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Likes Historical Views

Dear Editor:

Great to read the articles you are printing about the" Historical Views".

When I lived there I was never aware of how much history was around me and how Rockaway evolved into the great area it is today. I still miss it after all this time!


Use The Green Bus

Dear Editor;

Some time ago, when there was a threat to close a particular Public Library, we were encouraged to go to the library and take out many books to show that this branch was in use and necessary.

With the takeover of the Green Lines by the MTA we are faced with a similar possibility. When the MTA takes over studies will be done to show which lines are being used and which are probably not going to be missed. Given the past history of the treatment of Rockaway, I can only guess which communities will lose some of its routes.

Given the rising price of gasoline, this would be the perfect time to take a bus whenever you can. Show the planners that we need and use the bus. Take it even if you are not going anywhere. We need to increase the statistics. Many people never take the bus. They may find it more pleasant than they expect. Save on gas. Save our bus routes.


Be A Little Considerate

Dear Editor:

This letter is for my Belle Harbor neighbors.

It's that time of year again.  PARKING SEASON.  Please be considerate.  Don't take up two spots with one car.  There is nothing more enraging than driving up the only few blocks we are permitted to do our summer weekend parking on, passing space after space that has ONE car taking up TWO spots! If you are old enough to drive, you are old enough to make a thoughtful judgment call about how you are parking. Tighten up the distances. If you habitually take up 2 spots to "reserve one", or if you are just plain thoughtless, believe me, your neighbors have noticed! Yes, sometimes it's unavoidable, and vehicles that are very small or very large can end up with odd spacing around them when nearby cars move. But a moment of awareness and consideration as you are parking can make a world of difference to the next driver/parker on your block.  (AND, your neighbors will love you for it!)

If you need to remind someone that they should only be taking up one spot instead of two, may I suggest, cutting this Notice out of The Wave, make a stack of copies, and always keep them in your car. After you have circled several beach blocks in the 120's for 1/2 hour at 6 PM on a Friday, you will be ready to place this notice on a few windshields. 


You have only one car, please do not take up two spaces.


Chased From The Beach

Dear Editor,

I submitted a letter to the State Department of Health suggesting (as others have suggested) that off season (and appropriately on) that using Rockaway's main assets: the beach and surf, should be at the user's own risk. Thus, the excuse for all the ticket blitzing to reduce City liability in lawsuits would be eliminated and "beach access" promoted by fed/city/state waterfront revitalization guidelines would actually be adhered to in Rockaway!

I was chased from the beach this weekend. What harm was I doing using beaches that I have used from my youth? They are my beaches as well as others and the City has no business interfering with that "property right" that dates back to old English law. So more conspiracy minded local detectives are needed to sort out all the clues to explain the true goal or goals of gates and chains with locks (visible or not) at stairwells of Arverne beaches.


Stores On Old Beach 116

Dear Editor,

I have been a resident in Belle Harbor for 38 years. I was here when we had stores on Beach 116 Street like Sylvia's, Maskins and Westrich Restaurant. When they started going out years ago, I thought that Rockaway would become like so many beach communities: charming and quaint. I thought that we would have cafes and boutiques and craft stores just like places such as Port Jefferson or Orient Point. We have homes here that are selling for millions of dollars yet we can't have a clean decent bakery on Beach 116. The only businesses that seem to thrive here are 99 Cent stores and bars. How many rolls of toilet paper or paper towels does one need? How many times can one obnoxious panhandling drunk buy a beer? That is, with the money people have given him or her out of fear or sheer annoyance.

The only business that has brought a breath of forthcoming chance is Busy Bee's Learning Store. That store carries items that teachers and parent had to leave Rockaway to purchase. I am so happy to have a store that caters to the intellect and not the derelict. Please - for all future stores opening on Beach 116 Street - try to supply us with things that stimulate our minds and bodies - not 99 cents worth of useless, globe cluttering crap. Take notice of how busy a wonderful hardware store such as Browns is, or the charm and quality of The Gift Is Love. Give us good places to shop and we won't fight the crowds at the malls or travel to the five towns. The money is here for the taking, just give us something good and worthwhile to spend it on.


National Politics

Dear Editor,

Harold Paez, (issue of 5/28) as usual, and again in this essay, is pathetic. His submission is long-winded, overbearing, insane, self-righteous, writing with colossal audacity, naming names, (mine among them) for censure, alongside an obscene accusation of "our predictable anti-American fervor." Who is he to arrogate definition of patriotism and Americanism from his own small mind?

He falls in line with other ultra-conservative circles when ordinary criticism evolves into charges of lack of patriotism. An example of the old adage, when your facts are non-existant or problematic, attack the character of your opposition and QUESTION THEIR PATRIOTISM.

On reading this insolent piece, a vision of some 50 years ago returns, when a United States Senator, one Joe McCarthy, later censured by the self-same Senate for his depredation, waved his hands in simulated triumph declaring, "I have a list of names in my hand."

Coupled with this essay, it makes the reader want to retch. No semblance or realization here that a viable democracy thrives and grows on criticism in democracy diversified dialogue. In his piece, criticism becomes anti-patriotic as though he and his cohorts assume a monopoly on indigenous Americanism. What Americanism can he be describing other than that of a one track mentally ensconced in one-side bias and self-righteous smugness. He is like a boxer on the ropes swinging away with a forlorn hope of landing a haymaker. We are too far-gone for that.

