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Greedy Oil Barons Dear Editor;

It seems inconceivable that a few desert sheikhs, in conspiracy with other greedy oil barons, can hold the industrialized world hostage, raising crude oil prices at a whim without justification. The oil cartel is nothing less then a self-serving monopoly, which can bring world production to a halt at will. We still remember the early Seventies when an oil embargo affected our way of life. The sheikhs turned off the oil spigots because of a preconceived notion that we wronged their friends.

Nature has its ways. Some parts of the world are endowed with huge oil deposits. To keep things in balance, those vast deposits are covered by a sea of drifting sand, surrounded by bodies of salt water, and where palatable water is doled out with a teaspoon.

Other lands on the surface might appear less fortunate, with no great oil or natural gas deposits. Nature is said to be evenhanded, so instead of oil deposits, those lands got underground sweet water, gold deposits, a wealth of precious stones, and a multitude of other mineral deposits. To balance the scales, instead of drifting sand, most of the wealth, unlike the oil fields is covered with a blanket of rich topsoil. Where the soil lacked vital nourishments, ways were found to correct those imbalances.

If need be, let us learn from our oil-rich “friends” and form a wheat cartel. From now on. let it be oil for wheat, at negotiated terms, as we say, “You scratch my back and I will scratch yours” (assuming our partners will not deal through the back door).

A final point to make. We can grow crops and produce alcohol, which is a more environmentally friendly fuel than oil. Alcohol is easy to convert into fuel to power industry. This is where our strength rests. Can the oil cartel match this? Can they convert crude oil to wheat?



Nothing For Rockaway

Dear Editor:

Has anyone been reading about the proposed bicycle path on the abandoned Long Island Railroad path to Rockaway? For years some people in Rockaway have been fighting to restore the service in order to get to New York City in less time than the present system. I don’t believe the city has been listening. If they were, they would have heard something after forty years.

Now the new plan for the abandoned LI railway path is, again, leaving out Rockaway. Ask Jonathan Gaska of Community Board 14 why Rockaway is not counted in the bicycle path plan. While you have him on the phone, ask him why Rockaway is left out of the Olympics plans, if the Olympics ever come to New York. Wouldn’t it be a shame if the Olympics came to New York with the whole world watching and not even a mention of Rockaway in any part of the plan?

Also, ask why the Olympic plans calls for creating a beach in Williamsburg to play volleyball, when there is plenty of beautiful beachfront right here in Rockaway. That’s right, folks, the plan calls for building a beach there.

The plan also calls for building a lake in Flushing Meadows for boating events. What is wrong with Jamaica Bay, so easily accessible by water-ferry to the heart of New York City? Many parts of Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan and New Jersey will be getting new buildings to accommodate various sporting events, but nothing for Rockaway. Not even a training field. One leg of the sailing event is going to be in Breezy Point, but that is private property and will not benefit many New Yorkers. The plan calls for building housing to accommodate twenty-two thousand people and hotels to accommodate five thousand VIPs. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little of this in Rockaway?

The New York committee for the Olympics, headed by Deputy Mayor Daniel Doctoroff, stated when the plan first surfaced a few years ago that the plan was carved in stone and would not be changed. Now I see the plan is being changed in some areas. Maybe it’s not too late to start requesting something for Rockaway.

It’s definitely not too late to get Rockaway into the LI railway bicycle

path plan. At the end of this year, the City Planning Commission will make a decision on the plan, and it would be a mistake for Rockaway to miss out on the negotiations, as well as a mistake to deprive cyclists of our unmatched beauty and tranquility. Let’s give up the fight to revise the LI railway and spend more time promoting water transportation. If we had decent water transportation to New York City, perhaps the big-wigs who do all the planning would be more aware of what makes Rockaway the Garden Spot of the World.



Wrong On Social Security

Dear Editor:

Like many Americans, The Wave’s Editor is very concerned with the long-term prospects of Social Security.  His prescriptions, however, from last week’s Editorial Page are - surprise, surprise - horrendous!

