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Go The Distance

Dear Editor,

I for one applaud the efforts of our local NYPD in cleaning up the double-parking mess on 129 Street

This double-parking situation creates a hazard for all pedestrians but most importantly for our children who are forced to negotiate their way through a maze of double and sometimes triple-parked cars.

These are the same ‘neighbors’ who tie up traffic around our schools, jeopardizing our children’s safety just because they are too lazy to park and walk (GASP) a block or two. 

It’s no wonder these slugs are generally obese; they’re unwilling to walk a block. Sure they’ll try to blame it on the no parking rules, but plenty of legal spots are readily available. Thank you 100 pct. 

Now, if we could just do something about the speeders on Beach Channel Drive. 


Wave Ignored

Important Story

Dear Editor;

In the September 17 issue of The Wave, your editor made a point of noting that major media in this country seemed to be missing the story concerning Flight 587 since they have only reported the NTSB’s official releases to date. However, as you noted, Germany’s national news magazine, Der Spiegel, recently ran a piece alleging possible falsification of certification test results by Airbus Industries, the European conglomerate that built the downed plane, among other things.

As a witness to the actual crash, I am among those who seriously question the “official” findings to date of “pilot error.” The Wave is right to note that this is a real story that is somehow being overlooked by the media, for reasons unknown, especially given the many eyewitness accounts. It’s a travesty when the major media in this country fall down on the job and have to be scooped by foreign papers who seem more eager to uncover what really happened than our own domestic media. But The Wave, itself, is not free of this same failing. Here in New York, a recent series of stories in the daily papers reported that Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner has fallen afoul of campaign finance laws.

“He’s a potential mayoral candidate, and now he’s also a two-time fundraising violator” said one daily. Indeed, he was fined $47,000 for violations in his 2000 campaign and for receiving a $28,000 improper loan from his parents in 1998. This, by any measure, is also news, particularly in a year when Mr. Weiner is running for re-election. And yet for some reason, The Wave has so far failed to pick up on this story, even while other papers in the city are less reticent.

I’m not sure why there is such an imbalance in coverage, with The Wave picking up the Flight 587 story from overseas, but then ignoring an important political story here at home while the local papers carry it. But The Wave can’t have it both ways. If your paper wants to take others to task for not covering what is clearly real news in one case, you should follow the same standard in all cases and tell the people in this district about the alleged improprieties of their incumbent Congressman. There is a real race going on in this election year and the voters have a right to know.


Being A Good Samaritan

Does Not Pay

Dear Editor;

I just  read an article in the “Beachcomber” that made me hilarious and sad at the same time.

Hilarious to the fact that a Rockaway resident, after swimming two miles in the proximity of Beach 128 Street, crossed the entire beach and went home to find out that there were helicopters and men from FDNY and NYPD searching for a man in the water wearing swim fins.

Realizing that he was the man the were looking for, to save time and money for the searchers, I am sure, he went back to the beach and told them that he was the man.

For the act of being a good Samarian, he received a ticket for swimming in water when there were no lifeguards on duty.

Only in Rockaway and it isn’t funny at all.

The sad part of it is the fact that helicopters (two, three?) and men from  FDNY and NYPD (a dozen?) couldn’t see a man getting out of the water and crossing the entire beach at a time (September 9) when,  I am sure, there were not many people around  and in an area of not more  than a few hundred square yards.

What if the man were a terrorist? What if he had explosive on him? What if he were a suicidal man?

Think of it. This, my friends, is the sad part of the occurrence.

For our safety and the safety of our children, I hope and pray that this was a sole occurrence and not the result of the billions of dollars we spend for our  national defense.

A note, and I am not trying to be a wise guy. If sammaritanism doesn’t pay, would the opposite pay? Think about it, it is NOT funny.


Beach Channel Students

Dear Editor,

As Director of Community Relations at Daytop Beach 65 Street, Arverne, I would like to comment on remarks by Wave Editor Howard Schwach on the type of students now attending Beach Channel High School and also on the recent letter by Beach Channel PTA members in the October 1 Wave issue.

I have been invited to and visited Beach Channel High School for the past ten years. I have been accompanied by adult and young adult members in treatment who spoke honestly and openly to the high school students about their entry into illegal drug use and how they took the sad and downward path to addictive use, which led to school dropout and necessitated treatment at Daytop.

In our first and second year visiting the school we certainly experienced pockets of disruption and interruption during the presentations. Since then, the transformation for the better has been very noticeable. Students in the classroom have been, for the most part, respectful, responsible, enthusiastic and very interested in what the Daytop members had to say. After each engagement our listeners have mailed to us neat and well written feedback on our visit and how the information they received would help them make mature decisions when dealing with substance abuse issues. Those who were “using” were thinking about stopping and students who felt tempted to use, now had second thoughts about doing so.

Howard Schwach is a good man and I thank him again for publishing items on Daytop down through the years. However, with respect, I feel he was out of line in his “off the cuff” remarks about students at Beach Channel High School “being 18 year old criminals.” Using a universal statement like he did, on an issue so sensitive, was both unwise and hurtful to parents and certainly unsettling to the many Beach Channel High School students who rise early each morning and attend class in pursuit of academic excellence. Like Beach Channel High School students before them, many of these students will go on to college and some will attend Ivy League universities and other prestigious houses of learning.

I wish staff and students at Beach Channel High School continued success and I look forward to Daytop’s next visit to the school.




Wave Mistreats BCHS

Dear Editor,

My name is Amit Kapoor and I am currently the Student Organization (SO) President at Beach Channel High School. The purpose of this letter is to respond to The Wave headline, “BCHS Principal Accused of Racist Request”, that appeared on Friday, October 1, 2004.

