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Follow Long Beach’s Lead

Dear Editor:

Why try to re-invent the wheel when it comes to lifeguard coverage on our beaches?  If we take a clue from Long Beach (where there are almost as many adults riding bicycles to the beach as there are cars in the

community), they have one or two beaches that are designated for swimming up to 8 p.m. under special circumstances, such as hot days.  Here is Rockaway, one or two beaches in a central location can be easily designated for this - and lifeguard hours adjusted for the few that are needed.  All beaches don’t need their hours adjusted to take advantage of the surf after 6 p.m. – just one or two.  If people want to go to the beach and swim safely after hours, a few minutes of travel to those open beaches would not be an inconvenience.

For those that are physically challenged, the City of Long Beach has

three access ramps to the boardwalk that are easily access by those who are physically challenged.  There is also a ramp on Tennessee Avenue that has been designed for easy cross-over.  Surf Chairs for the physically

challenged are available by contacting Lifeguard Headquarters or requesting one at an entrance booth.  Beach Patrol personnel will bring one to you.  We will also have roll-out ramps so you can easily go right down to the surf line at Neptune Boulevard, National Boulevard, and New York Avenue.

Beach access for all is a right.  The hours are an easy fix.  The City of New York’s apparent violations of Federal ADA laws need to be addressed.

This is an easy lawsuit to file for those who want to file a grievance.


From A New Resident

The following letter was sent to City Councilman Joseph Addabbo, Jr.

Dear Mr. Addabbo,

My name is Anastasia Kerris, and I just moved to Rockaway Park in April.  I live on the corner of Shore Front Parkway and Beach 102 Street in the new “Shore Front Condominium”.  My husband, Michael Kerris, owns the development company of that project (FrameWorks Group), as well at the new condos being built on Shore Front Parkway and B 101 St. (“Belle Shores Condominium”). We have a vested interest in the development and betterment of Rockaway Park.

Overall, I am pleased living in Rockaway. It’s great enjoying the beach, and the residents are friendly.  However, I have a few issues of concern that I’d like to bring to your attention.

I work in Manhattan and commute via the A subway line. I am very disappointed by how many pigeons are in the B 105 subway station.  The station is always covered in the pigeons’ excrement. It is dirty and smelly. I often have to hold my nose so as not to breathe the foul fumes. The station needs to be cleaned more often, and perhaps something can be done to get rid of the pigeons.

I am happy to see the new kids’ playground on the sand on Beach 103 Street, but I am concerned that it is still not completed. I read in The Wave that it was to be completed by Memorial Day weekend. I haven’t seen anyone working on it in weeks. Would you please arrange to have it finished quickly so that the children can enjoy it this summer. So many residents would benefit from it.

I am also glad to see that there have been some new plantings in the seating area on Shore Front Parkway between Beach 101-102 Streets (beneath the boardwalk, at street level). That will certainly enhance the area. However, there are many (red) wood planks missing on the base of the boardwalk on Shore Front Parkway on Beach 101 – Beach 102 Streets., which detracts from the appeal of the area, and makes it look run down. Can you please arrange to have them repaired as soon as possible?

I have been enjoying the boardwalk and often take walks around the neighborhood. I was extremely disappointed last week when I found garbage all over the beach around B 114-118th Streets, where the nursing homes are. It was completely filthy, with garbage flying everywhere, and I was embarrassed for the neighborhood. What can be done to arrange for prompt clean-up after the busy

beach weekends?

Thank you for the opportunity to voice my opinion.  I am very interested in making Rockaway Park a better place to live, somewhere people are proud to call home.


This Is Not 1945

Dear Editor,

To comment on last week’s [parking] meeting, in my opinion it was a true farce. 

Attending this meeting I became aware of how many people in this community are truly brainwashed by one individual. 

In saying this I feel that we are a two-part community and not at all united.  This has become more than just the issue of parking on the Boulevard or anywhere else for that matter. 

