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Tribute Park Update

Dear Editor,

To any of your readers who saw the article, “Communications Failures” of October 15 about Tribute Park, and asked the question, “hum, what’s wrong with this picture?” I would like to respond. Well, there’s plenty wrong with “that” picture and rest assured I’d love to respond with a lengthy vivid letter to the editor, but instead let it please suffice to spare your readers my long windedness and let me simply say, not to worry. All is fully well here at the shop with the Tribute Dome and Mosaic floor project. As soon as construction is rolling at the park and the foundations are properly readied, I will start installing the artwork that is well underway and has been underway here at the shop for nearly two years.

Rockaway is blessed and fortunate to have the incredible volunteer help of the “Tile, Marble and Terrazzo B.A.C. Local Union No. 7 of New York and New Jersey” lined up. These master craftsmen, probably the finest stone craftsmen in the entire country, with the full support of Union President Charlie Hill and the Union leadership, have stepped up to the plate and offered to help us make the Park far more beautiful and outstanding than originally planned, by contributing substantial materials and labor to add beautiful marble and stone elements to the Dome and Mosaic. In July they already cut and delivered a solid stone marble base for the mosaic to replace our cement board base. That will allow the base to support the mosaic for countless years to come.

By the time you read this letter we will probably have received approval from the Park and Local No. 7 can start fabricating stone elements that will be installed when the Park is ready. Keep the faith, Rockaway, it looks like things are happening and Park construction will resume soon. It’s been a long hard wait, but the end result will be the most exceptional community 9/11 Tribute in New York.



Cronin Responds

Dear Editor,

Last week “The Wave” reported on page six how the “CRONIN vs. WEINER DEBATE” was ...  “Off The Calendar”.  Please allow me to respond.

[#1] “The Wave” stated that I learned of the debate details on September 18th.  This is false. I learned of the debate details on October 18th through a conversation with Howard Schwach.

[#2] Congressman Weiner said (on page six) he would have a debate....”Any Time.  Any Place”.  This comment is truly juvenile. I met Mr. Weiner on Monday, August 9 at the Rockaway Point Association Meeting. He agreed in principle to a debate.  Mr. Weiner did not contact me for over two months (66 days to be exact!).  I tried repeatedly to make contact with Mr. Weiner through “The Wave”.

[#3] I received the debate details on Monday, October 18 (ten weeks since the original Breezy Point handshake).  I was in the middle of a family wake with a funeral Mass set for October 20th. I also had an October 25th meeting at St. Rose of Lima regarding my December 4th wedding date.  I had broken this necessary church appointment twice before due to campaign commitments. I was not going to break it a third time.

[#4] Finally, how effective would a debate be just seven days before Election Day? Did Democratic Senators Kerry or Schumer wait until the last moment to debate? I believe Congressman Weiner was quite deliberate when he remained silent for 66 days.  His liberal votes supporting gay marriage, flag burning, and higher taxes do not sit well with the good people of Rockaway and Broad Channel.

Thank you for reading my points. While my opponent dreams of being Mayor of New York City know that I will serve you each day faithfully as a focused and concerned Congressman.


Baxter, George Are Wrong

Dear Editor;

This letter was sent to John Baxter and Richard George in response to their recent letters in The Wave regarding the Coastal Zone Management Act.

The federal CZMA law is enforced by state’s federally approved CMP (Coastal Management Program). The state’s CMP has reviewed the programs (like Arverne Urban Renewal Program) with a 18 month environmental EIS and then a ULURP that covers all federal agencies and state and city, including the Community Board 14. All property that is being built near the water goes through another layer of environmental protection that is covered under the CZMA and the state’s CMP.

The state and city dotted all it’s I’s and crossed all it’s T’s to make sure that Arverne-by-the-Sea is under the law. The building of Arverne by the Sea has been delayed by the Environmental Impact Study (EIS) and the Uniform Land Use Review Process (ULURP) and, after two years since 2001, all environment impact studies were complete.

It seems a shame that John Baxter, who has no interest in making Rockaway better, but worried that the section 8 hotel he has may not make as much money as last year.

Arvene-by-the-Sea is going to do something that Rockaway has never seen in 50 years and that is a neighborhood of diverse people that are willing to move in between the best and worst neighborhoods. Arverne-by-the-Sea is a BUFFER neighborhood. A buffer neighborhood is one that is between the projects and the million dollar homes. Buffer neighborhoods, like between the upper west and east side and Harlem, areas in Brooklyn, Washington Heights, are successful. An co-op apartment in Manhattan on 118 Street was sold for $200,000. 118 Street used to be a scary place to live 10 years ago. People that move to buffer neighborhoods are people of all races, religions, and age. If one was rich, they would not move to a buffer neighborhood. But, if one wanted the American Dream, and worked hard, but is not rich, one moves to a buffer neighborhood. The new residents of Arverne by the Sea are people we all want as neighbors. Don’t stop the momentum of an upcoming and great new neighborhood in Arverne, just because of your own personal needs.


