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Wonderful Care At Peninsula

Dear Editor,

As a Rockaway resident of many years I am writing this letter to thank Peninsula Hospital Center for the wonderful care that I received recently when I had a series of tests performed there. Not only were these tests done efficiently and accurately but the care and attention that I received was far and beyond what I had experienced at other facilities. Both my husband Dr. Fox and I were very pleased with the kindness and help given to me by all of the employees, nurses and supervisors I encountered while having these tests performed.

This experience has made us realize that there is no reason to venture outside the Rockaway Peninsula when one needs medical attention. Thanks once again to The Peninsula Hospital Center and all those who work there.


We Need A New Mayor

Dear Editor,

We are writing to you after many months, to alert you to several facts and I will list them in the order of importance. Firstly, the mayor keeps saying that he wishes to have a sports complex in Manhattan, and the city is willing to spend more than $600 million for it, but he has the nerve to say that he has no money for emergency services such as the NYPD and the FDNY.

It has been shown that the mayor could care less about the lives of the citizens of New York City, by the closing of six firehouses and by taking one firefighter off engine companies. All that he has done in the past year has caused extreme danger for everyone.

The mayor has the nerve to appoint a fire chief who knows nothing at all about fire operations, and the only reason why he got the job, is his political contacts with the mayor. What this man has done to the FDNY is nothing but an insult to the bravest firefighters in the world, by taking away their house patches and not allowing the good Irish firefighters to wear green hat at their parades.

We have to get rid of this mayor in November and get a new mayor who will do something good for our city. It seems to us that all the appointments made by this mayor are all political, even if the person has no work related experiences – such as the bosses at the OEM.

Why can’t the mayor make use of volunteers, such as firefighters, medical, police and other emergency disaster volunteer services? The more help the city gets, the better. Help at incidents is needed. I have been a volunteer firefighter for 49 years, working for the community, by going in harms way 24-7, so that others may live, but the dictator in City Hall has shown all of us that he could care less.

Why is it that there is not one single evacuation sign in the Rockaways (only in Nassau County)? Why is it that there is no preparation for weather disasters that could hit us? I will tell you why: because our mayor and the fire chief and the police chief could care less about the Rockaways. And to top it all off our local elected officials have also shown us that they also could care less. We are calling out to you to have a town hall meeting and invite our elected officials and the bunch of dictators from City Hall, and lets get all of this out in the open.

What we fail to understand is why this so-called mayor is causing the downgrading of the FDNY and why is he seeking to give all the action to the NYPD. It looks like the police chief can do no wrong and gets whatever he wishes from the mayor. As a firefighter for over 40 years, I feel that it is a great slap in the face to all my brothers, be they paid or volunteer and that the mayor feels that the FDNY can go to hell.

Why is he doing this? It is because of his political buddies who he has in office as the police chief and as the fire chief. It is bad enough that he has taken steps to tie the hands of the FDNY to the extent that there is nothing for them to do, except fight fires. The police department is not God in this city, and if the fire unions are smart, they will not back him in November.

The sooner we get rid of the mayor and his police chief and fire chief, the better this city will be. He has done nothing at all but hurt this city, and it seems to us that he just doesn’t get it. Both the paid (who cannot speak out being city workers) and the volunteers, who can speak out, feel that he has told all firefighters regardless of their status to go to hell. And it hurts all of us.

What we need in this city is a new fire chief who knows what he is doing, and does not go around issuing orders that insult his members. Secondly, we need a new police chief who will not insult the FDNY by his actions and thirdly, a mayor who gets rid of his political buddies who run the OEM.


Don’t Blame Seniors

Dear Editor,

Senior citizens are constantly being criticized for every conceivable deficiency of the modern world – real or imaginary. We know we take responsibility for all we have done and do not blame others.

However, upon reflection, we would like to point out that it was not the senior citizens who took:

The melody out of music;

The pride out of appearance;

The courtesy out of driving;

The romance out of love;

The commitment out of marriage;

The responsibility out of parenthood;

The togetherness out of the family;

The learning out of education;

The service out of patriotism;

The Golden Rule from rulers;

The nativity scene out of cities;

The civility out of behavior;

The refinement out of language;

The dedication out of employment;

The prudence out of spending;

The ambition out of achievement, or God out of government and school.

And we are certainly not the ones who eliminated patience and tolerance from personal relationships and interactions with others. And we do understand the meaning of patriotism, and remember those who have fought and died for our country.

Does anyone under the age of 50 know the lyrics to the Star Spangled Banner? What about the last verse of My Country Tis of Thee?

“Our father’s God to thee,

Author of liberty,

To Thee we sing.

Long may our land be bright,

With freedoms holy light,

Protect us by Thy might,

Great God our King.”

Just look at the seniors with tears in their eyes and pride in their hearts as they stand at attention with their hand over their hearts. And yes, I’m a senior citizen.


Wave Is Biased On

Parking Issue

Dear Editor,

I’d like to express my disappointment in last week’s article, DOT: Removing No Parking Any Time Signs Is ‘Feasible’ – page 6. As I stated in our telephone conversation last week, most residents feel The Wave is one sided on the issue. Although the article addressed one of my concerns, I feel it did not address the entire safety subject.

As parents, we teach our children to gather all the facts before making a decision. How can residents form an educated decision on this issue when all they are reading is the need for more parking? Parking convenience is not the only issue. This community has had two lanes for traffic at this location for centuries. With the current housing boom, why decrease our roadways?

In speaking with residents, I found that safety, for themselves and their children, is the number one concern for keeping “No Parking Anytime” on Rockaway Beach Boulevard. Wherever center malls have been constructed, especially Beach 125 Street to Beach 128 Street which are being reviewed at CB14 Transportation Committee meeting on June 1.

