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Worried About God

Dear Editor;

Last weeks comment in “From the Editor’s Desk,” Mr. Schwach started off by writing, “I’m not worried about the reelection of George W Bush.” He then did the usual liberal, find fault thing, by stating, “Carter and Bush have one thing in common, their religious beliefs.”

We all would have wished that President Clinton would have had more moral if not religious character. His next quote by a congressman, “God is finally in the White House” it seems to me that God a plural one, has always been there. Howard seems worried, that a God a (he or she) might inflict an influence in stately matters. If we were to adhere to the true teaching of all known religions, only love and respect for mankind would emanate. We all agree that no one religion can sit at the head of the table in our nation’s house. But all religions, atheists included, are always welcome to share the table in our nation’s house, which is religious freedom!

If the president’s beliefs chart his administration’s direction with the approval of the majority, isn’t that democracy in action. Abortion under our current court system is legal, but just as our system approved it via Roe v. Wade, if the democratic populous wishes to change a view or law thru the same system, isn’t that what we are all about.

Howard, you must be worried because you know the large number of votes didn’t just come from the so called religious right as you alluded to, but the many folks some whom may or may not follow their birth religion, but take exception to the left’s effort to remove our history and culture in the guise of separation of church and state.

“Let it simply be asked, Where is the security for property, for reputation, for life, if the sense of religious obligation desert the oaths which are the instruments of investigation in courts of justice? And let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without religion. Whatever may be conceded to the influence of refined education on minds of peculiar structure, reason and experience both forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle.” That was said by George Washington.


Three Years Later

Dear Editor,

I want to thank you for your editorial in this part week’s paper about American Airlines Flight 587 and your dedication to carry all the information made available on it.

In the past couple of years I have realized that there actually are many people in Rockaway who are no longer interested in hearing anything more about the crash. These people and this attitude have sickened me. I’m sorry these people were inconvenienced by this tragedy and annoyed about the fact that the streets were closed for months and they had to look at a marred neighborhood for so long. I too was inconvenienced by this tragedy.

At the memorial service today some people were sobbing, some hysterical, for loved ones lost in a second of truly unimaginable horror. I was sobbing also, for all these sad people and also for myself. I lost the comfort of my home, all my possessions and basically my life, as I had known it, also in a second. But fortunately my family was with me, just by luck.

I left for work on November 12, 2001 at 9:05 a.m. and ten minutes later all I had were the clothes I was wearing, and most importantly, my son. I’m sorry for all those people who don’t want to be reminded of that day or possibly reminded that the plane could have landed just as easily on them.

For all those not interested anymore, just try to imagine (and I know this is really impossible) that all you own are the clothes on your back and nothing else, or a much incomparable horror, that someone you love was on that plane. Those involved will never forget, not for a day, not for a moment. A different life began for many that day.

If it annoys you to read about it any more, skip it. Move on to something more interesting to you. Forget that it could have been you. Forget about the destruction in your neighborhood and all those who died. It has been three years. It feels like yesterday to so many.


A Generous Peninsula

Dear Editor,

On behalf of all of the people of Saint Mary Star of the Sea Parish in Far Rockaway I would like to express our thanks to the “Rockaway Irish Boys” and the Rockaway community for their generosity to our parish with the R.I.B.’s Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive. The delivery that we received this year leaves us speechless. The generous response of the Rockaway community to this fine effort will enable hundreds of families on the peninsula to have a happy Thanksgiving and holiday season. The hard work of the Rockaway Irish Boys should be commended. There are no words than can adequately express how grateful we are.

Saint Mary Star of the Sea Church operates a food pantry twice a week. These generous donations will enable us to be stocked for the winter months. The care and concern of our neighbors in the Rockaways is a blessing for each one of us. Please express our thanks to all of your readers for their generous participation.

It is our hope and prayer that all of the Rockaway Irish Boys and their families be filled with many blessings during this holiday season.



The Fish Is Rotten

From The Top Down

Dear Editor;

With regards to several topics covered in last weeks Wave focusing on “The Tammany Hall Gang” called Region 5. Lets start with John Comer-the young and inexperienced supervisor of the “New Scholars School” or better known as MS 180, who made the poor choice to physically abuse (DOE REG) a teacher. This would not be the John Comer i.e. nephew of former Superintendent Comer of District 21??? The same former Superintendent who has a daughter teaching in PS 114 alongside the wonderful Mr. O’Connell also from former Superintendent Comer’s district, where Regional Superintendent in Brooklyn…. Now would it???

Well, yes it is, and, the nepotism goes even farther back and layered deeply all the way to a former Chancellor of the once Board of Education who assisted Kathleen Cashin as she transformed herself from a member of the Diocese to a member of the Bd. of Ed. It does not stop here. Take a good look at some of the higher performing buildings on the mainland as well, where you will see Frank DeSario Jr. recently placed as Principal of PS 60 in Woodhaven. Frank DeSario Jr. is the son of former Superintendent Frank DeSario of Staten Island, another close history with the same former Chancellor…amazing to watch the players emerge one by one. What is their objective? Certainly, not to improve conditions for our children (which is quite evident on the peninsula), but, to maintain and sustain their own level of power by infiltrating occupancy for themselves and relatives. In the process, they have done and continue to do whatever they can to rid senior people beginning with Principals, Assistant Principals, Teachers and Secretaries who have years of service and a history within the District 27 community.

If they could, they would create a new “TABULAR ROSA” question why. The Regional Superintendent has a young personal assistant who makes more than a teacher in the middle salary scale, came fresh out of Catholic College (?), who in fact has more knowledge of what’s going on then the LIS’s and whose mother is a very dear friend of Kathleen Cashin… Conflict of Interest?? At the very least, while a teacher can be terminated under “a conflict of interest” clause for simply tutoring children outside of the school who he/she might have contact with during the school day.

Forget the unions, continue the fight on your own as one, and demand an investigation chaired outside the Dept. of Ed. This one should go directly to commissioner Mills and his Ethics Committee. Then, maybe you will no longer hear and witness the verbal abuse and berating spilling out of the mouths of these so called leaders who clench their fist over their heart and reply…”I’m hearing you.” If you hold steadfast, perhaps they will exit along with their blatant politics and, Joel Klein will not have to answer in the very near future to Mike Bloomberg about the “Tammany Hall Gang” who worked its way back to big Bill Tweed’s Court house and landed on his doorstep.


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