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... The Ocean

The Ocean

Here I am walking

Along the water front

I feel secure as if I am

In my own backyard.

This is my place, this is my home

This is my sanctuary.

I come to peace with myself.

I feel I can reach and touch

The blue skies that always seem

To hang over the ocean.

Making the world seem so soft,

So beautiful, so untouchable

And so safe.

I laugh with delight and childlike glee

When the waves come dashing to where I stand.

Flowing freely, covering everything in its path.

I watch with wonder as the birds dive in.

Probably getting their meal, and finding a place on the sand to feast.

What a wonder, and a sight to behold.

It cost’s nothing to get the feeling of nature around us.

And to enjoy life to its fullest.


Memory Of A Hero

It was back in 44

Towards the end of World War II

That a mother’s heart was broken

For her boy who was so true

He had fought his war for freedom

For all things he loved so well

It was not at all like Heaven

But more and more like hell

He was known to all his buddies

As he had a heart of gold

But now he lies beneath his rifle

Very still, quiet, and cold

It’s that courage that keeps us going

And that spirit that keeps us young

For this we know from experience

Since the time of war begun

Now the rifles are all quiet

And the sounds of war are gone

The world goes on living

As we have done on and on

But for one there is still sorrow

For her hero son is gone

But she knows deep in our hearts

His memory will live on

So if you’re out on a starry night

Just glance up at the sky

There you shall see a bright new star

Of a mother’s hero long gone by


Christmas Eve

As the evening sun begins to set

And the winter night grows near

I can hear the church chimes playing

As old Saint Nick will soon be here

So here I sit by my fireplace

Watching as the flames begin to grow

Listening to the patter of little feet

As I watch the falling snow

The lights are shining bright and clear

While people begin hanging mistletoe

The sounds of singing I can hear

From the small village down below

Now the snow has grown quite deep

And it glitters like diamonds in the street

The children are all tucked up in their beds

While all kinds of toys parade in their heads

As for me, I’m sitting all cozy and warm

In my easy chair so old and so worn

And once again Christmas grows near

As the world tonight fears no fear

So as my eyes grow heavy with sleep

And the fire begins to grow cold

I can feel the presence of old Saint Nick

As once again the story of Christmas unfolds


Every Day

Hoping that someday I could go back through the past,

Realizing what I’ve done had changed what we had,

But next thing I know I’m realizing I could read your every thought,

Hoping we could go to the next flight above,

I’ve made some mistakes and learned it the hard way,

Realizing that we could have had it the right way,


Hoping you’ll see me and feel the way I feel about you,

But you know I only had one chance,

The chance to be with you,

But if only you knew,

How I feel about you,

You would know that these feelings I have about you,

Are as real as my heart beats for you.

Elisa Granados

My Shining Lights

I have four sons

They are like gems in the sky.

Each has a different glow,

A different aura

But all have my heart.

One is serene

He is full of joy, full of life.

He never seems to be

Hurt or angry.

The other is cautious,

Always on the alert

And is very sensitive

I can’t seem to reach him.

The third know it all,

Thinks he’s the eldest.

He’s tall, smart, cunning and handsome.

The last is a ray of sunshine

Full of love

He has his own way

Demands attention

But they are my heart

And a true extension of me.


The Gift Of Gifts

On a winter’s night with snow so deep

A family lays in anxious sleep

For the day that is about to dawn

Is the day that saw a Savior born

Beneath their tree the gifts are few

But what is there will surely do

For in that house is an abiding love

Between each within and for God above

A love not shaken by lack of wealth

A bond not weakened by times not its test

For this family knows that by God they’ve been blessed


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