This has touched a very personal issue.  Edward Re, who thinks he owns this community and has the right to insult whomever he desires and is able to get away with it.  Yes, I do own a wood framed house and yes, I am very proud of it because I am an honest and hard working person who would never insult someone because they don’t have the money or power to get away with being dishonest and selfish. 

I don’t use my community to get what I want.  I was told that he has the right to express his opinion, well guess what? I am expressing mine.  If this community wants such a low life to run their lives, LET IT BE, however I refuse to.  It was mentioned there are 600 members in this organization at $30 dollars per family. Where is this money and who gets the pleasure of using it.  Can any one who is honest enough explain this to me and prove it as well because I don’t see anything really happening in this community to show me any real changes.  But no one will be honest enough to show the true books of how this money is really being used.  This man tells these people whatever he wants and of course they believe him and never question a thing. 

Could it be that his stucco and brick are actually being donated?  He made a mention that everyone received a postcard regarding the medians on the Blvd, how come I as a paid member never received this postcard?  How many more paid members I would like to know have not received this postcard? 

Well the one’s I have asked about it told me they didn’t receive it neither.  Maybe it could be that the one’s who received it were the one’s he knew for a fact was not going to reject it?  Hmm, very interesting thought. Who is this guy trying to actually fool.  If he hasn’t looked at the calendar lately I’ll clue him in, this is the year “2005”  NOT “1945”,  so you see, we don’t need a little Hitler in our mist to dictate to us on how to live our lives.  Those days are over sir, people are free, if you haven’t noticed well I am letting you know.  Some day your followers will have the fog cleared from their eyes and they will be able to see clearly exactly who you truly are.  Fortunately for me sir I already know who you are, and that sir is my opinion which I am entitled to freely express because “THIS IS AMERICA” land of the free.



A Bunch Of Babies

In Rockaway

Dear Editor,

Now don’t get me wrong…I am the first to admit that we all must take responsibility for our actions. I don’t need someone standing by an open window to warn me about gravity, or by a stairway telling me to step down without breaking my neck. Common sense, right? For grownups, sure.

But the city doesn’t treat us people in Rockaway like grownups. To them, we’re just a bunch of babies who don’t know anything about the ocean. Forget that we have just been watching the tsunami all year on TV, killing all those people. But still, the city doesn’t trust us to know what the ocean can do. In Rockaway they tell me I can’t go near the ocean without city workers watching me, on city hours, getting city money. And if I do go in without city eyes on me, well, I get spanked, either with a day in court or some money out of my pocket. I guess babies need a good spanking every now and then since they don’t have the common sense of the muscle power to take care of themselves.

Now, nobody here asked the city for it’s “help.” They took it. They decided that we’re all too stupid to walk without them holding our hand. They don’t think we can read a sign that says, “Swim At Your Own Risk.” Hey, they took this responsibility and they have been making us pay for years. Fine.

Last week, at 6:30 p.m., a couple of black brothers drowned in the ocean at Beach 93 Street. The city said it was going to watch. They were supposed to be watching. Well, they have to pay for their mistake…and pay big.

If I leave my little child home alone and he falls out a window or drowns in the bathtub, I’m the one paying – no one else. It’s my child. I had him. I take that responsibility. I’m the one going to jail or court. I take responsibility because I decided to have that child. Well damn, the city made all of us its babies.

My heart goes out to the family of the brothers who drowned. But I think that family should sue the city hard for the babies the city lost, the ones they took responsibility to watch. The city has been spanking Rockaway for years for getting our feet wet before 10 and after 6….or for walking on the sand under the moonlight in July when it’s too hot in our rooms to sleep. Well, hell, my mother always told me, “whoever thinks they can spank your behind, they better be cleaning your diaper too!”


What Do We Need Him For?

Dear Editor,

This letter is directed to Councilman James Sanders and my fellow 31st district voters.

