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Where Is Jesus?

Dear Editor;

Has anyone else noticed that the manger containing the Baby Jesus which has been part of the 116th Street Holiday display as long as I can remember is curiously absent this year? 

I hope there is a simple and forthright explanation.  Unless, of course, the local Chamber of Commerce has cowered to the political correctness afflicting the current leaders of our community, i.e. business, social and political parties as well as the local associations!


A Health Club That Welcomes

Dear Editor,

I would like to congratulate CyberZone Health Club owner Vikki Apice and personal trainer Stacey Cozzalino for their efforts to welcome Rockaway residents of all ages to improve their physical health.

At the age of 59, I began working out at CyberZone and was impressed with the staff members’ professionalism. If you haven’t visited this great health club, stop in for a guided tour.

During this season of peace and joy, I wish all my Rockaway neighbors a Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah.


Iraqi War Is Justified

Dear Editor,

This letter has been a long time coming and may appear to be untimely or after the fact. Anyway, these are my sentiments on a very controversial subject.

The issue of war in Iraq brings many questions to the table: ethics, morality, greed, violence or non-violence; which is right and which is wrong. Everyone seems to have an opinion from the politician to the Hollywood stars to the chauffer driving you to work.

What really motivated me to write this was a late night broadcast on television. Being of a strongly patriotic viewpoint, what I heard that night stirred my national and American pride from a simmer to a boil. What I didn’t agree with was his assertions. The mode he was in would have gotten some people in many other countries imprisoned or executed.

He was denouncing the Bush administration in its entirety. I don’t think anyone fully understands the goals and intentions that this government had by entering into this war even under scrutiny and objections from certain United Nations members.

I believe that Bush has done the only thing that he could have logically done. Yes, complications and unforeseen problems have arisen due to the invasion. However, our national security has been strengthened. If only by the fact that we will not be attacked and go without retaliating in a timely manner.

The correlation between 9/11 and Hussein was emphasized more than once.

There was a man on the Scarborough show stating that he felt there was little evidence to support this theory. Do you think a man as cunning as a fox or as psychologically demonic as Hussein would let the world know that he was behind this evil act?

As to the threat of him having weapons of mass destruction, it is absurd to think that he would not have some integral parts to reach his goal of wiping us out city by city.

He enjoyed annihilating thousands of his own people. Despite this, people say this man is not a threat to world peace. In spite of the dissent throughout the world and numerous demonstrations and amidst the severe pressure to make the right decision, Bush did what he had to do. He gave the order to invade, but not without multiple warnings and chances to surrender peacefully were offered to Hussein and his soldiers – the so-called “Elite Guard”.

With the money and connections Hussein had it would have been only a matter of time before the snake was big enough to spread his venom.

The strongest defense is a good offense. For example, if we weren’t waiting for the British that fateful night when Paul Revere rode we would all be having tea at 4:00 p.m. every day.

To anyone who tries to diminish in any way the threat or treachery that could be conceived by a man as evil as Saddam Hussein, that person should have their head examined.

Let’s not forget about my friend, the lawyer, who prompted me to write this. He was a semi-well dressed man with a good voice and nice demeanor.

However, after I realized that his goal was to impeach President Bush and his entire administration, I was appalled. Whoever your president may be, he is your Chief Executive Officer in charge.

In order to have a democracy he must exist. When you lose respect for a president in this manner, not only are you weakening the spirit of our country, but you are adding a humiliating act for the American people as a nation. The entire world should not see a situation where as a democratic society we are denouncing the very person we chose to elect.

The lawyer was harping on one of the usual arguments that there were no weapons of mass destruction found. To me that’s irrelevant; years ago he was caught red-handed moving with a convoy certain integral parts to a nuclear system. I saw it on TV and it looked awfully real to me.

People generally don’t change their bad habits easily.

In conclusion, I can only say that I’m not a war enthusiast but I believe in self-preservation. If we don’t protect ourselves from these fanatics there will be no safe place to live on this Earth.

Essentially, I believe we have to be aware of the dangers to our way of life and act accordingly. As an old vet said with a bumper sticker one day, “freedom isn’t for free.” Unfortunately we know this to be true.


