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Illegal, Not Official

Dear Editor;

Last week's Wave contained an aerial photo of the dunes from Beach 142 Street to Beach 138 Street, indicating that a Parks Department spokesperson referred to them as "official dunes".

I remind everyone that these "official" dunes were the result of bribes given to Parks Department personnel for their construction. A small group of beachfront property owners, des pite community opposition, arranged for the dunes to be erected overnight surreptitiously. Under the pretext of conservation,A0they were actually erected to privatize a portion of public beach.

These dunes may beA0referred to as "official", but they were constructed in an underhanded and most likely illegal manner.


Conservative America

Dear Editor,

The present presidential election cyc le will be about, despite political philosophers and pundits, the economy and physical security of the American people.

The present cabal that runs the White House is distorting conservative principles and is attacking working families. The true conservative is fiscally prudent, wants a strong nat ion, and desires a government that is not intrusive in personal affairs of the citizens. The present administration appears to be interested in the promotion of the needs of major multi-national corporations over the needs of developing stronger families.

The economic policies of this administration are weakening Amer ican families and risking the security of the nation. To save corporations mon ey, the Republicans (our new conservative elite) is proposing overtime regulations that will take overtime pay away from millions of working families. More than 8 million workers will no longer be guaranteed the overtime pay for hours they may be req uired to work. The occupations that will lose overtime pay would be firefighters, nurses, engineers, social work ers, office workers, and others who earn $22,100 per annum according to the Economic Policy Institute.

Many workers will be losing time to spend with their children and aged parents because employers will have an incentive to require overtime if there is no financial loss. Others who work overtime will lose the additional income used to sustain their life style.

While nearly 4.7 million workers were injured or made ill and while 5,500 died (more than the figure that died from the attacks of September 11, 2001) from occupation injuries in 2002, this administration wishes to weaken jobs safety rules.

The Bush economic record is fiscally irresponsible. The present policies have created a $500 billion deficit. The massive deficit will be used for cutting social security benefits that were promised our citizens, cut veteran hospital services, and cut allocations to states that are causing state budget gaps to grow.

Our food supply and water supply needs to be safeguarded from terrorist attacks. Our homeland security depends on a diligent police force and cities and states all over this nation do not have the resources to safeguard our people because of budget gaps.

This president is anti-union. Un ions have given many of us economic stability and a voice in the workplace. Bush has proposed terminating the collective bargaining rights for 130,000 fed eral employees. Many of us remember the hardships that our ancestors suffered before collective bargaining and realize that many died so that unions could flourish in the United States. Do we want a union free America?

For the foreseeable future a third of the regular government will be fin anced with borrowed money. The people who are buying our bonds for the large part are foreign countries. Is this a conservative that advocates a strong America?

The new Medicare prescription drug law provides a small amount of coverage for some seniors. In fact, the drug companies who wrote the legislation will make larger profits. A Congressional Budget Office analysis shows that employers will drop essential coverage in large numbers. Medi-Gap plans, which cover costs the government doesn't will now be prohibited. An estimated 6.4 million seniors will lose their current Med icaid coverage acc ord ing to the Cen ter on Budget and Policy Prior ities. The center also stated that in order to get coverage at all, seniors must join HMO's. According to the Center for Economic Policy Research, the average senior will pay 60% more in 2006 than in 2000 and by 2013 at least 2 BD times more. This is a sweetheart deal for the drug companies and a rip-off for the taxpayers.

Stuart W. Mirsky stated that Bush achieved the presidency by making all ies of social conservatives and libertarian conservatives. I am pro-life. This present administration wanted to have hospital and clinic records released to check what type of medical procedures were done on women who had undergone abortions. This is totally unacceptable. Social conservatives who favor a restoration of traditional morals in America public life should ponder what type of government we would have if our bedroom and medical histories are the government's concerns.


