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Rockaway Not Cooperating

Dear Editor,

In this time of Blackouts and a search for alternative transportation, it amazes me that the Rockaways are not receptive to a service attempting to provide comfortable, reliable, inexpensive express service to Manhattan and back. Carson-Horizon Tours, a privately funded transportation company, has since Sept.8th tried to provide such a service. Starting initially with a four-trip per day schedule (two in the a.m., two in the p.m. runs). Due to lack of ridership, the service was cut back to one bus 6:45 a.m. with a 5:00 p.m. return from Manhattan to Rockaway.

We have asked the public for their input and support, using the Wave as a conduit, via Customer Surveys, to date we have received four responses. The present ownership has been against continuing this service, but management has stepped in to take a larger role in continuing the Rockaway Express, as it has become known to our avid riders, who constantly ask us to be patient and continue this service. Currently we are running a smaller Mini type bus to establish some ridership. Try the service out. We will add additional buses and times to our schedule as required. Check the Wave for our latest schedule, I hope we can switch the people from a service they are unhappy but familiar with, to one that is striving to accommodate them.


Suffer The Children

Dear Editor, 

This is in response to the article in lasts week's Wave, addressing the priests of St. Camillus Parish.  While it is true that there was a plaque at one time in the auditorium commemorating Father Cox, it is no longer there.  My husband and I contacted Father Dunn in regards to this issue.  He could not have been kinder or more compassionate.  He graciously offered to remove the plaque. 

After searching the school from stem to stern he could not find it.  Obviously after the walls had been redone a wise soul disposed of it.  It is also true that Father Cox victimized many young boys in this parish.  Many people say, "Why didn't they tell?"  Well, in the fifties and sixties in was not something that was readily discussed.  That's thinking of 2003.  Many of these victims are now thinking in terms of 2003 and are rightfully angry. 

True, Father Cox is dead and cannot defend himself against allegations.  The problem is the higher ups running the church.  They continue to hide their heads in the sand and hope if they give enough resistance the issue will go away.  They shuffled these known pedophiles from parish to parish with little regard for the safety of children.  Anyone that had dealings with Father Cox should write the Archdiocese and lodge a complaint for the record.

He may no longer be able to be judged in a court of law at this point but there is a Higher Judgment that he must be answering to.  Jesus Christ said, "Suffer the children unto me because theirs is the Kingdom of heaven."  Our church preaches that salvation is there for the worst sinners.  All you need to do is ask forgiveness.  Well, actions speak louder than words and repeat offenders are not truly seeking forgiveness.  I'm sure a wise Higher Power is not putting the souls of the Father Cox's of the world with their innocent victims in heaven.            


Arverne Give Away

How many hundreds of millions of dollars are the land thieves depositing into the treasury of the City of New York for the people's 308 acres?

The way was paved for the theft of this land on an infamous night in September 1998 when a phalanx of Rudolf Giuliani Gestapo swooped in on a place called the Neponsit Health Care Center, a few miles from Arverne on the same Rockaway peninsula, and dragged out hundreds of elderly bewildered residents, murdering one in the process named Mabel Jones. The City has been fined $450,000 for that 9/11/98 crime, and is forking over $5 million in compensation to the survivors of that fascist exercise. The former Queens buildings commissioner had to take the fifth during investigations, protecting a colluding former Queens Borough President.

The intent of the conspirators was the breaking of the public grip on a desirable oceanfront property, while demonstrating that you could ACT FIRST in seizing public real estate, and worry about legalities later. The six acres of Neponsit have been assessed by professionals at $20 million. That puts the 308 acres of Arverne at $1000 million and perhaps more because of large block developability. The embezzlement artists trying to pocket Arverne are looking toward $2000 million in quick receipts: minimum $400,000 for each of the cheapo cheesebox instant slum row house units they are pasting together and plunking down on the land - 4000, 6000, or 8000 such cheeseboxes, 90% of which would have no view whatsoever of water.