In typical ‘ole’ Dealer’ fashion, he recommends America raise taxes on the middle class and then reduce their benefits.  Yeah, sure, he says, raise the tax to 15%; yeah sure, he says, increase the burden to wage earners by boosting the cap above $90,000; and then, of course, he says, means-test payments!

Has Schwach not learned anything from the last twenty years of American history?  Have we re-prospered from higher taxes and ‘means testing’ by government bureaucrats?  Or has America rekindled passion & prosperity from lower taxes and the unleashing of the entrepreneurial spirit of her peoples.  Is China now advancing thru Asia, thru Europe and thru the Americas by applying more Communism and State Control or less?

Please, Schwach, think thru these SS prescriptions of yours before you put pen to paper.  Dynamics, not New Dealing, is our Destiny.



Obsessed With

Independence Party

Dear Editor:

Howard, you seem to be obsessed with Lenora Fulani and the Independence Party (IP). You are not alone, so don’t feel so left out. If you didn’t get it by now, you need a little advice on what is really going on. Her remarks about the Jews in 1989 were taken from a play written by playwright and philosopher Fred Newman in 1989. Not too much was said about it at the time, and you never heard anyone complain about Fred Newman at that time either. There wasn’t an Independence Party at that time, disrupting the political system. Ever since candidate for Governor, Tom Golisano, formed the IP in 1994, the two major parties have not stopped trying to destroy it. When several lawsuits claiming that the Independence Party’s name was too similar to Independent failed, the major parties moved on to other ways to destroy the IP. One of the ways was Lenora Fulani.

Any candidate on a major party line, running for public office, would stop at nothing to get the IP line, even if it meant going into Macy¹s window with Lenora Fulani. Bloomberg won the mayoral election by 45,000 votes. He got 60,000 votes on the IP line, but you didn’t see the IP waving flags. A political revolution is taking shape, and the two major parties that had been in bed with each other are starting to crumble. The Republicrats don’t like what is happening. There is too much mud in the water. At a recent meeting with IP members Mayor Bloomberg marveled that the IP gave Senator

Charles Schumer 216,000 votes the last time Chuck ran for office. You forgot to mention our governor George Pataki. He too got the endorsement of the IP.

The IP is doing something right, or so many people would not be joining it, and of course all the publicity the IP is getting these days will surely

help to make it stronger. When the politicians look at the good work Lenora Fulani is doing in her community, it outweighs any statements she may have made in 1989 regarding a play written by a well-known author.

For your information, I am including a recent statement by Fulani regarding her commitment to building community in this city: Statement by Lenora Fulani, April 15.

Those who know me know my life’s work has been to produce better

communication between different communities in this city. I look at the

current discussion as part of that and hope we can shape it in such a way to

advance a dialogue. I am not an anti-Semite. Moreover, I have worked endless hours to engage anti-Semitism, racism and other bigoted points of view. I remain optimistic that we can go forward, even with the kind of opportunism that goes on during the political season here in New York.




Second In Congress

Dear Editor,

Congressman Gregory Meeks accepted $137,000 in free trips from lobbyists to influence his vote. Was this bribes? Meeks was rated as second in Congress for accepting so-called bribes to vote on legislation favorably for lobbyists.

The question arises, why does a congressman spend millions to win a job that pays $150,000? Is the answer lucrative bribes?


End Of Private Express Service

The following letter was sent to Congressman Anthony Weiner, who represents the western portion of the Rockaway peninsula.

Dear Congressman Weiner,

I am writing to you because as of today the express bus from Rockaway into Manhattan ceased operation.  The company, Easy Going Transportation, cited increased fuel costs, high bus maintenance costs and low ridership as causes for the shutdown.  This bus offered a quick, somewhat comfortable alternative to the local bus and train options that are available to the people that live on the peninsula. Two of the problems with the service were consistency and convenience.  The bus was old and last month it broke down and it took over one week to get it fixed.  The times offered were limited; thus ridership was also limited. A person that has to work uptown at 8 a.m. is not going to need the same bus that a downtown worker would need to get to work for 9 a.m.

