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All letters submitted to The Wave, including those sent via e-mail, must contain names, addresses and phone numbers. All letters are subject to editing and publication at the discretion of the editors. The Wave will no longer publish letters in which the

MTA Signs Take Beach Dollars

All letters submitted to The Wave, including those sent via e-mail, must contain names, addresses and phone numbers. All letters are subject to editing and publication at the discretion of the editors. The Wave will no longer publish letters in which the name is withheld, unless, in the opinion of the editorial board, there is a compelling public interest to do so.
MTA Signs Take
Beach Dollars

Dear Editor,

Given the uproar over the current ticket blitzes for using Rockaway beaches, the recently announced MTA signage for open beaches should be reviewed by the public before installation.

For years, the MTA has been sending potential tourists to other Long Island beaches as well as Coney Island. Shouldn’t MTA distinctions be under public review before the abuse is locked in? Of course, pleasant surprises are always welcomed.


Thoughts On Beach Cleanup

Dear Editor,

This letter is in response to “Needle, Detritus On Rockaway Beaches” article from the August 13 issue of The Wave.

Safe, clean beaches – that is the goal. Let us not be distracted by charges and countercharges between the City Council and the Parks Department. To paraphrase Pogo, “We have seen the polluters and they are us.” Until we change our behavior, i.e., dispose of our litter responsibly, the street, the beach and the waterway will suffer.

That’s where the International Coastal Cleanup can help. Each year, the American Littoral Society, a coastal conservation organization, organizes beach cleanups throughout New York State as part of this worldwide effort of The Ocean Conservancy to stem the tide of debris on our beaches. In documenting and removing debris, our volunteers grasp the dimensions of the problem, work toward solutions.

Join us on September 18 at a beach near you.




Camp KidsmArt

Dear Editor,

I have worked as a teen assistant at RAA’s Camp KidsmART for three years now. I have watched the camp, as well as the campers, grow. Increasing with size and vivacity each year, it has become a home away from home, not only for the kids, but for the staff as well. Camp KidsmART is a safe haven for children to learn, play, create and get away with attacking their favorite counselors daily. Our counselors and teen assistants work hard to create a positive atmosphere for both the campers and parents. Not only does Rockaway Artists Alliance provide KidsmART for Rockaway kids in the summer, it also runs a wonderful after school art program during the school year.

I believe this camp deserves all the support it can get to continue keeping our kids and their busy parents happy. Without Camp KidsmART, Rockaway would be without a secure, art-filled place for our kids to enjoy.

I encourage the entire community to support Camp KidsmART and the ongoing efforts of the Rockaway Artists Alliance in bringing valuable art programs to the Rockaways.


Thank You,

Beach Car Service

Dear Editor,

I am writing this story to thank and acknowledge Beach Car Service, a.k.a. “The Deuces”, for restoring my faith in humanity.

It was a Monday morning and I was planning on taking the bus to my doctor’s appointment in Far Rockaway. Running late as usual, I decided to call Beach Car Service. On the way to my appointment, I noticed that my hands were dry; so I took off my engagement ring, placed it on my lap and rubbed some lotion on my hands.

It was not until half-way through my doctor’s appointment that I realized that my ring wasn’t on my finger. I immediately began to cry and called the car service to report my loss. The dispatcher informed me that there were about seven different calls in that particular cab since my ride and that the car was now being serviced at the local car wash. He told me to call back in 10 minutes so he could ask the cab driver and the car wash employees to search the car. No luck.

Six days later, I received a phone call from Ben over at the cab stand. He asked me if I had lost an engagement ring. I described the ring to him and it was on my finger that very night.Miracles do come true.

Thank you Beach Car Service for finding and returning my ring for me.


Kerry’s Moves To Censor

Dear Editor,

John Kerry has threatened television stations that air the controversial Vietnam veteran’s ad with a lawsuit. He has also made calls to take the book “Unfit For Command” by John O’Neill off the shelves. This is a scary case of book burning. Kerry is now coming to get the veterans. Who is next?


Planes Impact Rockaway

Dear Editor;

The people of Rockaway, specifically Rockaway Beach and Arverne, had best be aware that for the next fourteen months they are about to get hit with the worst nighttime noise they have ever experienced.