Duke Doesn't Cut It

To the editor,

Surprising that delegations from Hawaii have not, through the years, petitioned the City of New York to remove the Duke's name from its registrar of named streets seeing as how "his way" is nothing more than a gar bage strewn, pot holed street where surf ers used to go but no more.A0 Duke Kahanamaku is a rich part of Hawaiian lore and is honored as such in word and sculpture in Hawaii.A0

Did he ever visit Rockaway?A0 Per haps, but who really cares.A0 I have surfed for a number of years and all I know is that he was an Olympian, rode waves long distances off Waiki ki, and was probably a nice man living on a tropical island for many a long year.A0 The Duke em braced the Aloha spirit, whatever that is, but he wasn't born in Rock away, didn't choose to make it his home, didn't sprint into our waters to save those in distress, didn't surf here, didn't sign up to protect people and property in NYC, didn't make the supreme sacrifice, didn't have his life cut short, and shouldn't have his name over our neighborhood, our boardwalk, our waves.A0 Delores, thanks for the work you and the board perform but you are way out of line on this one.


The American Left

Dear Editor,

The horrible events in Madrid, Spain this month once again show us the true nature and scope of what the United States is facing in the new millennium. And still, the Democrats don't see the forest through the trees. As the political year heats up, I urge conscientious Americans to take a close look at what is occurring in the world around us where lines are being drawn and future is being molded whether we choose to believe it or not. Bombings in Jakarta, Casa blanca, Bali, Riyadh, Madrid, New York, Baghdad, all tied to a single cause, would lead any logical observer to conclude that a struggle on a global scale is emerging. Meanwhile the left continues to espouse its beliefs in oil cabals and an American imperialism all neatly tied up in a healthy dose of American self-loathing. After all, according to liberal "intellectuals" and ideologues, the United States is actually the root of all evil. Never mind that the United States has been the single most important force in lifting the world out of the horrors of the twentieth century: Fascism, Nazism, Commu nism and Totalitarianism. Never mind the hundreds of millions of people who have come to this country and with only a nation's good will and their own hard work have found a new definition of prosperity and freedom.

No, in an age of world war, the left quibbles about whether or not we are in an economic crisis. They've been talking this issue up so much of late that the economy is the leading issue on most American's minds, according to some polls, with the struggle ag ainst Islamic fundamentalism some where at number three or four.

Forgive me, but an economic crisis is where you have sustained a 70 percent or greater unemployment rate as they do throughout the Middle East and Africa; when the monetary system has collapsed in Argentina; where the population is starving and on the brink of famine as in North Korea; where free enterprise is non-existent and there is no hope for meaningful subsistence expect on the most basic of levels.

The last time I looked into it unemployment was around 5%, near the historical low economic limits and home ownership was at more than 65%, at a historical highpoint.

Americans are on average living well into their 80's: another historical high point and a good indicator of economic stability.

Now this is not to say that the economy or education or social security are not important issues. They undoubtedly are. But when faced with the very real possibility of a protracted struggle against an enemy which uses our own open society against us and whose only purpose is the eradication of the same society while inflicting a maximum amount of innocent casualties in our own cities, one has to wonder where the left is trying to lead us. Their best solutions involve putting our future in the hands of France and Germany and to hobble our right to make decisions on our own country's safety by leaving those issues to the United Nations Security Council where I'm such paragons of freedom and virtue as Castro's Cuba and China will look after our best interests just fine. The next time we sit down to our super-sized Big Mac meal let's consider what the real issues facing the world today.

95 Islamic fundamentalism radicalism

95 Unprecedented attacks on Ameri can Society and Culture. (Yes we do have a proud culture including the freedom of religious, idealistic and personal expression. The same culture that has fostered the growth of the last century's greatest achievements in science, technology, medicine, art, literature, economics and all other human endeavors.

95 The systematic dismantling of the American way of life by the left who see this America experiment as an affront to humanity and a danger to the world.

The Democrats and the left are trafficking in the wages of fear. A strategy which in the end leads to the ultimate failure of democracy and the rise of appeasement, capitulation and rampant despotism.


