2004-02-13 / Community

The Inner Voice

by Marilyn Gelfand

Sleep is so important for living.A0We may be people who can fall asleep anywhere or others who must have all conditions just right, but even t ually we must all sleep to survive.A0Some people dream a lot, and others don't remember anything.A0Some people toss and thrash around, while others are calm and fit into neat covers.A0

We all have different styles of sleeping, but eventually we all lose connection with the goings on of the place we are in, and let go.A0

Many people feel that they must sleep at night and get a full eight hours or they cannot be healthy.A0I have heard many individuals complain miserably about how they sleep.

For myself,A0my sleep patterns have dramatically changed as I've gotten older.A0IA0fall asleep earlier and I get up earlier too.A0Many get angry when their bodies change their sleep clock.A0 If we can turn off outside opinions on sleep, we may be able to know what our own body requires.A0For some, if a nap of 20 minutes is taken, they can stay up for the rest of the evening.A0It is most important to know what your own sleep requirement is and how your current pattern operates.A0 It does not matter how you used to sleep, but it is good to know what you currently need.A0

The closer you follow your own needs without worrying if it is enough, what will others think, etc., the more energy you may feel.A0You can easily identify your own most productive work time.A0

Some of us believe that during sleep, we are putting wisdom into place in our spirit that will be made concrete when we awaken.A0Our life's frame work can be worked on during periods of rest where we have a chance to weigh alternatives, solve problems, con tact the dead, work on a skill or learn something, handle an emotional state, etc.A0

The expression "I'll sleep on it" is a reflection of this way of thinking.A0If you want to remember a dream, you can tell yourself that you want to remember your dream before falling asleep.A0After a few days of re minding yourself to re member, dreams should be recalled.A0

Some people keep a dream journal near their bed, and write in
it immediately upon awakening.A0Some people want to know if they dream in color or black and white, how noises sound.A0Others want to control their dreams, and this is called lucid dreaming.A0

Personally, I don't need to remember them at this stage of my life.A0I know I'm probably getting what I need, and I try to go to sleep comfortably without being angry or upset.

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