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Senior Transportation

Dear Editor,

I am writing to tell my fellow seniors about a policy to be aware of. If you possess a Reduced-Fare transportation card and it expires, any monies remaining on that card are not transferred to the new card you receive.

After an embarrassing situation on the Q53 bus, I called the office and was informed that it is necessary to take both (the expired card and the new one) to a token clerk and have the funds transferred. This time, I had $19.25 left on the old card. Needless to say, I’m sure others are not aware of this. Since most of us are on fixed incomes it is important for seniors to know this. Please try to alert people.


Thank You

Dear Editor,

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the participants of the first “Annual Halloween on 116 Parade” in making it the success it was.

Special thanks go out to Steve and Kenny Good, Arverne By The Sea/Benjamin Beechwood, Doug MacLeod, John Lepore and Joanie Omeste of the Rockaway Chamber of Commerce, all the businesses on Beach 116 Street, Barry Domfort and the Beach Channel High School Band, The Wave, the 100 Precinct Auxiliary Officers and Police Officers Pete Rahaniotis and Mike Rosenthal for all their help and dedication in making this possible.

It was great working with all of you on this community event and I look forward to making next year’s parade even better.



Developers Don’t

Respect Nature

Dear Editor,

Perhaps the most lush vegetation on all of the Rockaway Peninsula is to be found at the site known for years as “Rosie’s”, the bait and fishing tackle shop situated between Beach Channel Drive and Jamaica Bay at Beach 87 Street. We lost the bait shop to a tire business a few years ago.

But the lushness and life support-ativeness of the towering trees at Rosie’s and the land just to the east of it, between Beach 86 and Beach 87 Streets, remained – until the first week of October 2004. On Monday, October 4, 2004, and the preceding days a bulldozer attacked and destroyed all, every bit, of the plant life on the property east of Rosie’s, including the marsh grasses rising up from the bay, and replaced life with death on this classical wetland. I confronted the destroyers in the act. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation confirms to me that a crime was indeed committed. Go and see for yourself the sorrowful devastation, which is a foretaste of what our embezzling politicians, and the land thieves for whom they work, have in store for all of our public terrain in the Arverne Urban Renewal Area.

The devil who ordered the East-of-Rosie’s destruction should be hit by the law as hard as possible. An appropriate punishment would be to ban forever all development on that land, with an order to allow the land and its water interface to return to nature.


What About The West End?

Dear Editor;

As I watched the news clip regarding the new firehouse on Beach 48 Street, I said to myself “How wonderful for the residents of the east end of Rockaway. They now have a firehouse ten blocks closer. But what about the residents on the west end of Rockaway? What about the residents of Breezy and Rockaway Point, Roxbury, Neponsit, Belle Harbor, Rockaway Park, Rockaway Beach and the new Arverne By The Sea?

Most people don’t realize how ten extra blocks can affect the response to a fire or emergency. The truck company, Ladder 121 is the second due truck to our area. They are the firemen that would go to the top floor and search our bedrooms for people trapped.

With all the new construction in the Rockaways, ten blocks could be an awfully long time. Are there plans to add additional fire companies in Rockaway? I doubt it, especially when the city has just closed companies throughout the city. Is the city rolling the dice and hoping for a mild winter, and hopefully not many fires? You ‘d better believe it. As a resident of Rockaway Park, I would like to see this issue addressed ASAP. I would also like to know, Who in God’s name is making the decisions for the residents of the West end of Rockaway because it seems like we sure are getting the short end of the stick lately


Talked About Previously

Dear Editor;

I just read “On the Bayfront” concerning parking spaces here in Arverne/Rockaway.

Welcome on board, Ms. Elisa Henkin; why did it take you so long? Many years ago, with letters to the Wave “Where are they going to park” I asked that same question and more.

With subsequent letters (with less detailed exposure than yours) I have been asking also “where are they going to send their children to school” and “where is the park for mom to take a walk with her stroller, away from traffic jam. and “where is the bocce-courts for the senior citizens”; and “why are they building houses with garages below street level”. They are building houses here, there and everywhere they can find a vacant lot; they have built houses right against a subway track; they have built houses next to a sewer plant; they have built houses with the back facing the beautiful beach and the front facing a court yard and others with no parking space or a little green at all for the residents.

According to your article, Ms Hinkin, an estimated 2600 units will be built in  Arverne By The Sea, with the allowance of one car space per unit ( even if the unit is a two family dwelling?) 

That means a shortage of 2600 car spaces for the residents alone (assuming that, today, the average family has 2 cars) and that will be a  huge  problem. What about the visitors? where are the parents, relatives and friends of the residents going to park when they visit (and they will be visiting, specially in the summer time for the beach, believe me).

Are they creating a beach Resort (with  parking situation) ala Park Slope, South Brooklyn, where at night one has to go 3,4 blocks away to find a parking space (one night I was lucky, I found  a space 7 blocks from home, believe me).

For years  I have not blamed the owners or the builders. They are there to make money; they have to squeeze any space to build; more houses means more profit.

But now, they are even deviating from the original plans; they are now taking away access, streets leading  to the ocean, for more houses. I am non a connoisseur of costal rules and regulations. People in authority will tell you that the present process is absolutely a treason, a crime against the people. It should be stopped a once, before it is too late..

The parking space, the location, the green is not the builders’  concern; the only green they are concerning about is the one they can deposit in a bank. The brokers/sales persons? they have to make a deal to bring home the beacon. I placed and still  blame to the Local Community Board for the housemania going on in Rockaway They know the location, they know the requirements; they should be the ones to approve or stop a construction. That’s why there are there. Yes, for many years, I have been asking all king of questions. All my effort, time and money, have received one (yes one) reply. With letter “ Guarino is Wrong” Ms Dolores Orr, of the Local Community Board, stated that the Local Community Board has no jurisdiction, no authority whatsoever on the houses being built here in Rockaway, therefore I was wrong in blaming them for the mess being created by the housemania.

With a reply (never published) I aked Ms Orr that,  if that was the case, what were, if any, the functions of the Local Community Board ?

Yes, Ms. Henkin. the Arverne By The Sea was / is  the best proposed project  that occurred to Rockaway in the last 50 years. The idea looked good as presented, but the greed has taken over and the fantastic project, if not stopped in the present course, it will create another Coney Island and I don’ t mean the Coney Island of 50 years ego, The Greatest Show Place in the World.


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