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A Theory To Some

To The Editor:

A reader’s Letter To The Editor in The Wave of April 8 criticizes the teaching of evolution as a fact and “other spiritual practices” (?) in public schools. The conflict between Creationists and Evolutionists is, of course, too complex to discuss here, but I would like to make something clear about two of the scientists he mentioned. In 1633 the Inquisition tried Galileo because he dared to support the Corpernican theory (note the word “theory”) that the sun, and not the earth, is the central body of our system. He proved that the earth and planets revolve around the sun. This was an heretical statement that went against the teachings of the Church, which were themselves based upon biblical interpretation. Because of Galileo’s fear of excommunication, he recanted his beliefs and writings and spent the rest of his life in seclusion—basically “house arrest”—until his death. It has been reported that although he had to recant his scientific proofs of the solar system he said, “Nevertheless it does move.” Here was a true believer in God, the Bible, and science, but the Church silenced him anyway.

As for Charles Darwin he had another problem: the Christian beliefs of his wife, Emma. He hesitated to publish his works on evolution because of the respect he had for Emma. But Darwin did renounce Christianity later in life and said he was an agnostic. He still accepted that there is a greater entity that set the laws of the universe in place. This was not a God who favored the human species above all, but one who favored all life. Darwin ends his famous book on the Theory of Evolution, The Origin of Species, with the following: “There is a grandeur in this view of life, with its several powers, having been originally breathed by the Creator (italics mine) into a few forms or into one…endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been, and are being evolved.” For an agnostic this is an interesting statement.

Now, as for the teaching of evolution as a fact, here is another instance where truth is distorted. Evolution is taught as a theory not a fact. The word “theory” as understood by the scientist is used in the Atomic Theory, Quantum Theory, the Theory of Continental Drift, and, yes, the Copernican Theory of the Solar System among others. In each case the theory in question is really an explanation of an observable fact. It is not a fanciful statement, but rather an explanation that fits the evidence presented.

In Galileo’s time it is safe to say that had a poll been taken concerning the sun-planets relationship 100% of responders would have accepted the Church’s teaching. Polls change depending on facts presented. Perhaps, like Galileo, Darwin’s theory is also true.


Housing Will

Destroy Rockaway

Dear Editor;

A 12-unit apartment building was built on Beach 91 Street between Holland Avenue and Rockaway Beach Boulevard WITHOUT ANY PARKING.  

This area is already having a problem with parking. What happened to the laws requiring parking? This indiscriminate building with no consideration for the community will destroy Rockaway,


Beach Channel Spring Concert

Dear Editor,

I just wanted to let you know that the Beach Channel High School Spring Concert is approaching rapidly. The Beach Channel High School Band, Jazz Band, Drumline and Chorus will all be performing at the event. The concert will take place on Saturday May 14, 2005 at 7 p.m. Tickets will cost $6 and will be sold at the door.

This year, the band has worked tremendously hard and has learned new songs in many different genres of music. They also just performed at Walt Disney World and at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Rockaway. They are really excited about this performance, especially the seniors who will be graduating.

Concert Band selections will include “New York, New York”, “Toccata for Band”, “She Works Hard For The Money”, “Chesford Portrait”, “Music Man”, “Pink Panther” and “Westside Story”. The Jazz Band will be playing “Flashback”, “Easy Minor” and “Posandola”. Selections from the chorus will include “Hit The Road Jack” and “Lift Every Voice”. The drumline will be performing an original piece composed by Ron Kornegay. We plan to auction a VCR at the event.



Robby Will Be Missed

Dear Editor,

Our community lost a wonderful man last week, Robby Krinis.  As the proprietor of Rockaway Hardware Store, Robby ran an old fashioned business in an old fashioned way.  He ALWAYS had a smile on his face, he always remembered our names, he knew his stock like the back of his hand, his advice was always sound, and if he didn’t have what you needed.... he happily got it for you.

  We not only bought our nuts and bolts from Robby, but our computers and computer parts too.  Dominick was always there as the resident computer doctor.

  We offer our sympathies to Robby’s family for this profound loss and untimely passing of your loved one.  He will be missed by us all.         



What Are They Serving?

Dear Editor:

If it wasn’t bad enough, a local gasoline station has the pricing posted as:

Regular - Self: $2.25 Regular - Serve: $2.63  etc.

My, my, there is a difference of 38 cents per gallon. For an average fill-up of 10 gallons, there will be a $3.80 surcharge on a big motor vehicle with a 20-gallon tank, a surcharge will be $7.60.  

I wonder, what are they serving with the pumping, caviar? 


Thank You

Dear Editor,

Last week, on April 8 and 9, the Ladies Aid Society of the First Congregational Church of Rockaway Beach, held it’s spring thrift sale and it was a big success.

We, the ladies of the Society, would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who stopped by to drop off things that we could sell and to all those who brought things for us to sell prior to our sale. Our thanks to all who came by to browse or buy and even chat with us.

We also would like to say “thank you” to those ladies who brought in homemade cakes for our snack bar.

Have a very pleasant summer and we hope to see you in the fall when we have our next sale.




Upset Over

Vandalized Ambulance

Dear Editor;

As a former long-time Rockaway resident, I was very upset to see the photo of the vandalized Hatzollah ambulance.

The vehicle will probably be out of service a long time for a new paint job. Many sick and injured folks will suffer because of Hatzollah’s lessened ability to serve. What a shame!



Rockaway Group In Florida

Dear Editor;

I happened on the April 1 edition and the photo of Harry Luft and the Far Rockaway High ‘kids’ caught my eye.

Luft was an important figure in the late 40’s and early 50’s as was Ed Barry and Richie Sierer..all coaches.

