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Hail and Farewell
By Dr. Nancy Gahles

DR. nancy gahlesDR. nancy gahles The ending of the school year is anticipated with different emotions expressed uniquely depending on one’s frame of reference to the world. Hail and farewell is the salutation that graduates use to greet the future and to bid goodbye to the past. For many children and young adults, both of these situations present anxious moments. The fear of change is typical when ending one’s known school and beginning another. Associated with this can be the fear of undertaking a new enterprise with it’s attendant worries for the future and lack of self-confidence. Anticipation anxiety of all types can be felt when preparing for the future in a new school, college, or dorm or job. The farewell part can generate feelings of sentimentality that can range from mild sadness to feelings of separation akin to homesickness. Some people find it difficult to express their feelings and in fact, may not be aware of exactly what it is that they are feeling at these times. They might act dramatically different to family and friends without knowing how to unwind themselves.

The art of healing called Homeopathy addresses these concerns by observing the state that the person is in. This is the state that presents itself as different or out of proportion to their usual selves. We often hear the phrase “What a state she was in!” to describe someone whose condition is unusual or exaggerated. The state that they are in will match the state of a remedy in the Homeopathic Material Medica and when properly prescribed can alleviate the suffering for the patient and for all involved.

Two homeopathic remedies, Pulsatilla and Lycopodium, are commonly used for people who suffer from the changes that graduations bring. You can recognize them by their “state”. Both remedy types will be anxious and moody as year end approaches. Both types will be aggravated by the mental exertion of studying for exams. They can become confused and experience difficulty concentrating. The emotional excitement creates stress for them that leads to moaning, lamenting and weeping in Pulsatilla types though they can go to the angry, screaming, stamping side as easily and quickly. They are likely to be upset if they aren’t invited to graduation parties or left out in some way from the festivities.

Lycopodium type people tend to be more domineering and dictatorial at home and present themselves with model behavior at school. They are especially sensitive to disappointment and can become mortified if they feel they have let you or their teachers down. They are likely to feel this way if they do not receive honors or expected awards and may react by withdrawing from parties.

Both of these scenarios illustrate the point that sensitivity to the uniqueness of your graduate is of paramount importance in easing the transition from one stage to the next. Congratulations are always in order. It doesn’t matter whether the achievements of the graduate have met your expectations or not. It matters that the graduate has come to this point with a full set of experiences. All of which have left an indelible print in their Book of Life. Each chapter will recall times that were triumphant and times that were challenges. And they were all good. Each experience has built character into the person who will move forward with more confidence and the enthusiasm necessary to take on new situations and to take them in stride.

If you feel that you or your child is not negotiating this transition well, it is best to consult with a qualified homeopathic practitioner. You can locate one in your area by visiting www.homeopathic.org or e-mail me at askDrNancy@aol.com for a recommendation.

Beginnings and endings, the hails and farewells, are an integral part of life and relationships. Understanding where we stand in the circle allows us to function freely and effectively, expressing our own authentic selves on an ongoing basis, and gathering momentum. It will eventually come to pass when there will be no graduations, simply gradations of that delusion called time. Becoming all that we already are, connecting to all that already is. Hail and farewell blending one into the other like daybreak following night or the one breath following at then end of another.

My Blessings To All Graduates!

Live joyously, embracing each moment as though it were the last. And the next one as though it were the first. Heartbeat to heartbeat. The cycle of life. Eternal. It just is. And that’s good enough.

May The Blessings Be!

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