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Our Weakest Point

  • Sometimes when we are at our weakest point
  • When hope seems so far

    Our faith is so low

    A silent voice we'll hear saying

    It will be alright in the sweet by and by

    And at this point we try so hard to believe

    What we are hearing

    But somewhere deep inside of us

    We still don't believe because

    Everything that could go wrong

    Has gone wrong

    We keep praying the serenity prayer

    Day by day the pain lessens

    We see a little ray of hope

    Not too much

    Just a wee bit enough for us

    To hold on to

    And then we sit down and think

    Back to all the hurdles and all

    The storms that God has brought us though

    We remember each one and begin to laugh out loud

    Thanking and praising God for all the

    Troubles he has brought us through


    Bring Back

    The Music

    Her heart was as light as a small bird in flight

    As she danced to a merry old tune

    With two lively fiddles, banjo in the middle

    Her heart was as full as the moon.

    He was as drunk as a fogbound skunk

    And he filled up the corner with gloom,

    Then he started a fight that lasted all night

    And ended up well past noon.

    That very same day she put him away -

    She was sick of his meanness and booze

    To get the job done, she borrowed his gun

    And she shot him right of his shoes.

    Now the music is gone for lovely Yvonne

    No dancing, no fiddles, no fun.

    Now the year's dragging on by and her song is a sigh

    And the things that she loved are all done.

    Oh, bring back the music and dancing,

    Bring back the laughter and song,

    Bring back the pure joy of living

    From before Yvonne done him wrong.


    Black Man Prayer

    Sometimes I don't know if I wanna live

    Walls closing in and I have nothing to give

    Pain builds time passes gradually

    Lonely at heart a vulnerable soul

    Searching blind in the dark

    Not yet knowing what I seek

    In my path hoping each breath

    I take won't be my last

    Friends gone locked up some dead

    In a grave at night I look upon

    The sky that's dark as jade

    Hoping, wondering

    Will I make it tomorrow and

    If I do will it just be another day of sorrow?


    Against All Odds

    Life will not always be easy

    For that's not how reality can be,

    So if things seem difficult or impossi-ble

    Remember determination is the only guaranty.

    You have the power to defeat more

    Than the odds of a thousand men,

    And to conquer the enemy of life

    With a force that comes from within.

    It is better to rise above all

    Than to settle beneath those against thee;

    A wise man fights for his survival

    While the fool ignores his misery.

    So whenever the sides are uneven

    And the rules seem unfair,

    Allow your confidence to disregard,

    For you were chosen to win

    Against all odds.



    Far away in Rockaway

    With waters shimmering bright

    And golden sands that warm the soul

    Where birds have taken flight

    The sky and sun are brighter here

    Along the endless coast

    Although with beaches all ground

    Of this I will boast.


    Missing Friends

    Gone are my friends like the late au-tumn leaves

    Gone are my friends while I am left to grieve

    Gone are my friends for whom I hold so dear in my heart

    Gone are my friends whose voices I still hear even though we are apart

    Gone are my friends who have shared their lives with mine

    Gone are my friends if only once more I could touch

    Gone are my friends whom I loved so very much

    Gone are my friends who had shared many laughs with me

    Gone are my friends for in my heart they shall always be

    Gone are my friends, but this is not the end

    For someday down the road, we shall meet again.

    In Memory of Raymond Rosado and Michael Sweeney


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