This is supposedly being done because the Port Authority is “repaving” one runway that goes over some of the Five Towns Area. Even though they are repaving one runway they are going to close two runaways at night! This will mean that Rockaway Beach will have ALL of JFK night traffic flying over it at night!!!

I left Rockaway because I didn’t get enough support for my efforts to bring a class action lawsuit against the Port Authority and their FAA

partners-in-crime diverting planes away from Lawrence and the Five Towns and over Rockaway Beach. This was and is a clear violation of federal environmental justice laws.  No one community should be singled-out as a dumping ground, especially at night, by government agencies.

But that is exactly what they are doing to Rockaway Beach, Arverne and some Long Island communities with this repaving project.

This effort to dump the Five Towns plane noise has been going on since the early nineties. The Five Towns has a paid noise lobbying organization, headquartered in the predominantly Orthodox community of Lawrence. It is called the Town and Village Aircraft Safety and Noise Abatement Committee (TVASNAC). The sole job of this organization is to be to lobby politicians, the Port Authority and the FAA to divert their planes away from Lawrence and the Five Towns. They couldn’t care less that these planes go over Rockaway.

The FAA is now in the process of “redesigning” their routing of planes at JFK and other New York metropolitan airports. The people of Rockaway, especially Rockaway Beach and Arverne should check into this as I think an effort is going to be made to make the flight routes for the paving project PERMANENT!!! You can read about the NY/NJ/PHL Airspace Redesign Project by typing “airspace redesign background” on the Google search engine.

Although I am living at least ninety miles from Rockaway Beach, I still feel the outrage when I look at the online “PASSUR” tracking of JFK planes. I am still fighting the FAA, not only for what they have done to Rockaway Beach and Arverne, but what they are doing to hundreds of communities that are assaulted by 24 hour-a-day aircraft noise pollution. I publish a weekly online newsletter called the “The Aviation Conspiracy.” http://pages.prodigy.net/rockaway/ACNewsmenu.htm .

I would be happy to offer my assistance to anyone who wants to fight this latest Port Authority/FAA assault on Rockaway and have a lot of background material on it. My email address is on my newsletter web site or you can contact Friends of Rockaway members Bernie Blum or John Baxter.



Mosquito Problem At Dubos Point

Dear Editor,

Thank you for printing the report on the Dubos Point mosquito problem discussed August 9 at Arverne Civic’s meeting at the Macedonia Church. Spraying as even a temporary solution is controversial since scientific evidence about chemicals involved is cause for concern. There is an unusual circumstance where it was held back for years (reportedly for lack of funds) while the Community Board’s ‘cockamamie mosquito-weed program’ directed Sanitation Department bulldozers to remove topsoil and living vegetation (habitat) on public and private lands. All that has ever been needed is wetlands restoration with a mosquito control byproduct performed at an impounded wetland called Dubos Point. It simple but complicated by unfortunate political complexities. There has been too much suffering for this solution. Pathetic!


What Have We Done

To Our Food?

Dear Editor;

There was a time when life was pure and simple. Our food came from the earth with very little processing; our nourishment came from the sun and the pure foods that we ate. The disease rate was low and basically we were healthy beings.

Then man became “civilized” and started playing God by trying to control the forces of nature. All of a sudden many things changed. Our environment became contaminated with pollutants. Our foods became highly processed, high in sugars and fats with no nutritional value. Fruits and vegetables, foods from the earth, became genetically engineered and full of pesticides, herbicides and chemicals that are harmful to our health. In turn mankind became obese, disease laden, depressed and malnourished.

The society we live in has epidemic proportions of obesity, child and adult onset diabetes, heart disease, hyper and hypoglycemia, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cancer, immune system disorders, allergies, AIDS, heart disease and degenerative diseases such as: Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. It appears that our life span has increased, however that is due primarily to the availability of medications and surgical procedures that enable us to live longer in an unhealthy state.

The average American consumes enormous amounts of refined sugar, trans- and hydrogenated-fats, alcohol, drugs, caffeine, processed foods and contaminated meats. The fruits and vegetables are now genetically modified and engineered to increase size, color and texture. Pesticides and herbicides are used and create toxins and poisons that invade our bodies when they are ingested. The animals that are eaten by humans are full of growth hormones to increase their size and antibiotics to keep them from getting sick and infecting the other animals that share overcrowded slaughter warehouses. We have gone from the pure and natural to a three hundred and sixty degree turn in the opposite direction.

