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Insurance Limitations

At Sands Point

Dear Editor,

It was a real disappointment to learn from Dr. Rohrs’ column – Eye On Physical Therapy (March 25, 2005) – that Managed Physical Network Insurance is limiting patient number of physical therapy sessions and dictating what patients need to get better.

I believe I speak for so many friends, colleagues, neighbors and clients who are in Dr. Timothy Rohrs’ debt for a score of reasons. He has been a leader in pressing forward with positive physical therapy regimens and mechanical devices. His prime #1 interest was always the patient’s rapid and complete recovery in record time, and not personal fear of being kicked out of a network. Dr Rohrs does not depend on insurance company time frames for the number of visits needed for patient recovery; nor does he trim his sails to let insurance companies dictate goals for patients. In my professional association with Dr Rohrs, during my own physical therapy sessions at Sands Point Physical Therapy Center, I found him to be painstaking in his preparation of diagnoses, remediation and recovery plans.

Finally, a word of good wishes to two fine people: Dr Rohrs and his manager, Sandy, whose zest for life and capacity to enjoy it will survive any setback MPN Insurance can contrive. Long may they continue to serve the physical therapy needs of the Rockaway community so responsibly. Special kudos to Assemblywoman Pheffer and Assemblyman Grannis for responding to this situation.


Appalled At

Republican Mayor

The following letter was sent to Steven Minarik, the chairman of the Republican State Committee. The writer is an announced candidate for Mayor.

Dear Mr. Chairman:

As a former Republican City Councilman for ten years, and the Minority Leader of the New York City Council, I have been appalled at the lack of respect that our party has received over the past 31/2 years from our alleged Republican Mayor.

Not only have his governmental practices been the antithesis of our party’s principles, but he has consistently chosen to distance himself from our party and its leaders.

  Early this year, after he had chosen not to attend our President’s inauguration and made it clear that he was content with being a “Republican in name only,” I made it clear that I would challenge Mr. Bloomberg in our party’s September 13th primary election. I brought my case to the good people of the Queens County Republican Party, and after evaluating the positions of both candidates they voted overwhelmingly to endorse my candidacy, notwithstanding your unconscionable interference with the internal processes of the party and your siding with a small insurgent group.

  You continued your political interference on behalf of Mr. Bloomberg with the other four counties, including enlisting the aid of the Governor’s office and effectively denied any other candidate an opportunity to compete for the County’s endorsement. While we were beginning to draw the Bloomberg agenda back to the main stream political agenda of our party, your complete willingness to subordinate our party’s internal processes and principles to Mr. Bloomberg’s checkbook has given him the green light to return to his more comfortable Liberal Democratic roots. Witness his recent revelation that he will likely endorse Hillary Clinton for Senate and the likelihood that he may endorse the Democrat challenger for Governor and Attorney General.

If that’s not bad enough, you should remember that 2006 is an important election year for our entire statewide ticket. Think of the impact that Mr., Bloomberg’s endorsement will have on important races like that of Congressman Vito Fosella in Staten Island, an office already targeted by the Democrats, or other hotly contested races in our City such as the State Senate races of Frank Padavan, Marty Golden or Serphin Maltese.

  Now that the party is nearly bankrupt, and you relinquished control of the party’s political process to a liberal democrat who has no compunction about abusing it in favor of his fellow liberal democrats, I would suggest that you resign in favor of someone who cares about our party and its principles.



Wave Memories

Dear Editor,

Two items in last week’s Wave caught my eye. The first being the picture of the Far Rockaway High School class with Mr. Luft. So many of the faces looked familiar that I went back to the yearbook, The Dolphin, and sure enough there was the picture of Mr. Luft standing in front of FRHS with the class. The picture is from the 1953 yearbook and shows “Mr. Luft’s Secretarial Staff”. Many of the faces are familiar and I know that some graduated with me in 1954. However, I’m having a “senior moment” and the names evade me. Note the appearance of both the boys and girls. Maybe some of today’s students should take a leaf from our book and present themselves in a better light regarding their appearance, and, maybe that should go for some of the teachers as well.

