

Yesterday, a friend told me how her children had broken her heart, and because of this she no longer wants to live. One child was a drug addict, another was a gang member and another had shot his best friend to death. My child, when she told me this, my heart almost stopped because everyday I hear similar stories from others. My child, maybe you can tell us what we can do to stop these horrible things that our youth are doing. Please tell me why our babies, our young men and women are destroying themselves and others with drugs, gangs and guns. What can I do to help you stop this?

I realize times have changed since I was a child, but never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that my child could ever intentionally harm themselves through drug use, gang initiation or any violent act. All life is precious, and to see and read about the crimes that our young people are committing brings tears to my eyes. Little children are being molested, raped and shot to death. There are shootings in the schools, workplaces, parks, and places of worship and even in our home homes. I try so hard to protect you from these violent attacks, but they seem to find us wherever we go. Honey, I see the drugs, the gangs and acts of gun violence happening right here in our neighborhood and though I’ve thought about moving, I know deep down that running won’t make a difference.

I’m tired of running, and I’m tired of seeing our youth not living to a ripe old age rearing their own children, and enjoying their grandchildren. I have five beautiful grandchildren, but where are their parents? I’m tired of seeing my daughters and sons on the street corners, robbing and stealing from their own families and others. I’m tired of seeing my sons and daughters spaced out from the effects of drugs. I’m tired of hearing other people’s stories about how their children are incarcerated for committing horrible crimes, or worse: dead and buried! I’m sick and tired of attending funerals of our babies and others because some one decided to shoot a gun to get even with no regard for life - theirs, or anyone else.

My dear one, I don’t want to lose you. I want the best that life can offer you and I pray that if you are involved with drugs, gangs or violence that you will stop and listen to that inner voice (from me) that says lovingly to you - “enough is enough.”  My child, I want to see you become a productive member of our society and not a casualty from drugs, gangs and violence. My dear, I have seen too many family members, and friends bury their child because of this nonsense. I want to see you give yourself a “second chance” at life. You can do it, and I will do all that I can to help you. It’s never too late to turn your life around, and it’s never too late to ask for help.

Please my child, let me help you. This may be one of the toughest decisions that you’ll ever make in your life, but please make the right one. Let’s start now (together) with a new lease on life without drugs, gangs and violence so that those young and precious lives entering into society will be able to have the life they so much deserve - without drugs, gangs or violence.


Develop, Don’t Destroy

Dear Editor;

In his rant about the Mott Creek rezoning project, Abadi suggests that the proponents of rezoning are a handful of “obstructionist” residents who are “motivated only by demographics.” 

Nothing can be further from the truth.  As an Orthodox Jew who moved to Mott Creek nearly two-years ago, I can personally attest to the warmth with which my family was welcomed into this incredible community.  Our neighbors, the residents of Mott Creek, are wonderful, accepting people who have shown us only kindness over the past two-years. 

We have every right to strive to preserve the unique charm and beauty of our small beachside community.  Mott Creek is a true aesthetic gem, one of the best-kept secrets in New York City.  Let’s hope we can keep it that way.  Develop, but don’t destroy.


Start With The Wave

Dear Editor,

 I think your sentiments concerning Rockaway’s untapped potential, particularly after your return from a beautiful area like the outer banks, are shared by many on the peninsula. I had similar feelings after my own return from my summer vacation. Yet you point to fanciful ideas like popularizing the site of the first transatlantic flight at what is now the Riis Landing, as ways to revitalizing the area.

How about starting with some simpler things, like, say, this newspaper. On my first morning back from vacation I picked up a copy and noted the two top stories on the front page were about crime making Far Rockaway look like the “wild west”, and a pervert masturbating in his car. One could debate whether these items are newsworthy, but for a paper to suggest improving the image of a community in its editorials, while putting garbage like this on its front page, doesn’t seem particularly well thought out.


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