What can we do?

First we have to eliminate those things that are causing harm to our bodies such as; drugs, caffeine, tobacco, sugar, processed and refined foods that lack nutrition. Stop allowing yourself to be used as a guinea pig with the overabundance of prescription drugs. Physicians are trained to mask the problem by applying a band-aid with medication as opposed to finding out the underlying source of the problem, be it stress or an imbalance of the immune system. They are willing to overlook the real problem and opt for medications or surgery for the sake of money, risking your life in the interim. Secondly you must look for alternative natural treatments. Seek out holistic nutritionists, use herbal medicinal tinctures instead of prescription medicines, open your mind, body and soul to healing touch through massage. Incorporate exercise as a regular regimen. Learn to eat to live not live to eat. Research what is nutritious for you and your family and implement those changes not just for today but for a lifetime. You must take control of your life and find out what the core of the problem is and then solve it. You want to create an environment conducive to attaining a healthier lifestyle that will facilitate your living a longer life.



Hold The Dune Destroyers Accountable!

Dear Editor,

I honestly have to say that The Wave, especially the last few issues, is getting better and better. I also find the community’s growing outrage over “The Dunes” issue to be amazing. The children of the 1960’s, me included, are alive and kicking.

What I found to be disheartening, if it is true, is that Beverly Baxter allowed her “arm to be twisted” to cast the deciding vote against the dunes. Now, I do not know Ms. Baxter, other than to say a friendly “hello” in passing, but I would think that she should know better having grown up in the Hamptons. Those east enders, along with the Fire Islanders, are rather rabid when it comes to any dunes issues. I also can’t understand her fearing any “reprisals” when she has her own newspaper column. The power of the press goes a long, long way in warding off misguided community idiots.

So, Mr. Schwach, I have an idea. The Rockaway Park Homeowners Association is a public, not-for-profit organization. As such, the names and addresses of its board of directors, along with the minutes of their board meetings, the issues discusses and votes taken, are all public information.

The Wave should do some investigative reporting. Let’s find out who this “mystery man” is, who is upset because the dunes blocked his personal view of the ocean. Publish the names and addresses of the board. Request the minutes from that particular meeting. Interview these self-absorbed individuals, who clearly overstepped their bounds, in thinking that they held saw over what Mother Nature intended. Find out who voted and how and publish it. Take their pictures and publish it. Find out who in the Parks Department complied and who gave the final O.K. and publish it. Those people should not be able to hide. They should be made to publicly answer for their arrogance and stupidity.

Use the power of the press to insure that this will never happen again. Let the homeowners association and the city know that the people of Rockaway Park “are mad as hell and we aren’t going to take it anymore.”


The Wave – A Leftist Paper?

Dear Editor,

Once again, I write to you in the hope of getting a politically right letter published in The Wave. The paper needs a good chiropractor, due to its leaning to the left! So straighten up and fly right. Your mileage might get better.

Take a good luck at Kerry/Edwards, George Soros/Michael Moore, Hillary Clinton, Charles Schumer, Ted Kennedy and all the ultra-rich who are trying to buy the White House. They are trying to turn our sacred sovereignty, wealth and know how over to that useless nothing organization on the east river bank in Manhattan (The United Nations).

Better yet, you should look through them and you will see political manipulators using the stealth power behind them – it’s insidious and lethal to the future of American liberties.

All they seem to be interested in is to diminish, weaken and subjugate the United States as a world player, erode our sovereignty, and to domestically erase the dominant traditional values of the American people.

The disaffection of this group, who think they know what is the best thing for America – and, at the same time, hate America – forget the phrase of “We, The People.” Vote them out of office for abusing their power – for their own personal objectives. They are all in the same class as the carpetbaggers in the late 1860’s.

• Kerry thinks he is JFK running for president, as does Teddy reliving the past!

• Edwards is chasing the big kahuna ambulance, and has been shut down by the party.