Councilman, where have you been? In the last four weeks I have seen more of Councilman Sanders than I have in the last three years. Could it be time for re-election?

I have personally written five letters to Councilman Sanders requesting help and to date still have not even received the rubber stamp letter saying that it was received. My calls never reach the councilman only his employees who also do not follow up.

In recent weeks I became even more disturbed to read that my City Councilman is not showing financial responsibility and breaking the law by failing to file his financial reports as to the who, what, where and when of how the money entering his district is being spent. As a small business owner if this was me or even you my fellow voters, the IRS would arrest first and ask questions later.

My councilman has disappointed me by not doing the honorable, Marine Corps thing and accepting responsibility; he has blamed it on his staff and former supporters claiming that it wasn’t him and that he is not involved. I ask my councilman if your staff (former and present) and supporters are not accountable to you then who are they accountable to?

My favorite excuse was, “I am too busy bringing home the bacon to my district.” My question is, that sounds great, but where is the bacon and how it is being spent? With all the financial crimes we have seen lately I truly want to know where is the bacon being spent? And I do not mean pledges and promises for tomorrow but actual invoices, cancelled checks and true material that I can go and take a look at for myself. As a taxpayer and voter I truly want to know why the Campaign Finance Board is not doing something other than telling him to get it together and allowing him time to do it as well.

To my fellow voters ask yourself if our representative in City Council, who just so happens to sit on the Economic Development Committee, is not responsible for his financial reporting, breaks the law and is only visible at election time, what do we need him for?

I plan to attend the community wedding reception and I must admit, I am curious as to who is paying for this community reception. I guess I will have to wait along with everyone else to see the financials once they are finally submitted to the Campaign Finance Board.


Family Friends Began In

Broad Channel

Dear Editor,

I didn’t know the true meaning of family friends until now. My family (the Moynihan’s) and the Horan family grew up in Broad Channel. I still reside in B.C. Our families went to ballgames, bbq’s and vacations together year after year growing up.

As my family moved to Spring Hill, Florida, so did the Horans. While visiting my family in Florida, the Horans also came to greet me.

It wasn’t until my mother’s death in September, the Horans came calling again. Eddie, Sr. kept dad in good spirits while his daughters, (Eileen, Doris, Maureen) cooked and cleaned up after services for my mother.

Now, as my mother’s birthday is here, so are the Horans. Doris Horan Vergoda wrote a beautiful poem for myself and sister Edna to dedicate to our mom on her birthday. We can’t thank the Horans enough. Kindness and friendship must be in the Broad Channel air.



Land Thieves

Dear Editor,

We are losing Rockaway. No watching out for your interests can be expected from our currently-local politicians, or from our recently-local politicians, all of whom are whoring for the land thieves besetting us.

I know and want to speak about vital things you are unaware of. I do not have the time to organize a community meeting. Reader: get one together and invite me.


Wave Blackens A Reputation

Dear Editor,

I believe it is unfair to use anonymous sources to blacken the reputation of the former owner of O’Mac’s or anyone else. The man was an asset to the community, and I was pained to see the accusations printed in your paper. It’s sad that you could not await the results of the audit to be carried out by the postal inspectors.

In your instructions to potential writers of Letters to the Editor, you advise that you will no longer publish letters that are anonymous unless “there is a compelling public interest to do so.” You should rethink your policy of using anonymous sources to tarnish a person’s good name as well.


Welcome To Little Rio –

Beach 116 Street

Dear Editor,

This letter is in rebuttle to Neponsit Jane Kane’s recent letter about her “Castle In The Sand” – The Ocean Grande. You may be a visionary but the reality today and for many years to come for Beach 116 Street is not quaint shops and Starbucks’ $4 cups of coffee.

Being up in your insulated, unreal world of Neponsit, you have no idea who the residents of the Beach 116 Street area are. They are good hardworking people with their own lifestyle. Do you want to chase them away to fit your Hamptons like image as you gentrify Beach 116 Street? Is this the bill of goods that the greedy developer and sales people sold you?

