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Health & Harmony

By Dr. Nancy Gahles

DR. nancy gahlesDR. nancy gahles Spring forward! But before we rush ahead of ourselves in the usual mad dash of life, let us pause for a moment and take stock of who we are, where we are going and how do we propose to get there in one piece. One connected piece. Body, mind and spirit.

As the days lengthen and more sunlight pours into our space, the tendency is to pack more things into the day. More hurriedness. Take on more projects. Clean the garage, our closets, coach the soccer team, exercise before AND after work. How much more can we do? How much more need we do? Why more?

The unique concept of less is more is the foundation principle of the healing art of homeopathy. Think about it. A minute dose of the right substance triggers a transformational change in the person expressing itself as well-being. Well being is that state that we find ourselves in when we are living our passion; when we are cognizant of our innate talents and are living our lives in accord with their development. As we experience the challenges of discovery, we take a few turns here and there which may lead us into unfamiliar territory. The trick is to remain connected to your inner vision for the purpose of your life. This requires daily reflection. A minute dose in the morning upon waking. Take stock of yourself, plan your day with right intention. Live the life you were born to live. For your good and the good of all concerned.

More is not necessary when you are doing one thing at a time. That one thing becomes enough as it necessarily encompasses all things if it is your passion. Connectedness with others brings unity and unity is sustaining. Support and assurance of continuity of caring arises from within, experienced as a feeing of well-being. Shared with others, well-being creates a harmony that resonates throughout your life and is recognized as a sensation of peacefulness, joy and contentment.

The way to enjoy this feeling on an ongoing basis is to create the framework for it to exist. To live your passion you must work at a job that you truly enjoy, one that reflects your talents and gives you pleasure. Working together with like-minded people who acknowledge your passion and have their own facet on a theme to contribute will stimulate you to higher levels of creativity. Feeding the flames of another’s enthusiasm breeds friendship.

Friendships with other people are created when you recognize the passion in that person and it connects with your passion in some way. One reflects off the other and the beams of light connect.

One new theory in physics is called systems and networks, the study of how systems connect in the Universe. Scientists are studying this in order to understand the mechanism for healing through interconnectedness of systems. One researcher, Dr. Iris Bell, from the University of Arizona, Integrative Medicine Dept. is studying this phenomenon.

“Presently, I’m very interested in systems/networks, the way in which you bring systems work to bear on the person as a whole. We are now converging on systems theory as a way of healing and homeopathy as a way of accessing that healing. Homeopathy is more powerful because it can cause deeper changes than any other system. Homeopathy is a field that bridges from physical to spiritual.”

I asked her what would be the possible mechanism for this to take place. She said” Probably a network of water molecules and the way in which it is organized in the body. The action of the remedy reorganizes those networks by a stimulus that changes the organization of the material. It bridges the levels of systems within the whole network. We channel the experience of that remedy and express it as people. The ultimate mystery. We, as healers, need to understand this so we can free the person to be the best person they can be.”

Heady stuff, to be sure. Cutting edge philosophy. And while we are waiting for Dr. Bell to define the mechanism in the laboratory, let’s try an experiment in the School of Life. Pursue your passion, be the best you can be. Develop your talents and share your life with others.

Be Joy. Be Love. Be Peace.

Triggering transformational experiences needs people connecting with people. One Grand Network of Unity. It’s not linear. It doesn’t move in a straight line. It requires the dynamic living of your life. Be Brave. You’ve been given all that you need for the journey. Take stock every morning and venture forth with certainty. All will be well.

NOTE: This week is World Homeopathy Awareness Week. For information visit the National Center for Homeopathy website www.homeopath ic.org.

To become connected to this system of healing, become a member of the NCH.

May The Blessings Be!

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