2004-02-27 / Columnists

The Inner Voice

by Marilyn Gelfand

Turning on the radio or television al most guarantees some talk about
election coverage.A0All of politics is so geared to winning the public’s mind through image creation and then the politicians invariably do what they want to anyway.A0Image is the most important work prior and during elections.A0 It is such a good way to observe the way words are only tools to create what will be only an image.A0These im ages constantly change depending on what the politician is trying to get the public to believe.A0 Being old enough to have lived through the Viet nam war days, I have seen that war and the soldiers who fought in it chan ging from "good" to "bad" or back and forth de pending on what was to be the purpose of the given speech.A0It is amazing to methat both the president’s and John Kerry’s Vietnam era days are be ing discussed all these years later.A0I know for many veterans theatti tudes they faced when they came home from Viet nam was as bad as the war itself.A0 So, images constantly change.A0Which is real?A0Probably, none of them. They are just images, not reality.A0Each person creates his own life and learns from personal experiences.A0Different people in the same situation may come out with different reactions.A0We must also realize that there are different motivations in why people do what they do.A0Some just want to create a scenario, while others may be truly
expressing what they feel.

Another example of how words are just used to create a desired effect
may be seen in the war in Iraq.A0Who wants American to look good or bad?
A0Baghdad Bob the information advisor reporting on Al-Jazeera reported the
war events without any basis in reality.A0People have laughed so hard and made him a comical figure because his lies were so obvious to see. Others are not so clear.A0Many have said that we must always listen to the speeches in Arabic because they don’t always coincide with what the same leader says in English.

Words this week are also tied in with the new Mel Gibson movie.A0Is he proclaiming that this movie is the "truth" or is he saying it is his inter pre tation?A0 How will people viewing his movie perceive it?A0As Mel Gibson’s words or those of an eighteenth century nun or as an eye witness account?

We must be so careful with our words and the way we believe what others tell us.A0We may try to get to facts even in our personal relationships.

What really happened when two people had a fight?A0Sometimes it is dif ficult to get to the facts. In a love relationship, does he/she love me or not?A0Check out the actions with the words, and try to find the motivation.A0But at least if one is aware that I must trust what my insides believe, that I don’t just accept the words of another as blind truth or follow what my advisors say, I am more open to follow and trust my own opinion.A0We should not be afraid to think within ourselves and come to our own conclusions.

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