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Environment in Breezy

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to the letter to the editor written Stephen Wohl in the January 9 edition of The Wave. I must congratulate Mr. Wohl on completing such a great work of fiction about the Breezy Point Cooperative and the plight of the piping plovers.

I served on the board of directors of the cooperative from July 1997 until July 2000. I can tell you the plight of the piping plover was always given top priority by the board. The cooperative went out of its way to follow every restriction suggested by the Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Park Service. An extensive program is undertaken every nesting season. Nesting areas are fenced off at the cooperative's expense, and access is restricted for people, dogs and any kind of vehicular traffic throughout the entire nesting period. The various government services have asked for a greater area of beach to be restricted each year to the point that probably two-thirds of our beach is restricted area during the nesting period and the cooperative always complies with these directives. Federal inspectors have free access to these areas at all times.

As for your story of 21 nests being run over by a cooperative "goon" at the board's directive, I'd like to ask you where you got this information. The federal inspectors would have found this if in fact it did happen. Nice try Mr. Wohl. But get your facts straight next time. There was an instance a few years back where a nest was disturbed. The federal inspectors could not determine if it was done by a human or a cat or a raccoon. For the last few years there have been fewer nests on the beach, but most of the chicks that are born, do in fact fledge. The federal inspectors have deemed the cooperative program a success.

I'd like to fill you in on a few things Mr. Wohl: Kevin Buckley has not been the manager of the Breezy Point Cooperative for about a year now. I will also tell you that when Mr. Buckley did serve as the general manager he did his utmost to have the cooperative comply with all the federal directives. You talk about the encroachment on to the piping plover areas. If anything, we have given up more of the beach each year to these nesting areas. Mr. Wohl, you also spin a yarn about the federal court making a decision to use dredged sand (at the public's expense, you point out) from Central Rockaway beaches to widen the beach at Breezy Point. First of all, there was no federal court decision as you call it. The sand used on the Breezy Beaches is from the shipping channels in and around Jamaica Bay. The United States Army Corps of Engineers approached the cooperative first to ask if they could dump this sand on our beaches because it would make it easier for them and we agreed. The Breezy Point Cooperative does and will continue to do what is right for the environment and our neighbors in Rockaway, be they human or animal. I don't know what planet you are from Mr. Wohl, but the next time get your information at least half right.


Dubos Point Mosquitos

Dear Editor,

(The following letter was sent by President of Friends of Rockaway, Bernie Blum to the Parks Commiss ioner, Adrian Benepe.)

The production of mosquito larvae in enormous quantities is not what Dubos Point (a.k.a. Mosquito Point) should be known for! There should be a boardwalk and marine science center as at Marine Park, near Gerritsen Inlet, in Brooklyn. So will the Dep artment please apply for bond act funds or arrange for other funding sources to restore this ecologically valuable site that initiated "Buffer the Bay" of NYC Audubon Society and Trust for Public Land.

Also, will a lifeguard team be provided for the Arverne Beaches that are accessible by the Gaston Avenue subway stop at Beach 67 Street. Thank you for your kind attention.

P.S. Dubos Point stores too much standing water and has the Commiss ioner of the NYCDOH contacted the Parks Dept. about this?


Not In My Day

Dear Editor:

As a former resident of Rockaway and student of Far Rockaway High 1959-1961, I was appalled to hear of the school being ranked among the 12 most violent in Public Schools and only school in Queens to make the list.

In my 26 yrs in Rockaway I thought my High School years were the most informative and pleasant years.A0I only remember one incident between two boys and that was after school and offA0school property. Boys and girls in my day would never answer back a teacher no less curse at them for if we did I believe our parents would deal with us justly. How sad we have sunk so low. Far Rock awayA0High forever.


Why Democrats are Better

Dear Editor,

Like the Bush administration, Tom Lynch has been looking for a justification for a painful and costly war. The claim that we had definite know ledge of Iraq's possession of, and ability to use weapons of mass destruction have been shown to be incorrect. No evidence concerning complicity with 9/11 terrorists has been found.

None of the other reasons Lynch mentions justify this war. Iraq's exp ansionist ambitions were rejected in the Gulf War in 1991. Weapons of mass destruction were destroyed as required by U.N. inspectors.

If we as a nation decide to intervene in the nations which oppress their people, we must debate the costs and benefits openly and get substantial support from major allies. Minority groups face deplor able conditions in nations from Zim babwe to Saudi Arabia to Indonesia, but few Americans want our armed forces on the ground in those nations.

I agree with Tom Lynch that our shores must be protected. Keeping over 100,000 of our armed forces in Iraq for several years does not protect the U.S. Our reserves and National Guard were designed for domestic defense, natural disasters and major wars, not as an occupation army. This administration or the next Democratic administration must find a graceful way to bring them home.

Military planners have long urged that the U.S. not get involved in a land war on the Asian continent. When General Douglas MacArthur threatened to expand the bloody Korean War into mainland China, President Truman had to recall and "fire" him. When Truman couldn't end the war, President Dwight Eisen hower later went to Korea to help bring the bloodshed to a halt. This year Americans with good sense will have to recall and fire George Bush because he got us involved in a war on the Asian mainland under false pretenses.

The election of John Kennedy in 1960 inspired millions of Americans to improve our nation through the civil rights movement, urban redevelopment and Medicare. JFK also helped inspire the wave of freedom that brought independence to most of the nations of Africa and an end to dictatorships in parts of Latin America. George Bush does not inspire those who seek better lives around the world.

Today Democrats are talking about using foreign trade to improve minimum wages and working conditions in poorer nations. Hopefully we can use our influence and economic power to help millions get out of poverty and protect jobs for Americans.