• George Soros wants to be the King of America by buying those with a price – and everyone has their price, don’t they?

• Hillary is using her senatorial time to make sure she will be on the ticket for President in 2008.

• Schumer is the senior senator from New York, but he is in the shadow of Clinton.

• Ted Kennedy should just fade away and go sailing off and never return. His kind are like the dinosaurs now – old fossils!

• Michael Moore idolizes Europeans and tells them that all Americas are the dumbest people on earth. What is he? Immune? A new book is out and titled “Michael Moore Is A Big Fat Stupid White Man,” and was written by David T. Hardy and Jason Clark. At last, the truth about Moore has been brought out. There has been no comment from Moore – I wonder why?

History has a precedent relating to what is going in the world at the moment. I will make the story as simple as possible.

Hundreds of years ago, and many years before Europeans came to America, there was the greatest Indian tribe ever on the east coast of the United States – the great Delaware nation.

Their history tells of their ancient trek from the north and west of our country, across the Mississippi River and finally settling on the far north and far south of the east coast. They fought and defeated other tribes on the way and drove out the ancient ones that inhabited the coast. As the most powerful nation, nobody messed with them and they got plenty of respect.

As time went by, great councils were held, and the Delaware were persuaded to lay down their arms and become peacemakers to settle other disputes.

This they did, but the early history of native America is wanting, and after the whites came, the Delaware must have realized that a great mistake was made. Other tribes in dispute with the whites are reported to have looked down on the Delaware, whom they regarded as the grandfather tribe. If the warring tradition and readiness were kept up, I think that the history of America would have had a different outcome!

As history would have it, the Native Americans woke up when it was too late to fight off the whites who were firmly entrenched. One can relate this story to the similar purpose of the left wing liberal movement during this presidential election. If they gain power, and I firmly believe they will not, they will reduce Americans to impotent and non-caring individuals. Our nation, the strongest on earth ever, will be turned over to that useless welfare club on the East River. As times goes by, we as a people will be nickel and dimed to death by the federal and state courts, as they adjudicate away our rights and Constitution of the United States.

If you think that this cannot happen, the courts just took a chunk of the First Amendment that gives us free speech. The courts have said to citizens of America with the Campaign Finance Law – shut up – for a few months prior to the election this November. Yet all the traitors mentioned in the beginning of this letter will use their millions and millionaires backing them to get around the law – but so will those whom the bill was intended to keep from speaking with the truth.

In the next few weeks the nation will see all the kooks this nation and the NYPD will have to put up with in the coming years. God help America. Please sign this Diogenes.


What Rockaway Needs

Dear Editor:

I would like to have the chance to respond to reader Dean Jones’ letter of August 27th and clarify exactly what I was trying to convey in my letter of August 20th. I feel there might be a point missed somewhere.

I mentioned more than just “Coney Island” and “Skee Ball” in my letter.  In fact I never even mentioned “Skee Ball”.  I did mention that we need ATTRACTIONS to the boardwalk.  I mean they just built a beautiful new skate park but what happens if you don’t own a skate board or know how to skate?  Wouldn’t it be PRUDENT to then rent a skateboard or skates and take a lesson or two, and see how the sport fares for you?  Shouldn’t you be able to do that near the new SKATE PARK built for the soul purpose of skating but without the means to let you sample it???  Maybe I’m being foolish in that theory.  Maybe it was just set up so that no one uses it and we can say “Rockaway has a skate park” like we tell people they can go surfing but NOT unless there’s a life guard and then ONLY after the tides have changed and the surf has changed and the waves have died down.  Oh and isn’t it lovely that surfers do enjoy a section of the beach to surf in and they really don’t bother anyone but if they’re caught in that area they’re given ridiculous fines because they’re using, enjoying or looking at the ocean before/after someone’s ridiculous time frame as it pertains to surfing.

I know maybe we should find enough Tupperware to seal Rockaway in, away from everyone and everything that could possibly touch it and maybe just maybe help bring more revenue here. 

How bout we put up another hundred or thousand houses and bring in more people to our area but not give them anything to do so that they can become a problem when their children get bored as ours do.  But then everyone’s shocked when “lil Johnny” goes and sets the neighbors shed on fire cause he’s bored.  Get real. Lets keep building that problem and see how your lawn fares when your new neighbors traipse by and give it less thought than the “DFD” (down for dayer’s) that you’ve mentioned.

