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Cover Both Good And Bad

Dear Editor,

I am glad to see that Mr. Scott has taken my advice and is focusing some of his comments on local issues.  I believe that the readers of our very local newspaper would like to know about the issues concerning our local schools.

I absolutely agree with Mr. Scott that this coverage should include ALL of the issues, both good and bad. 


Write Your Reps

Dear Editor,

I previously wrote a letter addressing the vacancy of a Veteran’s Administration and Legal Aide offices in the Rockaways. Well, I never received any comments or answers. So they must be hiding. Please write, call and address this issue to all our representatives.

The Wave has a complete listing of all of them – addresses, phone numbers. Please note in your letter to please restore these much needed services to our Rockaways.

Here’s a few:

Charles Schumer – 212-486-4430

Anthony Weiner – 718-520-9001

Michele Titus – 718-327-1878

Joseph Addabbo – 718-318-6413

Please call and write to all. The addresses are in The Wave.


Give Comer A Fair Chance

Dear Editor,

As a loyal reader of The Wave, I am pretty upset by the one-sided coverage of principal Comer. 

Perhaps the reporters of The Wave should interview the parents and students of MS 180 and ask them what they think of the job that principal Comer is doing.  I feel you are doing the children of our community a great disservice by not giving principal Comer a fair chance.  


Rudderless Democrats

Dear Editor,

I usually become quite annoyed at your ranting and raving against God. Your latest article, however, was very much appreciated.

As a believer in the Almighty, I totally disagree with your views. But you are certainly entitled to your opinions.

The last few years I had become disillusioned with the direction the country was going. This past presidential election, however, changed all that. I actually feel sorry for the Democratic Party. They can best be described as a leaky boat drifting out to sea. They just don’t stand for anything. A few more years and they will probably go under altogether. The Republicans seem to growing in all directions. (I left the Republican Party some time ago, by the way.)

It is so nice to see people, as you pointed out in your column, standing up for decency and what they believe in. I didn’t vote for Bush and I could never vote for Kerry. The thought of his wife becoming first lady made me sick. I mostly support third party candidates.

I understand a lot people were so shocked at the outcome of the election - so much so that they are fleeing to Canada. I guess they feel left out in the cold. You can join them you know, there’s still time.


Save The Priest And Parish

Dear Editor,

I am a parishioner at Saint Genevieve’s Church in Roxbury. Father John is the pastor (more like a father and friend) to all the people who attend mass. He has brought so many people back to their religion and helped with their problems.

With so many children away from their religion, he helped them make their communions and confirmations.

He is a pillar of our church now he is seventy-five. The Bishop now wants him to retire and close our church. Please publish this letter and I hope the Bishop will let him stay on for at least on for at least another year and make all the parishioners happy.


Quote Marks In

The Wrong Place

Dear Editor;

I am baffled by THE WAVE’s decision to put “racist” in quotes in their

December 2 headline regarding the abhorrent actions of public servants in a Broad Channel parade. In my response to this disgraceful ruling, I’m putting the quotes where they really belong.

By making light of the brutal murder of an African-American man, these “men” lost their right to work for this city. Police officers and firefighters are entrusted to protect and save human lives. We can’t afford to have “people” in these roles who don’t hold each life as equally precious. Certainly, there is racism within these ranks as there is in every occupation, but when our courts say we must ignore such a vile display of hate, they effectively endorse that same vile display. Is someone who publicly, viciously mocks the murder of a black man going to be so quick to run into a burning building to save one? Make no mistake; this isn’t a First Amendment issue, it is public safety issue. This ruling is a grave miscarriage of “justice.”


Why Would Anyone

Want The Job?

Dear Editor;

I have been reading the coverage of the MS 180 school saga with much amusement. All of us that have lived here for many years know that this school is beyond help, hence the reason they are closing it. I have read numerous allegations against this principal but have not read a single interview to substantiate anything.

I don’t think this principal’s appointment has anything to do with nepotism. Why would anyone with great connections take such an impossible job? Wouldn’t they have a nice cushy job somewhere?

I would bet not one experienced principal jumped at the chance to take this job with a near zero rate of possible success.

I believe Superintendent Cashin will now step in and remove this man. This man has been given only five minutes to fix problems that existed long before his arrival. Cashin’s actions to scapegoat this principal will now add to the decline in Education for the children of the Rockaway’s.


Death Notice Is Premature

Dear Editor,

I pen this letter in response to last week’s opinion piece. I have learned of encounters where the students of Far Rockaway High School have been treated with some degree of condescension by students of the Frederick Douglass Academy VI.

It appears that some among the Academy’s students hold a view of Far Rockaway High School’s future similar to the one feared in your piece. Although the Frederick Douglass Academy VI, maintains the semblance of autonomy, it does utilize large portions of the limited resources of Far Rockaway High School. The anticipation of the demise of Far Rockaway High School is “premature and greatly exaggerated.” It is self evident that, unlike the other High School mentioned in your piece, the Far Rockaway High School and its storied history are clearly and intimately linked with the Far Rockaway community which has been largely responsible for keeping its doors open. This is the zoned school for the young people of our community who do not have other options. This is the only high school in the nation that can boast of three Nobel laureates among its alumni. Our Councilman, James Sanders is a graduate of this school. This is a history that can never be appropriated by the Frederick Douglass Academy VI. It is the position of the Parents’ Association of Far Rockaway High School that the presence of this Academy on our Campus, although welcome, is temporary.