Current Republican policies may take us back to the America of Her bert Hoover and the Great Dep ression. Wages decline as factory jobs are lost and only partly replaced by lower paid retail jobs. Failure to properly supervise mutual funds, the prescription drug and energy industries takes money from consumers. Overtime pay and health benefits are being lost. Tax cuts for the wealthy and wasteful spending will force the rest of us to pay our national obligations for the next 50 years.

The radicals this year are leading the Republican party. They keep our energy plans and any administrative failures that contributed to the 9/11 disaster a secret. They change the shape of districts in the middle of the decade to take more seats in Congress. In the name of security they deny Americans and foreigners the basic right to counsel and trial by jury. They attacked Max Cleveland, a Democratic Senator from Georgia who lost 3 limbs in Vietnam, for lack of patriotism.

Fortunately Democrats have the opportunity to pick our favorite candidates as the voters in Iowa have done. Liberal, moderate and conservative Democrats must stick together to choose and back a candidate who can debate the issues and function under pressure to win the election and govern successfully.


Catch Basins

Dear Editor,

You may consider this letter to be in the category of public information. It is not, thank God, another political letter.

Not a day goes by that we see people walking their dogs. Most of them, thankfully, pick up after the dog as they should (there are a few slobs who don't.) However, most people I see put the dog's waste into the catch basin on the corner of the street. I ask these people - do you know where that basin leads to? If your answer is the sewer plant, you're wrong. The corner basin drains directly into the bay. You might as well dump the dog waste over the bay wall.

There have been many recent articles and stories regarding the disappearing marshes of Jamaica Bay. Undoubtedly, the three sewer plants pumping treated wastewater into the bay have a lot to do with the problem. But if you consider all the dogs in all the communities surrounding the bay, then that untreated waste may be a problem too.

I ask all dog owners (and everyone else putting waste into the catch basins) to put your dog waste into a bag or container and dispose of it in the garbage. The health of Jamaica Bay is at stake.


What About the East End?

Dear Editor,

Most of the citizens of the east end of the Rockaways are very upset with the actions of the west end community organizations such as the Cham ber of Commerce.

Whenever something has to be done, such as a memorial to our brave firefighters and police from 9/11, it seems that it is put in on the West End (where the money is).

It looks like to us, that the east end of the Rockaways can go to hell and that the West End gets everything. We are going to get a memorial put up here in Far Rockaway, and we could care less what the chamber or the community board has to say. We feel that this memorial on the West End, to remember our brave people, is a good thing, but it is a slap in the face to people who live on the East End who have lost people on 9/11. We should also have a memorial down on our end.

Why is it that organizations like the community board and the chamber control the Rockaways to such an extent that no one can say or do what they wish, to help and work within the community. Why can't the people of the East End have a say on what goes on in the whole of the Rock aways? It is not going to happen as long as the above organizations control everything going on here.

We need new blood in those organizations, people who will work for all the communities of the Rockaways and get things done, and not play politics with our so-called Rockaway elected leaders, who have been in office far too long. We need a change.

We call out to all people living in the east end to volunteer to help us put up this memorial.


O'Neill Allegations

Dear Editor,

WCBS-NY carried a feed from the network giving Mark Noler's attempted defense of Bush against the charges of Paul O'Neill.

Instead of asking the Bush-ites to affirm or deny that Bush's crooked oil team was already cooking plans to militarily oust Saddam Hussein in January 2001, nine months before the 9/11 pretext85i.e., instead of being a newsman/reporter and gaining hard information (background) related to the bold expose and interview that 60 Minutes did on Sunday night. Noler instead resorted to being a pitchman for Bush, hurling derogatory character assassination put-downs against O'Neill from anonymous sources.

Mark Noler is a notorious, long time, professional kisser of the presidential hind-side. You disgrace the network of William Paley and Edward R. Murrow every time you allow the Noler thinly-disguised propaganda-for-power to pass.


Dianetics Is The Key

Dear Editor,

Well, we survived the holidays and now we have sent our kids back to school but what is really going on there from 8am until 3? In New York City, in case you haven't heard, there are schools that are so "troubled" that they have gone from "safety officers" to a whole fleet of NYPD Blue in the hallways - gosh, does that seem right to you?

In America, people are graduating from school unable to read or write at a level adequate to hold a job or deal with life. It is a huge problem. I'm not being critical of teachers but let's face it, what isn't being taught is HOW to learn. It is a missing step in all education. The kids don't get it. Next, they start acting crazy and the school calls them hyperactive, puts them on drugs or call in the police. Something's gotta change!

L. Ron Hubbard, author of America's number one self-improvement best seller, Dianetics, filled this gaping hole by supplying the first and only technology of how to study. He discovered the laws on which learning is based and developed workable methods for anyone to apply. He called this subject "Study Technology."

The program is fast to learn and easy to use. It provides an understanding of the basics of learning. It supplies exact ways to overcome all the pitfalls one can encounter during study.

Study Technology is not speed reading or memory tricks. These have not been proven to raise one's ability to comprehend what was studied or to raise literacy. Study Technology shows how one studies in order to comprehend a subject so one can apply it.

There are all kinds of great successes and Tom Cruise has been talking about it on the Larry King Show and in magazine articles since last November. He said it worked for him.

Study Technology, widely used in tutoring and education programs from American universities to South African township schools, routinely demonstrates its workability in program after program. It is easy to learn and to apply to your child's homework or your spouse's graduate work. All you have to do is use it. There's even a training campus called Applied Scholastics Inter national in St Louis and a web site (www.appliedscholastics.org) so you can find out more.

I know each new school year parents around the country decide to take a more active role in their kid's schooling and by the time the holiday break is over, we've gotten ourselves into a whole new mess. This program will give real help and it is easy to learn.


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