All of those billions of receipts go into the thieves' private wallets. How much to the City? Net ZERO. Total free gift by the high criminals now running New York to the embezzlers, with the help of collaborators such as those seated behind these tables manipulating HPD and the Planning Department. And as if the giveaway of the land were not enough, an additional $200 million disbursement by the financially desperate City is expected in infrastructure support to the pirates.

An overview of the magnificent unique ocean-facing 308-acre tract says: Connect the 8 million Arverne owners with the ocean environment through their adjacent 4 subway stations. Facilitate the coming-to and enjoyment-of the magical land/water interface - do not impede and gate-off these owners' access. Another Jacob Riis Park, but still better, with year-round direct rail connection. A housing component that takes a minimal footprint without smothering the land, and yet provides for every resident fresh-air balcony appreciation of the Atlantic Ocean and Jamaica Bay specifically and alternatively, two to 60 story apartment towers, one at each end of the Urban Renewal Area that will immediately become East Coast welcoming landmarks.

The squandering of New Yorkers' 308-acre heritage on the Atlantic could not be happening without deep corruption-involvement by the current senior Senator from New York, the former Congressperson from the Rockaways, who is working for his personal landlord and not for us.

So confident are the embezzlers in the protection covering them that before an integrated optimal plan is in hand before environmental and educational and transportational and budgetary implications are determined, they are audaciously proceeding with the bulldozing-down of whole forests at OUR expense and the concomitant scarring of the land. I put them and you on notice that times change, and the Giuliani-Bloomberg-Pataki-Bush plunderers are ultimately going to answer and pray.

I want the partial abominations on Beach 73 Street, ripped out NOW, cost borne to the builders.

Hands off our land!!


Grateful For Chiropractic Care

Dear Editor,

On February 2, 2000 I had a stroke. I was unable to talk for over a week, I could not use my right hand. My daily needs required the assistance of an aide. The doctors at Peninsula General Hospital did not believe in chiropractic care.

Through my difficulty the first doctor finally relented and I was able to get an hour pass. I utilized that time to get an adjustment by Dr. Mundy. What a difference one adjustment made. After the adjustment my health aide and ambulance driver could not get over the change in me. I was more alert, I was able to move my legs and weight bear much better, able to respond to questions more appropriately, and my memory even started to come back.

Dr. Mundy and the staff at the office were so happy to see me. They were so encouraging. They did everything possible to make the appointment happen.

When I returned to the hospital, the nurses and aides were so impressed by my progress after the adjustment. They were commenting about it for days on end.

However, there was subsequent resistance from the hospital's physician that all day or hour passes were revoked for a while. The covering doctor and the clinical staff could never provide a clinical or therapeutic based rationale as to their negative feelings toward chiropractic care.

After I was released from PGH and started to be able to go to Dr. Mundy on a regular basis, my improvement has been by leaps and bounds. From April to present day I have been adjusted by Dr. Mundy twice a week. With each adjustment I feel stronger and more alert.

I no longer need a wheelchair as of April. At the end of June I no longer needed a walker. My biggest thrill was being able to go on vacation upstate in July with only a cane. In my apartment I don't even need the cane to get around. My balance has improved so much that I don't even need a shower chair anymore. I am starting to write with my right hand and I am able to do some work on the computer. These strides and accomplishments became a reality with the help of Dr. Mundy and his expert chiropractic care.

Dr. Mundy, you're not only a chiropractor, you are a kind and caring human being. A million words could never amply express my gratitude and belief in chiropractic care.


Enjoys School Scope

Dear Editor:

After enjoying the first of his new WAVE "School Scope" columns, I am gratified that readers will have the opportunity to consider his always provocative views on education in the Big Apple. Norm may be retired now, but he is probably more active than many who remain in the city's public school system. If he doesn't have all the answers to the city's educational woes, he is at least certain to point out the issues that need to be addressed. Hats off to Editor Schwach for bringing Scott on board.

On another subject entirely, I would like to make a public apology. Many years ago, in yet another letter to the WAVE editor, I ridiculed the longtime eyesore and rotting heap of fiberglass that had not yet been named "Whaleamena." But local artists took up my challenge, and now, as I pass the evolving restoration of the former Central Park model whale on Shore Front Parkway, it serves as a reminder of what creative, caring people can do to enrich a community. 