When I first moved to Rockaway I felt I saw a quiet pride in it’s community.  It was like the little town that could. I respected that and would like to see it maintain that but also capitalize on the untouched revenue it’s due.  Why should the “DFD”ers bring food from their neighborhoods when we could provide it and profit from it?  And if that means hiring more people for the parks department, heck, we sure will have them won’t we with all the houses we’re building around here not to mention the unemployed. 

It’s revenue we surely need.  Most of our schools are failing our children.  There are little if any resources for our children to draw from. And to fail even one child is to fail too greatly.  But we’re adding more people to Rockaway, more children. Which will only serve to take more away from the people already here unless we find a way to compensate. That compensation is building not only housing to our community but also attractions. We need more. More school funding, more ACTUAL stores (TAKE NOTE I DID NOT SAY DOLLAR STORES), more community center resources (I’m talking about things like the YMCA or a recreation center), and more things to attract (yes attract which = attractions) the revenue to fund all our community needs. 

A while ago, I wrote to Walmart and told them to please consider Rockaway when building their next site.  I explained to them that we have the room for them to build and that we had people to employ. Oh they came... They saw... AND THEY BUILT IN GREEN ACRES!!!!!!  Why? WHY??? Cause Rockaway is considered too depressed of an area for their liking and they didn’t think that we could support them. Basically there’s’ nothing here so why should they be the only ones was the answer I got.  Sad, truly sad.

Lets not bring up the dog park issue. NOW realize when my husband and I started the thought of the need for a dog park we no longer had our dogs.  We felt it was cruel to keep them confined to an apartment with nowhere to exercise (they are now happy with yards, and our friends and family members but are GREATLY missed). However we still saw the NEED for an area for dogs to run, frolic and play.  We tried to find out how we could put this dream to light.  We contacted Jonathan Gaska with CB (community board) 14.  He wanted to know where to put it. Well, it seems that the former Basketball court area over by beach 81st between the two Paddle board courts has been sitting there growing moss, weeds, a lovely broken glass garden and other unmentionables for approx. 10 - 15 years. When we asked if that was a site that could be used the response was that the area in question was designated as a Basketball court. Although they had (at the time) a working Basketball court at Beach 74 Street. They then tore up the area at Beach 74 and put up a newer Basketball court but left the Beach 81 alone.  Then they designated it as a lifeguard parking lot (wasn’t that useful for the rest of us). We were offered the area over where they built the skate park but turned that down because it seemed ill equipped for the plans that we had (not to mention that their plans left the front door too close to the road with not much room for a dog to run). THEN when we asked for other sites of their choosing, we were told they’d get back to us. When we checked again Mister Gaska explained that no one wanted a dog run.  So we took to petitions and brought back the support of the good Rockaway people only to be told that they had no idea when they would be able to ever have a dog park.  Recently I read that they were thinking about having a dog park over by where the train splits for Far Rockaway (and mind you it’s eerie over there, I for one wouldn’t walk my dog over there if I had one) and one up I believe in Belle Harbor.  I’ll tell you what, it would really be nice to see a dog walk AT THE BEACH and a portion OF THE BEACH fenced off so that people could let their dogs play on the beach and off the beach and not bother anyone else.  It would certainly help with the “poopies on the sand” issue. 

Since writing my original letter I’ve heard from a few of the older Rockawayites who tell of days gone by and explain to me that Rockaway used to have what I’m looking for.  They say there was a time that Rockaway lost the amount of people it had and the shops (I’m talking about the surf shop and boardwalk shops) lost the business they needed to sustain themselves. Rockaway is heading toward another rebirth.  Arverne by the Sea looks as if it could really bring that part of the peninsula back, at least it will have the amount of people it had in the past if not more (and please don’t forget they had corner stores, etc., back then too). That would be beautiful, so long as we give Rockaway not only the people it needs to revitalize itself but also the revenue it needs.

I’ll tell you what, keep sticking your head in the sand and we’ll see how your lovely new neighbors fare with you after their houses are built.... especially when THEIR kids and dogs get good and bored. 


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