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A Summer Lost

  • I saw she was pregnant
  • And fixed for the summer

    I said to myself "O my God"

    What a bummer

    And then I remembered

    That I was fixed too

    For I'm over weight

    What am I gonna do?

    My thighs are a rubbin'

    My waist line is thick

    My shape can be compared

    To a solid brick

    There's no time to diet

    This summer is gone

    I might as well eat

    And keep all my clothes on

    If I get too warm

    I will shower inside

    So that my abundance

    I can always hide

    God bless all you brave ones

    Who walk on the beach

    And lit all hang out

    A lesson to teach

    Do not stuff the groceries

    In all winter long

    For summer comes fast

    And then summer is gone.


    Satan's Den

    When you sit down - you pay to play

    There's isn't any other way

    Drop your cash in - you're sure to lose

    And please don't temper it with booze

    Some say that they're just having fun

    They play until the morning sun

    Then walk away with empty hands

    For they won't win - this fact still stands

    Their dreams of riches draw them in

    They do not know they do a sin

    When they throw hard earned cash away

    A gift from God - they've gone astray

    Sometimes a machine gives up small

    This makes us want to bet it all

    Then the machine takes twice as much

    There is no trick or special touch

    If you luck up this is too rare

    Provided you have cash to spare

    They say to win bet in large sums

    Go right ahead - this move is dumb

    These funds that you dispense with glee

    You may need for your family

    How will you pay for food or rent

    God watched you squander every cent

    When will we learn?

    What will it take?

    Over our heads

    Must something break?

    Think twice or frivolously spend

    Our precious cash

    In Satan's den.


    The Great I Am

    Beautiful child so full of play

    Won't ever hear a word I say

    For you are deaf as deaf can be

    A fact that broke the heart of me

    My thoughts then strayed

    To the profound

    Although you cannot hear

    A sound

    You'll always hear

    The voice of God

    An inner peace

    Without façade

    The hearing world

    Won't ever know

    Just why your face

    Is all aglow

    For constantly

    You will be fed

    With words of truth

    Your daily bread

    Ruled by this world?

    I don't think so

    For God himself you'll always know

    A special child to me you are

    A child of God

    A rising star


    Trials Of A

    Preacher Man

    A man once told great stories

    About the events of biblical times,

    He even recited favorite scriptures

    From the memory of his mind.

    He recalled many verses and preached

    What little he had studied of each,

    And his reason ordained unknown

    Until God's anointment was shown

    One day he began to collapse

    Falling down from high to low,

    And by the time he felt life's bottom

    There was no place to perform his show.

    Now he's able to feel and reach

    The pain of those he used to tell,

    How God can save any man

    From the fiery trials of hell.


    Love Of Nature

    You're the light of the sun in my life

    You're the raindrops that fall upon my face

    You're the stars that light up the night sky

    You're the snow, pure and white, that falls to earth

    You're the warmth from the golden sands of the desert

    You're the winds that howl a love song into my ears

    You're the moon light that brings ro-mance into my life

    You're the four seasons that bring beauty to the earth

    You are all these things and more

    And you are the reason you see

    Why we fell in love, Mother Nature and Me…

    (Written for my friend, Maria Sinson)


    The C.N.A.

    The C.N.A. works hard each day

    To makes other's lives better

    They in turn work with concern

    Do caring to the letter

    And when that resident is sad

    They hug and kiss them too

    All that they ask is a kind word

    To help them to get through

    Those C.N.A.'s, their work is hard

    But no - they don't complain

    They come like soldiers to the front

    In snow and sleet and rain

    So do not look down on them

    They are angels in disguise

    Because they are so caring

    They have favor in God's eyes.


    Poems for publication can be submitted at any time. The Wave reserves the right to withhold any poem from publication that it deems inappropriate or offensive. Poems may be submitted by e-mail to editor@rockawave.com, by mail or by fax @ 718-945-0913. Each submission must include the name, address and telephone number of the poet. A short biography would be appreciated.

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