PETA And Kerry

Dear Editor

Why is it that PETA closes their eyes when Senator John Kerry goes hunting, yet they proclaim to be champions of wildlife. I say if they must be fanatic in their cause, at least they should be consistent in their lunacy, unless they chose not to rock the boat at this crucial time in the race for the presidency.


Getting A Bad Rap

Dear Editor,

As parent representative of P.S. 225, we are outraged by the outlandish comments made by Ms. Lopez. Our teachers, staff, children and administrators went out of their way to welcome Ms. Lopez and her sons. Unfortunately, Ms. Lopez was unwilling to work in the spirit of cooperation needed to assure that her sons had a successful transition to a new school.

Ms. Lopez has gone out of her way to negatively and untruthfully portray our school. We will not lower ourselves to such tactics. Is our school perfect? No, but it is staffed by wonderful, caring adults who give 100% to our children. Other out of zone families whose children returned to P.S. 225 from P.S. 114 are pleased with our programs. Our children come to school happy and eager to learn, sent by parents who are willing to cooperate and work with P.S. 225 to make it a better school for all.

Ms. Lopez came to us with the attitude that only P.S. 114 could educate and care for her children. We know she is wrong and invite all to come and see the wonderful thing being done in P.S. 225. Don’t judge us based on the prejudicial views of one disgruntled woman.


Should Blacks

Vote For Bush?

Dear Editor

As a Black Democrat, I will be voting for President George W. Bush this election year. I believe the Democratic Party has skillfully betrayed elderly minority homeowners, the middle class (of all races), and the business private property owners in every state.

Outrageous taxes and abuse of “eminent domain laws” by East Coast Democrats have been a wide spread source of resentment among private property owners for the last year. Revitalization programs and unconscionable tax hikes appear to be the tools for East Coast Democrats to exercise a nationwide trend of accommodating the needs of developers over the constitutional rights of private property owners. Running Americans off their own land, forcing thousands of Americans to sell their homes or businesses against their will, has become the rapid signature action of the New York City Council (dominated by Democrats), and corrupt Community Boards who seem to care less about what’s decent and just. Over one million private homes were sold in America in August 2004, alone, according to the Department of Commerce, as reported in New York media; and 85% of those homes were not new construction, but existing homes. Why would over one million Americans sell their homes, in such record numbers? My biggest fear is that Democrats, if left unchecked, will auction off over half of American soil over to corrupt international realtors, or place all of America’s coastal states, harbors, and ports on the international market place, for sale, if a Democrat is elected to the White House. The once great Democratic Party is truly under siege by international villains, and the Democrats are simply in no shape to rule America until this Party cleans up their own backyard.


Beach Safety Issue

Dear Editor,

Because of the unfortunate death of Mahin Iqbal on Thursday, September 2, 2004, I am compelled to send you this letter expressing my desire to see our New York City’s Park Department help to correct a dangerous situation, which currently exists on the beaches of the Rockaway Peninsula.

I would like to encourage the City’s Department of Education to instruct students at Rockaway area schools about the dangers present at our beaches. Dangers such as drop zones and rip tides should be emphasized to our young people. In addition, as part of this overall safety issue, I would like to see lifeguards at both New York City beaches and federal beaches warn visitors of the dangers.

I believe that if these small measures are implemented, they will go a long way in preventing the accidental death of another young person.



Region 5 Dictatorship

Dear Editor,

I do not know who else can help but this is still an incredible story about Region 5 under the dictatorship that reigns supreme.

In 2003, the city sponsored a hunt for math teachers from Eastern Europe. They were recruited and placed within 3 weeks.

Last September, Yanna Lakova was placed at Beach Channel High School. She had a miserable year and received all satisfactory ratings. In June, the assistant principal said, “This is an SBO school and unless you apply, you have no job.” Yanna did not apply and was told that she did not have a position for September. I encouraged her not to go home to Slovakia but to apply to other schools. She did this and received a position at James Madison High School. She started this September, had a wonderful three weeks and was then ordered back to Beach Channel. The school claimed she had to be released. Yanna became physically ill and is presently under doctor’s care.

Region 5 claims that she was excessed in June and is now being reassigned to Beach Channel again. Her principal refuses to talk to her. The AP told her to go back to Russia to teach. Needless to say, I have called everyone at the UFT and received no answer. Yanna has called everyone at the board and received no answer. Yes, Ms. Copeland under Klein said she would look into it and still no answer.

Something is fishy when in this great democracy a young teacher has to teach where she is unhappy. Furthermore, her international agency told Beach Channel High School and Region 5 that they would send a replacement teacher. Please see if you can help or at least publicize this outrageous situation.


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