The second item was Emil Lucev’s Historical Views and the picture of A&P supermarket. We lived just around the corner on Holland Avenue and Beach 88 Street, which today is called 90 Street at the beach. In any event, I can remember my mother running to the A&P during the war years when the truck pulled up with sugar. It was a rationed item then and you needed ration coupons to obtain your allotted amount for the month. They sold Eight O’Clock Coffee which is still around today and had regular check-out lines. One thing was different, the cashiers had to add each item manually on the cash register, and had to know the price. Not like today where everything is computerized for them.

You also mention the Pivars. Prior to them using The Wave Building for their hardware store, the store was on the corner at Beach 88 Street and the entrance was cattycornered on the street with two steps up to the entrance. Mr. and Mrs. Pivar were friends of my parents and I can remember going to their store many times as a small child. On an even more personal note, Mr. Pivar was a witness on my parent’s Jewish marriage license. It’s fun to look back. Rockaway was great for a kid in those years.


Come To Your Local Library

Dear Editor;

April 10 – 16 is National Library Week. It is an appropriate time to talk about what libraries mean to the Queens community and what you can expect from your public library in the near future.

Queens Library is on track to circulate more than 18 million items this year, in spite of shorter hours and several years of curtailed funding. That is more than any library in the U.S. has ever done. It is an indication of how important public libraries are to this community. People in Queens want their children to be educated. They want to be informed. They want to do business efficiently. They want to know about health and exercise, parenting, sports, music and to read the latest novels. They rely on their public library to provide all this and more. And they know that their local branch of the Queens Library is the best deal in town.

Queens Library is pleased to announce some wonderful, new services about to be introduced. When the newly expanded Corona Branch opens on May 5, it will incorporate technology that will revolutionize the way you use your library. Checking materials in and out will be handled by RFID Quick Service stations. It’s something like EZPass for the library. You won’t be standing on line with an armload of books; just stack up to 16 items on a pad, dip your library card, and you’re on your way.  We’re also adding wireless network access at fourteen libraries that will inaugurate that service this month, so you can bring your laptop to the library, get on the Internet, and access our electronic resources as well. 

Digital e-books are already a reality. You can download up to three books at a time to read – or listen to! – and not have to worry about due dates or return trips to the library.

It’s not all about technology. We’re enhancing classic library services, too. Look for the latest in leisure reading, the most authoritative reference information online and in print, knowledgeable information professionals to help you, free programs that inform and entertain.

Queens Library hopes to see you at one of our 63 locations in the very near future.


Environmental Protection For Jamaica Bay

Dear Editor,

The following is the testimony of Daniel Mundy, member of the Jamaica Bay Eco Watchers and Environmental Chair of Community Board 14, before the New York City Council Committee on Environmental Protection jointly with the Committee on Parks and Recreation.

Mr. Chairman, and members of the committees, once again I thank you for the opportunity to testify on these very important issues effecting Jamaica Bay.

My name is Dan Mundy and I am the founder of the Jamaica Bay Eco Watchers. In 1995/1996 I first noticed that something was wrong with the saltwater marshes in Jamaica Bay. After consulting with friends of mine and forming our environmental group we studied, documented and presented our findings at various meetings, to agencies and elected officials. We finally petitioned the NPS through the Jamaica Bay Task Force to have a Blue Ribbon Panel address this emergency. Since then we have lobbied for appropriations and educated the general public through speaking engagements and the media. This has resulted in State and City hearings, studies and pilot restoration projects, one of which is finished and successful and others which are in the pipeline.

There is much more to be done and that is why I am here today.

On November 8, 2002, I testified before this committee about the need to reduce the nitrogen load from the Waste Water Pollution plants discharging into Jamaica Bay. This year we have documented additional DEP marine vessels bringing sludge from other areas into the 26th Ward for processing, adding even more nitrogen to be discharged into the bay. This has increased the amount and duration of the brown algae blooms which we are experiencing.

Therefore, we strongly support Resolution 830, urging NYS-DEC to immediately develop and implement a Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) for nitrogen pollution into Jamaica Bay. However, they may tell you they already have a TMDL, but we feel it is too high and should be lowered. They also give variances to the standards and all these issues must be addressed.