Anyway, I am writing to you, our Congressman, to let you know that express bus service is desperately needed for the people in your district.  I know that you recently secured funds and you are earmarking it for a subsidized ferry from Rockaway to Manhattan.  I feel that the money could be better spent subsidizing express bus service.  I am sure companies such as EasyGoing Transportation have idle buses that could be used for the service, thus reducing start up costs as compared to that of a new ferry service. Express buses service all travelers to Manhattan, not just those working downtown.  Subsidized express bus service would be more affordable then subsidized ferry service, thus it has a better chance of success.

I hope you will consider my recommendation.


Be Careful of Postal Trucks

Dear Editor:

Along with providing outstanding service to our customers, the U.S. Postal Service counts safety as its top priority. Our letter carriers are professionally trained to be cautious and to drive with care and attention- and their excellent safety record as a group attests to their commitment to safe driving.

However, as summer approaches, our carriers-and all drivers-need to be extra careful because children are out of school and at play in neighborhoods all over our community.

Many children find one of the highlights of a summer day is seeing the letter carrier arrive with the mail. However, we at the Far Rockaway Post Office would like to ask all parents’ help to keep their children and our delivery of the mail safe, because the driver may not always see a child who approaches a mail truck.

If a child slips under a vehicle, severe injuries or even death can result. Unfortunately, earlier this year, a young child died of injuries suffered in an accident involving a postal vehicle, so we are especially mindful of just how devastating such an accident can be.

With summer near, I urge all parents: Tell your children not to play on or near postal vehicles including those parked while the letter carrier is delivering mail. If you have curbside mail delivery, make sure your children wait until the carrier has driven away before they go to retrieve the mail.

Warn your children of the dangers of riding bicycles, skateboards or scooters in traffic or anywhere around moving or parked vehicles.

I would also ask everyone to avoid parking vehicles or placing obstructions in front of mailboxes, as they can block our drivers’ view of children who might be playing in the area.

While postal drivers have received extensive training and are keenly aware of the need to be cautious and watchful for children on their routes, they need parents’ cooperation.



Dune Removal On Beach

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to a piece in the April 29 edition of The Wave titled “Parks Department Dozing Dunes Again.” Parks & Recreation was disappointed to see your comments regarding our beach employees and our practice of leveling the beach surface. Parks employees work hard to prepare the beach for the more than 2.3 million visitors Rockaway Beach expects each summer.

The photographs you printed show routine beach maintenance, not sand-dune removal. Routine maintenance consists of leveling wind-blown sand that accumulates over the winter months. This practice is done mainly to prevent the sand from spreading into neighboring areas. If sand is not leveled properly, it blows off the beach and onto the boardwalk, putting pedestrians at risk of slipping. This sand eventually blows into the streets. Many local homeowners have complained of sand on their lawns and porches, and asked us to remedy this problem.

Over the winter, strong winds also cause erosion, resulting in a steep cliff at the shoreline. Parks’ practice of leveling the sand helps alleviate this issue, making the beach safer and more enjoyable for our many visitors.

Should you be interested in learning more about our beach operations, I would welcome the opportunity to tour the beachfront with you.





Love, Compassion, Tolerance

Dear Editor,

I couldn’t help but respond to the article “Creationism and Darwinism.” I believe “God” was removed from the public school system because He or She is solely associated with Christianity, which does not honor or allow free expression of other belief systems. God is a great mystery. How dare any human being declare that they know the absolute truth about God when us humans are so fallible. Where I deeply believe in Christ, he is one of the many avenues to God, the greatest spirit. My relationship with him has deepened when I let go of all the dogma attached to religion. The dogma is just the thing that keeps people from God and has turned many Christians away from Christianity. I agree that we need spirituality in our school as well as our homes, but it has to be in honor of each individual’s understanding of God. Our children do need to learn about what really matters in life: love, compassion, tolerance and respect for all life on this earth. This is obviously lacking in the youth of today. There doesn’t appear to be any value on life, just material things. We as adults need to be their role models. Let’s take God out of the box and allow His or Her love to manifest in all of us.


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