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Wants Review Of No Parking Plan

The following letter was written to Jonathon Gaska, the District Man ager for Community Board 14:

Dear Mr. Gaska;

This letter is in reference to the NO PARKING signs that were already ordered for Beach 126 Street through Beach 139 Street.

I spoke with the Department of Transportation's Borough Commis sioner for Queens, Ms. Moran, she stated that she would be in contact with you regarding having another review done before the signs are put in place. The reason being the width of the mediums may not warrant the necessity to have no parking on these streets.

Moran directed me to contact you on this matter. We as a Community would like this review done as soon as possible, since the signs were already ordered. Perhaps it has come to your attention that there are many residents both home owners and renters who are in opposition to the NO PARKING signs on Rockaway Beach Boulevard year round. We would appreciate a reply from you in a timely manner.


Rugby Club Clean Fun

To the Editor:

Last year I read about the problems on St. Patrick's Day with the Rugby
Club. I knew some of them through other friends and in passing and
could n't believe what I read. So this year I went with my cousin, who
lives in Rockaway, to experience the event for myself.

I cannot believe what a good time I had. The atmosphere was fun, the
band was good and everyone behaved themselves. Although I am quite a bit
older than most of the partygoers (mid 40's) there weren't any "kids"
and the college aged people behaved like adults. The turn out was large
and impressive, yet organized and controlled. The president of the club,
Bob I think his name was, should be commended and maybe even honored
next year. Anyway, I thought the guys got a bad rap last year and all I
can say is that they threw a safe, great party worthy of Rockaway and
the Irish.


Backs Parking Ban

Dear editor,

Every week for the last four weeks Rockaway residents and columnist in your paper has weighed in on the "No Parking" issue on Rockaway Beach Boulevard. As a Rockaway resident of over 40 years I feel compelled to add a few important comments and ideas. Let's all be reminded that when the malls on the boulevard were planned, the no parking issue was addressed and agreed upon for many good intelligent reasons. Residents of Rock away must realize the incredible safety issue involved with letting cars, SUV's, hummers and passenger vans, park on Rockaway Boulevard. This has and will continue to create a very dangerous situation for all Rock away residents until the signs (No Parking at any time and Speed Limit 30mph) are installed and parking is eliminated and, motorist slow down, for safety of all concerned.

The new roadway on Rockaway Beach Boulevard and malls were not intended so local car services and rest aurant delivery cars can speed through our neighborhood at lightning speed. The legal speed limit on Rockaway Beach Boulevard and the other streets through Rockaway is 30mph. The other day I tried to drive 30mph and found that out of habit I was driving 45mph, which is a pretty hefty fine, it's a good thing I know someone at the PBA. When I slowed down and drove 30mph almost every motorist behind me got mad and drove around me at 60mph. I did this about 10 times just to be fair and let me tell you there is a big difference between 30mph and 50mph. More importantly, I learned that if I drive the speed limit 30moh, I give myself a better chance to react to different things that happen when driving.

A parking lane on Rockaway Beach Boulevard creates many hazards. First any local motorist trying to make a turn from a side street onto the Boulevard knows it's impossible to see past the parked SUV's, vans and/or cars on the corners until you're halfway into the intersection. As you make it past the parked SUV, you inch out and here comes your trusty local car service barreling down at 60+mph or maybe an inattentive motorist on a cell phone cursing at you for inching out to try to get a look at oncoming traffic from around the parked cars.

As the summer approaches most residents cross the boulevard to get to the beach. The parking creates a major hazard to residents, and motor ist who will be unable to see pedestrians and bicyclists trying to cross to get to the beach, due to the limited visibility caused by the park ed vehicles. Most contributing fact ors of accidents, deaths and injuries on roadways are all present here and now, this condition is an accident waiting to happen, created by parked cars, SUV's, vans and motorists that drive to fast out of habit. I'm guilty too.