Having two lanes enhances response time for emergency vehicles by: allowing motorists to pull over to the right, as required by law – preventing congestion so emergency vehicles can pass – every second counts; and allows a wider area for the large fire department trucks to make right turns – every second counts.

Having two lanes provides an unobstructed view for: drivers turning on the corners or crossing an intersection, especially with the many SUV’s that block their vision; drivers exiting their driveways; and child or individual stepping into the street - at a corner and/or in between cars (which children tend to do).

It prevents drivers and passengers from having to enter/exit cars so close to the busy traffic lane with little room to open the door.

Having two lanes prevents traffic congestion by allowing: a disabled vehicle to pull over, allowing others to pass; room to pass sanitation vehicle during collection which occurs twice a week; and room for snow accumulation when streets are plowed.

It provides a buffer zone as motorists have room to swerve to avoid a potential accident (avoiding an injury or worse a fatality). It also prevents cyclists and joggers from having to ride in the same lane as traffic, as it is illegal to ride bikes on the sidewalk.

Since The Wave is a community newspaper, I would appreciate it if you would list these concerns so that all residents can make an educated decision on the matter. Is gaining a few parking spots worth risking our safety and more importantly our children’s? All I ask is that parking convenience never come before safety.


Remembers Rockaway Fondly

Dear Editor:

When I lived on Rockaway in the 1940’s Robert Moses changed many roads. Around 1943-1944, an overpass was built from the plaza (Beach 94th-95th Street) over the road to the boardwalk. I have a picture of me sitting on the railing above the boardwalk. Shortly after, a fierce hurricane caused much damage and completely destroyed the overpass and it was never rebuilt. Do you have any information about that period of time? Robert Moses also cut one or two houses in half in order to build the new road. Today they are still standing there.

Rockaway was a great place to live and raise children. We went to the beach nearly every day and the kids could play all they wanted and still come home sandy but clean. In the ocean there use to be ropes to hold to when you went swimming. Mostly the elderly took advantage. Fishing was a great pastime on Jamaica Bay Bridge. Also boating in the bay and camping on one of the islands on busy weekends when the beach was too crowded

My friends, Jackie, Elsie and I graduated from P. S. 44 Queens in 1943 and we still keep in touch. It was always fun every Wednesday to go down to Beach 92nd Street to watch the fireworks and then walk through Playland. What a great time we had growing up and then raising our children in Rockaway.

We now live in Massapequa Park, but the ocean isn’t as nice as my faithful Rockaway Beach.


No Parking Regulations

Hurt Community

Dear Editor,

The following letter was sent to Community Board 14.

I believe the No Parking regulations actually hurt Rockaway. There are two things happening because the No Parking regulations are in effect. Houses and buildings with more than one car households are ripping up their lawns and other greenery to create a makeshift driveway and residents can’t park in their own neighborhood.

This is and has been destroying the natural beauty of Rockaway for years now. For example, in a sampling of four-blocks of where I live you can see what has happened throughout Rockaway. Only one side of Beach 121 Street is very green and beautiful; however on Beach 119, 120 and 122 Streets most of greenery has been replaced by cement.

This only happening because residents and/or landlords are being forced to pave over their front lawns. Beach 127 Street is another prime example of the need for parking.

Besides the lawns being ripped up for these makeshift parking spaces, authentic driveways spill over into the sidewalk and block pedestrian passage. When 4 or 5 cars are parked in one driveway and block the sidewalk, this forces pedestrians to walk in the street. This is the real traffic hazard.

Besides the regular restrictions against parking, I find the summer restrictions a slap in the face. Residents without driveways or parking spaces and tourists alike can’t park their cars on weekends and holidays. In other parts of the country they allow residents to have permits and allow for 2-hour non-resident parking. Maybe Rockaway should follow suit.

I request that all restrictions get revamped or removed. Rockaway is a beach town. It is a gem of Queens, of New York City, of New York State. How can we expect tourists and others to come here? What “No parking” really means is “You Are Not Welcome Here.”

In addition to removing restrictions, loosening up parking regulations will help all of Rockaway. Right now, Rockaway is recapturing its glory days, and real estate is at an all time high. Developers have finally taken notice and are building or refurbishing, let’s help it arrive and stay.

Let tourists and other NYC residents come to the beach, park and spend their money.

More people might mean Beach 116 Street will finally improve. More people leads to more money being poured into the community which in turn creates better quality, better quality, better services, better stores, etc.

I thank you in advance for your attention to the matter.


Question of Teaching

Concerning your article on page 34 of the Wave on May 2, 2005. I was glad that many people are becoming more aware of what’s really being taught in schools. I did want you to extend though! Not all Evangelical Protestant Christians behave in that manner. And since Darwinism (the theory of Evolution) hasn’t been proven either scientifically, and there also are many scientists on the opposite side who would out and out tell you there isn’t enough proof DNA or skeletal evidence to prove such a theory. Did you know Darwin was the son of a minister? To most Christians, he rebelled against his father’s faith? “Intelligent Design” was brought together to give youth the chance to compare, research and choose for themselves, which in our public schools systems, they are now not currently being given that choice.

I do thank you for your articles and research, and would like you to extend your research and opinions, as so many parents do, I think school should be teaching just academics.


Saving a Life

On May 24, 2005 at 2:30 p.m., my life was saved by a student from school that I work at. Justice Gaines, a sixth grade student ability noticed that my life was in danger because of a school bus attempting to park in front of the building. As I was about to step into the street, Justice held on to my arm and prevented me from being struck by the bus. There is no doubt in my mind that if it wasn’t for him, my life would have been in danger. Justice Gaines, thank you for your kindness. Sincerely yours


PS 225 Q

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