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The Helm

  • I know you saw me yesterday
  • As I slept in the alley way

    You thought to yourself what a shame

    I wonder if he has a name

    Your pity then changed to disgust

    I saw in your face the mistrust

    When I asked if you had a dime

    You walked away you had no time

    To dabble with the likes of me

    From my presence you’d quickly flee

    For my appearance is unwashed

    My clothes are old they are not starched

    My hair unkempt my hands not clean

    This is the reason you were mean

    Does my misfortune turn you off?

    In your eyes there’s no way to soft-en

    What you see and so you run

    Please know for me this is not fun

    Do not look down your nose at me

    In my shoes some day you could be

    Without a home a bed or job

    You can’t afford to be a snob

    Compassion is the act I seek

    As from behind this mask I peek

    Do you know who I really am?

    I could just be the Son of Man

    Testing the waters as I go

    To see if with you love doth flow

    The next time you encounter one

    Who you think of as just a bum

    Could be an angle in disguise

    If so you should not compromise

    Your stand in the coming realm

    Where God is always at the helm


    The Wonders

    Of Life

    I like to watch the waves roll in

    Come up and kiss the shore

    I like to hear the Robin sing

    Telling us it’s spring once more

    I like to feel the clear cool breeze

    Come drifting upon my face

    I like to watch the bright green leaves

    Waltzing around the place

    I like to watch the flowers bloom

    All shapes, kinds and colors

    To know that God provided room

    For all of these things and others

    To like is to appreciate

    something one must learn

    To appreciate on my like

    is something one can earn

    But when it comes for one to love,

    it takes more than I’ve said

    It takes the love that is in one’s heart

    And the truth in what one says



    Lend my your ear

    so I can softly whisper.

    Whisper all the things

    I can not say out loud.

    Things I want you

    and only you to hear.

    My deepest feelings,

    my strongest thoughts.

    My darkest secrets of which

    no one knows.

    My biggest fears,

    my happiest moments.

    These things I want to share

    with you.

    Now, lend me your ear

    so I can softly…whisper.


    Set Him Free

    Because he is black – because he is gay

    Let’s take some revenge

    This act will make our day

    I can’t get a job

    For I did not like school

    Besides what a waste

    Going just wasn’t cool

    Now I hang out tough

    With thugs or with a gang

    And look for a face

    That I can rearrange

    I don’t feel compassion or

    Shame or remorse

    The call of the streets

    This is my only boss

    I know only what I was

    Taught by the crowd

    I’m vicious and cunning

    I’m callous and loud

    Can you guess who I am?

    I’m the kid from next door

    The one you though well of

    The one you ignored

    When you saw me doing

    Something I should not

    You smiled and kept going

    Now look what we’ve got

    Is silence is gold – look and you will see

    A huge mark of failure on society

    If it takes a village – where was everyone?

    When this youngster turned – into the devil’s son

    If we don’t wake up

    Goodbye humanity

    Just open Hell’s doors

    And let the devil free


    The Eclipse Of Life

    A man fell badly in the public

    Because privately he had no favor beside

    For even a king can fall from his throne

    Without a good queen to call his bride.

    A lost soul sways back and forth

    Twirling in the midst of mass confusion,

    Caused by the politics of religion and men

    Who sells their denominations as God’s conclusion.

    A father and mother painfully decides

    How to lay their child at rest,

    Because another young life has been taken

    By a stray bullet piercing the chest.

    A grandmother once gave her children

    All the love within two breast,

    In hopes that they would give their own

    All the things she tried to do her best.

    But even now after all that was sacrificed

    She must struggle with grandchildren too,

    Because their parents will to survive

    Has become very dim and blue.

    A husband and wife lost the love

    They once held for each other,

    Because of his illness which led to the abuse

    Of an innocent child and mother.

    Eventually his addiction stole their dreams

    Which sobriety made happen and true

    Leaving them with nothing left together

    After his eclipse divided their home in two.


    Coward Beach

    There is a part of our town

    Where hatred and bias abound

    It simmers just beneath the skin

    When jarred eruptions then begin

    A learned behavior taught with glee

    Beginning with the family

    Then harbored well and nurtured long

    A though that must lead to a wrong

    America – home of the free

    You cannot prove this fact to me

    For some who dare to walk those streets

    A baseball bat they’re sure to meet

    Because some things won’t ever change

    I did not find this action strange

    It was just a matter of time

    Before another heinous crime

    I pray for he who lay near death

    Perhaps he breathes his final breath

    I pray for he who is filled with hate

    To repent before it’s too late

    And I pray for society

    For raising such a child as he

    May God forgive the likes of us

    Remember too in God we trust


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