Rockaway Beach Boulevard should be a one wide lane for traffic east bound and one wide lane for traffic west bound. The other portion of the roadway should be utilized as a designated running/jogging path and bicycle lane for local residents to enjoy. A two-lane roadway is not necessary either. In my 40 years of living in Rockaway I have never seen a traffic jam on any roadway. Parked cars and unnecessary traffic only destroy the beauty of our community.

The residents of Rockaway along with local officials and community groups should be encouraged to try the 30mph, test and see what I mean. A designated running/jogging path and bicycle lane is a much better way to go. The dangers that exist here should be realized now and corrected for the safety of all residents. To all my neighbors, as the warm weather approaches, please remember to drive safely, wear your seatbelts, and watch out for children, bicyclist; motor cycles. The safety of our neighbors should be paramount to all. Please slow down and enjoy the ride, as we all know life is to short. That's what makes Rockaway a great place to live.

I encourage residents to contact your local representatives listed in this paper and help create a running/jogging path and bicycle lane for all residents to enjoy.


Bay Island Restoration

Dear editor,

When Lew Siegel was Marine Bio director at Beach Channel High School, he brought students to Dubos Point Park to plant wetlands grasses. Bare areas of sand, adjacent to where wetlands grasses grow then were cho sen. An old bulkhead protects the site from windblown waves and from boat wakes. The project was successful and today the site is thick with wetland grasses. So the students, at Lew's direction, accomplished a dem on stration project that in clean sand wetlands sections will grow (in new former sites). Winter storms have been reclaiming a spine of old fill at the parkland site and there is, therefore, a steady source of sand for the wetlands grasses to grow through each year.

Since Terrapin turtles nest in the spine of sand fill, and the integrity of the park protects Arverne from erosion, the US Army Corps of Eng ineers will have to replenish the fill from Sommerville Basin or from an oceanic or inlet source (so it will be clean). Hopefully the funds will be obtained for this as part of the Corps restoration program for Jamaica Bay.

Corps scientists should take note of this past Dubos Point Park history, like a wetlands island (or section) in trouble, stabilize sand fill from a clean source, and thus obtain a successful outcome that preserves the Bay wetlands ecosystem.

More students projects at Dubos Point could interrupt the neglect the park site has experienced.


America In Iraq

Dear Editor,

(The following letter was sent to the United Nations and other media organizations.)

Would you want to live in a country whose constitution was written by George W. Bush? Why then would the people of Iraq so want?

Democracy is rule by the will of the people. Courageously demonstrated every day, the near unanimous will of the Iraqis is for George W. Bush and his invading murderer-destroyers and his prison builders and his would be oil thieves to leave their country immediately.

Iraqis are not asking for camouflaged United States occupation un der U.S. puppet Kofi Annan. Non-Americans know that Annan was imposed upon the United Nations by Bill Clinton in 1996 - when Clinton threatened to welsh upon payment of 1,500 million dollars in arrears owed to the United Nations by Washing ton, unless the Security Council rev ersed its 14-1 vote which continued the tenure of sitting Secretary Gen eral Butros Butros Ghali. Dictates from Annan have always been tantamount to dictates from the Oval Office.

As the voters of Spain have spoken, may the voters of America and the voters of Britain clearly speak: "No more blood for ExxonMobil or BP oil dreams; just leave!"


On the Salvation Army

Dear Editor,

I noticed in a recent Beachcomber column you attacked the Salvation Army.

I'm not a spokesman for the Sal vation Army, but I am a believer in Christ. It's been my experience that a large majority of the press are not that friendly to Gospel preaching organizations.

I do know that the Salvation Army is the most respected charity in the United States.

The resources that they were able to mobilize within hours of the 9/11 disaster speaks volumes.

Certainly the late Mrs. Ray Kroc thought highly of them leaving a couple of billion dollars to them in her will. I'm sure if you had called them and asked them for an explanation, instead of reading some cockamamie story in the New York Times or the New York Post and putting it as is in The Wave you would have gotten the real story.


