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Health & Harmony

Winter Wellness Watch
By Dr. Nancy Gahles

What is your wellness I.Q.? What is the quota that you must meet in order to feel wellness? By wellness I mean living in a constant state of feeling whole, healthy and happy. By constant I mean that your bottom line is constant and you are well enough to handle stressors, losses, change and disappointments with as much equanimity as you meet successes, joyful moments and loving expressions.

The human organism will always strive for equilibrium, a state of balance. A sudden drop in blood pressure will be met by an equal and opposite rise in blood pressure in an effort to regain balance, to preserve the economy of the organism. The point at which an outside force, be it positive or negative, knocks you off balance such that you cannot return to equilibrium is the point at which you become unwell. I like to call this The Weeble Principle. Remember those little toys with the round bottoms that you could push around but they wouldn’t fall? That is the state that we are looking for. We need to be able to take the knocks of life and stay on our feet. Easier said than done? This is the issue. Doing the work of staying healthy. The era of taking a pill and having your symptoms disappear is slowly fading away. We are seeing the dawn of a new age. The age of personal responsibility.

Evidenced by our 60 hour work weeks, sedentary lifestyles that keep us at a desk all day diametrically opposed to fast paced high technology, our concept of time has become distorted. As a doctor, I used to exhort my patients to make time for themselves to do an hour of yoga, a workout or a walk. Patient compliance was very low as people really do not have that amount of time. Taking a look at quantum physics, the concept of linear time is merely an illusion. That makes it so much easier to accept personal responsibility because you simply have to be in the moment. A quick sound byte of time. It can be done very easily. Thought, intent and action.

The KISS Principle. Keep It Simple, Sweetie. That makes for better patient compliance.

Wake up in the morning. Thank God you’re alive. Gratitude. Intend to do your personal best with what you have been given. Right intent. Align all your actions of the day with this intent. Right action. Wait for the fullness of the return. Watch for the feeling of well-being. Equilibrium. At this point, you will have invested a minimal amount of time, a maximum amount of personal energy, yielding a maximum amount of Health & Harmony! All in the matter of a moment. A Thought Byte. Personal responsibility for your intention, your thoughts and your actions. Right actions follow right thinking. Consequently, as Julian of Norwich said, All will be well and All will be well, and All manner of things will be well. May The Blessings Be!

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