The Reason for the Season

Dear Editor:

As a daughter and wife of Knights of Columbus men, I have always admired the K of C seasonal message, “Keep Christ in Christmas”. I’m also thankful to God that I was raised in a home where my parents, Mary and Michael Tully, taught me by word and example the reason for the season- The Birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

In the December 11, 2004 issue of The Tablet, our Catholic diocesan newspaper, I read Ed Wilkinson‘s editorial, It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas. I was saddened to read that Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s have replaced “Merry Christmas” greeting with the more generic, less religious term “Happy Holidays.”

One group is threatening to boycott the stores accusing them of religious intolerance. I was delighted to read that Elizabeth MacDonald of Forbes magazine responded to this Happy Holiday experience, These people have a right to be upset, why not say Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah? These generic phrases mean nothing; it just seems so empty and shallow.”

I’m encouraging my Rockaway neighbors to let their voices be heard. Let’s start a letter-writing campaign to Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s. We want store executives to replace Happy Holidays with Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah for 2005.


Remember To Say Christmas!

Dear Editor,

It never ceases to amaze me at this time of year the radical extent that the news reporting staff of The Wave go to in order to avoid using the word Christmas. Why do the almost twist themselves into pretzels while writing their stories to absolutely prevent their use of such words?

A case in point – in today’s edition (December 10) of The Wave, the article entitled, “Tis The Season To Be Merry,” wherein a “holiday” chorus was performed during the “holiday” season and for coming “holiday” events – see page 42.

Give me a break! Political correctness carried to the Nth degree becomes self-defeating. This has always been and will continue to be the Christmas season, so don’t be afraid to say so.


Where Has Jesus Gone?

Dear Editor;

What has happened to Baby Jesus’ mangers that once stood at Beach 116 Street and at the Peninsula Hospital Center?

There is no more Christ in Christmas. There are Menorahs in many places, but no mangers.


Rockaway Needs

The Flu Vaccine

Dear Editor,

Once again, Rockaway is forgotten. If a senior needs a flu shot (which the city says it has) they must go to Jamaica, Long Island City or Crown Heights in Brooklyn.

I don’t know if Councilman Addabbo was ever given a shot, but I was not offered one.

Why don’t our representatives do something about this?


Political And Racial Agenda

Dear Editor;

I read this paper weekly but I feel many are missing the real problem at MS 180.

Superintendent Cashin is the problem. It was never her intention to fix the troubled MS 180 School, instead she decided to close it and reopen it as a predominantly white specialty school. African-Americans, like myself, occupy half of the Rockaways, and we deserve a superintendent that is not driven by a political and racial agenda but has only the education of our children at heart.

Of course, she is going to fire this principal, but why? He can’t be blamed for the bigger problems that existed before he showed up. Firing him will give the illusion that she is on top of the bigger situation. MS 180 is broken; I believe she will plan his firing to stop this peninsula from seeing that her only answer to a troubled school is to get rid of most of the black students and the last man onboard.


Rash Educational Decisions

Dear Editor,

I absolutely agree with the views expressed by Kathleen Toher in last weeks Wave. I believe Dr. Cashin will step in and remove Principal Comer or she will force him to ask for a transfer.

I have worked for the Department of Education for many years and this is the reputation that Dr. Cashin has throughout the city. She is known for removing administrators mid year. She makes rash decisions with no regard for the parents or students. Her actions are based solely on politics. She is a political hack not an Educator.

Is this really the kind of person we want in charge of our children’s education? I don’t think so. I think Dr. Cashin is the one who should be removed.



Problems At The New Steakhouse

Dear Editor,

There is a new steakhouse on Beach 116 Street. While the food is excellent and a bit high priced, I as a senior felt taken advantage of when my lady friend and I sat down for a meal. We ordered the appetizer platter and it was very filling. We also ordered a main course, but shared it was we couldn’t eat two main plates. They charged me an additional $5 for sharing and I thought this was uncalled for. They lost my future business and all the others I told this story to. If they feel this is a good business practice, good luck to them.


Pay To Pull Out

Beach Grass

Dear Editor;

As I write, it is Monday morning, Dec. 6.  I’m watching a Parks bulldozer on the beach making its way up to Belle Harbor, to do whatever it’s going to do:  make little hills, dig little trenches, and plow dune grass under. 

In certain areas in Florida, it’s posted that it’s a crime to pull up beach grass, but here we pay heavy equipment operators handsomely to do that very same thing.  There’s plenty of money to pay for this destructive beach “management,” but Parks apparently still can’t find perhaps $100 for an American flag at Beach 109 Street and at the small park on Beach 144 Street and Beach Channel Drive, and this as our service men and women continue to fight and die overseas.


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