He continues that we "act with personal demons of self loathing," (whatever that may possibly mean) and are being played by our own enemies". He seems unaware that there are more terrorists- new ones- being recruited daily by Al Qaeda, flocking from all over the world to sign up and repel the American "colonists" and it will be so, as long as it takes to extricate ourselves from this overwhelming dilemma of our own making.

So he gratuitously demeans our character by embarking on a long-winded, totally irrelevant, summary of what he terms "a recent interview with a North Vietnamese General." What an egregious example of convoluted logic here. Can he possibly be cognizant of the 58% of our own people, as of this writing, disapproving Bush as being on the wrong track and heading for disaster. Are they also anti-American?

He flippantly describes the letter writers as nabobs of negativity. Great phrase there, if and when used properly. He doesn't indicate that the phrase was structured by William Safire, the columnist for the New York Times (the media he is so critical of) and used in a speech by Spiro Agnew, then Vice President under Nixon, who then had to resign when accused of taking bribes from contractors while in the White House. (More arrogance in not putting the phrase in "quotes" as though he is coining the phrase.)

Although the facts are readily at hand, this man does a great job in pretending. Let's do some additional pretending.

Let's pretend Bush is deceitful- just play acting- or once more in the hands of his mentors- on the Carrier when he paraded grotesquely under the "Mission Accomplished" banner, an act that returned to haunt him forever.

Let's pretend this President exceeded Gore's more than one half million vote plurality in the last election and was legitimately installed by popular vote. Let's pretend that Abu Gharaib never happened but was concocted by a conspiratorial opposition just to embarrass this administration.

Let's pretend the media is biased against the administrative even though Clear-Channels control twelve hundred U.S. radio stations country wide with a daily conservative agenda.

Let's pretend Mr. Paez can sit down and calmly recognize that in a democracy criticism is vital to structure a middle ground between honest alternatives. He proceeds to pontificate at length on the corrupt oil-for-fraud scandal, covered fully and completely by the "liberal" media he excoriates. He's beating a dead horse here.

There is no concern at scandals this administration (the most secretive in history) is sitting on right now. Witness Abu Gharaib for a full month before it was aired by 60 Minutes- with the administration's hope it would never emerge, with additional photos by the hundreds still being kept under wraps while the country weeps with embarrassment from which it will never recover. And then, finally his crowning bid for glory as a dramatic afterthought, a throw away sentence, "By the way," he says, "Iraq is being handed over this month".

End of story? Happy ending?

Handed over to whom? In what condition? Has the coming civil war already started? Will 50,000 US troops have to remain there under fire for years to come, a war initiated with blatant deception and correctly seen as such, worldwide. There is still so much to be said about this fatuously self-serving essay for another time but what remains evident throughout is the aphorism applicable " patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel." There is a Biblical expression that "this too shall pass." It shall, of course.

Hopefully with a much needed change for the better after the November election.


"Lock" Your Bike

Dear Editor:

Residents of Rockaway, it's that time of year again. The warm weather is here and the summer season in Rockaway has begun. For all of those Rockaway bikers out there it is time to BEWARE!!! Many of you are riding your bikes again and the perpetrators who take them are out and will be watching and waiting for the chance to take your bike.

Last year we had a problem with bikes being stolen, and it's not just here in Rockaway it's a problem al over. Bikes are taken from people who go to the beach, who leave their bike outside a store while they go inside for a few minutes, and most of all from your own homes. If you leave your bike and it will be out of your sight, even on your front porch, in your shed or in your garage, make sure you secure it with a strong chain and lock. Something as simple as chaining two or more bikes together makes it very difficult for a thief to ride off with a bike. Also be sure your sheds and garages are locked and secure during the daytime as well as at night. Because while you're away from home or asleep at night, perpetrators go yard to yard looking for sheds and garages that are not locked

And help themselves to your bikes and other property that are of any value.

Very important, if property does not have any or has insufficient lighting around your residence, I recommend installing lighting around your residence, I recommend installing lighting with motion sensors. These lights are not expensive and do not use much electric. Once it gets dark the only time these lights go on is when there is some type of movement in the area of your property. Once the motion stops the lights go off after a few minutes. These are excellent security lights not only while you are sleeping but for when you come home at night when it's dark. The last thing a perpetrator wants is any type of lighting on him while he is committing a crime. If your property has proper lighting, chances are he will go to another one that does not.

This is not only a very safe community, but the safest in the city and we are doing our best to keep it that way. Some of these instances occurred from people being a little careless with their property. It is unfortunate that we have to do these things to keep our property from being taken but we do. We just want to let you know that it is a problem and that we are doing all we can to prevent it, we just need you to do your part as well.

If you haven't yet and would like to register your bike with the 100th Precinct you can reach me at (718) 318-4236 to make an appointment. If your bike is stolen and it is registered, you have a better chance of getting bike back and we have a better chance of knowing who belongs on the bike and who doesn't helping us arrest those in the process.


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