The Administration of Far Rockaway High School has established and needs to focus more on developing and defining the structural integrity of its existing Academies in such a way that the reputation of the High School is enhanced, not supplanted. It redounds to her credit that Principal Hallett has taken pre-emptive measures to strengthen the existing programs in order to attract and retain many more of our promising middle schoolers who are now encouraged to leave the Peninsula and to pursue their academic goals elsewhere. One example is our nursing program, one of the best in the City of New York and in an area of acute shortage of persons available for jobs. State Certification is available through the High School Program and at one of our recent meetings, one parent present, who is a Registered Nurse, credited the Far Rockaway High School Nursing program with giving her the early licensure in the profession. Another example is the Moot Court Project leading to internships with the District Attorney’s Office. It is our concern that quality programs are not elitist, but are made available to large portions of the student population. The objective measure of the outcomes from these and other efforts, and not the temporary presence of the Fredrick Douglas Academy, will determine the future of Far Rockaway High School.



Breakfast With Santa

Dear Editor,

On behalf of the 100th Precinct Community Council, I’d like to take this opportunity to express our thanks to all those involved in making our “Annual Breakfast With Santa” such a great success, most notably the Rockaway and Broad Channel communities for all their continued support.

A very special thanks must go out to the entire staff of Arverne By The Sea, King’s Pharmacy and to Joe Young, President of the Broad Channel Civic Association. It was through their generous donations that we were able to provide the gifts given to all the children attending the breakfast; to Lenny Kohn and Rockaway Graphics for all our printing needs; to Steve and Kenny Good and their staff at the Beach Club for all they do for our community; to John Gileece and the members of the Rockaway Theater Company for their wonderful musical entertainment.

A personal thanks goes out to our star Santa for doing such a jolly good job. To my elves, Bernadette Rochelle, Terry Harris, Nancy Woods, Liz Sulik, Sandee Doremus and Doug MacLeod for all their hard work in making this event possible.

In closing, I’d like to extend my own personal and the council’s wishes to everyone for a safe, happy and healthy holiday season.



Democracy And Elections

Dear Editor,

When the hypocrites on the American Right say they want to determine the true will of the people of the Ukraine, I say let’s also determine the true will of the people of Iraq and Ohio.

In Ohio let’s just not recount what the machines (honestly or fraudulently) report of their intake on November 2, 2004, but let’s re-run the entire election in that state with auditable paper ballots and let’s not permit systematically-discouraging eight hour poll waits in Democratic districts as opposed to 20 minute poll waits in Republican districts.

In Iraq, the fundamental question is whether the people want to be bombed, conquered, pacified, and plundered by George W. Bush and his invading killers and his appointed puppets. Let’s ask 25 million Iraqis Yes or No: “Do you want Bush and his foreign allied forces completely out of Iraq within 60 days?”

Democracy is rule by the will of the people. Elections are merely a means for determining that will. Bush makes a fetish of January 30, 2005 “elections” because his proposed exercise is completely controlled by his flunkies. January 30 is also the 72nd anniversary of the seizure of the Chancellery by Germany’s high industrialists for their servant Adolf Hitler. Our Bush named his first hurricane Adolf (2001). Germans don’t name their sons Adolf anymore, but our Bush is celebrating and resurrecting the service of his grandfather Prescott Bush, who was Hitler’s money launderer and who had to be shut down in 1942 by Franklin Roosevelt and the Trading With The Enemy Act.

Welcome to fascism, government by the super-corporations, for the super-corporations. It’s not the Krupps and I.G. Farben this time; it’s ExxonMobil, Halliburton, General Electric and Citicorp. We are the over the edge, unstoppably into the end-game of Monopoly. And it is not only Iraqis who are going to be bashed, but all the non-rich Americans as well.


The Importance Of Jetties

Dear Editor,

This letter is addressed to Congressman Weiner and concerns beach preservation in the Rockaways. If Congressman Weiner had done his homework, he would have learned that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers already know what has to be done to save our beaches for a long time into the future. They have known for about four or five decades, from their trial and error tactics, that beach nourishment, about once a decade, will suffice, and also commit to their job preservation.

When the first stone jetties were placed out on Long Island, the Corps found out that they could not stop building the jetties until they arrived at Coney Island – the west end of Long Island. The Corps saw that wherever they stopped, erosion was worse to the west of that point. They then did a study that showed if jetties were built for the entire length of the south coast of Long Island, the period between nourishment would be lengthened quite a bit.

The cost of putting in stone jetties, when compared to a beach nourishment program, was much less at that time, but the future has shown that many more fills will be needed to keep the beach up to par. So who is kidding who? Now it is said that more studies are needed, but all the studies have already been done.

Common sense now dictates that the stone constructions are needed now, and as quick as they can be installed to save the sand from going to the point of Rockaway. Why is everybody years late and many dollars short? While everybody cries poverty, the sands of Rockaway quietly wash away. Isn’t it ironic that things like the pork barrel railroad to JFK from the LIRR Jamaica Station be built – and will lose money from the start! Money is wasted on ferries that everyone knows will not run unless subsidized. But they are still started to waste time and money.

You know as well as I do that all will cry out that stone jetties for the entire Long Island coast are too expensive to build. What if we get the same thrashing that Florida got this year?

And the stupid thing, on their part, will be when they say, “We should have done this in the first place years ago. Look what it is costing us now?” We all know this – what about them? Is job security more important to them?


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