Vote For Addabbo

Dear Editor;

On November 4, 2003 registered voters of the 32 Council District, which includes Howard Beach, Ozone Park, South Ozone Park, Hamilton Beach, Lindenwood, South Richmond Hill, Woodhaven, Richmond Hill, Broad Channel, Rockaway Beach, Rockaway Park, Neponsit, Belle Harbor, Roxbury and Breezy Point.

We will have two candidates to vote for, the incumbent Joseph P. Addabbo and Michael Mossa. Councilman Addabbo, as a freshman Council member voted to increase property taxes by a whopping 18 percent, which in real dollars really did not amount to much for homeowners in his district. The sad fact about this property tax increase was that if the Council had not voted for it, our Republican Mayor would have initiated the largest budget cuts this city has seen since Mayor Beame.

Cuts that would have included the laying off of Police Officers, Firemen, Emergency Medical Personnel, Teach­ers, Sanitation workers and a whole host of other cuts that would have hurt us much more severely then the property tax increase. In fact, the Mayors alternative "Doomsday" Budget cuts would have been so severe that the City may not have recovered.

  On the other hand, Councilman Addabbo has been a tireless advocate for his district in regards to youth services, education and quality of life issues. One mistake does not a career make.

Mossa, on the other side of the ballot, has absolutely no political experience in fact he has no public record of any kind. His only apparent claim to fame is that he is an attorney. I met with Mossa, and I believe he is a serious candidate for the NYC Council however I was not very impressed with his agenda. He seemed preoccupied with installing "speed bumps" on Old Howard Beach streets. His community out reach at the time of our meeting was nil. In fact he had very little knowledge of where his district started and where it ended and no understanding of the racial, ethnic and/or socioeconomic makeup of the district. Furthermore, I got the impression that he had no grasp of the issues facing this district, never has attended any community board or police council meetings.

The City of New York and more importantly this council district faces many obstacles in the future and we need experienced people in positions of leadership, people who are not afraid to go against the grain, people who despite the consequences will make hard decisions for the betterment of this city and our community. People who see the large picture and have vision. People whose only special interest is the people they are elected to serve. In my opinion Michael Mossa is not that person.

On November 4, we should re-elect Joseph P. Addabbo to the NYC Council.


Needs To Be Solved

Dear Howard,

There needs to be a solution to the bus transportation problem, on that there is no disagreement! Where I part company with the story line is the use of what amounts to a "turf warfare" story, a "behavioral issue" story, the results of a failure to "teach values" to students story, so as to pull at the heart strings of readers and the politicians. The fight incident seems to be placed to make city officials feel heat about the issue and come to a resolution more quickly about it than they might otherwise; because "children" are at risk. Where you are wrong in using this incident is that the reprehensible behavior would have been played out even if the bus issue were a non issue.

The participants would have found another opportunity to be combatants, either on the bus or at one of the bus stops. The incident shows lack of parental teaching of values, the lack of schooling to reinforce those values, and a police force willing to place the blame on lack of bus service rather than the schools or the parents (O'Sullivan: 'there will be problems as long as large groups of students from different housing projects are forced to walk home').

The bus situation needs to be reolved but not because of the incident of violence you quote or because of future violence the lack of a solution allows.


 A Cleaner New York

This is a letter sent to the Honorable Michael R. Bloomberg.

Dear Mayor Bloomberg:

You could be the first Mayor to make New York a clean attractive city, and the recent vigorous enforcement efforts aimed at quality of life violations points to one of the ways you can do this. I believe an equally vigorous sustained effort aimed at ticketing people for littering violations would give new meaning to all those "A Cleaner New York Is Up To You" signs, and start changing the behavior that has made New York one of the dirtiest cities in the world. Another way would be to have students in New York City schools pick up litter within two or three blocks of their schools before starting classes each day. I had to do this when I went to school in the U.S. Air Force and my wife did when she went to school in the Philippines (a practice probably introduced by the U.S. Army, when they built schools there), and I believe it would establish behavior patterns in coming generations that would make New York City as clean as Military Bases and Philippine school zones. If you will commit New York City to a long-term program of doing these two things together, I believe the effort will succeed where nothing else has.