What’s wrong with people having bars to go into on 116 Street? There are only two. You have no right to “look down your nose” at the bars and the residents that patronize them. Most of them are longtime generational residents who remember when Rockaway was beautiful. These people have every right to enjoy their Honky Tonk Beer Bars. You seem to want to replace them with fancy wine and cheese lounges. Like Mayor Bloomberg, you probably believe wine is fine in Central Park but beer is no good in Rockaway.

You missed the main point of my letter. You talk about me looking for easy parking; the reality is that there will be no parking. If you have visitors coming to your castle in the sand during the summer and even in the off season, there will be no place for them to park and eventually you will probably have no visitors because of the parking situation the Ocean Grande will create.

And the “down for the dayers” will continue to come from all parts of the city. This is a public beach and not like the public beach that the Neponsit people made private.

They will still shower in front of your building. You will be serenaded by Salsa music on the beach and the women will parade around in their g-string bikinis. Welcome to Little Rio.

Also, are you aware of what happened last Wednesday? Thousands of high school kids descended on the beach in front of your building on 116 Street. There was loud music; there were fights; there was a stabbing and many of the students were taken off in cuffs. Even the police were afraid to go into the crowd. It was reported that one female police officer told her partner that there was no way she was going into that crowd as she wanted to be able to go home that night. Welcome to Beach 116 Street, Neponsit Jane.

All I’m trying to do is warn the new owners in the Ocean Grande about the reality of Beach 116 Street, and what the greedy developers and sales people of the Ocean Grande are not telling you.

Rockaway was New York City’s best-kept secret but no more thanks to the greedy developers who found Rockaway and are proceeding to destroy our lifestyle.


Mr. Auer’s House -

Old Photo Information

Dear Editor,

This letter is in response to the photo that appeared on the bottom of page 20 of the June 10, 2005 edition of The Wave.

Without a doubt, that is the southwest corner of Beach 95 Street.

Mr. Auer, who passed away in the late 1980’s or early 1990’s, owned, operated and built the custard stand that pretty much sat on his front lawn and was adorned with his name.

The marchers are just steps away from the Doughboy memorial statue, which still stands between Beach 94 and 95 Street on Rockaway Beach Boulevard.

I’m almost certain the two brick buildings in the photo nearer to Beach 96 Street’s corner still stand. At least they did the last time I looked.

Mr. Auer’s personal residence was the corner house (with the lighter color wood shingles). About 1986 or so he had given me the listing to sell it. As I was looking over the building and taking notes, I got to the basement and was very surprised to see that this sizable house with full basement was sitting on a totally wooden foundation. I had never seen something like that before or since. By the way, the foundation of the building was as sound as a bell.

Mr. Auer also owned (and sold in the mid-1980’s, for $100,000) a courtyard of two-story bungalows on Shore Front Parkway and Beach 96 Street.

Keep the old photos coming.



The Trauma Of Breaking

An Arm, Twice

Dear Editor,

After a biking accident, our 11 year old son broke his arm twice and landed at St. John’s Episcopal Hospital, where Dr. James Henry took excellent care, alleviated our fears and treated him like he was the only patient in the entire hospital. In addition, we encountered some people who cannot go without mention: Mrs. Cynthia Stephens who runs the O.R.; Drs. Lin and Villanueva, who managed his pain like he was a child of their own; and Cassandra St. Furcy, who oversees the Ambulatory Surgery Unit and all the day nurses in Pediatrics.

I have to say that a broken arm, especially one that is broken in two places, is an event that no parent can forget. However, because of the staff at St. John’s Episcopal Hospital, we won’t remember this as a horrible event, but as a time when we were nurtured, treated with compassion and given the benefit of years of medical experience. Thank you, St. John’s. You definitely “rock” in the Rockaways.