First of all, The Wave generally chooses to report negatively on BCHS. This week’s headline was outrageous. Dr. Morris is known for the love, respect and caring he gives to everyone including the police officers in this building. He has brought many positive changes to our school that the student body appreciates. Dr. Morris supports his school population whenever he can. He also works long hours. I feel he spends more time at school than he does at home. Many parents appreciate and feel safe with Dr. Morris as Principal and know that he is trying to make our school a better place.

Was this headline really noteworthy? Is this really NEWS? Will this help our school? This kind of reporting not only helps our school not progress or prosper, but this also hurts our community.

There have been many times when I have delivered articles to your office reporting positive occasions at BCHS that I have never seen printed in The Wave. The truth is that there are many positive things that go on everyday within our school. Everyday seems better than the day before ever since Dr. Morris has become Principal of our school. Why don’t you put that on the front cover instead?

Rockaway already gains negative views because of low performing in Rockaway. If more negative views are added, people will stop supporting the Rockaway community. I feel that The Wave needs to publicize better views regarding the Rockaway community rather than jump on nefarious (SAT word) news for company profit. We should all be supporting this community, rather than discouraging it.

Thank You and I hope to see this letter in The Wave this Friday.


City Violates Federal Law

Dear Editor;

New York City’s Waterfront Revitalization Program (WRP) is part of a National land and water use program established by Congress with the Coastal Zone Management Act of 1972 (CZMA), Public Law 92-582. The NYC WRP was approved by the U.S. Department of Commerce for concurrence with the CZMA and it’s implementing regulations pursuant to the Code of Federal Regulations 15 CFR Section 923 and includes Sections 921 and 922. The WRP is New York City’s principal costal zone management tool and establishes a legal framework for evaluating the consistency for all projects conducted within the federally-designated coastal zone boundary.

The Coastal Zone Management program is a partnership among federal, state and local governments which the State and local municipality develop coastal management programs for concurrence with the CZMA. The Coastal Management Program contains legal and enforceable coastal policies with New York State Department of State having 44 policies and New York City having ten policies. New York City through the WRP has the primary responsibility for implementing all the policies using the Consistency Assessment Form (CAF). A Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRP) file must be kept by the lead permitting agency and by NYS Department of State to assure continued consistency for the entire project.

The Consistency Assessment Form is intended to assist an applicant, a private individual or developer in certifying that the proposed activity is consistent with the 10 Policies of the WRP and the States 44 Coastal Management Program (CMP) Policies. If certification cannot be made the proposed activity shall not be undertaken.

The Consistency Assessment Form has 52 questions. Question number 42: Would the action result in the reduction of existing or required access to or along coastal waters, public access areas, or public parks or open spaces ( WRP Policy 8 and State Policies 19 and 20). The Arverne Urban Renewal, Wavecrest Gardens II on Beach 24 Street, the YOMA/ Impressive Homes construction on Beach 26th Street, and the Duane Reade drugstore all have documented existing public access to the Atlantic Ocean or Jamaica Bay and cannot be certified consistent with the public access policies because they have eliminated public access instead of maintaining it within the development. Consistency Assessment Forms are not on file at the City and State agencies for YOMA, Impressive Homes and Duane Reade.

The Beachside Bungalow Preservation Association areas of Beach 24 to 26 Streets is also protected under WRP Policy 10 which protects historic structures which are tangible links to past generations, events and cultures associated with New York City Coastal areas. The Lawrence Hotel, Baxter’s Hotel and Rockaway Hotel are also protected under WRP Policy 10.

Article 19 of the New York City’s Administrative Code Law §27-190 is for all issuance of permit applications and plans that shall be examined for compliance with the provisions of this code and other applicable laws and regulations that include the WRP and CMP which are listed as the laws and regulations pursuant to the CZMA in the City’s Environmental Quality Review Manuel, Executive Law 91.

The recent NYCDOB demolition permits would have a significant and adverse impact to the bungalow development for four historic bungalows on Beach 25th Street. These permits cannot be certified consistent with the WRP (Question 51) and CMP; the permits for Wavecrest Gardens II, YOMA/Impressive Homes, Arverne Urban Renewal, Duane Reade cannot be certified consistent with the legal enforceable public access policies which are to protect, restore and maintain “existing” public access areas. If a proposed project cannot be certified consistent it shall not be undertaken .

The Queens Borough Commissioner of the Department of Buildings along with the other agencies and Queens Borough President Helen Marshall, District Manager Jonathan Gaska and Assembly Member Audrey Pheffer have acted outside the scope of their authority with any approvals for the above actions that do not comply with the WRP and State’s CMP, the subject of the federal lawsuit. The comments made by Mr. Gaska in your article only serve to underscore that the Community Board is not aware of the federal laws pursuant to the CZMA and concurring laws and regulations of the WRP.

The Coastal Zone Management Act was established in order for the public to participate in this National land and water use plans which preserves and protects public access to the waterfront and the natural resources of coastal areas and coastal communities. It was not intended for public officials to ignore the law and approve new development which favors developers and to the detriment of the public and public interest and public purpose of the CZMA statute.

We have our public official to thank for the reduction of public access in Rockaway and New York.



Protect And Preserve


Dear Editor,

Will we soon see the beautiful big old estate properties of Bayswater disappear? Are we helpless to watch disinterested builders – outsiders to our community – convert all our magnificent home into standardized houses on every block? Is it possible to stop the destruction of our distinctive Bayswater into a replica of every other neighborhood? Must we sit idly by watching this terrible waste of ageless trees and mansions never to be seen again? Let’s appeal to every homeowner, builder and politician for help. Speak out Bayswaterites!


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