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Save Our Bank

The following letter was sent to Dianna Taylor, the state’s Superintendent of Banking.

Dear Editor;

This letter is a plea – a plea for Help from people who cannot help themselves. We are talking about senior citizens, people who have given their all, for many many years in different positions of employment and service in many areas. We are talking about people with canes, in wheelchairs and people with many other assorted disabilities. You are our last hope. Please think carefully while reading the contents of this letter.

I believe you are in a position to help us. Enclosed is a copy of a letter I received from North Fork Bank. There are about eleven Senior Citizen Buildings in close proximity to the branch which is closing located at: New North Fork Bank, 1739 Seagirt Boulevard (previously GreenPoint Bank) which was recently acquired by North Fork Bank.

This is a disaster waiting to happen to all of the senior citizens who depend on this bank and have had a bank in this location for the last thirty-three years. North Fork Bank has arbitrarily decided to close this branch as they say it is redundant without any input from the community. The question was never presented to the community in any manner. The closest North Fork branch is one mile away from this location on Mott Avenue in Far Rockaway. It is impossible for these groups with handicaps to travel to this location. The location is one with a very high crime rate. Senior citizens going to the bank in large numbers on the day Social Security checks are received will be targets for crime. I, myself, am a handicapped senior citizen who depends on this branch. By the way, a bank has always been in this location whish happens to be physically part of the development where I live. There are many other seniors who, like me, depend on this bank for survival.

I sincerely pray and hope that a person in your position can look into your heart and attempt to intervene regarding this crisis situation I have presented to you in this letter.


Between Perjury

And Perfidy

Dear Mr. Editor,

One of the Letters to the Editor caught my eye last week for it’s complete lack of objectivity. In this letter, Mr. Nevirs states the oft repeated notion that President Clinton was impeached for nothing more than philandering.

It is this lack of understanding of the basic wrongdoing on the former President’s part, that illustrates the great divide currently painting this nation in red and blue or left and right. A moral relativism that permeates everything from politics to culture.

I would respectfully suggest that Nevirs look up the difference between perjury and perfidy.

One is an offense punishable by law, which Bill Clinton was found guilty of by the House of Representatives, when he lied under oath (regardless of the reason). The other is a violation of faith, which Bill Clinton was found guilty of in the court of public opinion when he looked into that camera and said those now famous words....


Parks Department And

Civic Negligence

Dear Editor,

The following letter was sent to the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation.

I would imagine that the reason why Commissioner Benepe couldn’t take the time to respond to my correspondence of November 5, 2004, is because he is busy seeking other employment.

You people just don’t get it.

The NYC Department of Parks and Recreation is responsible for the preservation and protection of the City’s former dunes. Whether or not they are officially approved by your department, the dunes are an integral part of the preservation and protection of the beach.

For Parks and Recreation to indiscriminately bulldoze dunes, solely at the request of a pompous community moron, is arrogance and a dereliction of duty in the highest order. It’s probably illegal as well.

As for the Rockaway community’s feeling on this whole fiasco, I have attached notification of a recent award bestowed on Parks and Recreation by our local newspaper, The Wave. It speaks for itself.

You people screwed up. Big time. And you don’t need to conduct an analysis to prove it.

Accept responsibility for your incompetence and fix it. Period.


Becoming A Tiresome


Dear Editor:

I really did not expect to write another letter concerning religious symbols on public property. Frankly this subject is getting a bit tiresome, but after reading Mr. Gareau’s (I hope I spelled the name correctly, he misspelled my name—or was it the Wave typist?) response to my original letter I feel that this is necessary.

He implies that we need to display our religious icons in the “public square” because we must be reminded that God was involved in the formation of our country. The mere fact that we all have religious freedom, and are able to worship and practice our faith as we see fit, is more than enough of a reminder. There are many of us who do not need our religious icons in any public square to bolster our beliefs religious or otherwise!

As for inalienable/unalienable I am not too clear as to his criticism. From what I read it seems that he is in agreement with me. I think that I have known about the difference in meanings of the words when I learned about the change in fifth grade.

Now, bear with me, Mr.Gareau writes, “The same can be said of the words “our and their”. “Our Creator” would indicate that the belief of God given rights, was limited only to those writing the Declaration, only those in dispute with the Crown.” He further writes that the Founders “ had a firm belief in the rights of all those believing in God (italics mine) having these same rights not just the Colonies. Therefore the words were changed (italics mine) to represent that view….” If I read this correctly the writer, again, agrees with my comments. Clearly he did not read the introduction to them. I wrote, “I find it interesting that Jefferson, also a religious man, did not write “our Creator” implying that the delegates (government to be) worshipped the only true God. He knew, as did the delegates, that a man worships his God in his own way ….” Compare my italics with the italics I indicated in Mr. Gareau’s words! We are saying the same thing! Also the word “their” is the original word written in the Declaration (It was used in the phrase that replaced part of another sentence. Neither “our” nor “their” ever appeared in that sentence.); so “their” never could have been changed from “our” and I made no such comment that it was.

Finally let me assure Mr. Gareau that I have no “tortured” ideas about any changes made in our Declaration and, as for not getting a cigar, I could not care less as I do not smoke.


Worried About Our Schools

Dear Editor;

I am worried greatly about our local schools. Although Far Rockaway High School recently came off the list of the most dangerous schools in the city, I live close enough to see the students being taken from the school in handcuffs on almost a daily basis. Something is being covered up and it makes no sense unless the cover-up is designed solely to keep parents happy and sending their kids to the school.

I am a regular reader of The Wave and wait each week for news of the schools (I have four young children, two now in public schools and two who will soon be entering). I read of principals who throw teachers around the hallways and of principals who get their jobs simply because they know Dr. Kathleen Cashin, the school supervisor for Rockaway.

I read about books that I would be embarrassed to read, let alone my children. I read about assaults and gun arrests and sixth graders in a school with eighteen and nineteen year olds and I get nervous. The program at Beach Channel High School for younger kids sounds great, but I have been told by a Rockaway Beach friend that there were several arrests at that building last Friday as well. How can I trust my 12-year-old daughter to a building like that?

Cashin and others come to parent meetings and tell us that the schools are great, that they have been turned around by the Mayor’s plan. Then I hear about the arrests and read that the education department won’t talk to The Wave and I wonder what is really going on. Are the school officials lying to us? How can we allow that to happen?

My wife was a Brooklyn teacher. She had to leave because we both believed that her life was in danger from some of the students. When she taught, both teachers and supervisors had to pass strict tests. Now, they simply have to be breathing to get a job as a teacher and know the right people to get a job as a supervisor. How can I trust my children to that system no matter what officials say?

Please keep up the good work and keep telling us what really is happening in the schools. Parents have a right to know about their public schools even if the school officials want to cover that up.

We have a right to know for the well-being of our children.


Boulevard Divide

Dear Editor,

It’s early 2005, so let us visit our favorite topic of conversation – i.e. the controversial center mall from Beach 126 to Beach 130 Street.

Everyone has an opinion, so here’s my two cents’ worth: What “knucklehead” signed off on the planting of spruce trees on the mall? These trees grow 2 feet a year, reaching maturity at forty to seventy-five feet. The line of sight will be obliterated raising a legitimate safety issues for both automobiles and pedestrians.

The solution would be to replant with hedges that grow to 3 or 4 feet with proper trimming.

Additionally, traffic lanes should be reduced from 2 to 1, similar to the “freeway” in Breezy Point. This would reduce traffic speeds and provide safe left and right turns to the blocks.


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