A Tragedy Is Imminent

Dear Editor;

I live on Beach 128 Street and have two small children who LOVE the beach. 

For the past month, every time we go to the beach there is no lifeguard on either Beach 127 or Beach 129 Streets, or as in today’s case, either beach. 

I understand that the Parks Department is worried that someone might drown, but for their employees to drive their dune buggies at EXCESS speeds on the beach FULL of children in order to tell me that my two- year-old isn’t allowed to be in the water up to his ankles, when I’m standing in the water with him, because there is no lifeguard is ridiculous and reckless.  

First of all, if you think I’d leave the life of my two year old in the hands of the lifeguards, you’re nuts right there, but when these people come speeding along like there’s a fire, or someone is really drowning, it’s just absurd.   They need to pay more lifeguards instead of buying these high speed, dangerous TOYS for the Parks Department.  They’re so afraid of someone drowning; they should worry more about the children they might hit on the beach.  Mark my words, a tragedy is imminent.


Where Are Parks Officials?

Dear Editor,                                           

The continuing dialogue about beach safety will serve a purpose if Parks Department officials read and act upon the letters and editorials. Even brief water safety instruction would reduce panic and tired swimmers could float, tread water or hold ropes and barrels until they catch their breath or are assisted by others. Parks must listen to the many experienced swimmers and educators in our community.

When and where will Parks officials join in the dialogue?



Thank You, Peninsula

Dear Editor,

Having experience a severe attack, and not knowing what the cause was, my husband called 9/11. The FDNY and EMS responded in record time and made me feel I was in good hands. Peninsula Hospital ER, under the care of Dr. Frieda Lozanoff, resulted in my being admitted for gall bladder surgery. During my seven days in Three North, I experienced the most professional and caring staff. My heartfelt gratitude goes to the surgeon, Dr. Thomas Lubeski who clearly explained the step by step procedure he planned to perform thus calming my fears.

The care and treatment I received by the staff in Three North made my stay bearable and was a credit to their professionalism. A special thank you to Mr. Robert Levine for his administrative genius for making PHC function so well.


The Little Big Things

Dear Editor,

A public thanks goes a long way to say how much we appreciate the time and energies of the invitees.

On June 17, at 10:30 a.m. a kindergarten graduation at Hammels Arverne Day Care Center took place. We invited City Councilman Joseph Addabbo and community affairs officer Peter Griffith to attend as guest speakers. It was unusually small graduation of six students. Nonetheless, it was important to the participants and their families.

It was thought that the speaker’s names should not be placed on the program in case they did not attend. I nixed that idea with the unfailing faith that because of their commitment to the community these two honorable men care enough to show up even when the paparazzi aren’t looking. Both men attended without rushing off when others might have desired a larger crowd.

Officer Griffith addressed the graduates and their guests and he did so eloquently. Councilman Addabbo did not forget to bring certificates with the names of the graduates on them. Let me close by saying, “It’s not just the deeds we do when everyone is looking, it’s the little big things we do when no one is looking.”



No Longer Member

Dear Editor,

I would just like to say that I will no longer be a member of the Rockaway Park Homeowner/Residents Association due to the fact that I refuse to be a part of a group that only one person has the right to decide the future of our community. 

I have resided in my wood-framed house for thirty years come this July and I was proud to be a resident here and support things that needed to be supported, but now that I know that I have no rights to speak my mind and make any decisions or fight for what I feel is right for this community I am not so proud to live here. 

People like Mr. Re make living here embarrassing and humiliating. When one person can personally attack others and get away with it that really shows me that there is no community to support.  I can’t understand how some people can actually support this man’s ideas and opinions.  To me this man is a little Hitler and nothing more, dictating to us what he wants and if he doesn’t get his way he starts to personally attack you.  No thanks I don’t need to be a part of his phony boloney association.  I wish those a lot of luck who remain following this man, because at the end they also will see how bad they will get screwed.


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