I have lived in Far Rockaway on Nameoke Street between the convenience fast food stores on Central Avenue and the Brian Piccollo Intermediate School on the other end of the block for 30 years. Unfortunately, my house is right at the point when the children finish their snacks and automatically deposit the bags and wrappers. Most of these kids do this unconsciously; it is such an ingrained habit they do not even think about it and when we gently try to correct them they become angry and hostile as if we were violating one of their fundamental constitutional rights. I must say we have also observed teachers setting the example by emptying their ash trays and other litter from their cars (there is no parking for staff on school grounds just as there will be no parking for them at the new school being built on Neilson Street around the corner) on the street and sidewalk in front of our house as well despite the many anti-littering signs I observe in the school when I vote there. As a result we fill a trash bag with their litter every day.

We are very tired of being slaves for these slobs. But we have no choice because the minute we don't pick up after them we will be ticketed by the city. At the last community council meeting I attended, after many home and business owners complained about these tickets, I asked the Captain of the 101 Precinct how many littering tickets his officers had given to pedestrians and he replied that he didn't know because they don't keep records on that. I suspect the answer is none because it is easier and more profitable to ticket property owners then to risk confrontations with individual scofflaws who have little incentive to pay or change their habits. But this is exactly what must be done again and again and again or the pattern will not change and the innocent will continue to be punished and the guilty rewarded. I would strongly suggest that for every ticket given to property owners for litter, three be given to the litterers for it to be valid, and that records of this be kept by the Police and Sanitation departments and published monthly to establish compliance before any fines on property owners can be legally collected.

To train our school children not to litter and make them conscious of the problem having each class in a school clean the litter from a block around their school under the supervision of their teacher to a radius of three or four blocks before classes start would be much more effective than all those totally ignored anti-littering signs in their schools. It would also provide them with much needed exercise which so many lack evidenced by the rise in obesity in our youngsters. As an added benefit it would expend some of their excess energy so that they would be more likely to settle down when back in class and concentrate on their studies. To enforce this problem I would make the teacher and students or their parents liable for paying half the cost of any tickets issued to property owners on their block. This may seem unjust, but it is no more unjust than ticketing property owners for the litter of others, and I believe it would work where nothing else has.

You might also consider having stores charge for bags as many other nations do as this would encourage their reuse and prevent them from becoming almost instant litter. A deposit on the packaging of snack food would also prevent it from becoming litter as it has done for bottles and cans.

I hope you will implement my suggestions as they will raise much needed revenue, save money, and finally make New York a clean city. Remember a cleaner New York is up to you!


McCarthy Was Right

Dear Editor,

You have told us you are a "minor league historian". Unfortunately history is at times written through the eyes of those with an agenda and not an eye for the truth or facts as they existed! The piece in the Beachcomber section on McCarthy seems to be one of the pieces written in spite of the facts.

Not withstanding the fact that Mr. Kaplan may have written an excellent book on the Rockaways; if the thrust of the exhibit he is associated with has as its focus the story of a "witch hunt" and a "frightening time in America" and places the "witch hunt and frightening time in America" directly as a result of McCarthy, the exhibit misses by a wide margin the truth and the facts of history as they are now known!

People can take issue with Ann Coulter's politics and her use of extremely hard words to describe her political adversaries; but the people cannot deny and take issue with the amount of research she did as is evident in her book's bibliographies. Her latest work covering McCarthy and the years of the 1940's and the 1950's, Treason, clears the "MYTH" about McCarthy and "McCarthyism".

The Venona Papers  were declassified only in 1995! The Venona Papers were cables, of the Soviet Intelligence Service, to their operating agents in the USA during the period of the 1940's and the 1950's. These cables were intercepted and deciphered and released in 1995. The end result.

McCarthy was right, those who to this day besmirch his reputation are wrong. You may want to read Ann Coulter's book! Even the NY Times says "A great deal of research supports Ms. Coulter's wisecracks."


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