I lived on Beach 138 Street, and attended PS 114 then FRHS where I was president of the GO. My parents lived there until the late 50’s (Dr. Robert and Henrietta Feldman). My brother (Dr Theodore Feldman lived and practiced in Woodmere, his wife (nee Judy Rivkin) lived in Far Rockaway and also attended FRHS. My wife was born at the Rockaway Beach Hospital and grew up in Bayswater (nee Renee Herman). She attended FRHS and was a cheerleader there.

The most interesting thing to tell you is that there is a group here in South Florida called the ‘ROMEO’S (Rockaway Old Men Eat Out) and we meet every month, at least. The group is comprised of former residents of the Rockaways and former FRHS students. Some of the names are—Harry Bernhard, Neil Waltzer, Larry Levey, Donald Wachs, Bob Benjamin, Stu Spector, Sandy Newman, Herb Janefski, Ralph Bloch, Jay Sander, Seth

Feldman, Martin Lifton and on and on.

And, most have been quite successful in business.

We have a blast going over the good times on the boardwalk, Central Ave in Far Rockaway and the old High School ball games. Many of the boys played under coach Irv Resnick and later Jack Kirschman.

Just thought it might be fun for you to do a ‘nostalgia’ piece and or where are they now (?) article.

Couldn’t resist the opportunity to write to you.


Principal Teaches A Lesson

Dear Editor,

With all the stories you hear these days about school violence, I submit the following: from 1964-66, I was a student at what was then J.H.S. 180.

The principal’s name was Louis Feldman. As a matter of fact, we nicknamed him “Little Louie.”

There was a rumor going around that he was a commando during World War II. Or course my friends and I laughed this off. Imagine – we said amongst ourselves – Little Louie, a commando!

One day I was sent to the Principal’s office. As I sat near the door, I peaked into the hall and saw Mr. Feldman approach. I then heard a crash and suddenly a large man was coming up fast on Mr. Feldman. He was yelling, “Where’s this Louis Feldman that threw my son out of school?”

Feldman turned and faced the man and said, “Quiet you! How dare you raise your voice in my school?”

“Are you Feldman,” the large man bellowed. He then tried to swing his fist at Mr. Feldman. The principal went into a crouching stance and grabbed the large man’s wrist and gave it a twist. The man went head over heels, landing on his back on the floor.

I remember him looking stunned. The principal said, “When you can conduct yourself like a gentleman, you can come back and discuss your son’s suspension. Now get out!”

The large man got to his feet and staggered out of the door.

Mr. Feldman asked me, “Why are you here?” When I told him, he said that he didn’t have time to discuss it and to come back later.

I ran back to class and told my teacher and the class what I saw. By the end of the day, the whole school knew about it. There was a newfound respect for Mr. Feldman.


Shifting Demographics

In Rockaway

Dear Editor,

What’s with all the building in Rockaway now? I have been living here all my life and have never seen anything like this before. You would think that the whole world is moving into Rockaway. I don’t think that there’s going to be anything left to use to build new houses because all the buildings are here. And, I can’t find a good place to live! Will they be charging me a lot of money to live in these new houses?

I don’t mean to complain, but why does everything have to be new? We have lots of old houses in my neighborhood that they could fix up, but they don’t seem to want to. They only people that can afford to live in these new houses are either white folk, or people of color – the color green, if you know what I mean. Not that I have anything against money, I’m out there hustling like all the rest of them. There’s nothing wrong with that, but just keep it out of my neighborhood. I live in Redfern and there isn’t too much green around here. I’m thinking that all these rich people will be moving in and chase the regular folk out of the place that built. That’s right – we built – by the sweat of our ebony brow.

I am not a racist, so let’s make that real clear. As a matter of fact, I believe in all people, and that’s what I want to see here in Rockaway. Malcolm said that if people can’t try to look away from the color, the color might be looking at them. He’s right. And if Rockaway doesn’t get its act together, we are all going to be seeing colors. Like black and blue. I am not for violence, and that is not what I meant by that. I’m just saying that if Rockaway thinks that mixing all these people together like happy folk, thinking that what I feel about your kind and what you feel about my kind doesn’t make any difference, then those people who are putting up the houses are in for a big surprise.

High fences make good neighbors. I just don’t think that somebody paying half a million for their new home wants to see somebody like me around that they think is looking at their daughter. That the plain truth. I just know, who’s going to be told that they got to go? And I have no immediate plans to be taking out anybody’s garbage. I’ve live here and I’ve lived in their world. It’s a nice world if you can get in.

Maybe I’m all wrong about this. Maybe Rockaway will end up becoming a role model for the world, with all these people living together in peace and loving the beach and each other. But it don’t mean a thing if you can’t find parking.


Always Smiling, Genuine

Dear Editor,

Rockaway lost a good man last week. Rob from the Beach 115 Street Hardware Store was taken suddenly at much too young an age.

He was part of Rockaway in a positive way as those who knew him. Rob and I attended Beach Channel High School together. We didn’t hang out all the time but we knew we were friends from day one, and I am fortunate to have spent the last 25 years knowing him in business or just to B.S. in front of the store.

He built his store into a thriving business in not the best of shopping areas and made the neighborhood improve. He had a heart and cared (unfortunately qualities not see too much these days). I will miss that the most.

There is nothing I can write to diminish the great loss his family has suffered but I can say, I never heard or saw a negative thing about that mean. Never!

Those who knew Rob know where his headed. No doubt smiling, true as always. He’s probably showing the Pope the many uses of duct tape.

Thanks friend, I miss you. And I’m sure everybody who had the pleasure is too.


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