Give It A Rest

Dear Editor;

Your unceasingly negative editorializing is boring, repetitious, and un relentingly biased.A0 The Wave, especially the editor, needs to exhibit some degree of objectivity, instead of the editor's position being abused, and used as a bully pulpit.A0 If the editor of the Wave cannot write an editorial with a shred of objectivity, then he should no longer write editorial copy on the topic.A0

It's a community newspaper, not the editor's private soapbox. Espe cial ly troublesome is the fact that you don't have a moment's experience or hindsight as to what improvements (or lack thereof) Cashin's innovations will/will not produce. Give her a chance, and give it a rest, Howie.A0


Tribute for John Quadrozzi

Dear Editor,

Many years ago, when I was just a little boy, there was a place across the street from my house where they fix ed cars and big trucks. All the neighborhood kids would hang around there some looking for trouble, others like me, looking for work.

There were a lot of kids around, many to pick from, but he chose me, this man John Quadrozzi. He took me under his wing and watched me grow. He saw things in me that I could not see, this man John Quad rozzi.

At times things got really bad, and I was down and out in the cold. I looked to someone for comfort, and he took me in and made me warm and cozy, this man John Quadrozzi.

I never really got to know my father, some kids in those days would say "why bother?" I am grateful that I had the chance to know and see, such a wonderful person, John Quadrozzi.

When my life journey takes me down that path where I have to enter the gates, I will not fear or falter, because whoever shall question my entrance, I will say, "you see that wise man over there with the phone to his ear?" Well, he knows me, he's John Quadrozzi.


Fallen Angel

Dear Editor,

One of the angels of 90 Street

Is no longer here for the old folks to greet

A group from the big city

Came here without pity

To save us all from the Irish foundation

With never a word of explanation

Saw fit to present to the Angel of Ship

A hurtful not; the dreaded Pink Slip

To Janet, our angel we bid you Adieu

And pray God; to bless you in all that you do.


Let Them Know

Dear Editor;

As a young probationary firefighter, Richie Allen gave his life trying to rescue people onA0September 11th 2001. Richie had been a New York City public school teacher and in his earlier years he served as a lifeguard on many of the Rockaway beaches. Richie's passion was surfing, whenever he could steal away for a few rides he was gone. Richie loved surfing on Beach 91 Street, and even made a video of surfing there.
Be cause of his love for surfing at 91 Street, his family, with the help of Lou Simon requested in Jan. 2003 for a street naming in Richie's honor at Beach 91 Street.

In Feb. 2004, the Rockaway Beach Civic Assoc. sent a letter to CB 14 District Manager Jon. Gaska, that they opposed the street naming be cause they wanted to name it after Duke Kahanamoku, a surfer from Hawaii. This even though the Duke already has Beach 38th St. named after him.

The friends and family ofA0 Fire fighter Richard Allen are asking that the Rock Beach Civic Assoc. please rethink their decision. To help them along we are asking anyone who ever surfed with Richie, along with any friends, relatives, neighbors, and anyone who feels as strongly for this street naming as we do to please send a letter to both the Rockaway Beach Civic Association, and Community Board 14.

I'm sure Duke was a great guy, but Richie was one of our own with strong family ties to this area. His uncles were legendary Basketball players and coaches Al and DickA0 McGuire. Richie gave his life for our city and if his family wants Beach 91st St. to be named "Richie Allen's Way" then it should have been done already.

Please send your letters out backing this street naming as soon as possible. It will only take you 5 minutes. Let's hope that the powers that be rethink their position on this matter and choose to do the right thing.


How About a Double Header

Dear Editor,

Take the old courthouse building, and make it the site for the memorial of the American Airlines crash.

Ask American Airlines to pay the cost of the memorial, and lo and behold we have the perfect answer.

The courthouse faces Kennedy Air port, so the memorial would be in a perfect position.

The balance of the building could be used for all local, not for profit organizations located in various places. For example85.the Rockaway Museum, the Rockaway Music and Arts Coun cil, etc.


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