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The Inner Voice

by Marilyn Gelfand
The Inner Voice by Marilyn Gelfand

Why waste precious moments of life dealing with issues over which we have little or no control? We think and rehash so many of our fears for the future, and life doesn’t follow our own pattern of worry. Often, situations change, life reverses itself, or we get experiences or opportunities over which we have no prior knowledge. Things sometimes occur in ways that we just didn’t expect.

Worry is so often just a waste of time. If it cannot be controlled, that’s one thing, however, we can control our thoughts about the future. We can first center ourselves, bring in beautiful feelings or peace and joy, and then think about decisions that must be made.

There are no guarantees or true sources of security in life. Most people don’t dwell on death or think that their lives are only temporary. Am I really living this short time the way I’d really like to or am I just bound up in my worries and fears? I have heard so many people say that they’d like to live on a little island.

When they say it, they don’t mean it. They just want to escape whatever tense situation they’re in at present. However, living on a little island is a choice or possibility that is available. If we don’t really want to escape to an island, what we’re saying is that we want to be free of stress. Being on the spiritual path doesn’t mean that all uncomfortable situations go away. It just means that stress is placed in perspective as a temporary growth situation. You ask yourself, "What am I learning here? What must I do to be strong of spirit, not necessarily weak in the sense of making this situation go away or avoiding something unpleasant?"

Recently, I’ve been fortunate enough to realize that many people I work with and deal in business with are quite lovely people. I have written about not allowing the energy of the news to replace a sense of well-being, and instead when possible, operate with a feeling or cooperation and a smile. So many people are grateful when someone is considerate and friendly. It almost appears that having respect for your fellow man is non-existent sometimes.

A wonderful book to read is M. Scott Peck’s "The Different Drum, Community Making and Peace". His "The Road Less Travelled" has been popular for some time. It is so refreshing to read about the possibilities of groups attempting to reach consensus and the fact that there are definite stages that groups go through on the voyage towards leaderless consensus. The basic premise is that people who participate in such groups are genuinely motivated from love to reach peace as an end result.

Although our media often does not give us the opportunity to see the good work that may be carried on by a number of individuals, we can do it for ourselves as a reminder that there are so many people who do care about each other. Look around in your own personal life. I have felt that I am grateful that these individuals are there and have said so to them. The recognition of appreciation is so easy to do if we just have an extra moment. Thank you feels good when anyone say it to me. I have made a point of saying it when it is genuine.

Why wait for all good things to come to you? Create beautiful pictures instead of bleak ones, and watch what happens. Sometimes, we’re upset with the behavior of our children. We may repeat things 100 times, and all we’ve done is create a big fuss. Instead, visualize that person in a happy outcome.

Words often go in and out of people’s thoughts. Some people use words as part of a manipulation to create a desired effect on others. There is so much that can be communicated non-verbally that is very real. If there is something you’d like to tell another, but can’t say it in words, you can relax and get a picture or a sense of that person’s energy. Then tell him what you really want to say. What you say is already beginning to change the energy between you.

By all means, sense protection around yourself, loved ones and property. When you leave a parked car, take a moment to create a strong positive forcefield around it.

We want it to deter those who sense the energy of a victim as their prey. Before leaving the house or driving a car, the same forcefield may be created.

Often, people say they know who is on the telephone when it rings. A thought has been transmitted. We may not be able to see thoughts, but we can’t see microwaves either. It’s the end result (a picture on TV, for example) that allows us to know it is the invisible microwave that has brought us the picture.

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