On August 4, 2004, the Department of City Wide Administrative Services’ Public Auction Booklet offered for sale seven environmentally sensitive wetland properties in Broad Channel, Queens which is located in the middle of Jamaica Bay. A Committee for the Preservation of Wetlands and Open Spaces supported by the Jamaica Bay Eco Watchers was formed and with the help of our elected officials, we were able to have these parcels withdrawn from sale. We have attempted to have them transferred over to the Department of Parks and Recreation Natural Resources, but have been unsuccessful at this time.

Therefore, we strongly support Intro Number 556 – a local law to create a temporary task force to study the feasibility of transferring City owned wetlands to the jurisdiction of the Department of Parks and Recreation. We further ask for a moratorium on any future sales of these and other wetlands until this transfer process is resolved.

We also support Intro Number 565 – in relation to developing a watershed plan for the watershed/sewershed of Jamaica Bay. Issues such as education, regulation, enforcement, erosion, monitoring, water quality standards, reduction of non-point pollution sources, threats to aquatic life, runoff from JFK Airport and coordination of agencies should all be addressed in this plan. The flight plans from JFK Airport bring most of the takeoffs and landings over the water and marshes of the bay. Therefore, we also ask to include the study of the effects of airshed pollution on the Jamaica Bay watershed.

We applaud the efforts of the City Council Committee on Environmental Protection under the chair of James Gennaro and look forward to working with the Committee on Parks and Recreation for advancing our cause to protect Jamaica Bay, which is a New York City jewel possessing exceptional diversity.


Creationism And Darwin

Dear Editor,

The greatest minds in history endorsed a Creator, including Galileo, Martin Luther, Einstein, Robert Bork, Billy Graham, William Tyndale, Immanuel Kant and Isaac Newton, who once said, “I find more sure marks of authenticity in the Bible than in any profane history whatsoever.”

I recently met with some Creation scientists and they told me that in the near future, evolution will be exposed as the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on mankind. They also informed me that more scientists are accepting a Creator as the basis for everything that exists. In fact, according to Gallup Polls taken between 1982-1999, nearly half of all Americans polled consistently believe in a Creator, and that Charles Darwin was wrong. Only 12% support Darwin’s theory, and approximately 38% believe in a combination of a Creator, with evolution playing a minor role. Therefore, it is truly amazing to me that every major college and university teaches evolution as fact, and scoff at the idea of a Holy God. This is troubling because it is a fact that some of the greatest scientific minds believed in a Creator.

Why have Biblical facts, and discoveries substantiating the true meaning of the Bible been hidden? And why is the mere mention of God, Creation and Christianity controversial in public schools, but theories like evolution, and other spiritual practices are part of the curriculum? The answer is frightening: there is a lethal enemy of God who is busy attacking the minds of people to distort the truth. The God of the Bible is very clear: anyone seeking the truth will be led to find it in Jesus Christ. As a former atheist who accepted the Lord nearly ten years ago, I can honestly say that pure truth is Jesus Christ.

It is interesting if not ironic to report that Charles Darwin, an admitted agnostic who reportedly lost his Christian faith in the course of his life work, is buried in Westminster Abbey, considered one of the holiest places on Earth. He is buried a few feet from Isaac Newton, along with several other great scientific minds in a section known as “Scientists’ Corner.” In death, Darwin unknowingly contradicts his life work.


Freeway Closure Wrong For Rockaway

Dear Editor,

In the midst of the closure of lanes on Beach Channel Drive and Rockaway Beach Boulevard due to severe construction in Far Rockaway and recurrent subway track maintenance (at present in Rockaway Park and Rockaway Beach), I believe it is time for The Wave to reconsider its support for the closure of Rockaway Freeway.


Bad Heating


Dear Editor,

This letter is in reference to the article in Beachcomber, 4/1/05, about homeowners in the newly built homes having problems with forced air-heat installed in their newly built homes. It means no heat. I know, I have been through it. When you complain, you are told the heat is on. It is the worst source of heating. It means no heat. I hope you investigate this big problem.


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