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Boyle-ing Points

No Escape from Our Leaders
by Kevin Boyle
Boyle-ing Points by Kevin Boyle No Escape from Our Leaders

And what were they drinking? How else can you explain the actions of those at the Pakistani Independence Day Parade? Seems lovable Mayor Bloomberg was almost crushed by "overenthusiastic" parade-goers who wanted to rub up against and march with Merry Mike. Reports say the ma-yor reacted quite calmly. It’s uncertain whether alcohol was part of the mix- though that probably wouldn’t have mattered because as Bloomberg would later say: "Nobody’s ever drowned in a burka."

Quite frankly, I wonder if Bloomy’s using an old tactic used by numerous demagogues: paying people to show and rally. I just can’t believe anybody would be "overenthusiastic" as the Daily News reported about Bloomberg. Granted, some might vote for the guy (especially if he were running against Gary Condit or Gary Coleman) but I can’t imagine anyone feeling genuinely overenthusiastic about the guy. Sycophants and phonies, I could see putting on a show, but regular folks? Regular Pakistanis? Come on. How much did they get, Mike?

The Mayor got high marks for his leadership during the blackout. (Good thing it didn’t happen on a weekend. He would’ve had to figure out how to get back to New York from Bermuda where he goes just about every weekend). I don’t know why the praise was so uniform and even effusive. I heard the guy say he was hoping the power could come back on before nightfall. Way to get our hopes up, Mike. I would’ve preferred the more cautionary, realistic message: we’ve got the best people working on it and the power will be back on as soon as possible.

Our other leader, Curious George Pataki was outraged. You know that reaction. He said he didn’t even know the North American Electric Reliabil-ity Council agency existed until the blackout occurred. Hmmm....nine years as Governor and hasn’t heard of the agency that keeps tabs on the power? He said they told us blackouts like 1965 and 1977 wouldn’t happen again. Who told you that, George? And when? Was it the North American Electric Reliability Council or some guy in a Con Ed truck? He makes Ad-rian Benepe look good (well, not quite).

He’s the Parks Commissioner who wrote an op-ed piece chastising the people of Rockaway. Among other things, he wrote: "According to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, alcohol use is involved in up to 50% of adolescent deaths associated with water recreation. Rockaway Beach, with its strong currents, is especially dangerous." What a piece of deceitful, disingenuous crap. He cites national statistics when he knows damn well no such accidents have happened on Rockaway beaches. The last people to drown? Well, that was a couple of years ago and it was almost five miles east of the 4th of July fundraiser- and even those people weren’t drinking.

And this know-nothing- who must be familiar with beaches because his head is obviously in the sand- said: "There is an almost decade-long history of July 4 parties on that stretch of Rockaway Beach that leave truckloads of trash and broken glass behind."

You want to see trash, Commish? Check out Beach 116 Street on a Sunday night or Monday morning. The truth is, beaches west of Beach 118 Street are left in pristine condition compared to the pig sties left by the people you conveniently don’t mention in your foolish essay. Rockawayites know trash when they see it. They know there was more trash in your piece of fiction than there is ever left on the beach.

Suffering succotash, he makes me mad.

Boyle-ing over: You how they say behind every great fortune is a crime. Someone raised a good point about Arnold Schwarzenegger. He built his body with illegal drugs. Without the body he wouldn’t have been Mr. Uni-verse or in the movie Pumping Iron and wouldn’t have had his whole career. His fame and fortune-allowing him to run for governor-are the result of drugs. Most fortunes are harder to follow. Like Dick Cheney’s.

Which reminds me. The country’s almost bankrupt. Anybody stop to think maybe that’s Neil Bush in the White House?

**The Men’s Open Championship game at the St. Francis Summer Classic went down to the wire with a team of Rockaway all-stars (the Was-senburgs, Matt McGregor, Ryan Whel-an, Matt Stack) edging a cohesive Broad Channel crew for the second or third year in a row. A big crowd was on hand suggesting that the Open has regained much of its luster. Great job by the players and organizers. The Classic needs a strong men’s division and it looks like it’s back.

This column will have been filed before I could salute the winners of the girls’ high school division (the championship was played Thursday night). Didn’t catch that many games but how great is it that Clare Droesch and Janelle McManus are around to coach and encourage. It’s just great seeing superstars from the college game keeping a hand in the local games.

**People ask….Sammy’s Variety on Beach 129th Street still sells Braving The Waves- Rockaway Rises And Rises Again which chronicles the history and heroism of this unique place. I believe his copies are signed editions.

**Have you put the reminder on the refrigerator? The Graybeards (indefatigable Rick Horan and others) are doing what they can to set a Blood Drive record. Don’t forget Sunday, September 14 at the St. Francis de Sales gym. Come for the free cookies. Rockaway has stepped up so many times in the past. Let’s keep showing the rest of the world how generous Rockaway is.

**Enjoyed Howie Schwach’s Rock-away dream column last week. The idea of canal connecting the ocean to bay-helping clean Jamaica Bay- is es-pecially appealing now that I’ve been reminded that some houses in Broad Channel and some on Beach 84 Street still flush their toilets directly into the bay. Yes, they do. Yes, they do. Yech. (Let the jokes begin).

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