Support The Mayor On Education

Dear Editor:

If you can't hit a curve, you'll never get out of triple A.A0 If you can't sink a 17-foot jumper, you'll never get into the Garden.A0

These simple outcomes take mountains of work, enormous energy and tireless dedication.A0 And, what's fundamental on the parquet is also all-so-true on the pavement of NYC commerce & industry.A0 No business will ever prosper without a tireless execution of a good idea.A0 NYC's schools - as they stand - are not instilling these foundation principles; and social promotion - or whatever the elite pedagogues label it - is nonsense & morally bankrupt.A0A0I'm writing to express my strong supportA0for Mayor Bloom berg'sA0tough stance this week to change the core philosophy of our city's 'educrats'.A0 Am also writing to express my deep dissatisfaction with our City Council MembersA0presently pillorying & excoriating the Mayor for his leadership.A0

Paraphrasing former Senator Dan iel P. Moynihan,A0New York'sA0sch ools are 'defining scholarship down' and this shouldA0not stand!

Garden President ThomasA0does not ask his players to perform at their peak, he demands it.A0 'Defend, or be gone', he says, and there's now excitement in the rafters. Coach Wilk ensA0stormed into the locker room the other night toA0beg, badger & cajoleA0his playersA0to reach deep into their reserves to overcome a 20 point half-time deficit.A0 These player 'reserves' - so to speak - are reservoirs of stored-up energy, built up over years ofA0school-yard competitions, high school games, college competition and endless & tireless practice.

What's obvious to the fan is fundamental to the parent.A0 Perform, read, write, think...speak eloquently and write forcefully.A0 These simple outcomes also require mountains of work, enormous energy, tireless dedication and great coaching.A0

Today's NYC schoolteachers must sufferA0terrible inner turmoil each school year as they reward the slackers, the dis-respecters, the disrupters who don't do the work, who don't perform at their peak and who in turn influence others to do the same.A0 'What awful message' they must think, 'amA0I sending to my good students who do have dreams and my bad students who don't'.

Top-down and elite-driven societies - thru the course of civilization - purposefully kept the great un-washed, un-educated. They supplied the Brains and we supplied the brawn.A0 History will forever report that Amer ica fundamentally revolutionizedA0world history. Jefferson, Adams, Rush, Franklin, the Pilgrims all recognized that a bottoms-up and majority-driven society required people who know the past, understand the present and dream about the future.A0 These 'founders'A0all forcefully advocated for public education, and in their tradition, America led the world to change, adapt and educate all their youth.A0 MyA0body twitchesA0to read that today's 12th graders can't read or write, that many of our 18 year olds are functionally illiterate.

Certainly, no one vote will - with a brush - wipe away years of indifference &A0incompetence & underachievement...but this vote was a great start!

Finally, am very perplexed and disturbed by our City Council Members whoA0appear blinded (or maybe they 're just stunned) by our school system's failure to perform and refusal to holdA0themselves accountable. In the face of ever-higher spend ing levels and ever lower performance, many Council Members continue toA0support the status quo...even as they campaign for better schools, more resources and better outcomes.A0 Hope fully, on this Peninsula where Rockaway is home to some of the worst & best city schools...hopefully here..our Council Members will support the Mayor!..


The Democratic Party in '04

Dear Editor,

The main issue of the '04 elections, is that John Kerry must choose an African American as running mate.

The Democrats had two landmarks, first woman, Geraldine Fer raro 1984, first Jewish, Joseph Lieb er man 2000.

This the time for an African Amer ican running as Vice President, or else, African Americans should abandon the Democratic Party at once!


Hammels Senior Center

Dear Editor,

I am a long time member of the Hammels Senior Center at Beach 90 Street. The volunteers, including me, are always glad to pitch in when we are needed. Pat Bishop, the assistant director, is creative and caring.

There are many activities, including painting, exercise and crafts.

I look forward to spending my time there with neighbors and friends.


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